Cops Can’t Shoot for You Know What

“Three Philadelphia police officers opened fire Saturday evening in Frankford and critically wounded a man after he appeared to pull a handgun.” reports. While bloggers like Mikeb302000 worry about cops shooting unarmed civilians, I reckon police aren’t trigger-happy thugs. But I am concerned about their marksmanship. “When Williams pulled out his weapon . . . all three officers ordered him to drop it, and fired 10 rounds when he failed to do so. Williams, 29, of the 2000 block of Lardner Street, was struck in the left shoulder by a single bullet and fell to the ground.” Nine misses from three trained officers who knew the perp was tooled-up. Cops who had at least a second or two to aim. Makes you think.


  1. avatar Patrick Carrube says:

    I remember when I took my CCW course. The man’s name was Russ and he had 25+ years of law enforcement experience (everything from a guard shack sniper at a max security prison, to assisting the DEA on drug raids!). Russ is a regular RO at the indoor range that I go to and is a WORLD of knowledge. Russ told me that on average, officers (not SWAT or similar task forces) only train 3 or 4 times per years, with 2 of those times being their actual "qualification shoot". There are a few SWAT guys from the local chapters that come to Tuesday Night Steel and shoot occasionally. They also admit that they don't shoot as much as they would like, but admitted that they get to shot at least 3 times a month.

    I guess that shirt that I bought that reads "I carry a gun because cops are too heavy" should read "I carry a gun because cops can't shoot for sh*t!".

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