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Waynae Massey courtesy Illinois Department of Corrections.
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It had to happen. One of the 4,000 Illinois prisoners released early under Gov. J.B. Pritzker got himself a gun almost immediately after his April 2 release. Then after he crashed his car on Interstate 55 just south of I-80, and used that gun to carjack another motorist to gain a new ride.

Waynae Massey, aged 22, caught quite a break in April. The Land of Lincoln’s governor ordered the “compassionate release” of thousands of criminals — many of them violent — from the Illinois Department of Corrections because of the Chinese flu.

Massey originally earned his sentence in the big house after his one-man crime spree in McLean County, Illinois, home of Illinois State University in Normal. From one day of mayhem, he caught felony convictions for burglary, theft, and fleeing and eluding police in a high speed chase.

Then, almost immediately after his release, he (illegally) gained possession of a gun and started carrying it. He skipped Illinois’ concealed carry licensing process, the FOID card, the waiting periods, the background checks and all of that good stuff. To say nothing of the fees upon fees law-abiding Illini pay to apply for a FOID and carry license. Because gun laws are for, well, suckers.

According to police, Massey also acquired a vehicle which he then crashed on I-55 last Monday.  From there, he flagged down a car and successfully convinced the car’s owner to surrender it at gunpoint before driving off in his new ride. Because gun laws are for suckers.

WTVO has the story.

A man who is accused of hijacking a vehicle with a gun after a car crash was one of more than 4,000 Illinois inmates released from prison due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Illinois State Police say Waynae Massey, 22, of Chicago, crashed his car in Grundy County on May 4th, and then hijacked a vehicle at gunpoint on I-55.

Police located the vehicle on Arsenal Road and attempted to stop it, but Massey fled, crashed near Wilmington, and ran on foot.

Police were able to catch him at the Harborside Marina.

Waynae’s run of luck gaining early release has ended. As of Wednesday afternoon, he’s remains a guest in the graybar hotel at the Grundy County Sheriff’s Office in Morris. For now.

This is why Americans are continuing to buy guns at a record pace.

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  1. We are now taking bets on how fast he will be released again. $1 per bet, you can pick days, or even bet on individual hours. The winner(s) will be those who guess the date/time he actually walks out of state custody.

  2. ‘Police were able to catch him at the Harborside Marina.’ The police should have made him a bed to ‘sleep with the fishes.’ Leave it to sh*tcago and Illinois demotaters to release the scum back into society.

  3. Plandemic/scamdemic! These blue state Governors are complicit in a conspiracy to tear down the US. More crime, requires more government and taxes and more control.

    We know 50% or so of crime is committed by the same group of people, so why would you do this knowing these numbers along with the recidivism rates? There is no rationale in it, that is how you know its being done on purpose. Its cant be chocked up to incompetence or ineptitude, only an agenda. This is just one element of fourth generation warfare being implemented on US citizens.

    • These blue state Governors are complicit in a conspiracy to tear down the US. More crime, requires more government and taxes and more control.

      Not just more crime: more crime and more unemployment (from decimating our economy through forced work/business closures) requires more government, more taxes, and more control.

      And the cherry on top of the cake: some in government are advocating for 24/7 tracking on every person (presumably an application on “smart” phones) — strictly for good reasons of course such as being able to alert/quarantine us when we come close to someone who has a deadly virus. Government would never (pinky promise) use such an application to track and suppress their political enemies.

  4. I am hoping they’ll all stay in their shot hole of a state. We seem to attract libtards, junkies and felons down here in Florida, as if we didn’t have enough of them to begin with. Stay in Illinois they love their violent felons, hope and change!

    • it’s getting warmer. the few that aren’t back in the hooskow by fall may migrate south then.

      last night jockeying vehicles left me with a mile walk home after midnight, due to shift change etc. the “hey buddy” came from the furthest i’ve ever been accosted. stranded, just got off work, no vehicle, tryin’ to get home… wanted to walk with me for a while. “i got nothin’ for ya, you can see i’m walkin’ too…” the carnival barkers did their call and respond but did not pursue me. he sent accomplice a firm, “naw.”
      another one that won’t be recorded.

  5. I wonder if, should a fatality occur from one of these covid released inmates, will the victims death be counted as a covid complication death for the purpose of stimulus payments or padding fear mongering stats?

  6. Gasp! After being let out of prison a criminal committed another crime! Who could have predicted it?

  7. I have a long flashlight (looks like a youth baseball bat) in the map pocket of my truck’s driver side door, out of sight. In the event that I’m ever jacked while at a stop and forced out of my vehicle, I have it positioned so that my hand can easily swoop down to grab it and swing it up to clock my assailant in the head, in one fluid motion. That’s the intent, anyway.

    No materials possessions are worth dying over, but I do not plan to hand over my vehicle and its contents (which includes a gun, though it’s unloaded and in a locked case, because California) to a violent stranger. My head is, by habit, always on a swivel whenever I’m stopped.

  8. To the rulers of the blue states, this guy is a hero. The Left’s eventual goal is to free all of the violent offenders, give ’em a badge, and then round up the law-abiding but politically incorrect for thought crimes, with long-term storage in the same cells the thugs once occupied.

  9. This is why everyone should own a firearm, learn how to use it properly and carry it at all times. Amazing, when given an opportunity to make a better life, this moron decided to go right back to the same stupid shit that landed him in prison in the first place.

  10. Just waiting for 69er to show up and tell all us “racists” that this guy was just out for a jog and needed a ride home.

  11. Here in Florida they started releasing minor offenders also. One who was released was in for drugs or something related to it and after only two days out committed MURDER!
    These are the ones that Obama wanted released also.

  12. Carjacking huh?!? What doofus slowed down and stopped for homie the con? Broke down? Use your phone…this is a plan by JB the Hutt. “I’m all for you poor downtrodden black folks”. ILL sux.

  13. A criminal fresh out of prison committed a crime with a gun. Don’t worry, Joe Biden will buy back
    ARs so this sort of thing will never happen again!

  14. He wasn’t arrested for the car jacking, he was arrested for breaking the social distance decree. If convicted he will be subject to 150 years in prison or until the covid vaccine is administered, whichever happens first.

  15. He received a “compassionate release” from Gov. Prickster? Well, we can only hope that sooner or later one of his victims will perform a compassionate release of half a mag of 9mm hollow points on his thug ass.

  16. THIS is why people are buying guns…or at least part of it…
    too bad it did not read…killed during attempted carjacking…
    now we have to clothe, feed and medicate him for several more decades

  17. Nice to see my Once and Never-Future Home make the site. Went to ISU, despite the college the county was Red when I attended. Carjacking happened a mile or two from where I attended elementary school. I-55 corridor was always a little rough, but otherwise a quiet town. Just glad Grundy County Sheriffs got him; they don’t catch & release.

  18. We should elect Bloomberg. Bloomberg has already stated that Blacks and women are not responsible enough to have guns. I guess this just proves his point. Of course he doesn’t want the rest of us to have guns either. So long as he includes everybody, its racist or anything. After all, he’s rich and gets threats against his life so he can have armed guards.

    That made about as much sense as telling farmers it doesn’t take any smarts to grow the food he eats.

    Better idea, leave them in jail and keep Bloomberg out of all political offices.

  19. well at least he didnt murder someone the day after he got out (FL and CA (pretty sure)) , he just used the threat of murder to get a car


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