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In two days’ time my move from Washington to Texas begins. After organizing most of my ammo into boxes on the floor, I began to wonder how much it all weighed. What do you think? Put your guess in the comments below, and in a week we’ll select the closest answer.* There’s a prize for the winner and a prize for the runner-up…

The grand prize is an Aero Precision complete upper. This is Aero’s M4E1 16″ .223 Wylde upper with the addition of a VG6 GAMMA 556 muzzle brake, Aero complete bolt carrier group, Aero flip-up sights, and Aero ambi charging handle.

The .223 Wylde version of their M4E1 upper rocks a 416R stainless steel barrel with 1:8 twist and mid-length gas system.

Charging handle with ambidextrous latches. Low-profile flip-up rear sight with dual apertures.

This upper also has Aero’s Gen 2 Enhanced Handguard. It features three QD sockets, MLOK attachment points all over, and a 1.8″ inner diameter.

The runner-up will win a VG6 GAMMA 556 muzzle brake:

Here are two more photos of the same stash of ammo to help you formulate your guess:

Enter your guess for total weight in the comments below. Big thanks to Aero Precision and VG6 Precision for furnishing the prizes.

* Closest answer to the actual weight wins. Second closest wins the runner-up prize. Should multiple people guess the same weight, the first correct answer received wins. This contest has already been running on TTAG’s Instagram page, and commenters there are also eligible to win.

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  1. 410 pounds.
    Good luck getting someone to help move it.
    At least you live in a relatively free state — here in the People’s Republic of New Jersey, it would be easier to find a moving company willing to move live rattlesnakes than live ammo!

    • Last time we moved, Mrs. C and I drove the really fragile, irreplaceable and important stuff ourselves. That was firearms and ammo (pity about the en route boating accident), some wine, jewelry, etc.

      You don’t really want a moving company to be handling that even if you’re moving for work and the new job pays for the move. It’s actually three moving cos for a long distance move: loaders/packers, long-haul trucking, and unloading/unpacking.

    • Moving the guns & ammo (& suppressors & some other goodies) myself. Didn’t even occur to me to ask the moving company if they’d do it. …don’t want them to 😉 …

      • My last move the movers said they couldn’t take the ammo, but would take the guns.

        Talk about setting of your bullshit detector.

  2. I had to test weigh batches of ammo to regulate my inventory spreadsheet–because I was worried about the floor load in my study. So, I have an educated estimate of my own magazine. This looks like about half my inventory, so I will say it weighs: 1,547.25 lbs.

  3. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say 1250 lbs, everyone seems to be under estimating what you have here to me.

    • Nah, a legit case of .22 LR is 5,000 rounds. I have a few bricks of stuff I like (American Eagle Suppressor) then lots of other brands in smaller quantities. Maybe 3k rounds total, ish.

  4. 1025 lbs. My collection is about a third the size of yours, and it weighed roughly 300 pounds. Was a PITA to move, too. Good luck!

  5. What’s up with the FRAGILE sticker on that box?
    (Pronounced fruh-gee’-lay)

    I wouldn’t want to open a box of ammo and find shells broken and powder spilled all over the place.

    Also – Are we including the clay target thrower or not? If so, do we include the battery?

    • No. Ammo only plus the boxes they’re in (I weighed it all after the cardboard boxes were taped up). They’re mostly re-used boxes…the fragile label is from whatever was in there previously.

  6. 270 pounds. Price is right rules? Closest without going over? (that’s how we bet on patients alcohol levels in the ER)

  7. 1,575 lbs.

    In the logistics industry, you’d rather be over than under. But in the real world, I’d stack it on a pallet or two and weigh it all.

  8. I have about 2/3 that but except for the 10,000 22’s mine are all reloads. And yes I am one of the 22 hoarders.897 lbs.

  9. 1450 lbs

    That’s almost 1.5 buttloads for those following along at home. (A butt being 126 gallons and estimating 8lbs per gallon).

  10. 1433 lbs,presuming no empty cartidge boxes.

    I’ll also claim every weight up to 1,000,000 lbs, with tolerance at +/-.00000000000000000000001 nano-atom-subquantum-phased-photons, using the most accurate weight scale man has created and calibrated to NIST standards at, well I’ll use…”At sea level, Altimeter:29.92 in/Hg at 15 °C (59 °F) The “standard day” model of the atmosphere is defined at sea level, with certain present conditions such as temperature and pressure.” Just to spite Nick. Because I’m a rotorhead.

  11. There’s an actual scientific way for an accurate guess. Studies have proven that given a large number of guesses, such as we have here, the average of all those guesses will be remarkably accurate. That being said, I’m too lazy to figure it out. Therefore, my guess will be 709 lbs.

  12. 429 lbs.

    Whew, I should get some kind of award for getting down to the bottom of this comment thread. A gold star, at least.