Cox: The NRA is Dying Because It Won’t Defend the Gun Rights of Black People

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The NRA, again, is more of a Republican shill organization. And the problem with the NRA —  my main beef with them — is they don’t stand up for the Second Amendment rights of black people.

You know, we haven’t heard them say a freaking peep when people like Philando Castile, who was gunned down in his car over being a Second Amendment holder, who did everything he was supposed to do, in that interaction with the cop, got gunned down by a cop with his daughter in the back seat. 

Where was the NRA on that? Nowhere. They sent for police. They will actually take the side of police against gun owners oftentimes.

And so because of that, they’re dying. Well, they’re dying for many reasons. They have a ton of corruption as well, but that’s why their membership base is dying out, and you see other better organizations propping up to actually defend the Second Amendment.

— Hannah Cox of Based Politics

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  1. She doesn’t know what she is talking about. NRA’s problem is they can’t get rid of Wayne.

    • ??? NRA backed Otis McDonald, a black man. This later became a major supreme court decision. What does she mean NRA doesn’t support black people? Tired of endless race card from the left.

      • She’s conflating a problem the NRA has had for some time with racism. That problem is that being pro gun rights and pro police is at odds in an environment where there is any significant gun control. The NRA toes the line of being unswervingly pro police when those same police are going to be the enforcers of the laws they claim to oppose.

        This problem exists independently of Wayne, but he’s a good a reason as any to abandon their ineffectual policies and spend your money on organizations that do a better job.

    • The NRA’s problem IS Wayne. If he was any kind of a man, he would go quietly into the night.

      • Huntmaster,

        But if he went quietly into the night, how would he pay for his bespoke suits and his side piece????? Why, he might actually have to get a job!!

        I have never regretted NOT paying dues to the NRA (despite the fact that I have taken several of their classes, and thought they were all quite good). As long as that lying grifter is stealing money that gun owners are contributing to PROTECT THEIR RIGHTS, they can lose my name, address, and phone number. If the NRA spontaneously combusted in front of me, I wouldn’t micturate on them to extinguish the fire.

    • Wayne..and his clique…are the real reason the NRA has fallen on hard times…….he’s their version of jimmy hoffa or tony boyle….

  2. This is so stupid. Just a continuation of the same ole ridiculousness.

    If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black!

    Good grief!

    • The NRA and 90% of Gun Owners have done a piss-poor job defining Gun Control for America. Sneaky Gun Control zealots keep Gun Owners busy chasing their tails with daily onslaughts of of Gun Bans, idiotic laws, etc. They say and do anything that keeps Gun Owners running in circles and from exposing The Truth About Gun Control. Gun Owners who failed to define Gun Control are why Aero Precision and others have to direct funds for attorney fees instead of putting money into production where it belongs.

      Gun Control zealots are so confident they say the words Gun Control without fear of reprisal. In other words Hannah Cox, you are off target. Corruption and stupidity needs to go across the board, start at the top by doing a bunch of White House democRat removal.

      Good video…

    • FWIW, from inside NRA rather than from outside where most “facts” are suspect. I was in attendance and agree with my colleague for the most part.

      For those who won’t follow the link, here is the entire piece.

      By David Keene
      The Washington Times
      April 25, 2023

      Those who have been busily predicting the demise of the National Rifle Association must have been shocked earlier this month as more than 77,000 NRA members flocked to Indianapolis for the group’s annual meeting.
      It was the largest turnout in years and, according to virtually everyone present, one of the most successful ever. The NRA signed up more new members this year than in previous years, vendors sold more guns, gear and hunting trips than most could remember, and even many of the reporters covering it noted the upbeat feeling that prevailed through the three-day gathering.
      Anyone who has followed the reporting on the NRA’s troubles over the last couple of years could be forgiven for believing that the gun rights group is at death’s door. Media reports have focused on New York Attorney General Letitia James‘ efforts to deliver on her campaign promise to destroy the NRA. To accomplish this, she has weaponized her office and launched a legal jihad against the group and Wayne LaPierre, its longtime executive vice president. It’s been going on since she took office as anti-Second Amendment activists in Congress and the media have cheered her on.
      In the process, critics have tried to label the NRA a “domestic terrorist” organization run by a greedy cabal headed by Mr. LaPierre more interested in living the high life than serving NRA members. The media constantly reports that NRA fundraising has dropped and that members are heading for the door in droves. There is a modicum of truth to these claims. The constant drumbeat of bad publicity and the aftermath of the pandemic has hurt NRA fundraising at a time when other advocacy groups are also suffering. But it has recovered, and the dip never forced the NRA to abandon its core mission.
      It is also true that NRA membership has dipped, but this happens after every election cycle. As a former NRA president, I have seen this in off years for decades. NRA critics are incorrectly attributing most of a natural dip in membership to the effectiveness of their attacks on the organization and its leadership. A decade ago, NRA membership fluctuated between 1.8 million and 2 million; today, between 4.2 million and 5 million.
      So Ms. James and her allies haven’t succeeded and aren’t likely to, but she has cost the NRA millions in legal fees and generated tons of bad publicity. When she initially went after the organization, the leader of one of former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun groups bragged that at the very least, Ms. James would divert NRA spending from lobbying and political advocacy to lawyers. That has happened to some extent, but thus far the group continues as a stalwart defender of the Second Amendment at a time when gun owners are attacked daily as irresponsible or worse by anti-gun activists and progressive politicians.
      NRA members in Indianapolis heard from most gun-friendly potential and announced presidential candidates from, long shot Vivek Ramaswamy to former President Donald Trump. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis couldn’t make it in person but spoke to the crowd remotely. They were there both because they support Second Amendment rights and because they know the NRA and its members continue to be politically influential.
      They and those in attendance gave Mr. LaPierre standing ovations when he spoke, the NRA board reelected him by acclamation and a resolution introduced at the annual meeting of members drew but a handful of votes. NRA members continue to look to him for leadership and reject the attacks on him not just because they see them as politically motivated, but because he’s been continually targeted because the NRA’s opponents are persuaded that if they can take him down they will have destroyed the group as an effective champion of Second Amendment rights.
      Politicians intent on further restricting the right to, as the founders put it, “keep and bear arms” believe that to succeed they have to demonize, discredit or destroy the NRA as an effective champion of Second Amendment rights. Mr. LaPierre has guided the NRA for years, and much of what the group’s opponents have been doing has been part of an effort to drive a wedge between him, the NRA’s board and the group’s members.
      That’s what Ms. James and others have been trying to do, but the way NRA members and gun owners rallied to the group’s banner in Indianapolis is a sign that for all of their huffing and puffing, the strategy isn’t working.

      • David Keene is editor-at-large at The Washington Times.

      • CNN crowd HATES the NRA with a burning white hot flame they otherwise reserve for other conservative issues. Are you a CNN tool?

        WTF is “Hannah Cox” and why would I care what she thinks/says?

      • When anyone tries to support the NRA and act like WLP isn’t “that bad”, it reminds me of those that support the Catholic Church and try to ignore the pedophile behavior of a few priests that just makes going to mass or sending your children the Catholic schools a travesty.

        NRA, get rid of Wayne! Rebuild the NRA and maybe we will come back.

  3. Abolish the NRA. The 2A community doesn’t need their training programs, child safety courses, and legislative activity.

    Watts, Giffords, Bloomberg and the rest of the grabbers would be ecstatic!

    And so would a large portion of the POTG community, it would appear.

    Hey, but don’t mind me — you know what they say about opinions.

    • Man with no name,

      I would argue that the NRA was a net positive for the firearms community from the 1940s at least through the 1990s.

      At some point in the last 20 or so years, though, the NRA started its decline toward the present. Their lobbying and election influence began to wane. Of course their support of lawsuits also began a steep decline. And then we have the most recent years where reports (which seem very credible) indicate that the NRA is using a significant amount of funds in ways that do not support and expand our right to keep and bear arms.

      My personal opinion is that the NRA’s primary usefulness now is relegated to being a proverbial “whipping boy” for the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex. And that value is extremely limited. I believe that other organizations are doing the seriously heavy lifting these days–and they are doing that heavy lifting in the courts.

      • Bruen was essentially an NRA case brought by its local affiliate. It is the same in California where we have a substantial number of cases brought by the affiliates that receive financial support from the NRA. Not saying I am find of Wayne, I am not and will not rejoin until he is history.

      • uncommon,

        Couldn’t agree more. I’ve taken a number of NRA courses, and enjoyed and learned from them all. I think the “Eddie the Eagle” program should be taught in ALL public schools (and then institute shooting sports and teams).

        The NRA has always, frankly, been lukewarm about the 2A. They have supported more unconstitutional legislation than all other gun advocacy groups put together (even including the ‘astroturf’ ones). But they were, and probably still remain, the pre-eminent firearm safety and skills education organization in the country. At lobbying, they suck out loud.

    • Well yeah why wouldn’t those who oppose our being armed not seek to deplatform our louder voices especially when they have us expend the effort to do so. They aren’t the best organization but we don’t have a full replacement/improvement ready to go yet.

      • You won’t get a full replacement as long as 5 million FUDDS keep giving their money and faith to Negotiating Rights Away.

    • The safety courses should be taught in Health and Safety class in all public middle schools. Police departments/sheriffs’ should teach new gun owners(or anyone who is interested) for community outreach. The classes don’t need to be mandatory, but would be a good idea.
      Just because the NRA stepped up to do this is not a reason to keep them as our 2nd amendment spokesperson.

      • The problem is a mix of time and money. How many sheriff’s departments are both willing to do so and have the spare manpower to devote to it between all other duties. The other organizations are at the moment focusing a lot of financial resources in court to keep if not expand our rights. Unless we have a huge network of volunteer trainers willing to go wherever needed we are at the moment largely stuck with the NRA until we have a change in the status quo be it legal warfare quiets down, current NRA ages out and fades as another expands to take their place or they get cancelled and we do an expedited panic replacement.

      • “The safety courses should be taught in Health and Safety class in all public middle schools.”

        You want a die-hard 2A-hating Leftist Scum ™ school district setting the curriculum for a gun safety class?

        Visualize what an inner-city Chicago ‘gun safety’ class taught by Lori Lightfoot would cover.

        Or Rahm Emmanuel. 🙁

        I do like the general idea, don’t get me wrong. But think of how they would *delight* in throwing a wrench in the works… 🙁

      • rt66paul,

        AYFKMRN?????? For years I regularly shot at a range attended by local LEOs (usually preparing for their upcoming qualifying shoot, but there were a FEW who were regulars). With a few exceptions, I could outshoot any of them with my weak hand. Local LEOs teach me shooting? Even if it was part of their job (it isn’t), I wouldn’t take instruction from them.

    • “The 2A community doesn’t need their training programs, child safety courses, and legislative activity.”

      Which one of those is.the single biggest spending item for the NRA? Trick question, none of the above. So it’s membership recruiting abd fundraising, like most nin-profits? Nope. It’s outside counsel to keep Wayne and his cronies out ot jail. Their prior misappropriation of funds is a drop in the bucket compared to the $50M/year that they’ve been spending on Bill Brewer III. Why him? Is he conservative/pro-gun? Nope, donates to Dems. Best defense attorney in the country? Nope, sanctioned and banned from Federal Court in Virginia. Best bankruptcy attorney? Nope, his attempt to avoid repercussions by ginning up a bankruptcy in Texas courts was a failed laughingstock. Son-in-law/BIL to AckMcQ executives who used to launder all the questionable expenses? Ding, ding, ding. NRA donations now are basically Go Fund Me for Wayne’s personal lawyer.

      • “Which one of those is.the single biggest spending item for the NRA? … It’s outside counsel to keep Wayne and his cronies out ot jail.”

        Do you have a citation? I can’t locate such info.

    • While, like most of you, I have lost most of respect for the NRA leadership, the organization still has value. Moreover, if we dump the NRA, it’s not like the anti-gunners are going to just take the win, pop corks and go away. They’ll just move on the the GoA and the 2nd foundation, etc etc etc.

      The NRA is a great whipping boy for the left, a firewall of sorts. So we need them. Wish Wayne would go away, but with or without Wayne, we need um.

      • Especially when it lets other organizations focus on other specialized tasks even if it is inefficient. When it can be replaced great till then gotta ride the clunker till the wheels come off.

    • “Abolish the NRA. The 2A community doesn’t need their training programs, child safety courses, and legislative activity.”

      Perhaps one of the primary reasons Americans still enjoy most of their 2A liberties, and have been returning parts of many that were nearly lost during the 19602-90s is due to those NRA programs that you despise. The very fact that firearms safety is not even on the radar of the top 10 causes of death in any category is due to the dedication and work of NRA courses, training and programs. (FWIW- NO training program can “fix” the intentional misuse of firearms.) If firearms in American hands and homes were really as dangerous as the gun ban orgs you are supporting with your statement, the Second Amendment would’ve been overturned by now. And don’t think this right “from God” cannot be rescinded. Read the Constitution about concerning “Amendments”… (Hint: It’s Article 5)

      Add to this the entire Bruen decision, that was funded by NRA, which now allows smaller groups with no other purpose to file inexpensive lawsuits to stave off abuses by local and state governments, and NRA becomes even more important to the 2A landscape. The first filing of Bruen cost very little, seeing it through all the years and appeals to its conclusion is not something GOA, SAF, NAGR, etc. have funding for, nor the legal team.

      • Craig,

        And I have, repeatedly, praised their training programs on this forum. At training and safety education, they are great (even now). They should go “back to their roots”, and focus on that. And I don’t have a problem with them using my dues (and I’d go back to being a member, if they went that direction) to contribute to other, more competent, organizations to do the lobbying and litigation. But every dollar spent on lining the pockets of Wayne the Thief’s butt-buddies, or paying for his side piece, is money wasted. They keep doing that, and they are free to osculate my anal sphincter – I won’t give them a DIME.

        • Sorry, Lamp.

          You probably can’t even pronounce “Bruen”, let alone give NRA credit for what may be the most important SCOTUS/2A decision in the last 150 years. BTW- If you think this was all due to the resources of NYSRPA, you might check with their President (and my colleague) Tom King…

          Nor would you likely give credit for the filings by NYSRPA/NRA, likely headed to SCOTUS, to see that Bruen is enforced, since the Harris/Biden/Schumer regime won’t.

          And why even bother to bring up Heller… Ancient history.

          And your pandering/praising NRA training/safety programs is all bogus, since you “won’t give them a DIME.”

          Just in case, however, others here might send a DIME if they thought it would go for 2A issues, make the DIME payable to NRA ILA. That’s the part of NRA that deals with such things.

          Once again folks:

          Bruen; what will likely be Bruen II; and Heller before them. I don’t see anyone else’s fingerprints on those besides NRA and NRA State Affiliate NYSRPA.

        • From “The LampOfDiogenes”:
          “I have never regretted NOT paying dues to the NRA (despite the fact that I have taken several of their classes, and thought they were all quite good).”
          Followed by:
          “I won’t give them a DIME.”

          Like some other NRA haters around here, it appears you never “gave them a DIME” in the first place… So typical- use the services, make personal gains, and then trash the organization that made it possible.

          It appears your threat doesn’t mean a damn thing. Can you, and others, say “hypocrite”?

  4. Six more years to go till my membership expires. I wonder which will expire first, NRA, my membership, or Wayne. With his death grip on the board only a New York judge can separate him from NRA.

    • I don’t think you’re going to find out. I’m pretty sure that when the moron in the white house gets us nuked by Russia and/or China, all 3 will expire simultaneously.

  5. The Philando Castille event was very unfortunate.

    If the reports were correct and if I remember them correctly, he kept reaching toward the area of his concealed handgun. His actual intentions (whether good or bad–we will never know) and his concealed carry license status are neither here nor there when he tells the police that he is armed and starts reaching toward the area where he says he has a handgun.

    That event is a stark reminder that there is virtually no way that a person can move, much less reach for anything, in a way that police could not somewhat rationally describe as a “furtive movement”. In light of this simple fact, I believe it is wise to determine what you will do if police ever stop you, regardless of whether or not you are armed.

    I have decided that I cannot move hardly at all during a police stop and that it is therefore imperative to have my driver’s license, registration, and insurance information in-hand and both of my hands on my steering wheel well before they begin walking up to my car. If police want something else, I will simply and politely indicate my concern that they could interpret any of my motions as a “furtive movement” and ask them how to proceed.

    • I’m not sure why anyone would conduct themselves any other way with a cop. Wether now or 40 years ago.

    • …. so you’re saying it’s a bad idea to roll down the window with dope smoke wafting out, and then motormouth about how you have a carry permit even though you’re black, then keep reaching around inside of the vehicle after informing the cop that you’re carrying? Are you claiming that’s an unwise plan?
      …. nope, jus rayciss is the answer.

      • You left out “while matching the description of the car and occupants from a felony bankrobbery.”

    • All I got from P. Castile was he was high. And stupid. Bad combination for a supposed CCL holder. But the NRA. I won’t rejoin until old Wayne’s gone. All those republicans pols sure genuflected during the recent NRA “event”🙄

      • “All those republicans pols sure genuflected during the recent NRA “event”🙄”

        Yeah that was seriously disgusting. Or they were seriously disgusting.

    • Spot on advice, especially since you never know if the officer already knows that you have a CCW.

      Second, and I believe this was the case with Castille, you NEVER say the words, “I have a gun.”

      Multiple experts from Masad Ayoob on down the list stress the importance of NEVER uttering the word gun in the presence of an officer.

      They recommend that you have your permit in hand with your license, insurance and registration when the officer arrives at your window. Have your hands on the steering wheel and if he asks you answer “Yes” or “No” to whether or not you have a pistol with you or in the car.

      You should also know whether or not your state REQUIRES you to tell the police when you are armed but presenting the permit is a good first step and allows him/her to make the next move.

      • “Spot on advice, especially since you never know if the officer already knows that you have a CCW.”

        In the state of Florida, it’s a given. When your plate gets called in, dispatch tells the cop if you have a CCW.

        “You should also know whether or not your state REQUIRES you to tell the police when you are armed but presenting the permit is a good first step and allows him/her to make the next move.”

        If I’m ever pulled, I’ll hand the cop my driver’s license and permit together, and my hands stay on the steering wheel…

        • Florida does not require notification of LEO that you have a CCW.

          Isn’t that interesting?

        • That is correct, “Man with no name.” No duty to inform LE.

          It is also a common misconception that LE knows when they pull you over and run your plate. The do not know and cannot know. FL CCW licenses are not tied to license plates, or drivers licenses. Nor does LE have direct access to the CCW database – which is oddly maintained by the Dept of Agriculture in Florida.

    • The wise thing to do may be to not move until the police ask you to.
      That is, play it safe and as safe as possible.
      Keep in mind that it’s not what you do, but how others interpret what you do.

      • Yeah, I can’t help thinking that a policeman approaching my car is watching me dig out my license and registration … and wondering if I’m going for a weapon or trying to hide contraband.

        If I can obtain my documents quickly, before he arrives at my window, I figure I’m good. Otherwise, it’s freeze and “yes sir, it’s in my glove box; yes sir, I’ll get it.”

      • Something taught in Driver’s Education class way back in the 70’s. Along with being polite and respectful at all times during the interaction. Things that are considered as being submissive and cowardly.

      • “The wise thing to do may be to not move…”

        That’s the second thing. The most wisest thing is to not smoke dope, or at least don’t drive and/or carry during.

        Larry Norman, many years ago, said, “The only dope you been smokin’ is you.” and if anything it’s more so today.

    • You should watch the video again.

      The cop was a coward and practically wet himself when he shot Philando for no reason.

      The NRA has become useless and ineffective under LaPierre’s reign, all the while he and his family and sycophants have bled the organization dry.

    • uncommon,

      I’ve talked to numerous deputies and street cops, and ALL were unanimous in this advice:

      1. Tell the cop you are armed, and whether you have a permit;
      2. Keep your hands in sight, and make NO sudden moves;
      3. Ask if they want you to hand them your gun and/or license and ID;
      4. Move slowly, and use only your thumb and forefinger to extract your gun by the butt, then SLOWLY hold it out to the officer;
      5. Be calm and polite.

      Hmm, so, pretty much, just act like you have a damn brain. I wasn’t a witness to Castile’s shooting, so everything I know about the case comes from the media (a notoriously dishonest source of information). It may have been a righteous shoot, or it may not – I don’t know. I can almost guarantee he did not follow the above rules, even without being a witness. I suspect he died less from “driving while black and armed” than he did from “driving while stoned and stupid”. But, at least he was a PCC (politically-correct color).

      • I should have linked this in my post:

        If state or local law imposes a duty to inform, you are required to disclose the presence of your firearm upon making contact with law enforcement. There are 12 states, along with the District of Columbia, that require you to inform immediately upon contact with law enforcement. There are also an additional 12 states with laws that stipulate you must notify only when asked by law enforcement. Some states have no duty to inform laws at all.

  6. The NRA is dying for a lot of reasons but this ain’t one.

    Why do they keep harping on Castille?
    If anything his is a situation of a trigger happy cop. Nothing at all to do with the NRA or carry or weed legalization or anything else people keep trying to connect to the incident.

    He reached for something, the cop jumped and he’s dead. Doesn’t matter what it was and it doesn’t matter what he told the cop. All the cop knows is there’s a stoned guy reaching for something.

    • But she’ll post it as a reply up at the top so she doesn’t have to be at the back of the line🙄

      • can you imagine being a broad and hanging out here?
        she’s starting to grow on me though. last time she told me gfy, “genuinely fond of you.” i looked it up.

        • She tells the regular trolls they are number one… 🙂

          *Breaking* non-gun news :

          Jerry Springer croaked…

        • Cant say she aint consistent.

          I got a kick out of her yesterday telling me I should take up knitting if all i could add to the conversation was to pick at her.

  7. the NRA is and has been a part of the Democratic party and a money laundering operation for them for decades…

    Save the NRA? They’re just an anti- gun group masquerading as a gun rights advocacy group, that is a money laundering front for the anti- gun politicians and the democratic national party.

    it’s a widely known open secret that the NRA has written and or advocated for every single unconstitutional law that’s passed since 1911’s NY Sullivan’s Act, National Firearms Act (“NFA”) (1934), Federal Firearms Act of 1938 (“FFA”), Gun Control Act of 1968 (“GCA”), Undetectable Firearms Act (1988), Gun-Free School Zones Act (1990), and more recently bump stock bans.

    And now this…. Wayne

    Just got done reading this juicy thread on ARFCOM that evidences my longstanding suspicions (going on 20 years) that Whiny LaPee-yew of Negotiating Rights Away has maintained his Democrat Party connections from waaaaaay back in the day when he was a DNC operative BEFORE becoming NRA EVP. He may have even been laundering NRA member monies to some murky Demorat connections through his (and his wife’s) various SHELL CORPORATIONS.

    I wonder how much of this is known to the inner circle at NRA, considering that it didn’t take much for some nobodies in the gun community to dig up these PUBLIC documents:

    The NRA has been unconstitutionally disarming We the People, long before the recent public outing by hoplophobic, anti- American Democrat National Party.

    They wrote and advocated for every unconstitutional law from the 1911 NY Sullivan’s Act, all the other state “license and registration edicts” to all the federal acts… while pretending to advocate for civil liberties and taking money from those trying to protect their rights

    Read the article, but be sure to read the comments. The people are finally waking up to the fact that the NRA has been the biggest reason why gun
    control has such a record of success… without the NRA the 1911 unconstitutional NY Sullivan’s Act wouldn’t have become law, none of the unconstitutional federal laws, ccw permits wouldn’t exist, bump stock bans wouldn’t exist, machine guns would still be
    available by mail order, etc……

    And more information about the NRA, that has a long history of anti-2A advocacy.

    massive amounts of money going to a lawyer, William Brewer, who had been sanctioned for ethical violations, and given substantial aid and comfort to candidates like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

    in a new development, speculation is running rampant over on the forum with documents about LaPierre “running a shell company with a Clinton CPA,” with some perceiving significance and others not so much.

    with LaPierre and with NRA under his stewardship – in terms of “compromises” and outright betrayals of the right of the people to keep and bear arms. While he’s not responsible for NRA-backed infringements before he took the helm, he has never spoken against or tried to correct them. He has gone on, post-Columbine, to denounce arming anyone in schools besides police/trained security. He was a prime mover in selling “Project Exile” to NRA members, even though more than violent criminals could be caught in its net including principled Second Amendment defenders who would become felons for refusing to obey edicts ordering them to surrender their arms (In 2002, NRA actually said that’s what “honest Americans” would do). While targeted to “[p]reviously convicted felons who possess guns and/or armed persons involved in drug or violent crimes,” the U.S. Attorney’s Office has explained: “When a police officer finds a gun while on duty, the officer can page an ATF agent, who is available 24 hours a day. ATF and the … police, in consultation with the U.S. Attorney’s Office, review the circumstances and determine if a Federal statute applies and whether Federal prosecution would provide the most effective incapacitation for the offender.”

    It’s not hard to see how all kinds of incriminating scenarios could apply.

    Note that NRA had initially opposed many of the laws someone could now be hanged with, so it’s not hard to see how all kinds of incriminating scenarios could apply. And along with Cox, LaPierre gave green lights to federal bump stock “regulations” and “red flag” confiscations.

    Just got done reading this juicy thread on ARFCOM that evidences my longstanding suspicions (going on 20 years) that Whiny LaPee-yew of Negotiating Rights Away has maintained his Democrat Party connections from waaaaaay back in the day when he was a DNC operative BEFORE becoming NRA EVP. He may have even been laundering NRA member monies to some murky Demorat connections through his (and his wife’s) various SHELL CORPORATIONS.

    I wonder how much of this is known to the inner circle at NRA, considering that it didn’t take much for some nobodies in the gun community to dig up these PUBLIC documents:

    it’s a widely known open secret that the NRA has written and or advocated for every single unconstitutional law that’s passed since 1911’s NY Sullivan’s Act, National Firearms Act (“NFA”) (1934), Federal Firearms Act of 1938 (“FFA”), Gun Control Act of 1968 (“GCA”), Undetectable Firearms Act (1988), Gun-Free School Zones Act (1990), and more recently bump stock bans.

    going back to the Democrats long criminal history in NY and tamanay Hall.

    The 1911 N.Y. Sullivan gun control act was written to protect the N.Y.C mob.

    The father of New York gun control was “Big Tim “Sullivan — a state senator and Tammany Hall crook, a criminal mobster overseer of the gangs … Meanwhile, savor the irony of an edict written by a corrupt politician to save his bad guys from the electric chair’s was used against law-abiding citizens, basically taking guns away from honest business owners stopping them from shooting the criminals that wanted to collect protection fees.

    Story link

    Story link

    #neverRegister #neverLicense any civil liberty tool(s)

    There are no Constitutional Gun Laws in NY, or in any of their cities/municipalities, towns or counties, all are unconstitutional – the 2nd Amendment gave exclusive jurisdiction and domain solely to the people (the 9th and 10th Amendments, removes all confusion that all levels of government were banned from infringing on the 2nd Amendment’s civil liberty protections of “we the people”

    It was always about control, that’s why it’s called “Gun Control”… it has never been about safety.

    Never register or license anything, the only ones breaking the law are the federal, state and local governments creating and enforcing unconstitutional laws.

    The Armed Government Workers [AGW’s] no longer honor their oaths and haven’t for a very long time are upping their taken oath violating to the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights by continually physically violate citizens as often as possible, now they are not just going around the absolute laws of the land, but now also directly increasing the harm that their violence will cause.

    Are cops constitutional? Clearly no, and it’s incidents like this that highlight that fact.

    Police work is often lionized by jurists and scholars who claim to employ “textualist” and “originalist” methods of constitutional interpretation. Yet professional police were unknown to the United States in 1789, and first appeared in America almost a half-century after the Constitution’s ratification. The Framers contemplated law enforcement as the duty of mostly private citizens, along with a few constables and sheriffs who could be called upon when necessary. This article marshals extensive historical and legal evidence to show that modern policing is in many ways inconsistent with the original intent of America’s founding documents. The author argues that the growth of modern policing has substantially empowered the state in a way the Framers would regard as abhorrent to their foremost principles.

    Are Cops Constitutional? By Roger Roots

    We Do Not Want To Be Hunted by DH Gans

    Police typically say that their top mission is to protect “public safety.” That’s the lingo

  8. lets be real
    the philando castille thing
    never should have been an nra thing anyway
    philando castile may have been a great guy
    loved by the community and all that
    but the reason he died that day
    is because he was stupid that day
    the nra did the right thing staying out of it
    and jeronimo yanezs acquittal on the manslaughter charge
    and his near 6 figure payout from the city
    goes about as long as it needs to in proving that

  9. Truth be told, if there was ever a reason to have an anti police riot, the execution of Philandro Castille was it.

    • I don’t see cause for any riot. Yanez was tried and acquitted. That’s our jury system. The people who acquitted him were not LEOs. It is not perfect. You may not always like the results, but unless you have a better system of rule of law in mind, don’t start rioting.

      • Hmmmm, no, pigs aren’t your friend and will murder you and your children to protect their OT.

  10. This seems like opportunistic bashing based on a legitimate grievance.

    Today, generally, among the PotG, there IS support for minorities exercising 2A rights. Admittedly, not enough. It’s NOT as full-throated as is, for example, for women exercising 2A rights. Still, it’s there.

    The NRA has become a NEARLY IRrelevant organization. But that is NOT because of its failure to support Blacks (or any other minority) in their 2A rights.

    The NRA has become an organization devoted to the exclusive goal of enriching its executive director’s personal interests. Its entire board is swallowed-up into that exclusive goal. Until this issue is resolved, NO OTHER issue whatsoever is relevant in the debate about NRA.

    We need an organization, or several organizations, to do the things that we expected NRA to do. When NRA runs out of money – eventually – because membership continues to shrink, then it will go into bankruptcy without the help of the NY state AG. Then, some successor organization will be appointed to receive its remaining assets.

    (Incidentally, I’d rather see an “NRA-II” organized differently. It should provide some services prominently, such as training and certification of instructors. But other things that it does, it should do so in the background, as a coordinator but not as the flagship organization. There should be NO SINGLE voice of the gun user community. NRA makes a convenient target because it’s the flagship of the gun user community. It is the ONE BIG PROMINENT target that gets politicians and media to shoot at. If, instead, politicians/media had to shoot at MULTIPLE spokespersons from the state affiliates, they would find their fire as effective as bird-shot on deer. How far would they get railing against the “Buckeye Firearms Association” as the shill for gun manufacturers?)

    • And IF it survives it’s present mess, NRA II needs to have a BOD of seven to nine members with three or four year terms, and an Executive also term limited and without veto powers.
      Since LePew stepping down and the entire bloated BOD being dissolved will never happen, we’ll have no need of pondering the makeup of a successor organization.

      • No, I think that the end of the NRA will come about soon, when the dwindling liquid assets come close to the level required to cover Wayne’s Golden Parachute and the BODs promised parting gifts.
        …. but then it’ll be Too Late.

    • “Today, generally, among the PotG, there IS support for minorities exercising 2A rights. Admittedly, not enough. It’s NOT as full-throated as is, for example, for women exercising 2A rights. Still, it’s there.”

      That’s an interesting statement; I disagree, but would you care to expound?

    • remember Neil Knox?…seems like ancient history now…but I did get a chance to chat with him during a hearing once….

  11. She’s correct but for the wrong reason.

    What’s happened is, the NRA >>will not ever criticize cops<<. Any cops. They learned after "jack-booted thugs" criticism of the Clinton-era ATF that if they criticize ANY cops, basically all of America's cops will turn on them.

    And cops today are racist as fuck.

    So when cops do truly nauseating stuff to lawful black gun owners, the worst example I know of being the murder of an outright hero:

    …the NRA was silent on this. Fuck that.

    • I disagree with your racial assessment but otherwise you’re spot on. The NRA also doesn’t say a damn word when cops unlawfully (or at least in a manner that would be unlawful if anyone without a badge were to do it) kill a white person, which they do plenty of. It’s not “ray-ciss!”, it’s just the NRA being copsuckers

  12. I don’t disagree with her, but it has more to do with Wayne than anything else.

    And the Internet is dying because any tw*t with a connection and a camera can flap her lips.

  13. A civil rights org taking training money from the government is a conflict of interests. The civil rights take second fiddle to the money in a lot of cases.

    Castille was a great example. They were quiet because even though the situation was complicated it was really a bad stop and in turn a bad shoot. Making what you believe to be a felony stop and acting like it’s a traffic stop is a piss poor idea. Not waiting for backup is a piss poor idea. The NRA was silent because they train a lot of cops and get paid to do such.

    A very clever form of controlled opposition.

  14. The NRA is Dying Because It Won’t Defend the Gun Rights of Black People

    Bullcrap. The NRA is 100% equal opportunity; The don’t defend the gun rights of black, white, brown, or any other color!

  15. The NRA is dying because it will not get rid of its illuminati member, Wayne La pee pee… he is playing his role, getting rich while he destroys it from the inside-out…. And he is untouchable… people are getting fed up with him yet we can’t get rid of him… he is just like herpes..

  16. Blacks are about 13% of the population and overwhelmingly vote for pro gun control Democrats. Exactly how much revenue are we supposed to think is being lost from pro-gun blacks?

    • They’re an important demographic that “Defund” Democrats are leaving behind in a lot of ways. If you look at where the major upticks in gun purchasing are it’s important to realize that a lot of people have had an epiphany that “maybe the police won’t come save me” in the last few years.

      Not saying they’re shoe ins for voting otherwise as “guns for me but not for thee” is certainly a possibility however if you get people who realize they have a civil right the odds of them trying to defend it are a lot higher.

  17. The Philando Castile case doesn’t reflect on anybody but Castile, Yanez, and the jury that rendered the decision. The rest of society is not responsible nor deserving of punishment for their actions, neither is the NRA, which doesn’t speak up about every single officer-involved shooting in the country.

  18. The NRA is dying because members and industry missed the part in the charter where it say, “The NRA is to be Wayne LaPierre’s personal piggy bank”.

    Apparently it is going to be impossible to oust Wayne and the board, short of criminal indictments and/or convictions.

    I’ve been a Life Member since 1982 and my wallet is closed to the NRA and I instead my support GOA & FPC, as they actually use that money properly, to protect and restore our Rights.

  19. The NRA helped write the NFA, the GCA and every single major gun control bill of the 20th century. They are still horse-trading with our rights today.

    it’s time the bones of this dinosaur get wired together and displayed in the museum of treason for the kids to gawk at while on a school field trip.

    Wayne and his suits can go back to his boat in the Bahamas and stay there. The 2AF, FPC, GOA and other no-compromise 2A groups have taken up the banner and they aren’t going to bargain our rights away like the NRA and NSSF have in the past.

  20. The only thing the NRA did for the 2A lately was that Bruen case that made all of America shall issue for carry permits and set limits on gun control.

    That is all, just the biggest 2A victory since Heller.

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