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I’m surprised, but every-YouTube-channel-and-it’s-brother didn’t put out a “blowing up a turkey” video for Thanksgiving. I’m not sure if it’s just because pumpkins are cheap and turkeys aren’t, but I’m strangely pleased, because even I wasn’t looking forward to a week+ of exploding turkey. In fact, only one of my subscribed channels did a turkey video, but it was Jerry Miculek, and he did it in style. No C4, no det cord, no .50BMG, not even Tannerite. Just a massive 400 grain .460 Weatherby Magnum at about 2600 feet/sec. Watch that bird come apart at 20,000 frames per second! After the jump, a few Black Friday sale alerts for your shopping pleasure. . .

First, the MidwayUSA .22LR ammo backorder deal that I told you about back on Halloween is still available. A 1400-round bucket of Remington Golden Bullet for $59.99 + shipping (limit 1) can be backordered with an expected in-stock date of 12/31. My shipped price worked out to 5.4 cents/round. You can find it here.

Next, Spike’s Tactical has a few things on sale at 15% off for Black Friday. Mostly basic AR components like buffer tubes, BCGs, and springs. You can find the list here.

And finally, a company called has a rather interesting Black Friday sale going on. It seems that when they have packages that come in damaged, their guys take the ammo out of the box, throw it in a barrel, and pile it up in the corner of the warehouse as “waste.” People don’t want damaged packaging it seems. So they have all this ammo, sorted by caliber but not anything else, a mixed bag of bullet weights and types. For example, the 9mm bin has rounds ranging from full metal jacket to jacketed hollow point, 115 grain to 147 grain, all mixed together. What they decided to do was package all this ammo up and sell it by weight. Each package is sealed in plastic and packaged in either a .30 cal Plano or a .50 cal ammo can. There’s about a dozen calibers available, and for example, prices work out to about .19/round for 9mm, .21/round for .40, and .047/round for .22LR. This sale does not go live until midnight Thursday night/Friday morning. You can find more information here.

By the time this posts, the dinner will be done, the leftovers will be wrapped, some of us will have overdone it and be in bed already, and others will just be getting in line for the midnight openers. Hopefully you had a good Thanksgiving with family or friends (or both), and that the enjoyment outweighed the agitation. Hopefully you had things to be thankful for, even if it was just a questionable call that the ref called for your team or blatant pass interference that they missed. After all of this, please take a moment to think about those who couldn’t be with their families so that you could be with yours. Let’s Bring ‘Em Home has raised almost $50,000 so far, and 31 soldiers, marines, sailors, and airmen will be home to see their families for the holidays, some from just a few hundred miles away, and some from literally the other side of the world. Click the link above or the banner below for more info.

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    • killing an animal for food is one thing.
      killing an animal (or paying someone else to kill and pluck it for you) for YouTube 5h1ts and giggles is just wrong.
      (even if the .460 Wby Mag is awesome)

      • That animal was killed in a mass production food farm. Industrial scale. It would have been killed regardless of what the end buyer did with it. It’s not like he tracked and killed a free range wild bird just to show off the power of the round.

  1. Thanks for the tip off on Midway USA .22LR ammo deal, ordered it plus 375 rounds CCI Mini mags
    1775 total rounds. Some would call it a stash, I call it a little over 5 months worth of a whole lot of fun at the gun range!

    • The Ammoman site sucks. I logged in and was hit with errors and when I could get to a page with stock, it would freeze up. This is probably why I don’t Black Friday shop in person, you know, the whole standing in line for nothing routine. But Midway came through with flying colors!

      • By the time the site was working again, all of the 40SW was gone. I was genuinely disappointed.

        I consoled myself by ordering two cases of 180gr FMJs from Freedom Munitions. That eased the pain.

  2. Thanks for the link to the ammo deal…I just wish you didn’t have to post it for the whole damn world to see. I shot it over to my dad on Facebook and we were eagerly waiting for 0001…it seems everyone else was as well; the site seems to have crashed under the load.

    Oh well. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

    • Yep, 18 minutes of crashes only to be told what I wanted was out of stock when I finally got all the way through checkout. I fing hate black friday and its barely friday and I havent even left the house!

      • Same here, was about to hit submit order when the effing site crashed on me. Finally loaded and said it was out of stock. Beyond pissed.

        • Even better, I had an order of .45 ACP, everything looked good. I entered in my credit card number and clicked submit to finalize the order and it then said that the item I was buying was out of stock. Talk about bummed.

        • Pro-tip: if you want a chance in hell of getting one of these deals, set up a profile ahead of time with your credit card info prepopulated. I have a separate debit card I use just for this sort of thing. Entering your credit card info while other people complete the checkout process faster is a no-go.

  3. 900 rounds of 9mm for $170. Considering all I have left in 9mm are the 15 rounds in my carry gun, that would have been a nice deal.

  4. Sorry for those of you who had trouble with the Ammoman site. I’m sure they got more hits last night than they normally get in a month (or more), and lots of folks forget to plan for that.

    As far as “posting it for the whole world to see” well… when I see a deal, I tell my friends.

    • Thanks for sharing it, Matt! Never heard of the company till you posted it last night. Book marked the site as I like how they modeled their pricing system better than any ammo website I’ve come across. Will be keeping an eye out for more 9mm as it comes in.

        • I have been ordering from Ammoman for a couple of years now. He had the lowest bulk ammo prices, pre Sandy Hook, of any website or brick and mortar store I could find.


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