Close the Texas Capitol CHL Easy Access Loophole! Or Not.

BTW: pushing down on the slide release to chamber a round is a bad idea. In the heat of the moment, you’ll NEVER find the release. Even if you do, the gun will jump. If your finger’s on the trigger (perish the thought!), you’ll have an accidental discharge. Always rack the gun by placing your non-shooting hand over the REAR of the slide, pulling it back and releasing it.


  1. avatar Brett Solomon says:

    Hi Robert- I am with you with training and pushing the slide release is probably the wrong way to do it. But there is nothing like hitting the slide release on a nice-running 1911 to hear the reassuring sound of its go time. After growing up around 1911s, it was the way it was taught to me. I tried to train myself the 'correct' way, but a gun guru told me 'You work the gun better using the slide release. Why not just do it that way?' I use both methods without rhyme or reason. Bad habits are hard to break. But is it so bad?

  2. avatar Robert Farago says:

    Learning new techniques is easy. Losing bad ones is a bitch. There are only three ways to reprogram your subconscious: hypnosis, trauma or 3000 reps the right way. (A trainer who whacks you HARD when you revert to your bad habits AND 3000 rounds ought to do it.)

    I'm not down with gun gurus who say "whatever's comfortable." For some things, there is a right way and a wrong way. This is one of those times–unless you don't want to use your gun for self-defense. Ever.

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