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You don’t have to be Nostradamus to see this one coming – ‘Prices Will Skyrocket After Crooked Hillary Gets In’: Vegas Gun Shop Posts ‘Pre-Hillary Sale’ Ad – “At least in Nevada, it appears that gun shop owners are using the likelihood of Hillary Clinton winning the presidency to spur some business. With Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s poll numbers cratering, Westside Armory posted an advertisement in the Las Vegas Review-Journal hyping a ‘Pre-Hillary Sale,’ warning prospective customers that ‘prices will skyrocket’ once ‘Crooked Hillary’ is elected.”


Brought to you by the same people who audit your finances: IRS Audits Its Collection of Al Capone Guns, Finds It Failed to Shoot Straight – “Even when the Internal Revenue Service has a rare good-news tale to deliver, it can have a hard time shooting straight. The agency, perennially in someone’s crosshairs, had an elaborate plan last month to aim for some positive publicity by evoking one of its proudest moments: the 1931 conviction of Al Capone for tax evasion after other law-enforcement agencies failed to nab the Chicago gang boss on charges such as murder.”


Guns No Longer Needed In Criminal Investigations Causing Police Dilemma – “The recent uptick in violent crimes and more aggressive police initiatives to curb it, means some, like the Greensboro Police Department, are taking a lot of guns off the streets. But a state law is presenting a dilemma where some of those departments can’t decide what to do with the guns once a case is over and they no longer need the gun for evidence. As a result, the firearms keep piling up and are in storage collecting dust. The Greensboro Police Department currently has more than 5,000 guns stored in 55-gallon drums, sealed and stacked away in an evidence room.” We know some people who would be happy to help our boys in blue with that problem.


Giving anti-gunners an easy target: Buffalo Bills fans sell shirts depicting rifle aimed at Colin Kaepernick – “Outside of Ralph Wilson stadium, t-shirts were on sale that depicted a rifle scope aimed at Kaepernick. Other shirts for sale read, ‘Shut Up and Stand Up! Kaeperndick,’ or ‘Hey Colin … While You’re Down There.’”


Great news, Silver Staters: When it comes to gun freedoms, Nevada could be edging closer to California – “Demographic shifts already have transformed Nevada into a swing state in recent presidential elections and given Democrats an edge in voter registration. They have also made the Silver State the latest testing site for Michael R. Bloomberg’s attempt to pass a law requiring background checks for gun sales between private parties, including those conducted over the Internet. Polling indicates Bloomberg may have bet correctly.” Coming soon to a state near you?

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  1. I hedged my bets, how bad it of me to do?

    I aquired a number of Ruger, PSA and Anderson AR15’s in the last few months to potentially sell. I got them cheap enough I don’t mind keeping them if needed.

  2. Well I’m buying guns through layaway as I type. Nothing to do with “crooked hildebeast”…and I’m dealing with shops /sites who didn’t go for rape after Newtown. Happy the wife is fully on board(if not my creditors).

    • After all of my bellyaching from the last run, the Mrs. rubber stamps all my choices too. Ain’t credit card debit grand?

      • Cash only buddy-my credit is toast after many years of self employment… and I got kids in college so I have to siphon. It sure helps with the world going to hell…sigh.

    • It always cracks me up to see Republicans spew hatred for economics when demand suddenly skyrockets and prices rise accordingly. “But *I* want it, so the price shouldn’t go up for me! I’m a special snowflake!”

      • Missing the point. If it’s free market, no big deal. But the price hikes are due to explicit threats to the free market by government officials (both Hillary, as a prospective, and current D legislators). As usual, it’s not a problem with the free markets, it’s a problem with government interference with the free market. Leftists have done a very good job via public schools, universities, and the press of brainwashing people into believing that the current, moderately dysfunctional crony system we have is free market, then propose to double down on the policies that caused the problems in order to fix the problems they caused. Orwellian, but unfortunately effective.

  3. As a Nevadan, I’m ashamed of what the state has become with the influx of rats leaving California for Nevada, and bringing their failed policies with them. I have no idea whether question 1 requiring background checks will pass, there’s been a lot of advertising on both sides of the issue.

    Regarding the upcoming price spike, it’s been obvious that it’s coming, the only question is what price hike is going to stay with us the longest. If Hillary wins, I’m betting ammo sales will become much more regulated, and see much higher prices as a result.

    • It might get better there, when lake Meade is finally empty. New Vegas will return to a desert ghost town and all those liberal saps will flee back to California, where, they will run out of water too, once more.

    • The 702 and 725 have become infested with Cali dipshits. The worst part? They bitch about how bad California was, then try to do the same exact shit here -___-

      • You have stated the essence of leftism: Destroy your quality of life and cede your freedoms to the elite for their benefit, then propose to “fix” things by doubling down on the bad decisions that got you in trouble in the first place. It’s a horrible downward spiral (unless you are one of the elite that effectively become barons, earls, and dukes under new names like “director,” “secretary,” or “senator”).

    • I’m going to hell, I don’t want the prices to spike. If they were to go thru the roof as past trends have shown I may have enough “stockpiled” to part with a bit for desperation gouging.

    • Latest poll showed 68% in favor on Question 1. Unless there is a surprise, stupidity and guile will win the day for that voter initiative here in NV.

      Which means:

      • Don’t hand your shooting buddy your gun to try out while in the desert. Illegal. (Not at an ‘established range’)

      • Don’t store your shooting buddy’s guns in your safe while he is on vacation (or vice versa). Illegal (unless you are an anti-gun priest…of course)

      • Don’t leave your gun with a friend to mount a scope, install a trigger, etc. Illegal.

      • Don’t lend your buddy a gun to go hunting when his is not working and in the shop for repairs. Illegal. (Not in ‘direct proximity’)

      • Don’t lend your buddy a rifle while you are hunt and then head back to camp. Illegal. (Not in ‘direct proximity’)

      • Don’t loan a fellow CCW holder friend a pistol while his is in the shop for repairs. Illegal. (Not in ‘imminent jeopardy’)

      • Don’t let your buddy try out your new gun while at an ‘established range’ and then walk away to the bath room. Illegal (not in ‘direct proximity).

      • If you own a ranch and have ‘ranch guns’ (rifles checked out on a daily basis as part of ranch operations). Well, that’s done. Illegal.

      • Have a hammer that uses primers or primer-like devices? Well, in NV that qualifies as a firearm under Question 1. Don’t hand it to your buddy on the job site. You’ll go to jail.

      Oh, the list goes on.

      • Bull. Ignore the law, it will *never* be enforced, either by LEO or the courts.

        “Your honor, this man handed a gun to that man without a background check.” “No, I didn’t, but that police officer there, he did!” “You guys all get out ofmy court, and don’t come back.”

        • This, for now. Unless you are in a big city, in which case they would have found a way to persecute you whether the law was on their side or not. Long term, having this on the books just gives the leftist elite another tool they can use to lock you up for wrongthink or failure to bow deeply enough.

  4. But, Trump’s gonna win because of the social media and roadside signs, not to mention the metadata…

    At least that’s what I tell folks to calm them down so they don’t interfere with my panic buying plans…heh.

    • Remember the polls showed Brexit wouldn’t pass by a significant margin.
      But it did!
      People aren’t honest to a stranger on the phone.
      Plus liberal media (most outlets these days) skew polls by cherry picking demographics and weights in the polls.
      PsyOps (Psychological Operations)
      Don’t fall for it! Vote!

      • Consider me unconvinced. This is very reminiscent of the “poll-truthers” and other mental acrobatics that Romney supporters went through in 2012 in the lead-up to the election, and in the end a bunch of conservative talking heads looked very foolish on TV that Tuesday night and Nate Silver got to dish out some heaping helpings of crow to the deluded jokers who were so eager to criticize him. Maybe I’m wrong (fingers crossed), maybe this will be like Brexit, but right now it certainly does not look that way. Doesn’t mean I’m not going to vote or give up, though.

        • Trump was behind in 60% of his primary wins on election days. Polls mean nothing this cycle. Hillary doesn’t believe this is in the bag, hence the epic gaslight.

  5. This makes me want to host a gofundme page to have people each buy one 30rd magazine. We can then air drop these over NYC, Boston, and DC.

  6. Yeah… No way in hell Hillary makes it to the White House, even if elected, all the secret service in the world won’t keep her breathing long enough. She’s a dead woman walking, and we won’t have to lift a finger. Passing out on a 74 degree day is not a good sign.

    Note: I’ve had bilateral viral pneumonia, it doesn’t cause the effects we have seen. (My ass had to be jumpstarted at one point, and I was a healthy 20 yo 1st class PFT Marine.)

    In any case, it’s a moot point. If We the People turn out, Trump will be winning in a landslide. The left has poisoned their own wells by manufacturing her “lead” in the pols. They think that the conservative voter base is like their pet hood rats that will only turn out if you bus them to the polling sites. They are going to get a rude awakening in November when they realize that the world has changed. They are going to be right there with the remoaners bitching about how the people of their nation didn’t swallow their bullshit despite all the “polls” showing a “landslide” victory for their cause.

    • Indeed. And while the subject is brought up, Brexit may very well save Britain while the rest of the continent goes to shit. I’ve been keeping up with them and they’re on track to improve on much of the damage the EU has caused. Britain may never be the freedom loving, pro gun nation its offspring is, but they’ll be much better off.

    • “The left has poisoned their own wells by manufacturing her “lead” in the pols.”

      Have you ever considered that the “lead in the pols”, was manufactured as a cover-story for a fixed election win?

      • I think that whoever wins, there will be a lot of demands for explanation and transparency of registration, polling locations, and vote counting in the future. I have zero confidence that the votes cast are in any way related to the results published.

  7. Nevada isn’t getting more blue anytime soon. After the Primary nomination was stolen from Bernie Sanders in Nevada, there is a whole group of people ready to turn their back on the Democrook party.

  8. I wonder what would really happen if Hillary actually tried executive orders to strangle gun rights.

    There’s something like 40 states with shall issue or constitutional carry. It requires 2/3 majority in each chamber to pass an amendment which needs 3/4 of the states (38) to ratify. But unless Congress goes heavily Republican, the alternative is 2/3 of the states (35) calling a constitutional convention which could propose amendments. I would not be at all surprised if an adverse Supreme Court decision or full retard executive order convinced those states to call for a constitutional convention, and that would scare the pants off the proggies since they don’t control enough states.

    I suspect the fear of a constitutional convention is enough to slow down the worst excesses, but not creeping incrementalism. On the other hand, Hillary and her proggies are so delusional that they might just think they could slam executive orders through in the first few days and shock everybody into slavery.

    • Honestly man, a constitutional convention scares me. Only because I don’t trust the current leadership for anything and if they have that kind of power to modify the constitution, what’s to say they won’t just do away with all of our basic rights?

      • An Article V Constitutional Convention can be called by 2/3 of the states but any amendments it refers must still be ratified by 3/4 of the states. I doubt very much fears that such a convention can go out of control and kill all liberties are reasonable given the scrutiny required to be passed by 38 states. Ratifying constitutional amendments can take years.

        Fear not fundamental changes to our founding documents. The Constitution either provided the framework for our present level of tyranny or was powerless to prevent its rise.

      • As Cdotson says, any convention which ran wild with socialist or theocratic or any other extremist proposed amendments would find its proposals roundly rejected by the other states, and any amendments which did make it out of the convention sould still have to pass the ratification process.

        If Hillary and the Dems did try to eviscerate the Second Amendment by executive order, or if their packed Supreme Court gutted it, and triggered a constitutional convention, very few other amendments would be submitted. Reining in eminent domain might be top of the list. Trying to roll back the expanded Commerce Clause and the Necessary and Proper Clause would probably go nowhere. Trying to clarify the definition and declaration of war would be too contentious. A balanced budget would probably die in the details. Might get a few tweaks to elections, such as term limits for Congress or the definition of “native born” (I liked one which redefined that requirement as “have lived in the US for 35 consecutive years”, but what about vacations out of the country or day trips to Tijuana? It just goes to show how contentious amendments would get.)

      • IANAL, but my understanding is that, if called, a constitutional convention starts off with a clean slate, no constitution whatsoever, just like, what, 1789? So absolutely everything needs to be renegotiated. That is scary, but we should remember that secession instead of ratification seems pretty easy under those circumstances.

    • “I wonder what would really happen if Hillary actually tried executive orders to strangle gun rights.”

      She would ban “more of them foreign guns” like every president since Reagan and not a peep will be made in the gun community cause it doesn’t affect ‘muh AR, ‘muh Glock, and ‘muh Fudd guns.

  9. If 5,000 plus guns would bring in under $15,000, that is less than $3 per gun! (Read the link) This idiot police chief is obviously bad at math. Only $30 per would be $150,000 ! $50 per = half a million bucks! If he will part with them for 15k I will run right down with the cash. I think I could turn a tidy profit.

  10. it would appear the Hildabeast has her own private goon squad to cause trouble for the Republicans:

    Donald Trump rallies infiltrated by paid Hillary Clinton operatives, investigation reveals

    Any wonder why people are thinking the system is rigged?

    If you don’t vote, don’t complain about the result.

  11. Re the Buffalo Bills T-Shirts, are the anti-gunners really using those as a reason to label gun owners irresponsible ‘potential assassins’? Rightly or wrongly, Colin K is a target, not only for his actions during the national anthem before games but also as the QB of the opposing team.

    To me, putting the image of cross hairs over something has long depicted something as a target (figuratively) and not an inducement for assassination.

  12. Fort those who don’t know Greensboro, it is a smaller city with a Chicago size gang problem. I don’t know what crimes were perpetrated by the former owners of those old rifles and shotguns (notice not a single EBR) but almost all crime in Greensboro is gang-related, and involves a (likely stolen) handgun. WFMY is a shell of a TV station, which changed its local news to a magazine format highlighting racial correctness and liberal politics. Its ratings tanked and it has been trying to recover by going back to the old staple of crime reporting. But like the police chief, it has to be done in a PC way. Latest local killing not reported in the national media — banger shoots a grocery store security guard in the back of the head and then steals his gun. Because the store was not robbed, the killing is being called random. I doubt that. More likely a gang initiation — go kill that whitey security guard and bring his gun back as a trophy. (subsequent articles showed guard as white.) This is a very rare black on white killing. It is almost always black lives that don’t matter to bangers. Appears that no lives matter in the ‘hood.

  13. I’m kinda seeing it in my area. Guns aren’t selling as much as ammunition is. I’ll even admit that I’ve sold about 5 pistols in the last month and I’m buying ammunition.
    Still selling some firearms and I’ll get down to about 4 or 5 that I really like. Until then, it’s ammunition.
    Hillary has this all but wrapped up and it’s gonna be a run even Obama couldn’t top.

  14. What we are seeing right now between “Spreading Civil Rights Infringement” and the Left basically shutting down speech will be nothing if Hillary wins. There will be full on violations openly done and endorsed and the Left will pretty much stop all speech it does not agree with.


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