Czech train ukraine ukrainians guns firearms training range AK-47
An instructor trains Ukrainian nationals at a shooting range in Brno, Czech Republic (AP Photo/Petr David Josek)
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By Karel Janicek, AP

Of the first four shots Olha Dembitska fired from an AK-47 assault rifle in her life, one hit the target.

“It’s pretty difficult the first time,” the 22-year-old Ukrainian woman acknowledged.

On this occasion, the target was the shape of a human body at a shooting range in the Czech Republic. Next time, it might be for real, in Ukraine, and the target could be one of the Russian troops who have invaded her homeland.

Dembitska is one of at least 130 men and women who have so far undergone free-of-charge training for Ukrainians living in the Czech Republic who want to learn how to fight the aggressor.

“I might return to Ukraine if they need me,” she said.

Czech train ukraine ukrainians guns firearms training range AK-47
Ukrainian nationals get training at a shooting range in Brno, Czech Republic. (AP Photo/Petr David Josek)

Almost none of the participants had any experience with weapons before war struck their homeland.

Since Russia launched its brutal attack, Ukrainians from all parts of the country and elsewhere have been arriving in the Czech Republic’s second-largest city, Brno, attracted by courses designed to teach them essentials and skills to safely handle lethal rifles while being able to inflict damage on their enemy.

Beside learning to shoot, the courses give them the basics about guns, movement around the battlefield and a lesson in providing first aid, something that can save lives if they‘re mobilized by their embattled country or decide to return home as volunteers to join the Ukrainian army.

They are all motivated.

Czech train ukraine ukrainians guns firearms training range AK-47
Instructors train Ukrainian nationals at a shooting range in Brno, Czech Republic. (AP Photo/Petr David Josek)

“It’s horrible,” Dembitska said about the situation in her homeland. She gets her news from social media and from phone calls with a friend based in the southern city of Kherson, seized by Russian troops in the early stages of the invasion.

“She tells me everything. They haven’t received humanitarian aid. It’s a horror what the Russian soldiers are doing, I’m sick of it.”

Michal Ratajsky, the owner of CS Solutions, a security company that offers the training program at its base on the outskirts of Brno, located some 200 kilometers (125 miles) southeast of Prague, called it “our contribution to the help for Ukrainians.”

“We view it as a morale boost we’re giving them in this situation, an effort to show we’re supporting them and that we will do for them what we can at the given moment,” Ratajsky said. “That was our motivation and goal.”

Czech train ukraine ukrainians guns firearms training range AK-47 ammunition ammo
An Ukrainian national take ammo during a training at a shooting range in Brno, Czech Republic. (AP Photo/Petr David Josek)

A crowdfunding campaign helped secure enough money for the ammunition, while his company provides the rest, including experienced instructors, weapons and the shooting range.

Ratajsky said the brief, three-hour training can’t do miracles but should be enough to introduce the Ukrainians to new, unfamiliar skills.

“We know that we don’t make soldiers of them in those three hours,” he said. “We try to do the maximum for them in the time, with the focus on their safety.”

Some of the participants have returned for repeated lessons. Some have come from as far away as Vienna. in neighboring Austria. Some took the course on their way back to Ukraine from Western Europe, Ratajsky said.

Czech train ukraine ukrainians guns firearms training range AK-47
Instructors train Ukrainian national at a shooting range in Brno, Czech Republic. (AP Photo/Petr David Josek)

He said the Ukrainians are united by anger about the Russian aggression, and determined to end it.

“They take it seriously and want to do something about it.”

He said that because some 80% percent of troop losses in a war like the one in Ukraine are caused by artillery and missiles, a sense of self-preservation and knowledge of first aid might be more useful for survival than shooting.

“We’re aware of the limits of what we can get them ready for and make no secret of it,” Ratajsky said.

Yehor Nechyporenko, 38, who had traveled some 260 kilometers (160 miles) from the town of Mlada Boleslav to Brno for the second time said he is helping Ukrainian refugees who have arrived in the Czech Republic but wants to be ready to go back home to fight.

Czech train ukraine ukrainians guns firearms training range AK-47
An instructor trains Ukrainian nationals at a shooting range in Brno, Czech Republic. (AP Photo/Petr David Josek)

“It’s very useful for me,” he said of the training. “I really like it. I need to learn those things because I didn’t do military service.”

Nechyporenko said he was sure the Russians have no chance of taking the entire country.

“I think the war will be over in a couple of months,” he said. “And if we see we’re losing, we’ll all travel home.”

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    • I don’t think the Ukies were free to begin with. At least their peacetime gun control laws did not reflect freedom.

        • No need to speculate. The law being called a “Ukrainian Second Amendment” is readily available online, including the part that requires turning in guns within ten days after the subjects’ “rights” stop serving government interests.

      • What bright a have you to decide whether or not Ukrainians had freedom? Do you really believe FREDDOM is the right to have 20,000 deaths and counting due to gun crime a year.
        As you may realise I come from across the pond and here the UK we have I suppose one of the most Draconian Gun legislation regimes in the worlds and withn very good reason, and that legislation has the firm support of the electorate. I do not know of a single person who thinks that the non-possession of FIREARMS is a reflection of their PERSONAL FREEDOM -in fact rather the reverse.
        Even when possession of firearmes was basically unregulated in Great Britain ninety -nine percent of the population did not own them, THe exception being the use of SHOTGUNS in the countryside.
        The POLICE were, by the way, even then UNARMED and the number of Police Officers and civilians who died under the gun on an annual basis was so minimal that it was not worth counting.
        Preperations for WAR are NOT the same as general possession in times of peace.

        • Albert. 3 things have to exist before a country can be free. A free
          press. Honest elections and the right of the people to bear arms. If all 3 do not exist then you have tyranny. Maybe a soft tyranny like in the UK. But it is still tyranny.

          Don’t kid yourself. Britain is not a free country. But if the majority of brits are happy with the velvet wrapped chains it still means they are in chains.

        • If you looked at the actual causes of death in the USA firearms barely make the top 20. Far more are stabbed and beaten with fists. Then there is medical malpractice which is said to cause 400,000+ per year. Auto accidents and other “acceptable csuses” also have far higher death counts than guns.

          In Australia which is awash with guns compared to the UK, has a firearm death toll annually of about 30. From the last published statistics I read of the causes of 150,000 recorded deaths i had to add 3 separate categories to get the 30 firearms deaths. 45 people died from cycling accidents and 2,500 from intentional self harm.

          So practice your Arabic to learn the phrase “please don’t kill me, I’ll convert”.

        • Sorry Albert. You are wrong. Indoctrinated, yes, but facts-based – no. There are about 9300 firearms deaths per year in the USA (you want to count suicides as “murder” to inflate your point). About 1/3 of those are good guys being killed by bad guys (nearly always blacks). About 1/3 are bad guys killing bad guys (black ghetto gang bangers), and 1/3 good guys killing bad guys. There are few actual mass shootings (4 or more deaths per incidence). If there were no blacks here, 85% of violent crime would disappear. And is ha been proven 98% of all guns used by bad guys are stolen or purchased on the street from other bad guys (and these were also stolen). “Ghost guns” is a non-existent problem. Guns with serial number ground off are categorized as “ghost guns” by most LEO. The RATE of shooting deaths in the US has been dropping steadily since 1990 – now at about 3.9 per 100,000. Half of the UK, and much lower than other Euro countries (especially Finland – the highest rate in the EU).

          What is the population of blacks in the UK? How about we send 20% of ours (basically the bad ones) to you? Then you would see crime RATES (already higher in the UK than the US, BTW) go through the roof.

          With the uncontrolled influx of radical Muslims in the UK, many of your cops are not only carrying sidearms but machine pistols (HK5s).

        • 20,00 deaths due to “gin violence”? What planet invents the “news” you get to read, anyway? In the uS there are about 10,000 deaths from the deliberate use of firearms annually. The rest are self-inflicted, and if they can’t find a gun to “end it all” they WILL find another means to accomplish their desired “end”.
          Of the ten thousand “deliberate” gun deaths, some 60% are in self-defense or by law enforcement. That leaves around four thousand unjustified “gun deaths” per year. That ain’t nuthin ina a nation of 360 million. MOre die in car crashes every year.

          Take a look back at one of the stats I quote above.. the number of cases where someone was shot and killed wiht a gun, the gun being wielded by an innocent victim who was forced to make a choice between killing or being killed at the hands of a criminal attempting to rob/rape/murder his intended victim. The law abiding citizen simpluy used his lawfully possessed firearm to turn the tables on the criminal.
          NOW ponder this: it is statistically proven that for every ONE incident where an innocent uses his own lawfully carried gun to defend himself, there are about 1700 more cases where the gun is intriduced into the situation but never fired. Yet the mere presence of that lawfully possessed firearm by the innocent citizen helps the criminal to make an informed decision to leave off his intended attack and go away alive.

          Thus, if you were to take the total number of those killed in self defense, multiply it by 1700, you would have very close to the number of deaths that WOULD BE HAPPENING if no one here were allowed to be armed to defend themselves. We’d be awash in the blood of innocents.

          guns do not kill people. People use them as tools. Whe crimiinals cease their careers in crime, the 60% of deliberate deaths (criminals being shot in the course of plying their chosen careers) now occurring would be multiplied by 1700.

          You STILL wanna disarm all of America? Your own home country presents a VERY pathetic record in this regard. Yet yuo wish worse upon us here this side the Puddle? Thanks all the same, but no. Not here. I WILL contiue to carry my “little friend” everywhere I go. I’ve done so for only 15 years now, never once let anyone else know I have it. I prefer to keep it that way, but the numbers assure me I MUST continue putting up with the nuisance of dragging that thing everywhere I go.

        • Albert Hall, Let me provide you with some education. The United States is NOT part of the United Kingdom. Frankly we don’t give a rat’s behind if your fellow Brits support “gun control” or not.

          Does this help you any?

        • To Albert

          quote————-Preperations for WAR are NOT the same as general possession in times of peace.——–quote

          Well said Albert but remember you are trying to communicate with a bunch of uneducated American Hillbillies, most of whom are suffering from advanced paranoia and do not represent the majority of American Gun owners. They also know the Hillbillies are looney as fruit cakes. Jethro is our star poster boy for ignorance and the Beverly Hillbilly and the Lamp that went out in his head are the two most depraved.

        • dacian, the Dunderhead. What you know about firearms could not cover the bottom of a thimble and yet you try to portray yourself as a “gun expert”. I’m still waiting for you to tell us the firing sequence of a cartridge and one of the other posters would like your comparison between accurate fire and precision fire. Care to jump in here?

        • Al – Sad that the nation of the magna carta/etc has fallen so.

          But our founding fathers learned most of what doesn’t work given human nature at the boot of you English SUBJECTS

        • Hey beverly! Where ya been? We’ve missed you! And just a footnote as a reminder: respect is also earned, beverly, which is why a liar such as yourself ain’t gettin any. Have you decided yet wether you were a cop for 6yrs or for 10yrs? Can’t be both now, can it… beverly?

        • Walt. Whether they wind up with freedom remains to be seen. As soon as the fighting is over their .gov may demand they return all the guns they’ve been using.

        • jwm, “May”? Sure that is possible, but with all the guns that have been passed out to the people, that is not really very likely.
          It seems you are measuring freedom base on one thing. Guns. There are many other facets to freedom, wouldn’t you agree?

      • to Jethro

        They are Ukrainians not Ukies you racist. And its obvious you do not know anything about the History of the Ukraine.

        • Ah, dacain, the Dunderhead, for your continued edification, Ukrainian is not a race. (Shaking my head). Try to figure out another word to describe his term.

        • to Walter the Beverly Hillbilly

          When you claim making derogatory comments about the Ukrainians by calling them names is not racist you prove you are a racist yourself.

          Your reply was ignorant and nonsensical Give up you are out of your league.

        • dacian, the Dunderhead. His remakes may have been “derogatory” but that does not make them “racist”. You see, Dunderhead, there are only three races and Ukrainian is not one of them. In order for a remark to be racist, the derogatory remake would have to be derogatory toward one of those three races.

          If ignorance were bliss you would walk around ecstatic.

        • To Walter the Beverly Hillbilly

          Learn to pronounce
          prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.
          “a program to combat racism”
          racial discrimination
          racial prejudice/bigotry
          the belief that different races possess distinct characteristics, abilities, or qualities, especially so as to distinguish them as inferior or superior to one another.
          “theories of racism”

          Next time research before making a complete fool of yourself.

        • dacian, the Dunderhead. There was a time when a word mean what it was designed for rather than propagating a political agenda. It seems you got your “definition” from a dictionary which has contorted, misused and changed the true meaning of the word.

          It’s a shame that you are not intelligent enough to understand this.
          Another word for it is pathetic.

        • To Walter

          Now your telling us you know more than Webster’s dictionary.

          1. You rejected the definition of racism from Webster

          2. You were proven wrong on the history of the ATF not being able to ban weapons without Congressional approval

          3. You were proven wrong when you claimed the President could not ban guns without Congressional Approval. And by the Way Trump banned bump stocks.

          As I have said many times when something does not fit your political agenda you reject it with the wave of a hand but that does not reflect both reality or science.

        • dacian, the Dunderhead. That’s right! I REJECT your Websters “definition of racism” because it is not ACCUATE. If there a part of that you cannot comprehend?

          You have proven absolutely NOTHING about AFT and their high handed “weapons” bans”. I have repeatedly asked you to cite court cases where the ATF was upheld and you have come up with ZERO.

          For your edification, the ban on bump stocks in still inn the courts, working its way up to the Supreme Court.

          Talking about political agendas, yours is Leftist control of the population.

        • to Walter

          quote————dacian, the Dunderhead. That’s right! I REJECT your Websters “definition of racism” because it is not ACCUATE. If there a part of that you cannot comprehend?———–quote

          One thing we can all comprehend is that is that you are in need of a mental health care professional. That rant was really over the top. I think too that the ATF should be paying you a visit soon as you are not mentally competent enough to be trusted to be possession of any firearms.

        • dacian, the Dunderhead. That “we”? Is that you and the mouse in your pocket? Or are you playing with yourself.
          For your information, Webster is infamous for changing definitions to fit a political agenda. Just as you and your Leftist buddies are. Oh, wait a minute. The “editors” of Websters are Leftist academics.
          You are also infamous for your personal attacks when you can’t counter what the opposing party says. Send ATF. I am the easiest guy in Oneida County to find. Here is a RED HOT NEWS FLASH for you. ATF has nothing to do with mental hygiene. If they did, they would have come for you a long time ago.

          I want all the good people here to have a good day. You too, Dunderhead.

    • jwm,

      I was thinking somewhat along the same lines.

      The problem with an armored column is that the Russians will annihilate it from the air. What the Ukrainians need to do, instead, is descend en-masse (via simple automobile) on Moscow and decimate every government building. It is utterly impossible to stop any significant number of automobiles if 100,000 Ukrainians drive cars to Moscow.

      Of course such a tactic potentially requires a few advanced actions to obliterate any border or interior checkpoints.

  1. I bet the manufacturer of the ‘Javelin’ anti-armor missile is in negotiations with several of the major European arms manufacturers to start cranking out licensed copies of as many of those missiles as they possibly can.

    And ‘Gun Jesus’ has some thoughts about the subject of this post :

  2. This is yet another feel-good publicity blurb. Looking behind the publicity nonsense, Ukraine has suspended recruiting into it’s brand new Foreign Legion because – wait for it – THEY HAVE NO WEAPONS!!

    It does no one any good to train a soldier, often times with plywood cutouts of weapons, so that he can sit around, waiting for a weapon to become available.

    How many of you are interested in training with a plywood AK47 or AR15? How about water balloons for grenades?

    And, women soldiers. Yeah, there are women soldiers. I’ve met some. But, women don’t volunteer in hordes to go camp out in the mud, and rough it with a bunch of horny men. Yet, every PR article for Ukraine’s military has women featured.

    One thing Ukraine has going for it: their propaganda machine works well.
    Another thing Ukraine has going for it: all of Western Media is helping the Ukraine propaganda machine.

  3. I see that TTAG is once again mindlessly regurgitating the Obama/Clinton/Biden propaganda about Ukraine. Where the Hell have you been these last eight years when the Ukrainian army allied with the Neo-Nazi Azov brigade were randomly firing artillery at ethnic Russians in Eastern Ukraine? Where the Hell was TTAG during the 2021 NATO summit when Zelenski was threatening to acquire nuclear weapons if Ukraine wasn’t admitted as a member of NATO? Where the Hell was TTAG a few weeks ago when Zelenski banned ALL opposition parties in Ukraine, effectively annointting himself as dictator for life? Where the Hell was TTAG this week when Zelenski arrested one of the most prominent opposition leaders?

    Go Putin!

    • In the last Ukrainian election, the far right parties barely received TWO PERCENT of the vote. Hardly a neo-Nazi Fascist state.

      Note the current president of Ukraine is JEWISH!

      • That doesn’t make him any better than any other corrupt dictator. Before the war Ukraine was the second most corrupt country in Europe, after Russia. That didn’t change because Obama replaced Putin’s puppet with NATO’s. Fascism is all about absolute government power- one can’t not be called a fascist because their race was victimized by a fascist government in the past. Democrat politicians, Putin, and Communist China are all arguably fascists. Mussolini created fascism because of weaknesses he noticed when he was a Socialist. Furthermore, Uncle Addie described Stalin as turning weak communism into a strong new form of fascism, and I’m inclined to believe he would know something about it. A majority of Jews were and are in favor of hardline leftist/communist policies which are no different from fascism.

        Also, the Azov Battalion’s major contributor is also a Jewish guy. It’s equivalent to the other “far right militias” that are actually just a bunch of feds.

        All these governments, propagandists, and ethnic special interests can take a hike. They all only care about themselves.

    • Anyone who kills a Russian soldier is my hero.

      The only good Russian soldier is a dead Russian soldier. True in 1946 and still true today.

    • All with their noses pinned against the CNN big screen, lapping it up even as they pronounce everything else from that august institution nothing but lies. As socialist miner would say: “fascinating”. Or was that Spock?

    • Fuck Putin and all the traitor scum in the United States on the far right that have bent over backwards to suckle that dictator communist bastard’s hairy nuts.

      It’s amazing how the right grandstands about freedom, sovereignty of borders, local control, free speech and fair elections. But then goes and begs America’s enemies to that believe in none of that to help them. The Republican Party truly is infected with insane conspiracy theorists, paid russian astroturfers, despots, and turncoats. Get your shit together hypocrites.

      • “[American] freedom, sovereignty of [American] borders, local [US State] control, [American] free speech and fair [American] elections” FIFY

        In other words, limited constitutional government of specific, enumerated, delegated powers, none of which can possibly construed as authorizing a single penny to be coerced from Americans to provide handouts for foreign beggars. Find me a single instance of the Founders, their children, grandchildren, or really anyone up until the Progressive (sic) Era vaginating about “helping others” overseas.

        The only “beg[ging] America’s enemies” right now is your POS-in-chief fell8ing Iran and Venezuela in his scramble to fill the void he created by sanctioning Ukraine’s enemies.

  4. There is a bloody difference between a WELL REGULATED, Trained and Disciplined MILITIA and the undisciplined crazy American Gun freaks. First of all they use OFFICIAL WEAPONRY Secondly they are sworn in as memebers of the Armed Services BEFORE they are allowed into action. Thirdly they are up against a CLEAR and PRESENT DANGER that is not the figment of a fevered imagination and are being invaded in force. Gun Crime in Ukraine was basically unheard of in spite of the number of weapons officially in circulation at any one time. Everybody in any Armed Reserve would have had easy and immediate access to official firearms. But we do NOT see the level of mass shootings that abound in the USA IN fact the known level of Ukrainain Service casualties is still LESS that vthe 20,000 annual toll caused by gun crime in the USA. And so is by the way deaths among the Russian Forces. Think about them bananas

        • I remember when Britan was worried about a Nazi invasion during WW2. Also remember the stories about the English begging the Americans to send weapons so they could defend themselves. Remember also what the surviving Japanese generals replied when asked why they didn’t invade America , not with a rifle behind every blade of grass.

        • The NRA sent butt loads of donated weapons (which they didn’t issue). The English are really not much better than the Frogs.

      • I imagine that Albert the Hand Licker Hall thinks about bananas a lot. Mostly when he will be allowed/graciously handed his next one…

        • He loves the opportunity to kiss his masters on the ring and I don’t mean the ones worn on fingers.

    • Albert, you have your head so far up your arse, you can’t even define ‘militia’.

      Every male from the age of 17 to about 40 is a member of the militia. It is the government’s failing that so many adult males fail to be trained.

      It is the duty of the state and local governments to regulate the militia, and those governments are failing at their responsibilities.

      And, before you bark your silly lapdog bark, all of them really are members of the militia, obligated to serve if called upon. Being a member is not dependent upon actually enlisting for a term of 2, 4, 6 or more years of active duty.

    • Actually Albert the U.S. gun carnage is far worse than you posted , its actually averages about 38,000 people a year who die from gun shot wounds and crime with firearms has been escalating since the end of mask wearing during the pandemic.

      • As usual, Dacian, you are wrong. Indoctrinated, yes, but facts-based – no. There are about 9300 firearms deaths per year in the USA (you want to count suicides as “murder” to inflate your point). About 1/3 of those are good guys being killed by bad guys (nearly always blacks). About 1/3 are bad guys killing bad guys (black ghetto gang bangers), and 1/3 good guys killing bad guys. There are few actual mass shootings (4 or more deaths per incidence). If there were no blacks here, 85% of violent crime would disappear. And is ha been proven 98% of all guns used by bad guys are stolen or purchased on the street from other bad guys (and these were also stolen). “Ghost guns” is a non-existent problem. Guns with serial number ground off are categorized as “ghost guns” by most LEO. The RATE of shooting deaths in the US has been dropping steadily since 1990 – now at about 3.9 per 100,000. Half of the UK, and much lower than other Euro countries (especially Finland – the highest rate in the EU).

        • I have posted many time before a long list of mass murder and crime with ghost guns. And crime has been rising since the fake ending of the pandemic. And your posting of shootings being higher in the UK than the U.S. is laughable.

        • dacian, the Dunderhead. If you are “so proud of it” repost it again. If not, SHUT UP!

    • POTG are not “freaks” and you as a “subject” have a lot of nerve.
      You want to be a subject, then have at it, give me freedom.

    • Albert Hall, the only crazy “gun freaks” are you anti-gun radicals. We would appreciate it if you bud out of our business. You have enough problems there in the UK with people getting stabbed by the local talent you have.

    • First off, define who the militia actually are. The definition from the time when our Constitution was written was ” Any free man of military age.” What today would be ” Any person not otherwise prohibited from 16 to 60.” National Guard or Military Reserve troops are just that. Federal troops basically on furlough from active duty. who can be recalled on short notice and Federalized at any time. The term ‘Well Regulated means, or did at the time written, well supplied and properly functioning. Most militia troops from our Revolutionary war, and the War of 1812 were ad hoc volunteers with very little training beyond basic drill in how to march and load a weapon. Those same militia troops, slaves, pirates and assorted miscreants made the professional troops look rather foolish at New Orleans.
      Something else you seem to not understand. In the UK a fairly large percentage of your police officers are armed with a bit more than a truncheon and whistle today. But, because they don’t wear gun belts, or must get permission to use weapons, you assume they are not armed. Back in the mid 1990’s I was in England to work with some of your anti-terrorist units. At that time about 50% of patrol officers were armed. And most patrol cars had either a shotgun or semi auto rifle in the boot. I doubt that has lessened since.
      Last thing. if, as you claim, you are a resident of England, why do you even care about how we do things in the US? Much of the violence in the US is criminals killing other criminals. And nearly all of that is restricted to certain parts of major cities. Avoid those parts of town and don’t act stupid and the chances of being shot, or even seeing a weapon is pretty small.
      As I wouldn’t walk into a Catholic neighborhood in Belfast spouting Protestant slogans. or act the fool in Piccadilly, if you visit here just keep to more tourist friendly areas and more than likely you would be fine.

  5. My earlier comment has not been deemed acceptable.

    The Ukraine’s new Foreign Legion is no longer accepting applicants. The reason – they have no weapons to give to new soldiers.

    Training is pretty useless if you don’t have the tools for which you are trained.

  6. Firing a few shots out of a rifle not only does not make you a good rifle shot and it also has little to do with the necessary training to be a solider either.

    Its also a sad fact that ammo has become so expensive that few recruits in the military ever are given enough training to become really proficient with a rifle. In Vietnam thousands of rounds were expended for every instance of an enemy actually being hit by a live round fired down range.

    I can remember shooting NRA across the course matches many years ago and it took me almost a year and thousands of rounds on the course to learn to really be proficient in firing a rifle without the aid of any support both in slow and rapid fire. And that I might add that shooting was at known ranges not unknown ranges on the battlefield.

    In both World Wars the most casualties were actually inflicted by artillery, not by small arms fire. It was no accident that the Russians in WWII often opened a battle with 1,000 artillery pieces firing to soften up the enemy positions. Obviously they have forgotten part of their own history in their attempt to enslave Ukraine.

    And firing off of sand bags at your local range under ideal conditions is not the same as firing under field conditions and without the aid of any artificial support for the rifle.

      • I am enjoying seeing you eat Crow Jethro. As I predicted and stated Biden banned ghost guns. Once again you made a fool of yourself.

        • Whatever fantasy scenario you’ve got rattling around in that empty skull means nothing to me.

        • I have some bad news for you. Sleepy Joe can’t ban “ghost guns”. Only Congress can do that. Watch this go all the way to SCOTUS.

        • to Walter the uneducated Beverly Hillbilly

          Quote————I have some bad news for you. Sleepy Joe can’t ban “ghost guns”. Only Congress can do that. Watch this go all the way to SCOTUS.————quote

          You know zero about the history of both the Supreme Court and the ATF. The ATF has been banning guns through regulation for decades and the Supreme Court has blessed almost all of them. You just made another fool of yourself but that is nothing new.

        • dacian, the Dunderhead, I don’t know about SCOTUS? ROFLAMO! The Supreme Court has not ruled on any of these administrative bans by ATF. Cite a case in which the Supreme Court backed ATF. I did some research and could not find a one.

        • to Walter

          The ATF has banned many firearms over the years including the Street Sweeper Shotgun, The Spas-12, the Spit fire open bolt gun and two copy cat variants as well as the wallet holster, the ballistic knife and this is only a partial list. And the courts have blessed all of these regulations (bans)

        • dacian, the Dunderhead, I ask you to cite CASES where the Supreme Court has upheld an ATF ban and you come up with nothing. Citing bans does not show that the Court backed these bans.

          Citing a case means showing an actual court ruling. Not your propaganda.

        • to Walter

          The ATF website lists the ban guns. That is fact and not one of them were overturned by the courts.

        • to Walter

          quote————–I have some bad news for you. Sleepy Joe can’t ban “ghost guns”. Only Congress can do that. Watch this go all the way to SCOTUS.——–quote

          Biden ordered the ATF to ban ghost guns and that is what they did. I have given you a partial list on guns previously banned by the ATF which proves your statement 100% wrong because none of them were overturned by the courts.

          Therefore your statement is a falsehood.

        • dacian, the Dunderhead. Again, you make a claim and can’t seem to back it up with a case cite. Wonder why that is?

          You Leftists are good at making up names for things you don’t like. “Assault weapons”, “ghost guns”, etc.

          Give me a FULL LIST of court cases where the ATF bans have been upheld?

      • To wannabe Vet.

        Your ignorance is not acceptable either. You do not have to have walked on the Moon to know what it was like to be there. The key is education, obviously something you lack.

        • I might add Veteran wannabe

          A classic piece of literature on war was entitled “The Red Badge Of Courage”. It was praised by many actual Civil War Veterans but the author was born after the Civil War and never served in the military but he had what you lack and that was he was an educated man who researched before he wrote. Once again I repeat to you that someone does not have to have actually walked on the Moon to know what it was like to be there.

        • Crane actually observed war in 1898. And he spent time adrift in an open lifeboat after a ship sinking. He may not have fought at Bull Run but he had been to see the elephant.

          As for you dacian. You have no real world experience and you certainly have no education.

        • dacian, the Dunderhead Answer the question, What is the difference between well aimed and precision fire? While you are at it tell us the firing sequence of a cartridge.

        • Of course you did. Let me remind you. I stated that the shooter would have killed or maimed more people with well aimed fire instead of using a bump stock. You replied with nonsense about precision fire would take too long. I stated well aimed, you used precision fire.

          You still creeping children?

        • to Storm Trooper

          And you idiot I was correct. Only a Moron would have tried precision fire in the dark of the night and when people were in a large crowd. The bump stock with auto fire was the quicker way to maim and kill large numbers of people quickly before they realized they were being fired on. With precision fire you idiot that would have given the crowd more time to duck for cover. Really you claim to be an ex-military man. You are a fraud.

          Your response was silly. Give up you are out of your league.

        • dacian the Dunderhead. for your continued edification, precision fire is very possible in this day and age. You see we have thing invention called “night vision.” have you heard of it?

        • Again. I said well aimed fire. I did not say precision fire. Again you conflate the two and prove you are clueless

          Care to be a man and admit either you are conflating by ignorance or is it lying by choice?

    • dacian, the Dunderhead. I have another RED HOT NEWS FLASH for you. The military have had a “ammo shortage” for many years. It seems that the Army has only had it’s infantry people qualify with the rifle twice a year since about 1980. The Navy only has people qualify whose MOS calls for them to carry a firearm.

    • dacian the Dunerhead, It sometimes take people like you a long time to become proficient with a firearm of any kind, I’m still waiting for you to “enlighten us” with your dissertation on the firing sequence of a cartridge.

      • And we are still waiting on you to come clean, beverly; 6yrs as a cop, 10yrs as a cop or is it maybe 0yrs as a cop… sarge? Seems an odd thing to get wrong just a couple days apart. PTSD from your time in the lesser conflict overseas perhaps, beverly?

      • Quote————–It sometimes take people like you a long time to become proficient with a firearm of any kind, ————quote

        That is really rich coming from a guy like you Walter the Beverly Hillbilly. You would not stand a chance against me in 3 position NRA across the course matches. So go blow your hot air up someone else’s rectum.

        And if you ever shot across the course I doubt if you ever achieved even the class of Marksman. Obviously you do not know what you are talking about because it often takes years for most people to achieve the status of Master shooter and most never do.

        • Liar. Another version of stolen valor. Just like your claims, obvious fraud, of being educated.

        • dacian the Dunderhead. Any time you think you are frisky. I doubt you could hit the broad side of a barn with a 12 ga shotgun if you were standing next to it.

          For your edification, I have participated in NRA and GLOCK pistol matches, including the GLOCK Challenge in Georgia and won in my class.


      • Jethro W.M.’s vocabulary is rather limited to 3 words, Liar, Nazi, and Fascist, none of which he knows the meaning of.

      • Geez, beverly, not very good at that whole “ignore” thing, are ya? No more than you are at telling the truth… or lies for that matter. We will see if you can ignore my next one as I’ve grown bored of harassing your untruthful ass… sarge. See ya soon, bev.

        • And you were too much of coward to do the same when I challenged you to do it because you knew I would tear you apart over the inaccuracies of your post so you ran and hide under the bed.

          Lets here it Walter, what is the firing sequence. Or are you going to run away again.

        • dacian, the Dunderhead, so you don’t know the firing sequence of a cartridge. I guess you aren’t the firearms “expert” you claim to be. I was shooting firearms before you were born. I worked in places that would make you cringe.

          The likes of you would not make anyone run.

  7. And then the media reports on the “atrocities” of the Russians killing civilians.

    To the dumbasses:
    No this doesn’t mean I support Putin. I think he’s a bad guy. Just because Putin is a bad guy doesn’t mean Zelenskyy is a good guy. Remember Stalin and Hitler, they fought against each other and were both bad guys. I know this concept is hard for some people to grasp.

    • OPIR would provide the exact location of the launch site. Overhead Persistent IR (OPIR) can detect afterburners and artillery firing in addition to missile/rocket launches. We aren’t the only country with OPIR capes.

      I don’t believe it would be possible to keep it a secret if the Ukrainians intentionally/accidentally hit the train statin with one of their own missiles.

      • Word. Ever notice how these conspiracy types are on the soap box 19 seconds after an event with all sorts of ‘facts’? But they couldn’t say anything about an event they had all this info readily available on 10 seconds before it happened?

        Alternate reality ‘news’ sites are no more trustworthy than the msm. Maybe less because they are hungry and after a piece of the pie.

      • I have no idea if Elmer Fudd’s allegation is true. I do know the guy who commands OPIR has every incentive not to find out, when he’s so happy playing the statesman on TV and doing what his party does best (distracting from their failures and their hatred of everything American about America by giving away their betters’ money to beggars).

        • No one ‘commands’ OPIR, it’s a warning system. When a missile/rocket motor is detected, everyone in the potential target area instantly receives a warning before the direction of flight or target is determined. You can’t go back in time and hide anything. Nearby NATO countries would have received a missile launch warning along with U.S. command elements.

      • This needs to be pursued. They might as well lie to us about that along with everything else. I mean, why stop now?

    • Interesting propaganda post, but reading down through the comments gives one a much better analysis of the possible trajectory of the middle:

      “I’m applying the same methods as the host here to calculate the flight direction of the missile and I come to the much more probable conclusion (like @5) that the rocket came from ESE direction, 180° opposite, directly from the russian and pro-russian regions in the Donbass. The rocket motor has been detached east of the train station from the rocket but flew right over the station and landed west of it because the mass of these heavy parts still contain huge moving energy from the fast ballistic flight. The position of the motor still points in an WSW direction and is therefore proof that it came from the east, the Donbass

      Like the host I’m 2000km away from the situation but will claim this reconstruction to be right.

      Russia has all the motives to spread terror and fear amongst the people in the Ukraine because it wants its war finally becoming a success, and civilians are obstructive to fullscale war methods.

      The Russian Federation is an oligarchic capitalist state with the Russian Orthodox Church as an important source of power. The current government espouses white nationalism and conservative values.

      One side – Russia under Putin – invaded a sovereign nation and is subjecting its people to senseless brutality. By no means was Putin backed into a tight corner such that full scale invasion was the only option. And, as most analysts thought until the 24th of February, even a calculation in his own interests comes out with war as the worst option. Whatever the rationale for Putin’s invasion – imperialistic adventurism, great-power competition with the West, consolidating autocracy in the home by suppressing democracy at the doorstep – there is no justification for it. Thus, there can be no morally tenable “both-sides” approach when it comes to pressing for a resolution to the conflict. Any sincere effort must begin with the recognition of Russia’s ultimate culpability.“

    • Elmer Fudd’s source is a random 1990’s blog level source. My god the gullibility of russian supporters is truly laughable. Can’t wait for the 4chan sources, but tell us about your expert information haaaaaa. Choke on that Putin dick.

  8. Anybody can learn basic skills, manuals of arms, and how to hit a man-sized target at reasonable engagement distances in a day or two of dedicated instruction.

    What you cannot learn, however, is how to fight. Spending a day with an instructor and thinking you’re ready to go back home and fight is like learning how to make a roux and thinking you’re now a head chef. The only result will be slaughter.

    • Organized partisan resistance has a history of being very effective at tying down and diverting Military resources. Diverting them away from being used against a more professional military opposition. Having to always watch your back is something that affects military Moral.

      The Russians learn this the hard way in Afghanistan. And so did the United States.

  9. It’s always a good thing when civilians receive weapons training. And the tyrants, whether they be soft tyrants or hard tyrants, are always against the civilian population, receiving any training in the use of Small Arms. And that includes archery which they hate. Because that is a second amendment right as well.

    It is why the Left has always hated the Boy Scouts. A private non-governmental organization. Because the Boy Scouts focused on weapons training and Marksmanship. Safe Handling of Arms of any type. Discipline, respect and morals. The Tyrants to rather introduced sexual things to boys. And now the rest of the country is seeing this in Florida now.

    Weapons training is a requirement in high school for all Russian students. That is a society that has strict gun control. But yet they still require their children to be educated about their primary military rifle the AK-47.

    We used to have Arms training in our schools. Unfortunately the people who have no children, demanded firearms and archery training be removed from the schools. And the weak parents let these people get away with it.


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