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Country Singers: We Know What's Best for Gun Owners
courtesy Tennessean

Both Dierks Bentley and Florida Georgia Line have come out in support of more stringent gun laws. Granted, I wasn’t a FGL fan to begin with – they really are like the male Dixie Chicks – and, okay, not a fan of Dierks Bentley, either…but it’s still rather irritating (this is me being semi-professional).

Dierks Bentley took to Instagram to express his support for the TOMS campaign (if you haven’t heard about it, you’ve been living under a rock). That means universal background checks, among other things.

“Proud of my friend @blakemycoskie and @toms for jumping into the discussion on how we can work together to #endgunviolence,” Bentley posted on Instagram Nov. 28. “He has a gift for bringing people together and I’m happy to see him applying it to this cause.”

Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line also posted on Instagram:

“Please hear my heart. This is not a political post, but a post about the betterment of humanity,”

In a subsequent video, he referenced seeing a statistic that there had been 307 mass shootings in the last 311 days in the country.

“As a proud gun owner myself, that’s a right and a privilege I take very, very serious,” he said. “We can all come together and agree that something has to change. It’s unacceptable. We shouldn’t have to walk out of the house and live in fear anymore.” (Tennessean, Dierks Bentley and FGL’s Tylar Hubbard Address Gun Violence with TOMS)

We should all feel comforted by the superior experience and knowledge of “country” music singers. I would say perhaps they should stick to singing, but…

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  1. The folks misusing guns the most…are NOT listening to this music…
    hip-hop…rap…urban…whatever it is called these days…THAT is the music of most gun criminals
    advocate for gun safety…absolutely…
    violence is violence…the guns are just tools…

    • The music industry is run by “cosmopolitans” and they aren’t afraid of random street violence so much as they fear the ordinary people getting sick of their globalist schemes like what’s currently happening in France only with rifles.

    • Actually, in no small bit of irony, FGL has a line in that ANNOYING song on Hannity’s radio show that goes:

      “…burnin’ down the night, [b]shootin’ bullets at the moon.[/b]
      Baby this is how we rolllolleye-ollleyolllo-llloh-whoaho-hole“

      God, I hate that stupid fvcking song.

      • Also from FGL “Silverado, candy painted,
        Ray Ban’s got the whole world shaded
        Chrome piece tucked in the console,
        Riding high, roll up on the down low
        Feeling lucky, got hooked up with some Kentucky, clear
        So slide that little sugar shaker over here
        And get your shine on!” A song about drinking moonshine while driving and carrying a firearm… can we (society) PLZ stop giving them money?!

      • Just like Hollywierd celebrities, they have no problem promoting gun violence in their performances and then decrying it to support their virtue-signalling to celebrity pals. Hypocritical, two-faced and talk outta’ both sides of their pie hole.

    • These gun laws aren’t because of urban violence. They are because spoiled suburban youts can’t handle being picked on, picked last or dumped by a girl or being told no by an adult.
      They then shoot up bucolic Parkland or Sandyhook. Instead of wondering why and fixing their own house they blame something.

      Politicians declare that they will prevent these same parents from feeling afraid by this law and that. So they eat it up only to wait to be scared again by ISIS or West Nile virus or lies about the frequency of gun violence.

      • These laws are not about mass shootings at all – They are about control, pure and simple. The puppet masters that control the industrialized world want the rabble’s teeth pulled…… These people are against our constitution, they want despot power. Build some legally today and put them away.

    • I think the best way to combat this, if you listen to country music at all, is to let your local country music radio station know you aren’t listening to their crap anymore. Email or call them and tell them you’ve switched to Sirius or you are listening to CDs (there’s a great, Classic Country station on Sirius). Let these stations know you aren’t hearing their advertisers, or better yet, tell them you are telling the advertisers you are no longer listening to the stations where they spend their advertising dollars. Nothing will stop these people quicker than their radio stations telling them to knock off the bullshit because they are losing money. Name the artists that you feel are anti-American, anti-Constitution, and let’s Dixie Chick them off the radio for awhile. Tell the country music stations you won’t buy their CDs or attend their concerts either.

      • You’re right, but the involved ‘artists’ are likely being promised / given Special boosting for joining in on the NeverGuns plot.

        Complaining to the radio stations (and streaming apps) is just a start. ALSO complain to the station’s Advertisers that you don’t support the anti-American activists they’re choosing to air, .. and that you won’t be supporting any of their Advertisers either while the offenses continue. Feel free to reference ‘everyone on your ball team’ or ‘everyone at your work’ feeling the same..

        Simply griping or not listening doesn’t make that large of an effect. But explaining to the station’s advertisers that (because of poor political choices by the station) they’re spending their hard-earned money in order to Alienate potentially hundreds of thousands of people … Then it gets Real.

        • Most radio stations in the country are owned by iheart media which is really just Bain capitol. Most radio stations don’t turn a profit to begin with, half the time the company’s advertising on the station are just subsidiary’s of the same umbrella conglomerate anyway. Advertising largely isn’t really advertising anymore in the traditional sense most people think about it, hasn’t been since ’96. Private equity firms subsidize non profitable outlets like talk radio and rural stations purely as propaganda arms for political capitol with elected officials and to influence private buyouts of public utility’s and land. Advertising revenue is basically now just a form of bribery. Lockheed and Northrup don’t advertise on Fox News because they want the public to buy their fighter jets or even their stock, it’s protection money. Boycotting rarely worked in the past and it virtually doesn’t work at all now. Unless your an elected official capable of withholding millions in tax subsidy’s from them they don’t care at all what you want. If you are and you do then they will just make sure you don’t when your next primary.

  2. This is where the ‘ conversation ‘ they say they want leads to.
    New Jersey and Commiefornia are the testing grounds for the worst kinds of abusive ‘law ‘


    A.T.F. resumes making up new ‘ laws ‘ as it goes , ( you’re guilty because we say so )

    • This. When gun-control advocates claim that they just want to have a “conversation” there’s always a subtext to their request. When someone starts from a position that includes a claimed moral imperative—which is certainly the case with gun-controllers—“conversation” always means that they want you to understand and accept the primacy of their values over yours.

    • My wife listens to country.
      Whenever I jump in her car, the radio is tuned to a country station, and I hear a bit before I turn it off.

      I swear, every song sounds the same. Can’t hardly tell one song from another. Kinda sad, really.

      • There’s a joke about country music that there can only be so many songs about teenage moms married to abusive alcoholic truck driving husbands.

        • If you play country albums backwards, you get your truck and your job back, your wife returns…

          Perfect pitch? That’s when you throw an accordion in the dumpster, and it lands on a banjo..

        • When we get autonomic (self-driving) pickups, it won’t be just the wife and dog leaving.

          I will admit that I listen to country, but it’s just background music, I seldom listen to the actual lyrics.
          My wife does hear the lyrics, and she will sometimes burst out laughing at them, and I have to ask her what she’s laughing about.

    • yeah, Waylon was the man. “Are you Ready for the Country” is my favorite album. I remember rocking out to that on 8-track during the seventies.

    • Merle Haggard was pretty popular around here (his home town), and I think he qualifies as authentic. I always loved to hear Waylon and Willie singing together.

      • I’ve taught my 3 year old daughter to enjoy real country. For the past week, whenever we get in the truck, she demands “Debil’s Wight Hand” by “Wailin Jennie.”

        She says his name wrong on purpose because it cracks her up. Personally, I prefer the Johnny Cash and Steve Earle versions.

        • Steve Earle is a flaming leftest progressive who moved to NYC because he hates Texas and Texas culture.

        • Huh. Well I did not know that. I usually try to avoid doing any research into the character and politics of artists I enjoy, because I usually end up having them otherwise.

          I guess we’ll always have Cash.

      • about the only country artist that i really listen to anymore (I grew up on country and gospel which i was never a fan of though i liked country) is Chris LeDoux and he died a few years back. He is was one of the few remaining artists that actually knew the life they were writing the songs about

    • Perhaps you’ve missed the greatest person(a), IMHO, to record “country music”

      Wheeler Walker Jr

      A purer distillation of the more humorous side of David Alan Coe has never been.
      I encourage all to youtube him, as long as you aren’t at work, or in a snowflake-rich environment. Nothing racially offensive, just all the things that real “country” wishes it could do…

    • There’s still some good stuff out there if you look hard enough. Just not within a thousand miles of Nashville.

    • Yep. Basically “country” is now either whiny emo male pop singers who may have a pedal steel in their backup band, or 20-something female pop singers who wear some spangles and a cowboy hat on occasion. When the top stars of county include the likes of Taylor Swift, yeesh – that’s why I pretty much just listen to classical these days.

  3. I think this is how country music singers turn in their resignation. This will not be good for their career. I am not a country music fan but I do hear the common names. The fact that I have never heard of either of these groups….and they look like they were on the series “moonshiners”, I am guessing they really aren’t losing much.

  4. “I would say perhaps they should stick to singing, but…” …Musicians have a depth and a breadth to their emotional and intellectual life that extends beyond their vocational purview. I finished it for you, Kat. I’m a musician out of Nashville in the country music industry. I abhor the political positions these two are demonstrating and vehemently disagree with gun control policies and the incremental nature of civilian disarmament. I’m also a survivor of gun violence myself, so few things piss me off more than to hear ANYBODY left or right say or imply that we “just shut up and stick to music.”

    • If a person with a fan base can use their 1st Amendment right to stand on a soapbox and advocate for limiting the 2nd Amendment rights of millions of citizens, then I will use my 1st Amendment to say” shut up and stick to doing your job.”

    • Sorry, you’re an entertainer, you have zero credibility anywhere else due to that. Feel free to enter discussions, but leave your entertainer credentials at home, I don’t know who you are and I don’t care! If you think people who listen to your music are required to give a shit about your politics, then you should shut up, sit down, and stick to music.

    • You can have an opinion no problem, but attaching validity to that opinion because of some status in the entertainment industry is a non-starter.

      I have several ‘been there, done that’ T-Shirts. They could lend weight to my opinions, but I don’t mention them.

      Why? Because I would rather my opinion be based on a well thought out position and viewed that way by others, not because of a career choice.

      just sayin..

      • “Name Recognition” is the name of the game now.
        That’s why, during every campaign, you see signs with nothing but a candidate’s name on it at so many street corners. There are a lot of people who will look at a ballot, see a name, and figure, “I’ve seen that name a lot, I’ll vote for him/her.”
        Same for all things; people see an opinion voiced by someone, and if they recognize the name, they figure that lends that opinion weight.
        Our schools have done a truly horrible job of teaching critical thinking. Instead, they teach through repetition, which only reinforces the name recognition process.
        Remember the number of times we heard the word gravitas in political discussions a few years ago? It had nothing to do with the weight of the argument being put forth, but rather with the name recognition of the person putting forth the argument.
        This is what constitutes critical thinking today; have I heard that name/idea a lot? If so, then it must be good.
        Hitler was right: If you tell a lie, make it big and repeat it a lot (paraphrased). Goebbels later said pretty much the same thing. (I put this in because some would inevitably do so if I didn’t.)

    • My point is you don’t engage poor politics with poor logic by attacking the validity of the opposition in virtue of their career. If that were followed through to it’s necessary conclusion, then I, someone with the same vocation who shares (by and large) your worldview concerning firearms, would also be ineligible for activism to further the cause of firearms freedom (which, by the way, is an affront to my 1st amendment rights). My original comment is in the spirit of Voltaire, I disagree with what they say but they AND I have a right to voice them, differing though they are.

      Now, I can understand and sympathize with feelings of betrayal if you’ve supported an Artist’s career and they act in opposition to your values, but now you have the option to discontinue that support.

      Furthermore, I doubt very highly that we would be having this conversation if they came out in public support of firearms freedom. We in the firearms community are not above that hypocrisy. In fact, I bet we would see comments praising the use of the artist’s cultural status as a refreshing voice for Liberty in America.

      Reason and truth are on our side, let’s not degrade the morality and strength of our position through faulty rhetoric.

      • Your comment is a strawman. No one is criticizing the “validity of their career choice.” What a nonsense way to characterize the issue. We are criticism the entire relevant career issue of their craven self interest in lying due to their celebrity career and their lack of knowledge of the issue.

        The gun control lobby fronts are using musicians, working with them. Do you deny that? We have seen musicians up in front of the “Children’s March”, entertaining at the “Moms Need Action” and “Everytown” events.

        Musicians are getting tax breaks for “giving” their time to these gun control “charities.”

        You and I underwrite the celebrity PSAs (Public Service Announcements) for Bloombergs groups because the celebrities are billing their time at $5,000 to $50,000 dollars a day to do five seconds in a PSA and taking a tax deduction. The last big celebrity PSA for one of the major gun control groups probably garnered $10,000,000 in tax deduction claims by the participants.

        These jacka$$ celebrities very often have a financial interest in spouting this nonsense because of their particular careers.

        A lot of them have criminal problems of their own as well and want to save their careers by making brownie points with Bloomberg and his ilk. For example Vic Mensa the musician who headlined the entertainment at the Children March event — while awaiting trail for felony carry without a licence in California, for which he later was convicted.

      • Ok, I’ll put it differently for the hyper-sensitive among us, I’ve been shot at. It sucks. It sucks worse if you can’t shoot back. Now take your Onomatophobia elsewhere, may I suggest Ingsoc?

        What’s the point of eating your own?

        • ah! While I do appreciate Churchill’s wit, the “eating your own” wasn’t a reference to words it was an afterthought reference to the preposterousness of attacking an ideological ally. I can see how given the context it could have been misconstrued and admitting that doesn’t give me any indigestion!

        • “Musicians have a depth and a breadth to their emotional and intellectual life that extends beyond their vocational purview.”

          As do plumbers, electricians, architects, baristas, et al, ad nauseum. Suggesting otherwise is a shamefully basic logical fallacy, and is indicative that one is uniformed of the occupations of most Mensa members. (Let alone the higher IQ groups. Protip: even they aren’t all working at Larry Livermore, or CERN…)

          Of course, musicians do tend to behave like vegetarians.

        • 16V! Precisely the point I was trying to make. I hope you didn’t infer that my comments were exclusive. As far as non-carnivorous behavior, I’m not as convinced, but perhaps you’re right and that’s why it seems to be newsworthy when there’s “beef.”

        • Nomadic, they obviously are a more appropriate targets of criticism than plumbers or electricians..

          Not only do they not know the Second Amendment, but you don’t know the First Amendment or the US body of constitutional law on privacy.

          They are self positioned as public persons which is a LEGAL definition under First Amendment speech and constitutional right to privacy case law and less protected in liable and privacy rights do to their public personage. Som Newsflash: We DO

          Also advocates of a reduction of the citizenry’s Second Amendment Rights, which is what they are doing, should be treated no differently than advocating stripping citizens of First, Fourth, Fifth or Sixth Amendment rights. These guys are a pair of fascist enablers.

      • Captain Obvious here needs to apply for a job as an authority on newspeak as well seeing as how he focuses on terms that he considers verboten instead of the point of my comment. Reading comprehension level: triggered. I’m genuinely sorry that you were troubled that I abbreviated “survivor of an individual perpetrator who used a gun to commit an atrocious act of violence.” I mean, did you honestly think by gun violence I meant that an object with no volition willfully attacked me, or were you just being a prick?

        • I try to explain why some of us here are a bit sensitive to people falling for gun grabber’s newspeak vocabulary twisting. The ‘gun violence’ term has not been created by a chance. I think that some professional was paid handsomely to come up with it. It is meant to subconsciously connect firearms with negative emotions. Would you talk about ‘survivor of tire iron violence’ if someone took a swing at you with said tool?

          Another example of loaded propaganda term is ‘assault weapon’. Fists and feet are used to kill more people than rifles. Semiautomatic, military looking rifles are subset of rifle group, meaning they are used only in fraction of those murders. But we hear every day in media how terrible the problem of ‘assault weapons’ is in US. No mention of ‘fist violence’ anywhere.

          We are in ideological war. Using enemy’s propaganda terminology marks you as an enemy.

    • “Musicians have a depth and a breadth to their emotional and intellectual life that extends beyond their vocational purview.”

      Alice Cooper once wondered aloud why anyone would listen to musician’s views on politics because, “we’re a bunch of morons” . . .

      I concur;.

      • Your logic is profound, a fallacious broad generalization with an appeal to authority (celebrity) which is doubly ironic given the context of the original article.

        Again, why am I, a fellow firearms freedom advocate, subject to these ignorant ad hominems when there’s plenty of reason to condemn the political positions of the original subjects of the article?

        • Maybe because you suggested that there is something special about your chosen vocation when it comes to completely unrelated topic, such as 2A rights. Your favorable position on it is irrelevant.

          Don’t get me wrong, we are glad you support the idea of right of the people to keep and bear arms. Just pointing out that being famous or musician doesn’t have anything to do with it.
          This is tough crowd. You need thick skin here.

  5. Oh man must be another group of Dems. You know being so much smarter than any of us.

    They should just shut their pie hole and live their life the way they want and leave everyone else alone. Of course that’ll never happen.

  6. Country music stopped being great when that fat boy went flying around the arenas on wires like elephantine Peter Pan.

  7. I hate today’s “country” music. Never a fan but damn these boy’s look like hipster twinks. Proud gun owner my old tired azz…

  8. Both Dierks Bentley and Florida Georgia Line

    Who ,never heard of them and won’t be spending a penny to hear them.

  9. “We can all come together and agree that something has to change. It’s unacceptable. We shouldn’t have to walk out of the house and live in fear anymore.”

    Uh, no, we can’t all agree. I’m so sick of all these people talking about “living in fear” in modern day America. If we are all living in fear then why do I see so many people going about their lives with hardly a care in the world. In the modern U.S., you live in one of the wealthiest, healthiest, safest environments in the history of the world. Enough with this living in fear claptrap. If you were living in fear we wouldn’t be reading what you think because you would be hiding somewhere and keeping your opinions to yourself.

  10. The funniest of things was that on one of those two clowns instagram accounts, they were propositioning other country music stars, and one that jumped out as Miranda Lambert. She is one of the most staunch pro-gun singers out there. Her response was priceless.

    • I looked for her response but the comments on that video were disabled by the time I got there. What did she say?

  11. I don’t really care for country music. May their hound dogs bite them and their pick up trucks rust away… Guess they won’t be featured on NRA country now. I suspect a decent amount of popular country musicians try to portray a certain because it sells to the fans, and like anything in the entertainment industry I am used to them taking anti freedom stances. As long as it doesn’t mean censoring or restricting their important “art.”

    As usual they unite behind and claim a position no one can argue, but say you have to achieve it by their means. Who doesn’t want world peace? Do you like gun violence, no, actually I am not a fan of violence, gun or otherwise? Do black lives matter? Do you want powerful men to abuse women? Should we stop AIDS, etc etc. It’s easy to throw benefit concerts and hash tags around, but always their terms are progressivism, totalitarianism, and intolerance and shaming of any other views.

    • “who doesn’t want world peace?

      I don’t. Boring as f*ck. Also only attainable under a totalitarian global government. No thankee.

  12. “Killing is a matter of will, not weapons.
    You cannot control the act itself
    by passing laws about the means employed.”
    The late Col Jeff Cooper, 1958
    Handgun expert and founder of Gunsite Academy
    It is not about the guns. It is about the people control by the Elitists and the DEFECTIVE CITIZENS that have become such a growing segment of the population thanks to the Democrats. But, Democrats/Progressive/Socialists are intent on disarming America for their agendas; naive Do-Gooders unaware of unintentional consequences; or, ignorant Useful Idiots. The first group uses the other two groups as pawns toward their anti-American agenda.

  13. I don’t pay any more attention to dopes like that than I do to Rosie O’Donnell or Colin Humpty Hump.

    I’ll keep my guns and my Yellow Magic Orchestra CDs, whether they like it or not.

    If they don’t like it, molon labe.

  14. If they are for the cause of “the betterment of humanity”, they should all come on down to the Keys and walk south till their hats float. Miranda Lambert, Hank Jr. and Terrible Ted all have views on gun ownership showing that not everyone in show business is an idiot, only most of them. -30-

  15. From the Department of You Can’t Make This Up:

    FGL banned cops from being backstage at their concerts in Iowa and Wisconsin because of shootings by cops. Then they requested police escorts leaving their concerts.

    I guess that virtue signaling is easy until it bites you in the ass.

  16. Sure is nice of these elitest folks looking out for us dumb ole commoners. I really don’t recall asking their advice though. I could get behind some opinion control, like when I want theirs I will ask for it. KMA Dixie dudes.

  17. Comical to me how celebs and near celebs think the common dregs should give a damn about their opinions.
    Fvck them and their opinions.
    Individuals need to think for themselves.

  18. The comments on these peoples Instagram posts are hilarious. They disabled comments on their anti gun posts but all subsequent posts have been one big roast. I have not seen a single supportive comment by their “fans” except for the Toms company commenting.

  19. I grew up near the Florida Georgia Line. Local music was Skynyrd or the Allman Bros. I don’t know what this sound is supposed to be, but I resent the association with the home turf.

  20. Country music has always been left leaning. Artists, don’t you know. I do listen to old 50-70 country. Most of todays music is mostly whiney poor me manbun (yes FGL had manbuns)junk. This is just more of our socialist education system at work. Not one of todays country singers know about work like , say, Dolly the coal miners daughter. Or prison like Cash and Haggard. David Allen Coe is still a badass.

  21. Dear Dicks..er Dierks and FGM…er, FGL:

    Shut up and sing!

    Better yet, don’t. Sing, that is. Your political opinions are shit and your music is worse.

    When you man-bun wearing posers figure out how to put the O back in your country music then get back to me.

  22. Nashville pop is most assuredly not country music. Waylon and Willie are my favorites, Bill Wills IS still the king, love me some Alabama, and Elvira cracks me up. Austin City Limits used to be a great thing. No longer.

  23. These guys don’t register with me. Who? To me, modern “country” music sounds like ’70s rock with a steel guitar and a fiddle thrown in, with people from elsewhere singing in southern twangs. I agree that their status as celebrity entertainment means nothing as to the validity of their politics. Wrong is wrong. Hope these guys go the same route as the Dixie Chicks (or was that Chickens?).

  24. the dicks sporting goods of the country music industry

    soon to be out out of business for good

    like dennis prager says:

    the left destroys everything it touches

    like what iowahawk says of the left they:

    1. Identify a respected institution.
    2. kill it.
    3. gut it.
    4. wear its carcass as a skin suit, while demanding respect.

  25. I literally live within 2 miles of the Florida Georgia line and I had not heard of the band “Florida Georgia Line” until early last year (less than 2 years ago). Neither have I heard of Dick Bendy (or whatever). That insignificant tidbit aside, I do not credit musicians with any more intelligence or credibility than Hollywierd actors, or the “famous for being famous” crowd of TV and internet morons, or the new crop of Islamic or bar tending congresswomen.

    What I do know is that idiots abound, the leftist media will orgasm over any moron with a twitter following who proclaims that guns are evil. I am also aware that the day the wheels come off of the socialist democrat globalist push for open borders, gun confiscation, and elimination of the bill of rights, is not far off. The two are not unrelated, so I am sincerely not in a tither over either.

    I just keep buying ammo, stocking food, picking up the odd weapon or two, and keeping my old, tired bones limber enough to be ready when the militant leftist idiots do something really violent, really stupid, that requires an active response. Somewhere around that time the Hollywierdos, the leftist musicians, the socialist elites, and their sheeple followers will find themselves in a world of hurt!

  26. 95% of all gun deaths are people that NEED to be dead (gang bangers) and people who WANT (suicides) to be dead.

    Additionally as Japan illustrates, even when the gun count is near-zero they achieved a suicide rate 50% higher than the US.

  27. I’ve said this before and I will say it again. The rich white people will always have machine guns. They will always have rapid fire weapons.
    But the poor are not allowed to have a Bump stock. Even though it was a rich white man who shot up Las Vegas.

    These very well off white entertainers will be protected by private armed security. Their armed guards will not be carrying Hi point pistols. They will have glocks, S&W, or Sigs.

      • There are many in the “gun Community” and on TTAG who came out to support a Bump Stock ban before the NRA said a word, or even President Trump.

        The truth hurts you doesn’t it?

        • Truth hurts?

          What hurts is my ribs from laughing at morons who can’t spell to save their lives, hocking collegiate papers, and repeatedly trying to make some “point”, only to lose it down the rationality shitter by playing the race card.

          Go back to your college and stay there. You’ll seem less retarded in comparison to those around you.

        • I’d also like to know why you feel the need to mention someone’s race in nearly every post, Chris. (Three times in one comment.) Do you honestly believe there are no rich black machine gun owners? Even if there were none (which we both know isn’t the case) what difference would it make what race the rich machine gun owners are?

          Methinks that if you need to mention white people in the majority of your posts… then YOU just might be the racist.

    • “had been 307 mass shootings in the last 311 days in the country.”

      About 280 of them in in Democratic controlled urban areas and committed by minorities, and virtually all by career criminals (more than five arrests); raising the question of what the perpetrators are doing on our streets when they commit mass shootings, or mass stabbings, and not in prison?

      That is why the gun control lobby was first pumping the method of counting that gets 307, and then most of them stopped using it.

      • The gun control Lobby are also big supporters of welfare industrial complex. They’re not supporters of the traditional family. No father in the house to teach children about Firearms. They support replacing the father with a government check.

  28. Celebs, whether politicians, sports figures, singers, actors, etc. all seem to have the narcissistic genes that need to be constantly stroked and preened, along with the mindless worship indulgence of a fan base. You just don’t get invited to all of those parites and events and perks if you don’t tow the line and follow the template. It’s a primary reason that a half-way decent candidate for office morphs into one of our worst nightmares when he/she/it has been turned loose inside the Beltway for a year or so- once there you’ll never see another of us- the unwashed and unenlightened- only the elite and one mentality- “we” know what’s best for everyone else. Ditto a small town entertainer who makes it in “the big city”.

    I know a number of folk around here have no use for her, but Ann Coulter did this pretty well years back with her “Shut Up and Sing” book. Limbaugh also highlights this mentality daily, and it needs to be a must for those of us who still “cling” (remember that one?) to what were always American values and traditions. It’s also why we absolutely must drill them into our children and grandkids regardless of the indoctrination they’ll receive daily in the public ed cesspool. Parents almost need a daily debriefing with their kids and it should not be taken lightly- I worked in public ed for 40 years…

    • More than a few celebrities—probably most—are not particularly well educated. If you find that you have a high level of talent, the lure of performing usually arrives at and competes with the time you’d need to become an educated person. Performing usually wins out. What you get is a person who might be able to electrify a stadium full of fans but who’s understanding of 2nd Amendment rights rests on a 9th grade reading level.

      • what is called a 9th grade reading and comprehension level these days was achieved in far less years at school when they were lucky to go to high school (starts about grade 7 here in australia). in those days they focused on history, maths and english instead of playing as they do now. If you study up there were many who only had what we call a primary school education level in terms of years at school yet had a far better grasp of maths and english than many do today who go through 12 years of school

        • It was the same in the US. If you want to lower the standard or effectiveness of anything, make it mandatory, monopolize it under a government banner, demand a national standard and keep throwing money at the same old crap even when it’s been failing for years.

  29. To Kat:
    If you truly want to be semi professional, you could give some context for the Toms campaign, like a short description or a link. Alternatively, you could always just tell your readers it’s their fault for not already being familiar with the subject.

  30. “they really are like the male Dixie Chicks…” Except for the “male” part.

    And remember – they have to sell music. We don’t have to buy it.

  31. “As a proud gun owner myself, that’s a right and a privilege“ Can something be a right and a privilege? I don’t think he understands what rights are.

  32. Screw off, you fake-ass “country” posers! And take Steve Earle with you! You guys aren’t a tenth of what Ray Price, Ernest Tubbs, Lefty Frizzell, and Bob Wills were.

    Thank God for Willie’s Roadhouse and Outlaw Country on SiriusXM.

  33. Is this supposed to be an actual article?
    I’d suggest going back to school and learning a new trade.

  34. It is a right not a privilege. It cant be both.
    They and anyone else are entitled to their opinion but it is just that, their opinion.
    They are not experts or work in a field relating to firearms or law making politics. It is sad our society has come to this. I thought this was/has been settled a long time ago.
    Please explain what part of “shall not be infringed” is so hard for people to understand??

  35. Tim McGraw is also anti-Second Amendment. Phony defined.
    Oh, just in! Florida Georgia Line has just changed their name to California Oregon Line.

  36. DUH! It’s because of Globalism stupid! If YOU DON’T like it….They’ll send in a “Transpant family of “migrants” to take your place… Because YOU’LL be gone under the Globalist initiative to being in “Replacements…”

  37. Anyone who listens to modern country music deserves to be shot in the first place. Let’s get that out of the way and go to the real discussion.


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