CrossBreed Reckoning Holster
courtesy mfr
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CrossBreed, makers of some of our favorite concealed carry gear, has just announced a new holster, the CrossBreed Reckoning. It’s designed to be one concealed carry rig that can do it all…inside the waistband, appendix carry or outside the waistband with optional clips. All for a very reasonable price ($54.95 intro price). Here’s their press release . . .

CrossBreed® Holsters is excited to announce the newest expansion to our lineup of the finest concealed carry holsters on the market with our latest addition, The Reckoning Holster. The Reckoning Holster is the perfect combination of Old-World Craftsmanship and New-World features.

The Reckoning Holster features multiple points of retention adjustment including the ability to tighten the screws mounting the Kydex Pocket to the leather backer, and a retention device installed directly under the trigger guard.

Crossbreed Reckoning Holster
courtesy mfr

The Reckoning Holster can be worn inside of the waistband on the strong side, appendix, or cross draw positions. This can also be easily converted to an outside of the waistband holster with simple hardware.

This cutting-edge holster not only provides the comfort you come to expect from CrossBreed®, but also fine-tuned adjustment potential.

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  1. cut the end cap off and use the same one for standard and compact models.
    with variable configuration comes fasteners that can loosen… other than that this looks adaptable.

  2. I have a couple of Crossbreed holsters and ammo pouches. I like the flexibility that the company builds into their products, giving the customer options such as providing holsters for pistols with/without add-ons (like CT Laserguards). This new holster may be just what I’m looking for IRT my EDC pistol.

  3. Haters gonna hate. I have very specific needs in the holsters I use. From back in the middle ’60s I tried almost everything, Bianchi, Jackass, (Galco) and Safariland to custom stuff like Sparks in Garden City and the Mad Dog Custom stuff out of Prescott Valley in the late ’80-90’s. All the good stuff. The price point, for me, crosses usefulness with a couple of specifics, Right hand paddle with retention for a Glock 21 with light/laser combo and left hand, open top, speed paddle for the Glock 30, They are not for everyone, but Fobus Holsters work fine for me. I’ve carried in them, (sometimes, way more, than 24 hours at a time), goin’ somewhere around two years now. In and out, they click a little, all synthetics do, but sometimes it can be very reassuring to know it’s all the way back in the holster and can usually be covered by a sharp cough. Never had a problem with ’em, they still look the same as the day I bought ’em. Performed better than expected. Just sayin’. YMMV. -30-

  4. I ordered on on 12-2-18 for a sig p365 will probably change it to OWB but I’ve haven’t got it yet just wondering if the IWB back belt clip is going to be in the way of my middle finger or rub my middle finger during drawing the weapon if not great messaged crossbreed and asked if it would be possible to just get the OWB screws not the clips l guess the OWB screws are shorter because the rubber gasket is removed they messaged me back saying the OWB clips are 10 bucks so l am assuming l can’t get the 50 cent screws only two of them you have to buy the clips l don’t like these style clips I’ve had bad luck with them with the belt sliding under clip with a good quality gun belt when sitting so l declined the 10 dollar clips and will get screws at hardware store because l much prefer a closed D style clip 76 dollars with shipping for this holster is not cheap and is no big deal as long as it works hoping it conceals better than my Walther p99c with a krounds OWB holster which works well but does print slightly under a tee shirt

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