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“Off-duty police officers and security guards are common sights at many QuikTrips, but soon the company hopes to hire ‘hybrid employees’ who can work at the convenience store while armed to deter crime and help customers feel safe.” In an era of corporate gun control, when airlines, car rental companies, banks, insurance companies, and hotels have let it be known that they want nothing to do with guns or those who carry them, QT is looking to add employees who not only stock shelves and ring up sales, but who also pack firearms in case the worst happens.

It’s almost as if they’ve recognized that it takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with one.

“We have a lot of stores…where we have had and still will have off-duty police officers helping out, and a lot have full-time outside security,” (said QuikTrip spokesman Mike Thornbrugh). “I wish we didn’t have to, but that’s the world we live in.”

The hybrid employee program would not replace the need for those officers, Thornbrugh said, but is the “next step” for the company that takes safety seriously. He noted that every QuikTrip has 24-hour monitoring, as well as the latest and best surveillance equipment.

The company’s rolling out the new program in some of their Kansas stores and they’re looking for a certain type of individual for the jobs.

QuikTrip began advertising early this month for the new position, which pays about $35 an hour but requires a specific kind of job candidate. Thornbrugh said it was a challenge recruiting in Wichita for the job.

“We can find people with the qualifications and credentials (at the law enforcement-level), but they also have to buy into the QuikTrip culture and beliefs,” Thornbrugh said.

He said few people with weapons certifications and law enforcement training may be interested in doing the daily work of a convenience store, but “there’s the right person for this job, and we’re patient.” When asked about a timeframe for hiring the first hybrid employees, Thornbrugh said there was nothing set in stone, but it would be “sooner rather than later.”



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    • They won’t have any problem finding people willing to do that job for $35 an hour in Red states.
      Sounds like they are trying the Chick-Fil-A approach at their convenience stores. Hire quality people and use rational policies.
      Where do you think legitimate customers will shop if this is rolled out all over?

  1. Contrast this with Southland Corporation who seem to be quite willing to allow their employees and customers to die, rather than allow a clerk to have a firearm. I have given a lot of business to the local Quicktrips as they are close, clean, and relatively safe. Of course I am always armed when I step out the door, so I tend to avoid dodgy places anyway, because it is better to have the gun and the insurance, than need the gun and then the insurance!

    • Thanks for pointing out the difference. Southland is rotten in that respect
      Little old ladies and young women working nights alone?

    • Thanks for pointing out the difference. Southland is rotten in that respect
      Little old ladies and young women working nights alone?

    • I seem to recall years ago that the Airlines found it cheaper to settle with Families after a crash if the passenger died…Corporate Lawyers work for the Corporation, not the victims. Many have adopted this stance, which explains the big push for “Weapons not allowed” on the Doors, which even ignorant persons KNOW isn’t going to do a damn thing. Congress under Democratic control implemented this same strategy under the guise of making Schools safer….Anytime you read about Legislation that “makes us safer” you know the Law abiding gun owner is about to get bent over.

    • Right there with ya’.
      Just checked their location map and they are in the Dallas/FtWorth area but none near me.
      Guess we’ll need to wait for their success to grow so they can expand their markets.

      • They’re in the process of opening up their first 4 Austin-area stores.

        I’m guessing the Houston and San Antonio metro areas aren’t too far behind after that.

  2. Reading between the lines, it looks like they’re looking for off-duty or retired law enforcement. Joe Blow with his concealed carry permit need not apply. That’s why they’re offering a fairly lucrative wage.

    If I was one of those people with the right “qualifications,” I would love a job like this. The security guards I see at banks and elsewhere who basically have nothing to do always look bored as hell. I would much rather have something to do.

    • 8 hours a day, 5 day week, $70,000+ a year. YGBSM. I don’t even ask for time and a half for overtime, just keep paying $35/hr and I’ll work till I drop. Is this for real?

  3. I live in Wichita and love QT (despite their tendency to run all the other gas stations out of business!). It’s nice to see a company taking things like this seriously, though as some have mentioned I think they’re looking for people with law enforcement/military background.

    • QT has a tendency to run other gas stations out of business because other gas stations have a shit business model. Hiring people to don’t care, and who make it known to you when you walk in the door, is a good way to go out of business when something better comes along.

      • And their huge selection of frozen drinks is killer!! An absolute must for survival in our Texas summers.

        • You’ll get no complaints from me, just pointing it out. Although there recent remodels to include a kitchen in all of their locations was kinda irritating for me when they closed some locations rather than remod. But My brother worked at Casey’s for a few years and getting quality employees there seemed to be a serious issue!

  4. I’ve always gladly taken my business to QT (and Racetrac) as opposed to the 7-Elevens around here. They’re always clean, well-kept, and I have no trouble speaking to/understanding the clerks. This post just proves that I made a good decision.

  5. I wonder what kind of effect this would have on armed robberies if all of the “quickie-mart” places took this approach to staffing? I would posit that a significant drop in them would occur….

    • I do a lot of environmental consulting for gas stations. I worked at one site where the manager mandated that all of his employees open carry while on the job. The result was a substantial reduction in robberies in comparison to other local gas stations. Granted, this is a sample size of one, but it did seem effective.

    • Turd Ferguson,

      Here is a more interesting thought:
      I’ll bet the scumbags that were planning to rob QuickTrip stores will select other stores instead. After all, if you are an armed robber, why risk robbing a QuickTrip store with armed employees when you can go down the street and rob the store which has no armed employees?

      In other words I predict that there will be zero armed robberies at QuickTrip stores when they roll-out their armed employees since thugs can simply choose an easier target.

  6. Hell, I do it now. Not at a gas station but at a grocery store. Nobody allows me to carry, but I make big boy decisions. $35/hr to do what I’m already doing? Where do I sign?

  7. There are a lot of QT in my area and I would like to support them exclusively now. At $35 an hour I would be more than willing. That is over $50k per year with part time hours.

    • Or $67,000 per year working full time (40 hours per week with 4 weeks unpaid vacation).

      If both spouses took jobs like that, their family income would be $134,000 per year.

      What’s that sound I hear????

    • $72,800 full time, which is pretty good even in Seattle. I imagine it goes a lot farther in somewhere more affordable like Wichita.

  8. Wichita has difficulty filling convenience store positions at $35/hr? That is simply amazing. 40 hrs a week = $72,800/yr. Should be prescribed training courses. I think at least one of my sons would quit his current job and take a course or two for that.

    • Whoa, don’t let your son quit yet. CarlosT quoted this from another article:

      “The hybrid employee job requires relevant certifications as armed security officer or a peace officer. The requirements for those certifications vary by state. QuikTrip wants protective agents certified in electronic stun devices, pepper spray, first aid, baton use and hand irons, according to the job posting. The level of experience QuikTrip requires for protective agents working as clerks — at least three years as a peace officer or five as a reserve officer, armed security officer or honorable military service — may preclude many less-experienced applicants from being considered.”

    • They have difficulties to fill positions because it is a hillbilly town, how many people can read and count to 10 in Wichita? Would you hire people who smoke meth during their breaks?

      • Wichita is a ‘Hillbilly’ town?

        The aerospace workers at Boeing, Airbus, Hawker Beechcraft, Bombardier Aerospace, Cessna, and Northrop Grumman are going to be very surprised to hear they are ‘Hillbillys’.

        Airliners, business jets, helicopters, light aircraft, and all the companies located there that make parts for them makes Wichita a high-tech town…

        • Was just about to chime in with the same
          I’m a veteran consultant for Beech, LearJet (x3), Boeing, and Cessna.

          Plus Hallum Tool Co and a bunch of smaller shops.

      • I’m guessing you’ve never been to Wichita TT. I’ve lived her my entire life and have noticed a severe lack of the people you’ve mentioned. Though my brother worked at Casey’s and he said they had plenty of those and everything in between.

      • TT – it is obvious that you don’t know a dam thing about Wichita, Kansas. Which coast are you living on?

  9. Reading between the lines, I think they are only offering $35/hour if you bring arrest powers and qualified immunity to the table.

    • Still amazing. Don’t they have a police force? WTF do they pay the police that no one wants $35/hr for extra work? I mean, this is not NYC!!

      • Most cops want to be cops and not security guards. Secondary employment (overtime) is one thing, but working full time as an (armed) shelf-stocker isn’t a career dream.

      • It is very common practice for businesses to pay off duty officers $35/hr, sometimes more. I live in FL if you’re a cop you can get those off duty jobs, usually referred to as “details” for $35/hr, some of them pay $50/hr and I am not talking about Miami Beach or other parts of the state with a higher cost of living. FHP Troopers sometimes sit in their cruisers lights on, watching Netflix, for $50/hr while the workers are repacking the roadway.

  10. More specifics from another article on the program:

    The hybrid employee job requires relevant certifications as armed security officer or a peace officer. The requirements for those certifications vary by state. QuikTrip wants protective agents certified in electronic stun devices, pepper spray, first aid, baton use and hand irons, according to the job posting. The level of experience QuikTrip requires for protective agents working as clerks — at least three years as a peace officer or five as a reserve officer, armed security officer or honorable military service — may preclude many less-experienced applicants from being considered.

    It sounds like a good program, but the population of people with those qualifications who also want to perform convenience store duties is probably fairly small.

  11. I worked at a 7-11 for two years. We had customers and employees killed in the Tide Water Va stores backing the 1990s. The worse costumers were at 7-11 now they are at Wal-Marts.
    Any retail job that says I can carry a gun, that’s the place I want to work at! (smile)

  12. I live in Wichita. The QT’s are rarely robbed compared to other gas stations. If a QT is robbed the person is generally caught fairly quickly thanks to all the cameras packed into the stores.

    • I agree, I used to work nights and even at 2am they were well lit and manned. A criminal would have a hard time getting a clean getaway. And police are in and out of them all the time, I think they get free fountain drinks.

  13. Bring it on back home to AZ. Employees in firearms retail stores (qualified practically by doin’ the job right and tight and and goin’ home every night), big box or mom and pop shops make nowhere near $35.00 per and they are fresh on the ground like apples. I’m not sure, but I think Dick Cheney is a top tier corporate player in their business. Would make a lot of sense. Armed Capitalism in action, I got what’s mine and I’m gonna keep it. Only in America…gotta love it. Wonder if they pay (bounty) bonuses for?…well, you know. -30-

    • Are you saying Dick Chaney is involved with Quick Trip or just in a similar business.

      QT is a private, family owned corporation. I doubt Chaney or any other “big wig” is involved.

  14. As some pointed you are not going to show up with your conceal carry permit, your experience as a plinker at the local shooting range, and get the job. They mostly want people with LEO or military (MP) experience, who have received training in handcuffing people, using a taser, a baton, detaining folks etc. That’s why it pays $35/hr. Your job is not only to deter but possibly to take action. What you have to look into if interested, is if the company offers a liability insurance in case you get sued, which WILL happen to some employees.

  15. What’s the Crime Rate of the Place where “QuikTrip” is located!/? Typical pay for an Armed Security Guard is ~$15.00/hour and QuikTrip is paying more than Twice the going rate…

      • Myself, I prefer the term “regulator”. More accurate and less confrontational than “gun fighter”, after all, they only want their merch not to grow legs, they do not want to have a full (blood born pathogen) clean up in isle three, over a couple of bags of jerky and a bottle of Yahoo® every shift and “vigilante”, which is the unregulated monitoring of behavior and summary extra-legal enforcement and punishment by private third parties with no accountability. Yeah, “regulator” is fine with me.-30-

  16. The VERY FIRST TIME one of these employees who is armed and KNOWN by the company to be armed uses said firearm in self defense the company will be sued
    for MILLIONS by a bunch of ‘get rich quick’ shysters. And it won’t matter what the
    outcome of the lawsuit is. Win or lose the company will be out massive $$$ paid
    to lawyers to respond to the suit. Once that happens they will IMMEDIATELY change
    their rules and forbid ALL employees to be armed.

    • A bank near me – security guard shot a robber dead a few years ago. Bank is still there, said security guard still works there. Robber is still dead.

  17. I have a policy of my own, any corporation that is anti 2nd amendment with their employees or customers in any way I refuse to patronize them. I think it’s a good policy for all anti gunners to practice. However on the other hand if companies are pro gun and allow their employees along with customers the right to self defense I make a point of letting them know they will continue to have me as a customer.

  18. Here in Phoenix, the two big convenience stores are QT and Circle K.

    Even when you have locations within 100 feet of each other, it never ceases to amaze me how the QTs are always well kept inside and out while the Circle Ks are ghetto AF.

    always preferred QT when i can, this just reinforces that

  19. Veterans and retired cops will mostly get the jobs. It pays well because they expect you to take action rather than “observe and report” (unarmed security guard), also they expect you to have some training/experience with handcuffs, ASP, pepper spray, taser…You will not get the job just because you love guns, the 2A, and you have experience plinking at your local shooting range.

  20. QuikTrip is doing the right thing here.

    Recalling forty years ago my father worked part-time night shift in a Circle-K. He carried his Ruger Blackhawk in .45 Long Colt. The manager knew and didn’t mind, even encouraged it. Both were well aware the corporation would fire them if they found out.

  21. The biggest problem with this will occur with the use of deadly force. This is why they want the kind of employee with a history of actual dealing with the criminal element. Too many people focus on the gun, and that is not the most used part of taking down a criminal perpetrator. Most of the time they either run or fight and run, very few criminals who rob stores use the gun for anything but intimidation. If your crook comes in with a gun and brandishes it they are not there to kill or shoot someone – they want the money in the till or safe. The reason they want the kind of people they are specifying is this – the gun inhibits the robber from coming in there to rob the place to begin with. If someone does come in an creates a disturbance or tries to rob the guy at the register, the first response is not to draw and point a pistol at the guy, that is when you use a taser, baton, mace or physical contact to effect an arrest. At that point the handcuffs come out and the police take over. The only reason for them to resort to deadly force is if the criminal begins firing his weapon. Then all bets are off. Then you can start worrying about the court system. The whole thing is to put a deterrent presence in the store, and it has been a proven winner.

  22. All the fine print must be read in any persons looking for work. There is one way us republicans want it…A gun in our hand for our right of self defense. And so please make the correct decision when looking for work. You want safety as top concern don’t you? Well then my question is why QT confuses us on job listing titles. WTF is a damn hybrid employee as a job title! QT knock this shit off and show you care about worker & costumer safety because your opponents mirror an opposite story of where their promises lie. Exxon Mobil doesn’t care about it’s customers safety apparently. So QT why the lack of transparency? I smell BS!

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