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TTAG previously reported that Facebook removed the Everytown for Gun Safety main page. I spoke with the page’s administrator, a 27-year-old NRA instructor and he called the NRA in regards to his page. The NRA legal team sought him out and advised him to take the page down. Now One Million Moms Against Gun Control and Gun Rights Across America are attempting to gain control of the page and keep it going. This was not a case of Facebook censorship, but the admins decision due to fear of a lawsuit from someone that has lots of money and a crack legal team at his disposal . . .

Both groups directly spun up many similar pages and the idea went viral. In true grass roots fashion hundreds of individuals from across the country ran with the idea. It was truly a crowd sourced effort. We know of at least 150 pages that our group spun up directly, but concerned and responsible gun owners flooded Facebook with hundreds more. They then began checking in on the state pages.

While the main page that started it all might be offline for now, the name Everytown for Gun Safety is being painted in the correct light in social media. Our pages are open for discussion on the topics of gun safety. Safe storage, instruction, and use of firearms. Both groups feel this is an important topic for everyone. It is also the true definition of gun safety.

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    • I was thinking we could all start a bunch of “Everytown” sites, just make them like, “Everytown against Bloomberg” or “Everytown against gun control” or “Everytown against Obamacare”, hell, how about a “Everytown for drunk BBQ on the weekends”, Just throw millions of these out there without actually using Bloomhitler’s original name. That way no need to worry about legal expenses because its clearly a different name, while still sending a strong message.

      • This is brilliant but, how about showing the general public that other things than guns are really the killers and the press has it all wrong. Guns get all the headlines but actually kill less people than cars, pools and so forth so:
        everytown for pool safety
        everytown for car safety
        everytown for lawnmower safety
        everytown for kitchen knife safety
        everytown for slippery bathroom safety
        everytown for hammer safety
        everytown for dog walking safety
        everttown for influenza safety Etc…

      • Except they haven’t secured Trademark Protections yet. And since this would become an example of prior use by pre-dating the Trademark filing it could probably survive the legal process.

        Even if they could win, don’t know if they could *afford* the legal process, that is a different consideration.

        • And it would heap even more scorn and ridicule on their effort, since world+dog would view it as David vs. Godzilla.

        • Unless the media paints it as mean ol’ moneybags NRA conspirators attacking good concerned citizen Mike and Watts. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

        • Usage of a trademark isn’t legally held to be separate and/or specific to facebook or any one “thing” unless the two opposing companies are in vastly different businesses (like a dry cleaner using the same name as a donut company) where the two names are not likely to be confused by a consumer. The fact that bloomberg coined the name publicly before the guy opened the facebook page is enough that a court would give bloomberg the rights to the trademark. Not to mention the guy openly admitted that he put the site up to spite bloomberg. Don’t get me wrong, bloomberg and his ilk are a bunch of a$$wipes, but the NRA was right to tell the guy to drop the page, because he would have likely incurred a serious financial loss if he’d tried to fight to keep it.

    • Facebook can’t do that. It would violate their own legal agreement with their users. I’d love it though, it would be like giving Bloomberg a free house… full of hornets.

  1. Nice going NRA, way to be proactive on battling an organization aimed specifically at you – “we wouldn’t want to upset them” is basically their response.

  2. Yes, lets cower in the face of the enemy and take down a very clever and upsetting response to them. People, your never going to keep your rights without having a little backbone. This is embarrassing.

    A note on lawsuits, someone tried to sue my dad for like 10 years, and they eventually just gave up, because they could never serve him. He’s a real slick SOB.They have to serve you face to face, they cant do it over phone or mail, He never, ever answered the door for anyone, and was unable to track down in public. Now it helped that he was an over the road truck driver and was rarely ever home to begin with, and always on the move. I know most people aren’t in a position to realistically pull something like that off, But hey, its kinda funny story and figured I’d share it.

    • I think its more a matter of picking your battles. The NRA had nothing to do with setting up the page, and I highly doubt they endorse the idea. They have nothing to gain by throwing their financial resources againgst MDA’s Daddy Morebucks, its just a facebook page that will likely get into the mid-tens-of-thousands of likes. The NRA-IL was likely just letting that guy know all the terrible things bloomy could do to him in court.

  3. If he went through with it and thumbed his nose at a billionaire, it would no doubt illicit a storm of donations for his legal team BUT think of this; giving up also enrages gun rights activists, and now instead of pouring money into the litigation we can focus it in other areas. I expect the NRA to use this for fund raising, framing it as an example of elitist bullying that they will need your donations to resist.

  4. Facebook should have a “Dislike” button as well. This way, people are better able to see how the page is actually viewed in aggregate.

  5. Never stick your finger in the eye of a vindictive little billionaire pr1ck who is rich enough to purchase not only New York City, but also the naming rights to the Pearly Gates. Yup, they are now officially known as The Bloomberg Gates. If you don’t believe me, check out the King Michael version of the Bible, coming soon to a motel nightstand near you.

  6. Looking at the list from the link above, I found this:

    Looks like they finally got their propaganda page up and running…though I’m not sure how, maybe because it’s listed as a political organization and not a community?

    As of 20 Apr @ 1:33 P.M., they had 138 likes compared to 3155 for the cause page.

    I’ll bet they shut down the pro-gun page because they wanted to give them a chance to catch up. It obviously wasn’t fair, I mean anti-gunners may have been confused and liked the pro-gun page by mistake! (J/K, mostly)

    • It looks like their headline picture features what appears to be some sort of SS ceremony. There’s a picture of a bald third-world general a little further down the page (or a comic book villain?). For the children I guess. And the mandatory heart-shaped dongles.

  7. The best I’ve seen have the “for Gun” part underlined and/or capitalized in their page image.

    I’ve joined MD (where I grew up) and MI (Where I now live). This is great! Suck it Bloomberg!

  8. Funny, all the other Everytown pages are still up, and several of them have been in existence since 2012. Exactly how can Mikee Bloomberger sue them for using the name when they were using it 2 YEARS before he spoke that name at his little presser? Any lawyers who can clear this point up?

  9. Oh, and everyone! Go and like every single pro 2A everytown page you can find.

    F**k Bloomberger. Make him go to court and get his f**king ass handed to him.

  10. They are now reporting and Facebook is deleting the spin off pages as well saying they “violate someones rights”.

    • Censorship, it simply smells better when rich c**ts silence Americans using money instead of armed government force.


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