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Last year was a banner year for constitutional carry in the U.S. Four states — Iowa, Montana, Tennessee and Texas — became permitless carry states in 2021. So far 2022 has seen plenty of progress, too. The club has expanded by two so far, with Alabama and Ohio deciding that citizens no longer need government-issued permission slips to bear arms.

Last week, the Indiana legislature put the finishing touches on House Bill 1296 which . . .

Repeals the law that requires a person to obtain a license to carry a handgun in Indiana. Specifies that certain persons who are not otherwise prohibited from carrying or possessing a handgun are not required to obtain or possess a license or permit from the state to carry a handgun in Indiana.

The Housed passed the bill by an overwhelming 68-30 margin. The Senate approved it by a 30-20 vote. Indiana’s law would allow anyone 18 years of age or older to carry without a permit.

As the sponsor of the Indiana bill, Rep. Ben Smaltz, proclaimed . . .

“We know criminals are not waiting for a permit to carry a weapon, so why should law-abiding Hoosiers face roadblocks preventing them from defending themselves or a loved one?”

The bill has now been received by Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb, who can do one of three things. He can sign it, veto it, or let it sit on his desk. If he chooses the latter, the bill will become law on March 22.

Holcomb has been noncommittal about the bill so far (with his state police superintendent very much opposed), but the optics of a Holcomb veto after fellow Republicans Kay Ivey and Mike DeWine signed permitless carry bills into law wouldn’t be good.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Translation : we really like the cash cow renewal fees, and a large majority of mandatory training classes are run by former leos. Shame to lose all of that just so people can enjoy some stupid constitutional right.

    • As far as I know Indiana has NO mandatory training. My good friends did nothing but apply & pay a fee. It’s not a lot either. If da governor doesn’t sign it he’ll be in a world of hurt come election time…

      • LOL, I’m already at literally $1400+ out of pocket just toward fees, costs, and mandatory training specifically for my L.A. County CCW application. I am NOT joking.

        I’m seriously considering writing up an article based upon my experience for TTAG consideration. It will be a combo comedy-tragedy.

        • Over $1.4k?
          That’s criminal, pure and simple.

          Mine was a free class, $40 fee, and two week wait.

          My son paid $20, met with his local sheriff, and two day wait.
          Had his LTC card “in hand” under 1wk after his 21st birthday.

        • The required training class here was $650 for eight hours.

          CADOJ will not accept an application unless you have a gun registered with the State, and it must be on the Safe Handgun Roster. That cost me another $600 for a new gat because none of my existing guns appear on the roster.

          The fee just to hand in the application was $30.

          The fee for the DOJ/FBI LiveScan was another $125.

          If I’m ultimately approved, the final fee for the permit itself will be another $120.

          Add $25 in gasoline (at current prices) for each required 100-mile round trip to the LASD Headquarters in downtown L.A.

          Let’s not forget the wait time. I’m already at eight months since submitting the application, and during the State-mandated interview, the Deputy informed me it may be another few months before a decision is made whether or not to approve me. My file will be passed to a superior within the ranks, and I have no idea who that person is.

          So, in short, I’m already in for over $1400 (with more costs still to go) for something that’s not guaranteed, and will be decided by someone whom I will never meet, and who has never met me. It’s all thru proxy and paperwork. Ugh.

        • Hey haz, thanks for cheering me up, Mn. “only” gets a max $75 renewal fee, after a mandatory training and live fire course which runs around $150. It would be nice if we had more reciprocity agreements, most of us carriers also have a Utah and or Fla. card, havent checked on renewal of those recently, will have to research before my ( 5 year) renewal is due. My son in the Bay area will be leaving Kalifornika soon due to his not being able to realistically apply for a permit.

        • It’s a lot cheaper up here in the north end of the state. The mandatory fees, a class that costs about $165 (not including the cost of ammo), live scan for $70 (last I checked), and an interview with a deputy. It takes about two weeks to process a new app. after the interview, and permits are essentially shall issue by policy. There is no requirement that the gun be on the roster, but you must bring each gun you want to carry (since they are listed on the license) and they must be “registered” with the CaDOJ. Bi-annual renewals are $45 plus a 4 hour class.

        • That would be very valuable, Haz. If you can bring yourself to do it, I for one would appreciate it.

        • @Mark N.,

          I wish we had the leniency of your own local Sheriff. Here in my County, at least two Detectives personally informed me any gun declared for a permit here must be on the roster. In fact, they said they themselves have been involved in self defense cases in which the defending gun owner was cleared and not subject to any charges, but his gun was not returned because it wasn’t on the roster, and a return was legally viewed as a “transfer”, and therefore not permitted (even though confiscation of the gun as evidence isn’t considered a transfer?). Both Detectives shook their heads and admitted it isn’t fair, but they seen it happen, and seen good gun owners permanently lose their gats even though they followed the law.

        • Wow. Kommiefornia is definitely clown world inc. I paid $65 for mine + another $65 for a renewal class which was 3 hours long. I then had to wait in line for 2 hours to get final approval. I sympathize with you and I am grateful to live in a red state which is soon to have constitutional carry.

    • IGA already removed the fee-cash-cow incentive. The LTCH now has no LEO fees associated.

      The LTCH already had no training/certification requirements: just apply, pay fee, get fingerprinted, and wait for the LTCH to be mailed to you.

  2. Nice. I know we’ll never have this in Florida but it’s comforting knowing this will be law of the land in the majority of states some day

    • Never give up. Never surrender.
      I didn’t believe the day would occur in Indiana either. RINOs had been very sneaky in blocking constitutional carry and kept it bottled up in committee for years. Other R’s had to do some major legislative tap-dancing to finally get the bill voted on by the Indiana legislature where it found overwhelming support.

    • Yep Florida republicrats successfully let it die with the “there wasn’t a Senate companion bill excuse.” No companion bill, easy fix, file one there! Except they can’t file it because of that Democrat majority in the Senate… Wait, what, the GOP controls the Senate and the house, you say? I assume the GOP senators talk about, strategize, and work with their own house counterparts to be able to pass their important “state dessert” bills, perhaps someone could have mentioned “hey we want to introduce a house bill for permit-less carry, here’s the text, can you get that set up in the Senate too?” No doubt the opposite occurred, where GOP house and Senate leadership decided they wouldn’t let it advance, and applied the screws to the senators to ensure none of them would introduce the Senate version, so they could use that as cover. Where do they think these magical Senate bills come from?

      If not permit-less carry they could pass any number of other pro gun measures. At least make the AR-15 the state gun.

    • Don’t give up. Vote the RINO’S out and try again.
      Simplistic I know but that is the only way to get it done.

  3. The Tennessee law is Milquetoast in comparison to the likes of the Texas and Vermont carry laws the way Governor Bill Lee wrote it essentially makes it where you’re better off getting our “Enhanced” permit. Hopefully it will be true constitutional carry one day.

    • Exactly. Not all “shall issue”, “may issue” or “constitutional carry” states are the same.
      CC can allow for open carry, concealed carry or both. It can empower residents or residents plus visitors, etc. You still have to research the specific laws when traveling between states.

  4. Eric Holcomb basically is an unprincipled squish who responds (eventually) to sufficient pressure, usually by attempting to split the difference between factions.

    My prediction is that he will do nothing, because that way we get what we want and he can’t be blamed.

    He’s not up for re-election until 2024. Rumor has it he might run for Senate at some point, but I don’t know about this year.

    I don’t really see a political incentive for him to do that.

    • Unfortunately Holcomb is straddling the fence. However with a woman Gov. and other states passing CC Holcomb may not want to “wimp out to a woman” and side with disgruntled dirty diaper drama queen Gun Control democRats and some in LE who should never be in LE. After all what kind of cop would not want CC there for them after retirement, job change, etc?

      • LEOs have a federal law that allows them to carry without a CCW as long as their boss agrees to it. See LEOSA. I believe the permit is valid nationwide, but don’t quote me on that.

        • LEOSA is unconstitutional, as it provides unequal protection under the law with respect to the exercise of a constitutionally protected right.

          LEOSA opinion is, for me, a bit of a shibboleth for LEO regarding how much they actually support and defend the free exercise of constitutionally protected rights.

        • Mr Bennett Why don’t you try to sue the Federal Government over LEOSA and see where it gets you. LEOSA is NOT unconstitutional. It provides a privilege to individuals who have served in a law enforcement capacity.

        • “Publius” Maybe if you served a day in the uniform you might think differently. I don’t think you could pass the written exam though.

        • Walt,

          Do you know why the fast food place let me go?

          Because I’m just not that good at taking orders.

          True story: the Army reeeally wanted me for their officer training program at Fort Knox, once upon a time. But if I’d gone into the military, at any point, there would have been a lot of unhappy campers. I’m not really the type, and the harder I’m pushed the more that shines through. It’s best that we went our separate ways.

        • Publius, Then you have a lot to learn. We all have to take orders. Even if you own your own business, you have to take the orders of your customers.

          If you had gone into the military, you would have either straightened your arse out or spent a lot of time in the Brig (or guard house).

          Publius, you have a lot of growing up to do. Right now the only think that shines through is child like behavior.

        • Walt,

          All good relationships have boundaries.

          You can have yours. I like mine just the way they are, thank you very much.

        • Publius, no one “likes” to take orders, but everyone has to, even you.
          If you don’t understand that concept then you have a lot more growing up to do. Either that or a jail term.

        • “It provides a privilege to individuals who have served in a law enforcement capacity.”

          So by the same token, I should be able to build my own house with no building permits or inspections, because I built and renovated houses for 17 years, and know my way around prints, tools, materials, and heavy equipment.

        • Hawkeye, What? That’s grapes and oranges. Is there any real danger in building a house? So you know your way around “prints, tools, materials, and heavy equipment.” Is that anything like getting shot at? Risking your life every single day you go on the street in the uniform? I don’t think it’s ever close.

      • I don’t think he cares.

        Holcomb *is* a wimp, he likes to compare himself to the likes of Pritzker, Whitmer, and DeWine (who is plenty squishy himself), and he is hardly allergic to making deals with teachers unions or Democrats.

  5. There should be a caption above the guys head holding the gunm in the pic.
    ” Okay class now that we’ve gone over the diagram of the firegunm, I’m going to demonstrate just how loud and powerful they are. Watch as I shoot a hole in the ceiling. “

  6. “…constitutional carry in the U.S. Four states — Iowa, Montana, Tennessee and Texas — became permitless carry states…”
    these are mentioned in one breath as though they are equivalent.

  7. A bit of background on this one:

    – Holcomb is term-limited as governor, and will be leaving office in 2024. He’s an ambitious fellow, though, and it is no secret he wants to run for Senate after leaving the governor’s mansion. How this bill affects his Senate prospects is likely the primary factor in whether or not he signs.

    -Indiana has a simple majority override for gubernatorial vetoes, and there is a Republican super majority in both chambers of the Indiana legislature. Leadership in the Indiana Senate fought like mad to kill the bill (especially Judiciary Chair Liz Brown), but they seem to have fallen in line for the moment. It’s highly unlikely a veto would be sustainable were Holcomb to reject the bill.

    -Indiana doesn’t have mandatory training requirements, and the state did away with licensing fees for lifetime permits in 2021. There are still local/county fees for the fingerprinting process and what not, however.

  8. Technically, Holcomb has through the 22nd to act on HEA1296. It becomes enacted on 3/23 – the eighth day after being delivered to the governor.

    And even if he vetoes it, the IGA needs only pass it again by simple majority to override the veto – something that can be done either in a special session, or during the next regular session.

    • I forgot what state it was but one state senator that had voted for Constitutional carry didn’t vote when it came time to override a veto. Typical RINO! Is Indiana in the same danger?

      • Not likely. It was passed 68-30 in the House and 30-20 in the Senate. The RINO Senators who would vote against it during a veto override vote? They already voted against it initially. It still passed overwhelmingly.

        • I grew up in Mishawaka just outside of South Bend. I love Indiana, this is awesome news! Congratulations!

        • muckraker
          Mishawaka? That sounds Native American too me( loving every minute of it)
          South Bend,?,,,, most all my fishing tackle is made in China. Dont like that at all.

        • possum,
          Mishawaka the Princess City.
          Legend says that Mishawaka was named after the daughter of Chief Elkhart of the Shawnee Tribe. Elkhart is a city not too far from Mishawaka. There is also the city of Osceola not far from Elkhart. Osceola is another Indian Tribe. I used to hunt for arrowheads and had a couple of really nice ones. Must have been painstaking work.

      • Last year(2021) 4 senators retracted their yeah votes to kill the governor’s veto in Louisiana. 3 were republicans(RINOS) and 1 was a democrat. All 4 cited recent conversations with LEOs as their reason for changing their previous vote. Don’t count chickens or legislative votes until they have been hatched/cast.

        • Thank you! RINO’S are an insidious bunch. Much worse than democrats because they are traitors to the constituents who put their trust in them. Vote them out and try try again.

        • Yep, a rino is a traitor, Putin would have them swimming with the fishes.
          Oh I forgot.
          Down with Khrushchev, errrr uhhh. Fck Russia.
          Orange man bad.
          Let’s Go Brandon

  9. Constitutional carry should mean that you can carry anywhere, without restriction, as long as you aren’t prohibited from possessing firearms. As enacted, it doesn’t. Arizona has constitutional carry but you still need a permit to carry in bars, in restaurants that serve alcohol, and within 1,000 feet of a school. You can’t carry at all on school grounds or several other government facilities. Carrying past a No Guns sign is a crime by itself, not just trespassing after you refuse to cooperate with a demand to remove your gun from the premises.

      • Rolling the dice with selective enforcement is not a game for the faint-hearted. Especially when it comes to felonies.

    • “Constitutional carry should mean that you can carry anywhere, without restriction, as long as you aren’t prohibited from possessing firearms.“

      Minors in school?

      Contestants in divorce court?

      Child custody hearings/visitation?

      Defendants in Involuntary commitment hearings?

      • Minor MINER49ER Every license to carry be it by the law (Constitutional Carry) or by permit (license) has common sense restrictions. Minors are not allowed in most states to hae a firearm except under the supervision of an adult. As to minors in school, there was a time when a high school student would have his rifle or shotgun in his pickup truck so he could go hunting before or after classes. You Lefties have made it taboo and that is a shame. Every courtroom in the country has restrictions about firearms. Custody hearing would be included with that as they are normally in a court room? A Defendant in an “involuntary commitment hearing” (incidentally in an “involuntary commitment hearing they are referred to as respondents) would already be unarmed and under supervision of a mental health aide or a law enforcement officer. I doubt that an involuntary hearing respondent would be allowed to have a firearm in either the hospital or the court room. But maybe in your world…

  10. Just got a letter from the county sheriff informing me my permit is going to expire. Included necessary form. Bring the form , ID, and 20 bucks. Takes about ten minutes and good for five years. And there is a six month grace period if one lets it expire. Not constitutional carry but they make it as easy as possible.

  11. Any chance that Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan join the Midwest constitutional carry party?

    (I know, I know–when Hell freezes over.)

    • I believe your “when Hell freezes over” is absolutely correct for Minnesota and Michigan, but I’m not completely sold on Wisconsin. I could probably be persuaded, though. 🙂

      • Michael,

        I agree that Wisconsin has the best chance (of those three states) of jumping on the constitutional carry bandwagon.

  12. Since my LTC is still valid and driver’s license let’s LEO know you could a gun in the car with you and hello adenine dump.
    I’m going with “I don’t have a gun in the vehicle”
    Before I even answer “do you know why I stopped you”
    My husband does most of the driving now. I need to tell him how to handle a traffic stop.
    It’ mostly STFUP

  13. Not surprised law enforcement doesn’t support constitutional carry. They’re not big on anyones constitutional rights.

  14. Could someone PLEASE get rid of the picture of the guy with his finger on the trigger of a revolver? Trigger Discipline!


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