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2011_06_20_fastnfuriousA gun dealer (not shown) who was prosecuted and sentenced to federal prison during the aftermath of Fast & Furious may soon walk free. A Federal magistrate ruled that Ian Garland deserves a new sentencing hearing due to errors made in the original proceeding, which saw him convicted because, according to prosecutors, he “had reason to believe the firearms he sold were destined for Mexico.” For his part, Ian is protesting his innocence, saying “I’m nothing more than a scapegoat. I’m here because the ATF let me sell for 18 months to people they knew were smuggling arms to Mexico…. It’s because of that stupid Fast and Furious operation.” His attorney added, “After these guns surfaced in Mexico and a Border Patrol agent was shot dead, they kind of reversed course and started prosecuting this firearms dealer that they were allowing to sell. And I honestly don’t think Ian fully knew what was happening with these guns.” But I bet Holder did…

Add some more dollars to the damage done to Colorado by the passage of their ill-considered gun legislation, with the announcement Tuesday that Maverick Ammunition, also known as Ammo Kan will be relocating from Littleton, Colorado to Laramie, Wyoming, bringing about 50 jobs along the way. Company management sent out relocation feelers shortly after the passage of Colorado’s gun control legislation. This is the second firearms related company to relocate to Laramie since the legislation. Fort Collins, Colorado-based HiViz Shooting Systems, a maker of sights and other gun accessories, announced a move last spring, and has recently approved a contract for construction of a new headquarters.

A group of five burglars got more than they bargained for in Oak Hill, Florida on Tuesday afternoon, when a gun-toting homeowner chased them out of his yard and into the arms of a neighbor, a 44-year-old woman who is a former boxer. She tackled one of them to the ground, and the other four were apprehended later. Two were caught about four miles away in their car, one was caught by a K-9 unit in some nearby woods (and sent to the hospital with dog bite wounds), and the fourth was caught the next morning walking down the road when a resident reported a suspicious person. Homeowner Ira Roberts said, “I knew I couldn’t shoot them. Legally you can’t shoot them when they’re running away. So I pumped one into the ground. Which was good, it alerted all my neighbors.”

A few days ago, I told you about the San Francisco Police Officers Association filing suit challenging SF’s recently passed confiscatory ban on magazines greater than 10 rounds. Well, it seems that their reasons were not entirely altruistic. You see, like the SAFE Act in New York, the authors of the law forgot to leave a hole for their friends in law enforcement. Unlike NY, officers’ duty weapons aren’t affected, but their personally owned weapons definitely are. The San Francisco City Attorney’s office confirmed this, saying the ordinance “does not prohibit off duty officers from keeping their duty weapons because those weapons are issued to them in connection with their official duties.” Police officers who have any magazines over ten rounds in their personal collections, or any magazines they were authorized to purchase for off-duty use, must dispose of those magazines. If they don’t, the officers will become criminals. In theory.

Jerry Miculek shoots three in the body, two in the head with an Open Division M&P-15 through a Vortex Razor red dot. Five shots, 1.1 seconds from the buzzer, 0.51 second RT. So, taking off my shoes to do the math, that’s five shots on target in 0.59 seconds. He makes it look easy. It’s a good thing he had slow motion cameras on him, because my eyes don’t move fast enough to see this at normal speed.

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  1. Hahahahaha
    The boxer gal says it appeared he was suffering some sort of seizure. I think that’s what happens when you get the crap beat out of you by an angry homeowner.
    Geez, I’m laughing me arse off here!

    Jerry, as usual, is just phenomenal on the trigger. Good grief, that is really fast.

  2. holy shite. Miculek must be violating the laws of physics there. If he shoots any faster the bullets will be hitting the target before he pulls the trigger. We’ll need a time machine to score it.

    • I noticed that also. All the brass still in the air. The only other shooter I ever saw that quick was the late Bob Munden.

    • Yep. Looks like he could have gotten off at least 2 more rounds before the first spent case hit the deck. The two shots to the head were so close I thought he had a miss.

    • I was tracking the brass as well; that’s remarkable shooting – not that he can pull the trigger that fast, but that each is a well-aimed shot.

      Is it just me, or is it weird that the brass is flying all over the place? I expect cases to follow a reasonably predictable arc, but those certainly weren’t.

    • Some of us suspect that Jerry is, in fact, a cyborg specifically engineered for “making a semi-auto sound like a full auto and hitting all the damn targets to boot.” An truly amazing shootist.

  3. Ahh… shootin’ ARs gangsta style!

    When the revolution comes I will wait in line for days if necessary, for the privilege of desecrating Eric Holder’s body. I just hope they let me urinate on him AND fire a round into his cold dead body.

    • I heard a talk show jock in California opine once that criminals who are executed should be cremated and their ashes consecrated to a porta-potty at a desert rest area with their name over the door. This seems like a proper resting place for many in the Obama regime when their time comes.

  4. It’s a shame that both times the lawsuit in CA has been mentioned, it’s been a bit buried in the digest. Looking at the comments from the last time everything got derailed by some turd in the punchbowl…

  5. If Holder didn’t know from the onset as he claims, he’s derelict of duty and cause for impeachment.

    Don’t mess with boxers. The goal of their profession is to knock the lights out of an opponent and some are damn good at it.

    No exemptions for law enforcement. They should be bound equally to all laws.

    If every adult in America was armed and could shoot like Jerry most politicians would resign tomorrow.

    • I recall seeing a week or so ago that some in Congress have begun the impeachment process on Holder. Haven’t heard recently how that is progressing.

    • Not knowing what your underlings are doing is not dereliction of duty if they didn’t send you a memo.

      That said, he’s so bad I almost miss Gonzalez.

  6. Garland should pursue a civil action against the feds. I`m sure they went after him for speaking out about what Holder and company was doing. The discovery and subpoena for documents will prove very interesting.

  7. Maverick Ammunition . . . will be relocating from Littleton, Colorado to Laramie, Wyoming, bringing about 50 jobs along the way.

    So that makes 53 jobs lost because of CO gun control, if you include Evie Hudak, Angela Giron and John Morse.

    Look for that total to really explode when Magpul leaves the state. Of course, by then, most of their employees will have died of old age.

  8. I like how in the Fast and Furious article is says “Court officials calculated his five-year sentence on the basis that many of the weapons were “machine guns.”

    But Magistrate Gregory B. Wormuth in New Mexico ruled Oct. 7 that Garland deserved a new sentencing hearing because many of the firearms actually were pistols or nonautomatic weapons.”

    Just funny how when they want to ban guns they prop them up to be “assault rifles” aka “machine guns”

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