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Next Post offers a round-up of the action at the 25th Gun Rights Policy Conference (GRPC). Which is just as well, as TTAG is saving its proverbial pennies for next year’s SHOT show. I won’t blog their blog; Gun Talk’s┬áTom Gresham does a bang-up job summarizing what was said by whom and why. I’ll just rip the quote above, uttered by Joe Tartaro, editor of Gun Week. As far as gun rights’ litmus tests go, Joe’s is as good as any I’ve ever heard. Except in those places where a candidate owning-up to owning a gun would be only slight less off-putting than a round of golf with Rush Limbaugh. And what if none of the candidates has a firearm (other than their bodyguards’)? Meanwhile, don’t forget to ask the caliber and if the pol has a licence to carry.

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