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According to multiple reports, a Baytown, Texas cop spotted a woman he knew had outstanding warrants as he was patrolling a local apartment complex. As he tried to arrest her, she resisted.

According to KHOU,

Police said a struggle ensued, forcing the officer to use his Taser on the woman. As he was attempting to take her into custody, the suspect managed to get control of the Taser, and she allegedly used it on the officer. The officer then pulled his gun and shot the woman at least once. has this from one if the investigating officers:

(Baytown Police Lieutenant Steve) Dorris added, “The officer contacted the female and attempted to arrest her at which time a struggle ensued, forcing the officer to deploy his department issued Taser at the female. It appears that as the officer was then attempting to handcuff the female she was able to gain control of his Taser and turned it on the officer, Tasing the officer, which forced the officer to draw his duty weapon and fire multiple rounds at the female, striking her at least once.”

Here’s Dorris’ statement to the media:

Watch the video of the shooting here:

It’s difficult to make out exactly what’s happening as the two figures appear mostly in silhouette. The woman who’s on her back seems to be holding the Taser and avoiding the officer’s attempts to get it back from her.

Here’s the AP’s report . . .

BAYTOWN, Texas (AP) — A Texas police officer fatally shot a woman moments after she seemed to say “I’m pregnant” in an altercation captured on video.

The shooting happened late Monday in Baytown, about 25 miles (40 kilometers) east of Houston. Baytown Police Lt. Steve Dorris said the officer was patrolling an apartment complex and attempted to arrest the 45-year-old woman, whom the officer had previously dealt with, because he knew she had outstanding warrants.

Dorris said the officer, an 11-year veteran of the police department, opened fire after the woman grabbed the officer’s Taser and used it against him.

In the video, the woman is heard saying “You’re actually harassing me” and “I’m actually walking to my house.” The woman is on the ground and appears to reach toward the officer when she seems to be heard saying “I’m pregnant.” Moments later he fires five shots, killing her.

The woman’s name has not been released, pending notification of her family. Police said they could not confirm whether she was pregnant and that an autopsy will determine that. He said the officer did not suffer serious injuries.

“It’s a tragic event for everybody involved,” he said. “Of course, our hearts go out to the family of the deceased as well as our officer.”

Dorris said police were aware of the video circulating on social media and that investigators want to talk to the person who took the video, because he or she was a witness to the shooting.

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    • That’s an easy judgement. Don’t fight the police, you probably won’t get shot. So easy even a caveman can do it.

      • “son wtf”

        had time to put that in the video so it must be legit police brutality. amiright? You can reserve judgement all you want, she resisted hard AF and even got away. When a taser failed, the next option for defense was presented. Could have easily been avoided.

        I do not BLINDLY support police or waive my rights at them either… but when it’s shit like this, they have my support. This is the type of resisting that will get you killed, and it did. If you are ACTUALLY within your rights, then exercise them.

    • How dare you not jump to faux rage on this issue before we know all the facts! Wanting all the information before making a decision….what has social media come to!

  1. Prior arrest record, multiple warrants, and a schizo patient on medication resisting arrest and assaulting an officer – and possibly pregnant. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  2. “Don’t tase me bro” er…not enufinfo. Sad if the cop killed a baby😩

    • Fetus was clearly innocent, so was this murder? Or can we agree that argument is stupid?

      • If she is preggy then yeah, copy killed the baby. You can try and say guilt is on the breeder chick all day long but at the end of the day, the cop pulled the trigger and the buck stops with him.

        • NOPE. It’s the mom’s fault. Doing stupid things while pregnant is negligent behavior. Drinking or doping or attacking police while pregnant are harmful to your baby. IF there really was a baby, given the criminal behavior and attitude of the mother, society is probably better off without that child.

        • Judging the unborn for the actions of the parent, damn, that is pretty low. One person’s belligerent or otherwise, does not cause bullets fire themselves, it doesn’t cause tasers to operate, someone had to have their hand on it, and that was the cop.

          If I, justified or not, shot some pregnant chick for slapping me and her kid died, I would more than likely be charged with murder. It wouldn’t matter what the opinon of the law says, how much legal code you cite, or what societies opinion is, it would still ultimately be me that pulled the trigger. You can’t change that.

      • Well, it is a factor for the DA and/or jury. Texas is not the “cluster of cells” type of people, but they are not fond of black people or people who don’t follow orders.

        • @GS650G

          Texas is a mostly white state and most of those people are not for abortion. The non white populations are mostly for abortion. So… I was talking about white people in Texas. I didn’t say all Texans. And we know most people who do jury duty are not black.

          I thought it would be self explanatory…

      • Larry in Texas hates babies. He always chimes in on the side of murdering socialists.

    • So she had an outstanding warrant, he goes to legally place her into custody and you applaud he for resisting? You’re a moron. Most likely a fat, bearded, “patriot” with a complete and total disconnect to reality you useless fuck

      • Why wouldn’t you resist being arrested? Someone is trying to take your freedom legally or not. It’s the most bullshit charge imaginable.

      • These days being arrested for any reason may very well be a death sentence. Corruption is limitless in police stations.

      • “If ye love wealth better than liberty,
        the tranquility of servitude
        better than the animating contest of freedom,
        go home from us in peace.
        We ask not your counsels or your arms.
        Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you.
        May your chains set lightly upon you,
        and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”
        -Sam Adams
        “Kiss my ass…”

      • I think the Russians hacked my sarc tag. Either that, or Trump did it. Either way, America was robbed of my greatness.

  3. I’m a little confused and I hope new facts will resolve that. A taser will only fire once then the cartridge has to be replaced. However, once the leads have struck a suspect a second charge can be administered. Each charge can be up to 5 seconds. Also, you can “dry tase” a suspect by removing the cartridge, pressing the taser against the skin and pulling the trigger. Much the way the old stun guns worked. So, if the officer had already tased the suspect and she gained control of the taser and pulled the trigger a second time she would tase herself. Again. In the video I heard the taser fire. I did not appear to have any effect. There can be several reasons for this. He simply missed, clothing interfered with the prongs, etc. Bottom line is; until a new cartridge is put on that taser it’s no threat to anyone. For the officer’s sake I hope that isn’t true. Oh, if every female I arrested was pregnant that claimed to be there would be thousands more children in my county.
    Disclaimer: All of the above is predicated on no major changes in taser technology since I retired five years ago.

    • Depends on the model and cartridge. Most of the modern ones (last 5 years) have a double shot ability. But as a prior LEO yourself there Gadson you know this is all based on budget and policy .

      • Hopeislost, clarify something for me. When you say it will fire twice; do you mean it will fire two separate sets of leads? Because tasers have always been able to deliver two separate charges, but only through the one cartridge, then you have to “reload.”

    • You can still drive stun someone with the x2, even after deployment. They maintain a contact and can be used to bridge the gap if you’ve got a partial strike.

      They’ve also got two carts, can deploy twice.

      Other CEDs maintain diodes as well on the muzzle of the device, meaning you can always drive stun someone with them. Tasers have come a long way.

      • Guys, I called a friend who is a certified taser instructor. According to Bob there is a “double barrel” taser today. Fire one set of leads, fire a second set if needed without changing cartridges. If that’s what happened in this case the LEO is probably golden.

        • I am not a big fan of them. It’s cold here 9 months a year so unless you have the extra long spikes the reliability is questionable at best. Along with baton, radio, O/C, Cuffs , Magazine holder, flash light holder, tourniquet and pistol we are running out real estate on our belts (chest mounted gear is not authorized).

    • Tasers have a drive stun ability, allowing them to work as a handheld stungun after they’ve fired their probes.

      It’s absolutely a deadly threat when you account that the debilitating effect can allow an attacker to access an officer’s firearm.

      However when you have two officers vs one suspect, that threat is greatly reduced.

  4. “forcing the officer to deploy his department issued Taser at the female”
    He tased her or had it in his hand? Would he be able to tase her and she can grab it and tase him back? How do these things work?

  5. Why would our hearts go out to her family, she was wanted by the authorities, she didn’t follow orders from the authorities, she attacked the authorities, & your hearts go out to her ? What if she had got the cops real gun instead of the taser? Then it would be the cops fault for profiling her,,, gimme a break,,, live like a thug , die like a thug…🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫 your dead.

    • You just love kissing that “authority” boot don’t you?
      The cop initiated this encounter and used deadly force twice. If the taser is not deadly force, then he had no business shooting her. Citizens have the right to defend themselves against out of control cops. And I have never seen any cop who was not out of control.

      • LOL, right,wrong makes no difference. If you fight with the cops there’s a good chance you’re getting shot. Being in the right doesn’t make you bulletproof. Take the ride, sit on your ass until you get bail. Sucks,but better than being dead.

      • Chris, the officer initiated contact because the suspect had open warrants. Let’s just suppose those warrants were the result of a crime in which you, or a loved one, were the victim. Would you have that officer just drive on? If he had I have the feeling you would be screaming, “He didn’t arrest the suspect because the HOT sign was on at Dunkin’ Doughnuts!” Cop haters are pathetic.

        • GF, mallory lost any credibility he had here long ago. If he believes half of what he types he’s likely in a secure facility. Of the mental health type.

        • Could be warrants for tickets or victim less crimes.

          There is a law for almost everything now. In some places you have to use someone’s preferred pronoun.

        • Manse Jolly, Dunkin’ Doughnuts/Krispy Kreme whatever. If I’ve ever set foot in either one I don’t remember it. After all, the closest of either is 30 miles away. Besides, I don’t like sweets. User1, tickets and minor charges generally get a summons mailed or served to you. No arrest. If the officer recognized the suspect and was aware of the warrants it was probably something more serious than a photo enforced red light violation. Remember, if you don’t want an unpleasant confrontation with law enforcement don’t break the law. We won’t give you a second glance. (Despite what the cop haters say.) If you break the law and get caught, do what you’re told. No one wants to write a Use of Force Report. They are a MAJOR pain in the ass. If you didn’t break the law still do what you’re told. You may match the description the asswipe that kidnapped the ten year old girl a half hour ago. We’ll get things straightened out with your cooperation. Not your resistance.

        • Gadsen and User1.

          She had 3 arrest warrants to be exact, with one being for felony assault with bodily injury. That’s not the person you let walk away, especially if they are close to home where they can arm up, dig in, or assault others.
          Its is, however, female or not, the person you call for help with.

        • Gadsen Flag
          “If you didn’t break the law still do what you’re told.”
          Most of the time, I’d agree with you, but sometimes cops are rapists and murderers too. It’s hard to forget the Oklahoma City police officer convicted of multiple counts of rape. He pulled women over, or stopped them in primarily low income neighborhoods, raped them, and threatened to murder them if they told. 17 women came forward, I think he was convicted on 8 of them, and got over 200 years of prison time, eventually. You better believe I’ve taught my daughters that, no matter what that badge looks like, if someone tries that with you, shoot them in face. A bunch.

        • JW, I get it. Have a daughter that I recently gave to another man. I taught many women to shoot. I always told them. You get lit up in an isolated area, turn on your hazard flashers and drive to a well lit occupied AO. First to admit not all LEOs are good guys.

        • What if you or one of your family members is killed due to their resisting an illegal arrest? See, I can do it too. How about the Vietnam vet, his wife and their dog that was MURDERED by cowardly weasels serving a no-knock warrant in the early A.M. People hate cops because the supposedly “good” cops don’t do a goddamn thing to the bad ones. They don’t give a second glance to them. Also, to say that some cops won’t give you a second glance and will not harass you unless you break the law is laughable. Cops harass the hell out of people daily and for you to say something so asinine further invalidates your arguments. City cops sit on state highways and ticket people for going a few miles over and arbitrary number. Actually, JWM, GF has lost any and all credibility that he may have had when he repeated the assertion that we cannot critique cops unless we are cops. He has said that on numerous occasions. Government employees shouldn’t be armed. Cops shouldn’t be on patrol and should only respond to calls from a selected location. Like firemen. We have the NFA, GCA, Hughes Amendment, and numerous other unconstitutional laws being illegally forced upon us by socially accepted vigilantes with a government paycheck. We’re not effectively disarmed because of those laws, but because of the criminals with badges that enforce them. After all, they’re just following orders, right? The only constitutionally valid form of an LEO is a US Marshal and an elected sheriff that serves without pay.

        • Also, don’t take my first sentence to mean that I think that this was an unlawful arrest, under the scope of the law. Speeding is technically against the law, but it is a victimless crime and therefore shouldn’t be a crime to begin with. All these assholes are doing is stealing people’s money because they are following orders. Legalized theft. Perhaps not the best example for my assertion that cops don’t harass you if you don’t break the law, yet still valid. We don’t need more cops, we need much less. What we do need is people who can take care of themselves and not rely on a stranger to fend for them.

        • He made tactical mistakes that are malpractice. While she was certainly in the wrong , he’s supposed to be a trained professional not a reactionary controlled by a crazy meth head. He should have waited to go hands on until he had more bodies there. If he couldn’t get more bodies he should have let her walk, she had warrants( likely for prostitution , traffic or public intox) it’s not like she was some dangerous felon.

        • Bunnies, nope, felony assault with bodily injury. She was, in fact, the very definition of a dangerous felon.

      • “And I have never seen any cop who was not out of control.”

        Really? This is such a laughable statement I can’t believe I’m replying to it.

        Mr. Flag is correct about this. Cops have a legal and societally assumed power to do certain things. That power is vested in them by said society. Does that power get abused? Of course, and there are remedies for that, but I would highly doubt that every cop you’ve ever seen was “out of control” unless the only police you’ve ever seen are on a very specific set of YouTube videos.

        Are there situations where you can legally resist the police? Yup. Call up an attorney and they’ll explain that to you in rather great detail what those situations are, what you can do and how to legally insulate yourself against being charged with anything/set yourself up to be found not guilty if you are charged with something. Does this mean that the cops know this or will readily allow it? No.

        In the case of outstanding warrants there are no situations where “legal resistance” is an option. This isn’t a case with a rando pulled over on the side of the road and a cop powertripping because he doesn’t like them or got in a fight with his wife this morning. This lady had warrants. Maybe they’re traffic warrants and maybe that’s a bad thing but it’s not on the cop who, once he realized her identity and that she had such warrants, had a legal duty to detain her once so she could answer the warrants in court.

        Something to consider in this case: We can’t really see exactly what happens. However, if there’s a situation where she has the ability to incapacitate the cop and the cop is acting legally at that point then lethal force is both legal and justified.

        You don’t have to wait for someone to stomp you into unconsciousness to shoot them very specifically because once they knock you out you’re defenseless and they can do whatever they want. The law provides for this kind of situation being met with force that may reasonably expected to be lethal for this very reason.

      • Her prior behavior was such that warrants were issued. She initiated this. I was next to a cop in line today and I didn’t get tazed and arrested because I don’t have a warrant.


        Don’t get in that situation and you’re likely ok. Understand nlw?

      • Arc, society as a whole did. Of course, there’s always a few wingnuts that didn’t get the memo.

    • Her motherly instincts are strong. Right up there with threat assessment.
      Adrenaline freak out plus constant escalation by the officer or she’s just a nut.

    • ““I’m pregnant!”

      *fights with, tases cops*”

      Saying, “I’m pregnant!!!”, is the Get Out of Jail Free card with these type of people. There is about a 99.99% chance there was no crotch fruit in her womb

  6. Saw this on the morning news. Cop zapps women. Women zapps cop. Cop shoots women.
    Id say said cop has a self identity issue. If cop felt his life was at issue. Said cop shouldn’t be a cop.

    • Jay, the thing is, an officer carries a gun; the perp knows he has a gun. If the officeris tasered or pepper sprayed the gun can be taken away from him and used on the officer.

      Good shoot.

      • Nope.
        From what I saw he wasn’t in eminent danger. No little pregnant women, tasser that didn’t work or not was going to over power him. He has a minimum of 4 defensive weapons on him. Gun, taser, baton, pepper spray. More then likely 5 including a backup. The gun should be last resort.
        But he is a cop after all and will get away with it.
        In my yuth Ive been in a wrestling match or 2. I carry a gun 20/24/7 and have for 40+ years. I never felt I had a need to draw it.
        Not over a fight I was in anyway.

  7. It will be interesting to see how this one plays out but I do have to wonder why this officer had so much trouble physically subduing this woman to begin with. I’m assuming he has had a plethora of training at the expense of the tax payer, the tools (batons, tasers etc.) and the woman didn’t seem to be putting up that hard of a fight up until the moment she was tased, so why couldn’t this male officer (with a size and strength advantage) take her to the ground and put her in cuffs. Is he not physically up to the task? No hand to hand skills? Ferguson effect? Im left wanting more information on how the events progressed that lead up to deadly force being used. Whether or not it was justified will be decided in the courts most likely. Im just believing that it didn’t have to escalate to this level.

    • His silhouette makes him look short and fat, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s unfit but when added to the fact he doesn’t seem calm and authoritative in the confrontation it’s not how you’d want a person in his position to carry themselves. If she wasn’t a mentally ill person maybe he could have handled it better. Who knows? Lots of unknowns.

    • Donte, women can fight too. Some of them are damn good at it. I arrested a woman for two counts of domestic battery for beating the shit of her husband and adult daughter. At the same time. When I arrived it took all three of us to subdue her so I could get the cuffs on her. No backup available. Not the only time something similar happened.

  8. The officer lost control, of the situation, the woman and himself. It’s hard to see what actually happened but it’s obvious he didn’t do it well.

  9. Police say that tasers are “non-lethal”.

    According to that claim, she wasn’t an existential threat in any way.

    So, which is it?

    • Tasers can kill. Have done so plenty of times. It’s like pretending a nightstick or chokehold can’t kill. Who wants to win the less lethal lottery? Old timey beatings are cheaper to deploy. Electrocuting people will eventually disappear as a law enforcement tool.
      Anyway, I thought everyone knew that the penalty for disobeying cops is death. Seems pretty clear to me. Time to go pledge allegiance.

      • Train these old fat guys in MMA so they can do their job better and lose all that beer belly. If you got a dad bod you should find a suitable job for it.

        • That and go back to hiring people over 6ft tall with the right physical skills like some departments long ago. I rather sue a PD over a black eye from a psycho wrongful arrest than have my family sue over my death. They keep modernizing policing strategies and ending up with the same results or worse.

        • Genius! Let’s see, we need very fit males between 18 and 50, over 6′ tall, with considerable knowledge of martial arts.
          Do the math. That’s about half a percent of the population. Get ready to shell out about $250k per officer, because those dudes are going to name their price.

        • 18-50, male, over 6′ tall and with significant martial arts training… that’s like 5% of the population at best.

          For a job few really want… $250K might be the floor.

        • “Get ready to shell out about $250k per officer”

          Some places in california/NY/NJ are already there.

        • @jw & strych Lol Maybe check out the average height of American males. 6ft males aren’t in short supply. And nobody is talking black belts, at least that wasn’t what I was talking about. 250k? LMAO for a 6ft male who could pass basic training and learn some combative techniques? The problem isn’t finding those physically able it’s finding those willing to take the risk. Right on target with the comment on job few want Strych. High risk low reward. No enlistment bonuses either in most areas(that I’ve heard of.) I think the guy from Ferguson had to pay his own way through their state academy. Never even heard of that before.

          J – Nypd even with that high COL has very low wages to start. You can’t even live in the city for what they pay. Atlanta metro and Georgia troopers were getting low ball starting salaries as of 5-10 years ago. Had trouble meeting recruitment levels. When they switched things up in NYC it changed the way the PD looked.
          As of 2017 – zippia dotcom/advice/police-salary-by-state/
          With tons of ot and a decade or more under your belt some guys are making low 6 figures. That some isn’t a majority at all.

        • Bubba:

          So, I looked up the stats, 14.5% of the American male population is over 6′.

          I don’t think JWT is far off though.

          Currently there are, on the high end of estimates 850,000, sworn non-federal LEO’s in this country right now, thats 0.2% of the current population. And now we have to remove all the women, all the fatties, all the non-martially arts trained and all the men under six feet from a population already half of what JWT suggests.

          According to PoliceOne, 40% of the current force ranks as “obese”. Not overweight, obese According to the FBI 80% of officers are overweight as of right now.

          Under the proposal above you’re going to cut the current police force by 80% and THEN remove all the remaining short men and the women and all the men without some level of martial arts training which, while I can’t prove it, I’m going to guess is a big fraction of the 20% you have remaining.

          Regardless, cutting out just the overweight people means you’re down to 20% of 0.2, which is 0.005% of the overall population. Now 80% of the force need to be replaced with a group of men only who, at best, are 14.5% of the population, and for a job you’re effectively going to have to bribe them to take. That’s some scarcity right there.

          So, based on the current reality there is no reason to think that JWT is wrong. Off a bit maybe, but probably not outside the ballpark.

        • @strych
          Holy f@&$ at 40% of cops being obese. I’ve seen 5’1 280lb female deputies but 40% is a national emergency.
          I’ll counter with allowances for 5’10 and over men and women exemptions 😉 Some forces could use staff reductions.
          Hand to hand training could be gained in academy. Just make it continuing education with periodic qualifications like firearms. We don’t want Officer Connor McGregor but we need someone physically competent.
          But hey maybe I’m thinking about this wrong. How about an all obese female police force? Then run those numbers up from 850k to 2million. Nationwide $40k salary a year and free weekly Olive Garden lunch. No HS diploma required. Think of it as a million nagging obnoxious A10s vs a few hundred F-35s. Make Oprah or Rosie O’Donnell Chief.

    • “Police say that tasers are “non-lethal”.

      According to that claim, she wasn’t an existential threat in any way.

      So, which is it?”

      If the officer is tasered and incapacitated, the criminal that did it now has access to a gun. Now do you see the existential threat?

  10. “forcing the officer to use his Taser”

    yeah, he was “forced”. Nothing to see here, move on or we might be “forced” to do the same to you.

  11. From what I can tell, she was shot after the cop got away from the taser. He lit her up. Seems a lot like anger and frustration.

    He may have wrapped the line around his arm then let go of the taser when he got a little shock. That isn’t unheard of in this kind of situation. When in close drive stun is what people usually do instead of using the probes so they don’t get tangled during a struggle. Remember that tasers have a limited cycle for shocking; LE versions are 5 seconds max. If she was taking the taser away rather than him dropping it, he could have put it on safe to stop the cycle, which means he likely didn’t have to shoot like he did.

    It sound like the lady said she was pregnant and he didn’t tell her why she was being arrested. I don’t know what that department’s policy is for tasing pregnant women.

    I know of a Texas department that no longer uses tasers because their officers rely on them for everything and end up less prepared for situations where they can’t use a taser, which leads to them shooting people.

    Either way. The guy can’t do the job well. He’s not even in shape. Likely a low standards department — it is Texas.

    If the department is honest and factors in the taser’s capabilities within this particular situation, they will end up firing the cop and the union will complain. Then the DA won’t charge him because very few people will know the nuances of the struggle. If anything, what likely will happen is the cop remains employed and some people do a little protest for a bit.

  12. The REAL problem here as with MOST Welfare [BLEEP] is Govt Social Engineering.

    These ‘people’ have no job skills as they have been supported all of their lives on Govt subsidies of one kind or another.

    In the latest round of this Social Engineering Masterpiece, Ghetto Trash has been moved all over the country into nice White neighborhoods at taxpayer expense. RENT FREE, of course. Then employers have been granted HUGE tax credit for hiring felons, people of color, and the chronically unemployed.

    This was ALL started under the Administration of George Bush the lesser. At leaste in my area, which is now loaded with Apartment Complexes full of them and Illegal Aliens as well, crime has increased dramatically accompanied by business closings.

    The Police do not go into these areas or apartment complexes without an ‘entry team’, just like in LA and Baltimore.

    • “Ghetto Trash has been moved all over the country into nice White neighborhoods at taxpayer expense.”

      Nope, no poor white folk in those ghetto or in those low income housing projects just ghetto trash as you put it.


      Thanks for confirming the anti-gunners claims that many of the POTG are racist.

      • Low income housing is always full of society’s failure (you don’t end up in public housing because you’re a rocket scientist). I have lived next to all forms of public housing. They all suck. The ghetto savages are a larger problem than their white trash brethren though as they have a particular affinity for violent crime.

        The small midwestern city I live in only has a couple areas where shootings and armed robberies are a regular occurrence. Those are where the “diversity” that was imported from crime ridden Democratic cities reside in government housing. The criminals perpetrating the crimes are all of the “diversity” demographic as well. All this dovetails nicely with every set of statistics we have regarding who commits what crimes in the US. So sorry reality doesn’t match your ideology. That must chafe a bit.

  13. Ban TASERS! Nobody needs a high voltage electrical assault weapon.

    Leave the weapons of war on the battlefield!

  14. Play supid games, win stupid prizes. If the dumb bitch was pregnant, that cop spared the kid a lifetime of misery in a section 8 housing project and then probably prison.

    ……but im sure he or she wouldve cured cancer……

  15. hmmm, doesn’t look good. That was pretty pathetic. It was obvious that the taser was not shocking him, that the barbs did not stick in him. He for sure was not scared for his life. He saw an opportunity for a legal murder and took it.

  16. A suspect gaining control of a potentially incapacitating weapon- taser, baton, MAYBE pepper spray (depending on the physical characteristics of the suspect) elevates the situation to one of deadly force. Legally it’s not much of a question. She should have tried her lucky just running away, then it would have been illegal to shoot her.

  17. The bitch was NOT pregnant. She said she was, she was not. What she WAS, was batshit crazy and stupid.

  18. I hate seeing these stories anywhere..
    It didn’t have to go down like this, imeo.’
    EXAMPLE: I was working on an acute mental health ward one evening back 89, when two very large amazon type women were each pacing up and down the hallway, one was hearing voices, the other just ambling around, passing by one another, my senses told me this could be a problem if they accidentally bump into one another. Both women were pushing 300 pounds each and over six feet tall, as we did vitals and health documentation every weekend, protocol. Well, just as I thought that, they crashed together, one was Caucasian and one native American, only myself and the psych charge nurse on duty at the present time. Immediately, a battle of swinging haymakers and hair pulling started. I was able to convince the coherent patient to run back to her room and then I stood in her place, as the other patient, who was very angry turned her violence on me and began to rosy my face. Several strong blows to my face, but not serious pinpoint strikes, so I was ok and manipulated her backwards, went up and under her arm, judo throw to the floor and landed on top of her without as much as leaving a scratch on her. After the nurse called the color CODE over the intercom, that means everyone comes running to help that’s close by, the nurse pounced upon the patient’s midsection to assist me in holding her down. Nobody died..
    I got to go home early that night, with pay, after the paperwork of course.
    Just another day on the job folks!

  19. I think she is guilty, herself, most likely she was drunk. The video clearly shows how she had attacked the police officer, and after that, the fight broke out and the police officer was forced to take measures and responed.

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