Daily Digest: Backups To Your Backups Edition

A few days back, Ammoland reported that Space Cadet Mark Kelly and Gabby Giffords sent yet another tiresome open letter to Congress in which they made the claim that since Sandy Hook, “there have been 16 more mass shootings in communities across America.” Though they declined to actually list those incidents specifically, the Civilian Disarmament Movement isn’t known for making things up out of whole cloth, so it must be true. In response, bearingarms.com, not being the trusting souls that we are here at TTAG, pressed the issue with the question above. His answer is below. Watch this space. . .

“Those debates were always a lot of fun — especially when the people were from England — but over time I noticed that my opponents were mostly leaving angry. I was winning debates, but I wasn’t helping to change views.” — How To Win A Debate With An Anti-Gunner

SAFE Act provisions regarding background checks on ammunition buyers will not go into effect January 15th, the NY State Police has announced. The agency said Friday that they need more time to develop a system that will check the backgrounds of individuals before they purchase ammunition. Also, a requirement that ammunition sellers compile and retain information — from name and occupation to the type and amount of ammo purchased — which was slated to go live on January 15th is also on indefinite hold. Officials did not give a new expected date for the suspension of Constitutional rights.

This is the Primary Weapons Systems Tactical Forearm Lengthener, the next (possibly only) must-have accessory for your AR platform weapon system. H/T to ENDO-Mike, without whom this would have escaped my attention. NOTE: I’ve warned you in the past to put your drink down. Some haven’t listened. Consider yourself warned again.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors on Tuesday passed a retroactive ban on magazines holding greater than 10 rounds. Though it’s already illegal in California to buy, sell, or carry the magazines, any magazines owned when the state law went into effect in 2000 were grandfathered. Under the new law, that grandfathering is negated and folks have 90 days to turn the magazines into police or be guilty of a misdemeanor. Naturally, criminals were lined up around the block Wednesday morning to turn theirs in, because a misdemeanor is a big deal and could ruin their whole future. Equally naturally, the new law doesn’t apply to law enforcement. [UPDATE:] Apparently the SF Examiner reporter has the law wrong, and those magazines are very likely not illegal to buy, sell, or carry. Also, it’s very likely that this new SF law will be struck down, as it violates state preemption. See this comment from Jeremy S below for the full explanation.

It should come as no surprise given his recent videos that Jerry Miculek will be carving a pumpkin with a Barret M82A1 this year.