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CTC Defense is the military-spec division of Crimson Trace, makers of laser sights for a wide variety of civilian firearms. “Different from the commercial Crimson Trace brand,” Crimson Trace’s spinmeisters pronounced at CTC’s birth on September first. “All new [CTC] products have been built from the ground up using new technologies and resources that are innovative solutions for today’s hostile environments requiring white light, IR (infrared) and quick change day-to-night sighting systems.” So . . . Crimson Trace products aren’t built from the ground up using new technologies and resources? And you, Mr. Joe Public, can’t buy CTC Defense gear? Wrong. On both counts. To wit: CTC’s new LGD-645.

Specifically designed to fit securely around the trigger guard of the HK 45c, this rugged, waterproof compact laser sighting device is instinctively activated by a rubber overmolded switch located directly under the trigger guard on the front-strap of the pistol. This proprietary design assures that when the gun is held in a shooting grip, the laser activates immediately and reliably.

Other features include a battery compartment easily accessible on the side of the Laserguard with a lanyard that secures the battery door to the unit at all times. This facilitates changing the battery without having to remove the unit from the gun, ensuring point of aim to remain the same after a battery change.

Dont get me wrong: I like mil-spec stuff as much as the next guy. The fact that the LGD-645 has “passed repeated rigorous live-fire exercises and environmental 810G testing that ensures tactical proficiency and reliability required of the Military Professional and today’s Warfighter” is endlessly reassuring. Even though I’m more of a wharf rat than a Germanically capitalized Warfighter.

Still, you gotta wonder if Crimson Trace is wise to pit itself against itself for your business, diluting the main brand with a not-so-different sub-brand, that could cannibalize its sib, driving up the costs of marketing for no real appreciable gain, in that Diet Coke vs. Coke Zero kinda way.


Beam Intensity –
RED – 5mW Peak, 635 nm, Class 3R laser
IR – 0.7mW Peak, 850 nm
Dot Size – Approximately 0.5″ Diameter at 50 feet
Batteries – One 1/3N 3V Lithium or Two 357 Silver Oxide Batteries; Over Four Hours of Laser Use
Activation – Front-located Integrated Momentary Pressure Switch
MIL-STD-810G Certified

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  1. I prefer this style of laser over grips which alter grip size/shape. Only problem is trying to find a holster.

  2. One issue with this design. It will be almost impossible to grip that gun in anything other than a death grip during a stressful encounter, thus activating the laser whether you intend to or not. With the laser on the right side towards the rear, it is possible to block the laser with your finger if you choose to. This ability is negated in the laser forward position.

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