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SAFE Act seems to fail at keeping guns from criminals – “Obviously, it’s desirable and worth some degree of government action to keep guns out of the hands of those who would do harm. New York’s SAFE Act was supposed to do that, but by Mr. Schneiderman’s measure, it hasn’t worked. If the out-of-state gun percentage had spiked since the new restrictions took effect, that might indicate criminals were being foiled here and turning more often to other states, but that doesn’t seem to have happened.” Wait…you mean New York’s middle-of-the-night grand do-something-now gun control gesture didn’t work? Who could have possibly predicted such an outcome?


Parents unhappy with response after deputy fires gun in school – “Authorities are releasing few details regarding a police officer’s negligent discharge of a firearm inside a Bay County high school and parents are not happy. The incident in question happened 12:30 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 11, inside Bay City Western High and Middle School, 500 W. Midland Road in Auburn. A Bay County Sheriff’s deputy who acts as the school resource officer, fired a gun inside a room. The deputy was in the room by himself. The bullet passed through at least one wall and struck a female teacher in the neck area, Michigan State Police Special 1st Lt. David Kaiser said.” Miraculously, the teacher wasn’t injured. And no, it wasn’t a GLOCK.


Raahauge shooting range closed temporarily after fire causes $2 million in damage – “The remote facility lacked an onsite water source, requiring fire officials to call three water tenders. Because of the ammunition and water issues, it took 50 minutes to contain the fire, Owen said. Three workers who were in nearby trailers at the time of the fire were safely evacuated, Owen said. Cal Fire estimated the value of the property lost at $2 million, and said $500,000 worth of buildings that were exposed to danger were saved.” Every time a shooting range burns, Jesus cries a little.


Pro-Gun Journalist Faces Felony Counts For Defending Himself – “There is no question that his treatment by the DA and the outrageous bail were a direct result of Multnomah County realizing that they had in their custody, a person who had, for years, exposed leftist politicians for the hypocrites they are. Michael wrote for several conservative websites and maintained a You Tube Channel which exposed the truth about the far left in Oregon. His success at presenting the reality about Oregon’s militant liberals (and gun grabbers in particular) made him an irresistible target for the statists who control Portland and Multnomah County and they are determined to make an example out of him.” We’ve reported on this as well. The particulars of this case are as clear as mud.


The NRA’s dead aim: Working to make concealed-carry the law of the land – “Not for nothing did the National Rifle Association pump $38 million into electing Donald Trump President and another $24 million to secure the grip of Republicans in the Senate. Within grasp now looms a trophy long sought: federal legislation that would, if passed by Congress, extend the right to carry a concealed firearm in any one state, no matter how minimal the licensing standards, to all 50. Including into the five boroughs, where strict gun-safety laws, aggressively enforced under Mayor Rudy Giuliani and others, have been a key ingredient in a historic crime decline.” If taking so much pleasure at the Daily News’ distress is wrong, we don’t want to be right.

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  1. I left NY right after the passage of the safe act. Put my house up for sale found a job in Florida and off I went. NY sucks. It’s unfortunate because upstate NY is beautiful especially when it’s not winter. I literally just purchased a preban Colt Sp1 and this passed before it shipped and the gun store wouldn’t take delivery of it. No one in NY even knew what was in it or that it would pass literally in the middle of the night. Disgusting what they did no public input or anything. Previously legal preban mags became illegal and had to be disposed of or moved out of state. The law as originally written made it illegal to load more than eight rounds in a ten round mag…just ludicrous. They did end up dropping that part. Stupid people

  2. Rubio has a Senior Policy Advisor and Legislative Correspondent talking about NFA repeal legislation. Everyone in Florida should call his office and say they want it (what can it hurt?)

    • This should help…

      (Anybody got his email?)

      Sen. Marco Rubio
      Contact Info

      A). Washington, DC
      adr: U.S. Senate, 317 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, DC 205100001
      ph: (202) 224-3041
      fax: (202) 228-0285
      B). Jacksonville, FL
      adr: 1650 Prudential Drive, Suite 220, Jacksonville, FL 322078149
      ph: (904) 398-8586
      C). Pensacola, FL
      adr: 1 N. Palafox Street, Suite 159, Pensacola, FL 32502
      ph: (850) 433-2603
      D). Tampa, FL
      adr: 3802 Spectrum Boulevard, Suite 106, Tampa, FL 33612
      ph: (813) 977-6450
      E). Miami, FL
      adr: 8669 NW 36th Street, Suite 110, Miami, FL 33166
      ph: (305) 418-8553
      F). Orlando, FL
      adr: 201 South Orange Avenue, Suite 350, Orlando, FL 32801
      ph: (407) 254-2573
      G). Tallahassee, FL
      adr: 402 South Monroe Street, Suite 2105E, Tallahassee, FL 32399
      ph: (850) 599-9100
      H). Naples, FL
      adr: 3299 E. Tamiami Trail, Suite 106, Naples, FL 34112
      ph: (239) 213-1521
      I). Palm Beach Gardens, FL
      adr: 4580 PGA Blvd., Suite 201, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418
      ph: (561) 775-3360

  3. “Wait…you mean New York’s middle-of-the-night grand do-something-now gun control gesture didn’t work? Who could have possibly predicted such an outcome?”

    They never work. The analog for gun-control (and climate-change activism for that matter) is National Prohibition. Lifestyle reform laws only work if all parties concerned agree that the change in behavior is appropriate. This seldom happens (the anti-smoking campaign is a lifestyle reform that more-or-less worked) because lifestyle reform efforts always seek to elevate one group’s status (i.e. gun-controllers) over another group’s status (i.e., gun-owners) by turning them into deviants and cultural enemies. As with National Prohibition, when the size of the reformer group is matched by the size of the target group, social disharmony and patterned evasion of the new social norms (i.e., bootlegging and bathtub gin) is a predictable outgrowth. Despite redolent historical examples, morally indignant lifestyle reformers never tire of trying to impose their values on other people . . . who, predictably enough, usually respond by collectively telling them to “shove it”.

    • Also increased civil disobedience as seen in essentially all states which have passed these knee jerk gun controls. NY, MA, CN all have experienced an inability to assure that everyone complied because they had no idea how many guns, magazines, and whatever else, were out in the public. Australia claims an estimated 256,000 guns were not turned in. The UK acknowledges that handguns are encountered more frequently with the passage of time, and they are the primary weapon displayed during crimes. California has already joined the growing number of states experiencing civil disobedience. LA banned “high capacity magazines” and it appears that none have been turned in, and it’s impossible to know how many people sent them out of LA since there is no accounting of how many there were in the first place.

      So many times the gun control addicts have been wrong (or openly lied as Rahm just did when he declared that it was absolutely safe to walk the streets in Chicago) and the history of those countries which have seriously restrictive gun laws has amply shown that such restrictions don’t work… and still the anti-gunners can’t put two gray cells together long enough to see the truth.

    • The SAFE Act was never meant to work to reduce crime, Cuomo and his people knew that and didn’t care. It was passed so Cuomo could put a feather in his cap and say “we did something about guns in NY”. They had to make it a feature ban because they knew outlawing semi-auto’s would never fly, and now we’re stuck with perfectly functional but funny looking AR-15’s. The ammo background check thing was a pipe dream and they probably knew that as well. That they are no admitting it had no impact on crime makes them look stupid, but I fear it also means they will double down and push even worse laws through going forward.

  4. Regarding Mike Strickland (journalist defending himself from mob). Which is better? Brandishing or killing a mob member who assaulted you? Lets do the cop test. If a mob was walking towards a cop and he pulled out his gun, would he face charges?

    • The word you’re looking for is ‘hypocrisy’. This is why anonymous speech is paramount to a free society. Although I see you already get that.

    • Depends on the city and race of the officer / mob (er, group of disenfranchised citizens peaceably protesting)

  5. Dear Daily News. Those strict gun laws are still aggressively enforced in NYC and the 68th precinct still has a murder rate of 20 per 100,000. Meanwhile up in Putnam county, looser laws (for New York, anyway) a vibrant gun culture and a murder rate of 0 per 100,000.

    • What the Daily News guy (and (insert any other liberal news guy here)) doesn’t get is this:

      National Reciprocity for concealed carry already is in place and has been for some time. Many thousands of people take advantage of it today and every day without repercussions. Criminals have been carrying concealed nation wide despite any current laws against the practice. The time has come to repeal the laws that the criminals are ignoring anyway so that law-abiding citizens can exercise their guaranteed rights along with those already doing so.

  6. “… struck a female teacher in the neck area….Miraculously, the teacher wasn’t injured.”

    Huh? How the heck does that happen? Is the Bay County Sheriff’s Dept issuing .22 Short pistols to their deputies now?

    • It was his personal BUG, a .380 Sig, and there wasn’t enough energy after going through wall(s) to penetrate skin.
      It smacked her hard in the neck but that was all. She’s still pretty upset from what I hear. If he’d done it with his duty pistol she might have been DRT. Not excusable in any way.

      The Deputy seems like a decent guy, so it’s really a pity he can’t be trusted around firearms.
      He even got an award for designing a training program for cops to recognize and deal with autistic subjects without just shooting them for noncompliance, and he did it years ago, before people like me even noticed that it’s a lot easier for a non threatening autistic guy to get shot at by cops than it is for a non threatening black guy.

    • I went to this school my senior year, can’t remember any female teachers I didn’t like. Kinda close to home.

    • I’ve been hit in the neck by a 44mg a ricochet without it breaking the skin. I’m guessing the bullet, especially if it was a hollow point, started to break up and lost a significant amount of energy. Another personal experience of mine went similar to that…

  7. The Oregon douchebag “journalist” has been mentioned on TTAG before. He probably doesn’t deserve the treatment he’s getting from the jack booted leftists there, but I don’t think he deserves our sympathy, either.

  8. THE unS.A.F.E. ACT WORKS EXACTLY AS INTENDED! NYS legislator majority already KNOW that criminals won’t obey laws, because that majority ARE CRIMINALS that don’t follow their own laws. They also know that ONLY the law-abiding honest citizens will be effected by their treason. My blue state wants VICTIMS disarmed to make their fellow (but overt) criminals safer, while lying to us about how we possibly could become less endangered. If I could sell my home in the MOST corrupt, highest taxed, highest regulated state in the Union, I’d be a FORMER coumo-regulated fool.

  9. The sad thing about Raahuge’s is that it nearly burned down during a recent wild fire but they saved it. Then this happens. There was already a lack of places to shoot in southern California and this was one that I really enjoyed. I got an email stating they would try to be open by Friday but I don’t see it happening. It’s been tradition that I take the kids there on Black Friday.

    • That was my preferred range when I was living in SoCal. Being able to train the way I wanted to without a bunch of safety nazi’s was worth the hour long drive and $30 entrance fee. Sad to see it have problem after problem.

  10. The low IQS of the left never ceases to amaze. Criminals actually love gun control legislation because they don’t have to worry about you and I defending ourselves when they attack. I have no qualms with certain people not having legal access to guns but at the end of the day, criminals will be criminals, regardless of the law.

  11. “The bullet passed through at least one wall and struck a female teacher in the neck area, Michigan State Police Special 1st Lt. David Kaiser said.” Miraculously, the teacher wasn’t injured”

    How can a bullet strike the teacher in the neck area an not injure her?

  12. Simply enough when its a 380. Loses atot of its energy passing through wall boards. Literally had enough zoom taken out of it to bounce off her neck. Im sure it left a bruise but not strong enough to break the skin.
    Besides if she was like many of my grade school teachers she had a turkey neck with plenty of loose skin to absorb whatever energy a 380 might have left.

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