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Here’s the everyday carry ensemble from a prepped Washington State corrections officer from Everyday Carry.

At first, I thought he had his GLOCK 43 single-stack 9mm custom stippled. Turns out it’s Handleitgrips Gun Grip Tape Wrap for GLOCK 43. Not even $12! And he’s got the same stuff on his Kershaw “Blur” blade. He must like it.

Good on him for carrying an extra mag, a couple of lights (one out of the view of this cropped photo – go to Everyday Carry for the complete picture) – and a SOFTT-W tourniquet. I don’t carry a tourniquet myself on my person, but have one in the map pocket in my cars and in my shoot-me-first vest.

Anyone else in the peanut gallery carry a tourniquet on a daily basis? Or use that grip tape? I’ve always wondered how well the stuff stands up to the rigors of carry and use.

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  1. The Blur comes with a textured, grippy pattern already inlaid in the scales…what you see in the photo is not an added tape or coating, but, the original factory finish.

    In the Service we had a saying…”JAFO” – Just Another F***ing Officer…in honor of TTAG, I changed the acronym to “JAFG” – Just Another F***ing Glock.

    (a little something to stir up the fanbois)

    • Tom,

      Have you considered adding a second CAT (TCCC approved) to your IFAK? They are reasonably inexpensive nowadays, take up little extra room and can either provide for treating multiple injuries or, in the case of a femoral artery injury, can provide a stacked (two CAT) approach to achieve positive control over a hard to stop arterial bleeder.

      • I have the knife, great product, comes with grip as shown. I would buy another for my go bag, but cannot find one.
        Looking for a tourniquet, any recommendations of places to buy?
        I wonder why gun stores don’t sell them.
        Oh great gun as well

  2. TQ, chest seal, duct tape, clotting gauze, Spyderco rescue knife and a flashlight designed to help when checking vital signs. I carry more stuff in my go bag, but this stuff goes where ever I go. -30-

  3. I carry a recon tournequet in my bluestone vest.

    My 43 has a rubber, grippy talon decal grips. None of my other carry guns need it.

    In fact, it’s not enough on the 43. I’m probably going to a hogue beavertail sleeve for a little extra girth.

    • You want a small pistol, but you’re going to make it bigger? Just buy a bigger pistol.

      • He doesn’t want a bigger gun, he wants a sligtly bigger grip. A $15 sleeve is cheaper than a bigger and heavier gun.

        • Correct. Slightly thicker so my palm is actually gripping something.

          Pit one one my wifes to keep too much of her finger from extending through the trigger.

          I found I liked it too

      • The 43s grip is not wide enough to grip well.

        They should have made it as wide as the 43 X to start.

        Then it would probably have held 8 rounds.

        And what I wanted was a small pistol not as blocky as a 26.

        Glock almost got it right.

        I also put T Grip adapters on my revolvers. That doesn’t really make them bigger either.

        When I want a bigger gun that is still slim, i carry my Glock 48. It has a bigger grip and all my finger fit on it.

  4. Good ammo choice.

    Since I now am fairly well forced to carry a murse, yes to the TQ and other medical gear like chest seals and combat gauze. I’ve been carrying those things for years any time I had a bag anyway.

    Griptape, IMHO, is for skateboards. TQ’s hold up fine to daily carry. With CATs be careful about sales on CAT TQ’s. Often the “good deals” for cheap are Chicom knock offs that will break. NAR makes quality CATs and you can often find them for around $25/each or $50 for a two pack. Sometimes a bit cheaper.

    A two pack for $15? Knockoff. Just light your money on fire, at least you’ll get some pretty colors.

  5. Looking at this person’s past EDC compared to his recent, it appears he’s figured out what really works for him. This is useful; it’s kinda like a long term review, and you can see some surface wear.
    As for TQ’s, is an arm or leg more likely to be hit than the torso that some folks body carry only a TQ? Might as well carry a full gunshot trauma kit like Michael and Strych9, yeah? My CAT TQ’s are in my truck (along with Quik clot, Isreali Bandage, Hyfin Chest seals…) and my portable IFAK that goes in my “Dad, carry my crap” sling bag or range bag.
    As for grips, I have sweaty hands and I AIWB carry 90% of the time, so I have rubber grip tape (Talon, Handleitgrips, and Foxx) on all my handguns.

    • A compact pressure dressing and clotting gauze take up as much space as a wallet in a pocket.

      • Yeah, a 4″ IB in it’s vacuum seal bag is pretty small. In a pinch, with some tape you can make the outer package bit into a butterfly style chest steal too.

    • If carrying it is worth it to you is a question of what you do and where you go. If you drive a lot leaving it in a car makes sense because that’s the most likely place you’d need it. If you regularly go somewhere that’s a magnet for shitheads you might want it there too.

      I started carrying that kind of stuff when I was in school because Virginia Tech.

      I kept up the habit because a lot of times that I go to the range it’s on a lark and when are you most likely to see a GSW? Probably at the range because that’s where the most bullets are flying. That carrying habit for the range got reinforced hard when I shot a guy at a CCW qualification class. One of my rounds slingshotted around from an improperly designed/maintained backstop, came back about 25 feet to my right and smacked a guy in the chest. Fortunately all it did was give him a nasty bruise and the need to change his shorts but it could have been far worse.

      • It happens. Is called Lead Splatter in my area.

        I have a flattened .45 that hit me on the side of my lower leg years ago.

        Keep it on computer desk as nic nack.

    • I work at a hospital, majority of GSWs I see are to the leg, make sure the CAT fits your thigh

  6. DOC huh, well tell me this. Why won’t a corrections officer tell you what time it is, they’ve got a pocket watch complete with straps for attaching to your wrist, and they’ve even gor it attached I seen it when they shoved dog food through the bean hole. But you ask them nicely” Hey, what time is it?”( serving 48 hours a guy wants to kno). What do you get,,”Uh I wouldn’t know what time it is” WTF are you stupid or you just can’t tell me.

    • Actually yes, they don’t tell you for a reason. Federal/State/local policies vary, but it’s help counter inmate coordination, escapes, and manipulation. In lower custody prisons and county jails, you don’t really see that as much, so it’s likley that officer(s) formerly worked at a higher level facility.

  7. Was an EMT. Was a Medic for a time in the NG. I feel I can improvise the necessary till EMS arrives. I do carry basic first aid in the truck. The BG can bleed out for all I care. I don’t go to the range on the weekend when it is busy. I go week days and usually no one is there but me. County provided “public” range. Free to seniors and vets.

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