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Mission First Tactical's New Extreme Duty 5.56 Polymer Magazines
courtesy mfr

Q: How many magazines does an AR owner need?

A: More.

The perfect stocking-stuffer. Just don’t let Nina Burleigh know who you’re buying for, OK?

Horsham, Pa. (November 2018) – Mission First Tactical, LLC (MFT™), a leader in USA-made rifle/carbine accessories, is proud to introduce the latest addition to the MFT magazine line, the Extreme Duty 5.56 Polymer Magazine (EXDPM556). Designed for the AR15/M4 platform but allowing for use with wide range of non-AR15/M4 platforms.

Manufactured using the newest material technology and processes, the magazines with their next generation long glass fiber polymer construction offer the trifecta of perfection in structural performance; strength, durability and stiffness. The stiffness allows the magazine to maintain its integrity without additional weight with an additional benefit of top performance even at elevated temperatures. The longer length reinforcing fibers produce increased strength and prevents deformation and polymer fatigue. Additionally, the Extreme Duty 5.56 mags offer increased durability through a more efficient energy transfer between the polymer and the longer fiber filaments during an impact. A long-life USGI-Spec stainless steel spring is corrosion resistant. The four-way, anti-tilt, self-lubricating follower keeps the rounds aligned and makes mag feeding consistent and reliable, while virtually eliminating jams.

Mission First Tactical's New Extreme Duty 5.56 Polymer Magazines
courtesy mfr

Confidence in handling the new Extreme Duty 5.56 mags is a piece of cake, even during weather or duress. The front and rear of the gripping surface is ribbed for a positive grip, even with gloves. An oversized bolt-catch provides enhanced reliability of the bolt-catch operation. The flared floor plate allows for an easier grip in handling and extraction and one-hand reloads. Wrapping up the multiple benefits to the newest addition to the MFT magazine line is a paint dox matrix to allow for easy marking and identification of magazines and the tool-less disassembly with the double floor plate safety release tabs.

Mission First Tactical Extreme Duty 5.56 Polymer magazines are built for hard shooting and extreme treatment and shooting conditions and come with a Lifetime Warranty.

Extreme Duty 5.56 Polymer Mag Specs:

Model Number: EXDPM556
Height: 7.494”
Width: .940”
Length: 2.525”
Color: Black, SDE (Tan)
MSRP: $12.99

For more information on Mission First Tactical, visit

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    • Exactly…like all these new 5.56 rifles. My first AR still works just fine and as long as it’s in 5.56 it performs the same as well, soooooooooo…

    • To be fair, the exact same was said about magpul mags back when aluminum mags were the norm. Look where we are now.

      • Searching around the original gen 1 pmag was released Jan. 11, 2007 (should be reliable as the source is Magpul’s official Facebook page). Checking my history the standard aluminum mags of the time were green follower, which were definitely not “never fail”, and gen 1 pmags had an anti-tilt follower.

  1. It has an IP[X]7 rating! “7” meaning that it can be submerged in 10 feet of water for ~30 minutes without “Lasting” damaging effects. And the [X] meaning “Insufficient” data provided for an accurate assessment for Minimum/Maximum Temperature rating…

    • Well one way would be if they had an introductory pricing of 5$ for a few months with a maximum of 10 per address.

      That’s one way to enourage me to try them.

      Palmetto regularly has Gen2 Pmags for <= 7$ with free ship.

  2. I do love my pmag’s , I think this magazine is worth looking at , testing it at $ 12 – if it works as well as it looks , why not. The base , bottom half looks to be good for gripping. Just my humble opinion.

    • Good for gripping, shitty for mag pouches. There’s a reason why I use my Lancers far more than my PMags.

      • Ranger Plates bud, I swear by those things and won’t have a PMag without em. (Plus it makes ID of my mags a lot easier; plenty of folks run PMags but far fewer run Ranger Plates). If you regularly practice reloading from a plate carrier/chest rig those are a must have

  3. As a soon to be AR owner this is slightly confusing to my old brain. What’s wrong with easily available Pmags? I doubt I can walk in my local Cabelas or gunshop and find these…

    • Nothing wrong with Pmags. Nothing wrong with another company entering the market. Capitalism at its finest. If these are any good, they’ll sell. The price may fluctuate a bit as it does for all new products hitting the market. If no one wants them, they won’t be around for long.

  4. Turner’s Outdoorsman carries them in California in a blocked 10 round format, I don’t buy them because they seem to be permanently blocked. I have been buying Hexmags 10/30 instead because the blocking format is defeatable by having 30 round springs available. I also get 10 round Pmags.

  5. These look a lot like the sig mags that sig just did a fire sale on in august. I think CAA made those mags.

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