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From Chris Pratt’s fans are ‘disappointed’ that he’s a hunter: ‘I won’t be following you anymore’

“I am a fan of yours,” read one comment. “I like your movies, you’re funny. But I didn’t know you were a hunter. Hunting animals for sport/fun is something I find hard to understand and never will. I know this won’t matter to you or anyone else one bit, but I won’t be following you anymore nor will I pay to see any of your movies. I’m not an activist nor do I get on my high horse much but I am an animal lover and do not believe any animal should be hunted for fun.”

“I’m so disappointed that you hunt,” added a follower.

“You shoot defenseless animals with high-powered rifles?” asked a commenter. “OK. You’ve gone down in my estimations. Shame.”

“No!!! Unfollowing with a heavy heart,” added another dismayed fan, while another commenter said that they “feel sick at the thought of [Pratt] taking an animal’s life.”

Somehow we get the feeling that Pratt has zero f&(<s to give if people don’t like his hunting.

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    • What a stupid stunt. Where the hell can you hunt elk dressed like a terrorist. Archery sure, but that would take talent, and a real pair of camouflage pants.


      • The actual stupid stunts are the snowflakes melting down over him being a hunter. No, he’s not dressed like a terrorist, either, so stop the deliberate and asinine exaggeration. Thanks.


      • A terrorist? He has a face mask. It’s cold in FLORIDA right now, I’m sure in Elk habitat it’s cold enough he needs it to make sure his next role isn’t “Guy with frostbitten face”.

        As for the pants, typically hunters in wet environments (like snow) use overpants.

      • Guessing the only thing you hunt is your Mom to ask when is she going to be fixing dinner. Obviously you are one of the people who pay someone else to do your killing. If the day comes when the SHTF. I’ll be comforted with the fact that your ilk will be amongst the first to starve. Everyone else remember Keep Your Powder Dry…

      • Look at his posting again. He just received the gear. The gloves are still attached to each other. The packaging is still in the background. He’s just trying on a partial outfit and posting for his fans.What is objectionable about that?

      • Uh, I wore a mask like that in my blind last week. And I am not a terrorist. TSA said so.

        I also brought home some tasty meat.

      • I’ve taken many a whitetail, with arrows, flintlocks, and handguns, while wearing jeans and a red flannel shirt. And not just from tree stands either. Just sitting at the foot of a tree for a while is all. One doesn’t need to dress like a soldier to hunt. All that is required is to shit still and shut up. And if you cannot do those, no camo will do it for you. Just try it sometime. Go into the woods, sit down somewhere comfy, and DO NOT move, or twitch, or smoke cigarettes, cough, sneeze, or bounce up and down. Just be still and quiet. Take note of what happens about 15-30 minutes in.
        The camo shit is just a marketing ploy to sell “tacticool” gear to people who desperately want to give some money away, but wants to be fooled into thinking he needs whatever somebody else is selling.

        • Sometimes that’s true, sometimes it’s not. Tame deer are pretty simple to “hunt”, but they aren’t all that tame. Depends entirely on the local game population. After all, native Americans wearing herd animal skins to sneak up on their prey werent selling camo to anyone. They did it to eat.

  1. I find it interesting that all of you vegetarians don’t want to follow
    Chris Pratt anymore. He does, in fact eat meat, and so do I. I have
    heard of racial and religious discrimination, but I have never
    heard of dietetic discrimination.

  2. Oh I’m fairly certain that Chris being out front about JESUS upsets you soyboy’s and puzzyhat’s even more. I don’t see him changing…I’m not a hunter but support his RIGHT to slaughter delicious animals😄

  3. “You shoot defenseless animals with high-powered rifles…” This must have been written by one of those Junior Vegan Rangers who has never seen an elk. Defenseless? SMH.

    • I prefer to shoot my defenseless animals with low power rifles. I shoot deer all the time with 22 shorts just cause I like to see them writhe in pain as they tear hell for leather to the hills. /s

      Or maybe they are just an archery hunter, prejudice against gun hunters. Damn archery hunters, such stuck up SOBs 😛

      • Chris Pratt is obviously an archery hunter. If you watched the video, he mimes releasing an arrow from a bow.
        So, whoever whined about Chris Pratt shooting poor, defenseless Elk with “high-powered rifles” should now be happy to hear that he doesn’t use rifles, he uses a bow and arrow. Right?
        SMH, it makes no difference to the elk either way.

  4. It amazes me that Pratt continues to not only find work, but remains a A-list talent in an industry that hates and attacks Christian conservatives like him with the same level of passionate fervor that it protects the monstrous rapists and pedophiles within its ranks.

    • Really now? Of all the people in the MCU, I thought Star-Lord would be pretty Left-leaning. Chris Evans has severe TDS despite making snarky comments about the Christian God and the Asgardians and being full-on MAGA/#colddeadhands in Civil War, and Tony Stark goes from being more hardcore than the Koch bros in Iron Man 2 to being a gluten-hating, gun-illiterate, #imwithher/#turnemallin d-bag by Iron Man 3.

      • Forget the actors, look at the characters they play. Steve Rogers goes from blind faith in government in First Avenger to skeptic in Winter Soldier to full libertarian in Civil War. Tony Stark goes from full libertarian in Iron Man to doubter in Iron Man 2 to obsessive manic in Iron Man 3 to pro-government control in Civil War. Rogers sees his own patriotism used against him by cynical manipulating politicians, Shield and Hydra, finally the UN. Stark sees his own weapons turned on him, US soldiers and civilians. Then Ultron turns on him and he’s horrified by the never-ending collateral damage that keeps happening.
        They’re both good guys that have seen their best intentions go astray and are now racked with guilt and have flipped their original worldviews, which of course sets up the drama for the final act.

      • He’s definitely not a leftist. The fact that Pratt has an honest-to-God sense of humor should have been a pretty big clue.

        • Your name reminds me of ironicatbest, who disemboweled himself in Japan in fear that he would be deported to the bloody” streets of America

  5. Yet another reason to like Chris Pratt and despise what fww calls “soyboys and puzzyhats.” And I wouldn’t p!ss on Hollyweird if it was burning.

  6. I am not sure how some of these snowflakes ever manage to even leave the house.

    My parents grew up in the 1930’s and if they saw a rabbit while walking home from school that was dinner.

    My mother had photos in her house with me in my late teens with 200 rounds of 7.62 link etc taken before my friends and I went “hunting”. I’m sure lots of TTAG people have similar.

    I really think modern city living and “education” are designed to make these sort of idiots.

    • Speaking as someone who is 22, lower class, a minority, and a college student I can confirm you are right.

      When someone refers to “the system” or “education” I feel the need to correct their rhetoric. It’s correctly pronounced indoctrination.

  7. Wait! I’m a Chris Pratt fan, and I dont care if he’s a hunter.

    I’m also a Chris Evans fan, and I dont care if he’s a liberal PoS.

    I keep my entertainment and my politics separate, even if hollywood can’t do the same

  8. Hunting because you want tasty animals to eat is good.
    Hunting because you get your shits and giggles from killing animals is bad.

    I don’t have a clue who half the actors are when I watch movies, so I really don’t care about their politics. I can name maybe ten actors? About 10…

      • Wasn’t a fan of gun rights channels posting videos of them killing “pests” as a pastime. They sounded psychotic as they laughed and treated it like shooting cans with a BB gun when they were a kid. Reminds me of those kids that torture puppies.

        I think Military Arms Channel tried to post hunting videos, but most followers didn’t like it, so he stopped.

  9. He probably intended on eating them as well. So maybe it isn’t all “for fun.”

    And if it’s for food, these people Should probably put down their roast beef sandwich and stop being tyrants (you need to be like me – or else!)

  10. I like hamburgers and sandwiches. They got to come from somewhere. Yummy in my tummy.

    If you don’t eat your meat, you will have to run in the streets:

  11. He’s being boycotted by Vegans?
    If they won’t watch movies with meat eaters in them, they won’t watch movies.

    Or he’s being boycotted by people with an inferiority complex over having to buy all their meat in foam trays and plastic wrap?

    • Ditto! I second the motion… give it a rest already. Who cares what a bunch of trolls run around babbling out of their pill crazed heads? Can’t stop ’em… so ignore them instead.

  12. I love SJW’s, upset about someone hunting, but willing everyday to contract out their killing in order to enjoy their Big Mac.

    • I have more respect for the true vegan/vegetarian that opposes meat from their own ethical viewpoint than I do for the meat eater that gets his steaks between styrofoam and cellophane and despises me for “killing defenseless animals with high powered rifles”.

      • Hey, that’s me!
        I haven’t eaten meat in 25 years. But I’ve loaned out my rifles for people that want to try hunting. I used to fish and eat what I caught when I was a kid, but I’ve never been a hunter. I have no problems with it, and I’m fine with making meat food for other people, I just don’t feel like eating processed crap and I’m too lazy to hunt.
        I dunno, maybe I’m crazy, but if you’re not able to kill some animal, look it in the eyes while it gasps its last breath, then clean it and prep the meat… you probably shouldn’t be eating any meat. And if you still eat meat but refuse to recognize where it comes from… you’re stupid.

  13. Screw those anti-hunters and slim ball socialists. Chris Pratt got turned on to big game hunting during his early TV career on Everwood from 2003-2007 that was shoot in Utah. His family hunted, but he did not have time as a teenager because of football in the fall that took up a lot of his time he has stated. Nothing wrong with Chris Pratt. Chris Pratt is still a good person that likes to do what he enjoys in his life outside of Hollywood. A lot of Hollywood movie stars hunt, but a lot do not admit it.

  14. I have never heard of Chris Pratt. I’ve heard of Jack Sprat though. I think he liked candles, no that was Jack BeNimble. Oh Jack Sprat he lived 6 pages away from Peter Peterpumpkineater

  15. I remember to always try what a posting I read years ago from some Kalifornia Twinkie told me
    and that was to buy my meat at Safeway so that no animals were hurt. It seems to work quite
    well as I get tasty burgers and such and, at the same time, I don’t lose any sleep.

  16. Oh dear Lord, this is not new. Pratt has never hid the fact that he’s been a life long hunter. I remember reading quotes years ago about him talking about his deer and elk hunting while on the set of Parks & Rec.

    People need to stop living under a rock.

  17. I don’t hunt for the same reason I don’t fish. It’s not because I find it repulsive or evil or anything like that. It just sounds boring to me, which is probably just my ADD. Sitting in the woods for hours waiting on a deer and likely wind up getting nothing seems like a waste of time and mind-numbingly boring. Same with fishing. But that’s not to say I wouldn’t mind going hunting one day. If the opportunity arises, I probably wouldn’t turn it down. Who knows, I might end up loving it and get just as hooked and excited about it as anybody else. But that opportunity to go would have to include any and all gear and weapons needed, because I doubt I would be successful sitting in the woods in blue jeans with my SR9C or 1911. I’d have better luck driving up and down back roads all night in my truck waiting for a deer to run in front of me.

  18. If you’re a full-on vegetarian or vegan, I completely understand your dismay at Chris Pratt hunting animals. But if you eat meat and yet dislike hunting, then you’re a coward. You’re more than comfortable eating meat that was likely harvested from an animal who suffered his whole life, but the thought of an animal being killed in the wild is repugnant to you? Does not compute.

  19. Most of those effing hypocrites chow down KFC and Burger Dong with reckless abandon and don’t give two craps how THOSE animals are culled, but heaven forbid someone hunt to eat, or make use of hide, antler, bone. Screw them hunt on cook well enjoy a full belly, just do it ethically.

  20. They don’t want people to hunt because the second amendment is abt hunting and if no one hunts, no guns for anyone, not even the fudds.


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