Gun Control Orgs and The Media are Apoplectic Over Ohio’s New Constitutional Carry Law

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This is what we get in feckless politicians like DeWine and from state legislators who govern year-round. Their idle minds find ways to make mischief and awaken a political base, and what better way to do that than stoking fears about crime and how to protect ourselves against it?

Stand-your-ground legislation is one thing; having two people stand their ground with handguns is a different proposition altogether.

Tuning out those who knew better, DeWine and Republicans trampled the concerns of local cops and county sheriffs. The Fraternal Order of Police, predicting a rise in violent crime, had opposed the legislation.

One Democrat in the Ohio Senate called the law “anti-public safety and anti-police.”

He was right.

— Justice B. Hill in Gov. DeWine and Republican lawmakers trampled police concerns over law that will transform Ohio into ‘Wild West’

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    • Yes, same old predictions of “blood running in the streets,” but the predicted results never materialize. At a certain point you’d have to think there are consequences for repeatedly calling “wolf.” But we seem to live in a consequence-free world, at least for so-called progressives.

  1. As a person who’s lived in Texas for decades, I have to say there’s been a rise in shootings here. However at this point there’s no way to know if it’s because of constitutional carry. Or if it’s because of everything else (inflation, Covid restrictions, commie prosecutors letting criminals off, illegal immigration of gang/cartel members, etc) and constitutional carry has helped in keeping crime down. In time we will know.

    • By the way it is going to be easy to prove what kind effect constitutional carry has on shootings and crime overall: positive, negative, or no effect. All you have to do is look at the rates (not volumes) of crime in each state individually over time noting when constitutional carry took effect, when the pandemic hit, when the commie prosecutors started doing their thing, when inflation hit, and so on. Because constitutional carry took effect before these events happened in some states and after these events in other states, it will be easy to show the effect of constitutional carry. I believe constitutional carry helps reduce crime and the data will prove that in time.

      • I also love how the “concerns” of law enforcement were disregarded – as if their concerns somehow carried more weight than those of the citizenry at large.

        • Rad Man, It is not really “law enforcement” who has concerns over Constitutional Carry. It is the Chiefs of Police who are actually politicians who have these “concerns”.

          By and large the average police officer does not have any concerns about this at all.

      • Yup, you nailed it SR. But even if a close and legit examination of the ‘real’ statistics revealed they are all full of shit, somehow, someway, they’d still get away with obfuscating the facts and continue to bullshit their suck-ass sycophant brainwashed slave followers would still believe and act upon anything they say at this point as their rabid, psychopathic Marxist agenda seems to drone on incessently without being bitch slapped down as the Framers provided for in our Republic political format?
        Remember, These are the same ‘sub-humans’ that got away with violating our 2nd, 4th, and now 1st Amendment Consitutional Rights for decades even though there are Federal Laws (USCC 18 241-242) against ths crime that we have been brainwashed into ignoring.
        But just like Putin’s invasion plans missed the mark initially because of the ‘Tyson’ aphorism, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face (and then their plans have to change)”, And the OCD Sociopathic Leftists then double down to extreme Drastic behavior, These Commies are going to double down as well. And a lot of their ‘strategy’ involves redirected propaganda and strategic disinformation. That’s why they actually love this War because it distracts from Hillary’s and Hunter’s criminal activity. While they then launch an all-out last ditch effort for their politlcal agenda by any and all means possible.

        We should not be too concerned about stuff like this in this Article. It surely is interesting but slowly but surely most of the populate, including die-hard Democrats will wake up and smell the gunpowder and more firearms will be sold and more people armed as a counter to the Marxist agenda. It the subconsciouos push-back to the assault on the essence of American Liberty.

        What we all must absolutely focus on in serious pro-active effort is recovering the House Congress and Senate. LESS THAN EIGHT MONTHS AWAY AND COUNTING DOWN FAST!

        And while we’re doing that, observe and prepare for the nature of the Marxist Beast which is, as we see in Ukraine in living technicolor, that both Putin and the Brandon Administration ultimately share the same Nihilist format if they don’t get their ‘way’.

        • jfkjr,

          …both Putin and the Brandon Administration ultimately share the same Nihilist format if they don’t get their ‘way’.

          I will argue that both Putin’s and Brandon’s ‘way’ is Nihilist for all but a select few, regardless of whether or not they get their way. Basically a, “Heads I win, tails you lose,” situation.

    • I dont think constitutional carry has anything to do with more shootings, unless you factor in good guy versus bad guy, there might be the difference. What I have noticed is a rise in crime and the boldness and younger age of the criminals.
      When Ks went constitutional carry I had my concerns that minor grievances would turn into a shootem up, that’s not proven to be the case so far. However that’s really not a valid comparison to some other states because most everyone here had already been carrying gunms.

        • Newbie alert.

          Possum likes to avoid buzzwords that might attract the “eff fee eye”.

        • fuzysuzy,

          Some cautious people intentionally misspell certain words in order to reduce the probability of federal government automated surveillance programs flagging them as a potential threat or enemy of the state.

        • Well, ‘fuzysuzy’, I’ve noticed you’ve made a number of comments here, and all under a different name.

          Is there a reason you need to hide?

        • Geoff PR,

          How were you able to determine that fuzysuzy made comments under multiple names?

        • @Geoff

          Yup, noticed a few comments recently along the lines of multiple personalities querying possum regarding “possum speak”.

          Bot or ESL* troll.

          *English as a Second Language

        • thanks for explaining! i can’t imagine the FBI gives a hoot but again thanks for explaining.

      • “When Ks went constitutional carry I had my concerns that minor grievances would turn into a shootem up, that’s not proven to be the case so far.”

        Florida was first to go ‘shall-issue’ in the late 1980s, and the gnashing of teeth and clutching of pearls in the op-ed page of the local paper was a sight to behold. The world will end, parking-place shootouts will be a daily occurrence, the streets will run with rivers of blood, etc.

        And then, something strange happened. In the 30 years since then, violent crime with guns fell to roughly 50 percent of what it was at the start of shall-issue, tracking the overall national trend.

        The number of guns in America has roughly doubled, and violent crime plummeted.

        More guns, less crime… 🙂

        • Florida was the first of the new batch to go shall issue. Washington state had been shall issue since 1969.

          Before recent times, the Pacific Northwest had been very “live and let live” in the best sense of that phrase. Now, unfortunately, that’s very much gone.

    • There’s been a rise everywhere. Here in Spokane we’ve had a rise in homicides and shootings and we don’t have constitutional carry. We are shall issue. So blaming CC appears rather premature.

      • Must be all those armed rednecks from Post Falls, Idaho. Crossing the border into the utopian state of Washington to cause trouble.

        Or not…

    • I cannot see that COVID, illegal immigration or inflation [or the situation in Ukraine] has anything to do with a rising incidence of gun crime. Europer has all of those things and more and there has been NO RISE in incidences of Gun -Crime. Just MORE self serving quasi explainationd funded by the AMERCICAN FIREARMS INDUSTRY.

      • You can’t see it, ’cause you’re a stoopid Brit.

        COVID lockdowns contributed to a whole lot of people suffering from ‘cabin fever’, and other general poor mental health. People with poor mental health tend to do crazy things. Get enough of those people together, and it resembles the UK.

        Illegal immigration results in undocumented criminals coming into our country. Criminals do a lot of crazy things. Get enough of them together, and it resembles the UK.

        Inflation tends to make people economically desperate. Desperate people do crazy things. Get enough desperate people together, and it resembles the UK.

        And, finally, there is no such thing as “gun crime”. Criminals commit crimes. Criminals use weapons to assault other people. Criminals do crazy things. Get enough criminals together, and once again, it starts to resemble the UK.

        Here, I invite you to stop being a fцсkwi т.

      • What I don’t get is how any of this matters to Albert P. Hall from the UK. Or how Albert P. Hall from the UK got the stupid idea that what he thinks would matter to any of us.

        There’s an entire fucking ocean between the US and the UK. “Gun violence” and the Second Amendment over here have no effect on you all the way over there, just like yobs & chavs glassing people in pubs in your “civilized” country have no effect on us over here.

        There’s no point in either of us berating the other over it.

        We’ll continue being our own backward selves no matter what you think, and you’ll continue being Euroweenies, no matter what we think.

        And it’d be a lot more pleasant for everyone, including you, Albert P. Hall from the UK, if people like you would get a fucking clue and just shut your stupid yap.

      • Albert Hall, then you are living in a cocoon. Psychologists the world over have voiced concern over people being cooped up by Covid, by the inflation which thanks to you Lefties is spiraling way out of control. It seems that you are unaware of the rise in crime in Europe? Maybe you need to get out more. You may not have gun crimes, but what about all those stabbings, robberies, etc?

  2. This is nuts. It is not “anti-public safety and anti-police” for people to be able to defend themselves and home via a firearm without a ‘permission slip’.

    In the linked full article there is this:

    “Gun ownership is an obsession of Ohioans. Many cling to this constitutional right; few of them apologize for standing behind the Second Amendment, 26 well-chosen words unseen in the governing principles of fellow democracies.”

    The second amendment has 27 words, not 26.

    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

    27 words.

    • I would ask the author why Ohioans should apologize for standing behind a God given/natural right? How about gun control freaks apologize for opposing human rights.

    • And next….

      In the linked full article there is this:

      “Gun ownership is an obsession of Ohioans. Many cling to this constitutional right; few of them apologize for standing behind the Second Amendment, 26 well-chosen words unseen in the governing principles of fellow democracies.”

      We are not a democracy. We are a (democratic) republic with a representative democracy form of government. We are that way for a reason, I’ll let Alexander Hamilton explain why we are not a democracy…

      “It has been observed by an honorable gentleman, that a pure democracy, if it were practicable, would be the most perfect government. Experience has proved, that no position in politics is more false than this. The ancient democracies, in which the people themselves deliberated, never possessed one feature of good government. Their very character was tyranny; their figure deformity.

      —- Alexander Hamilton, Speech to Congress, June 21, 1788″

      The founding fathers never envisioned the United States to be a democracy.

      The difference between a democracy and a republic: In a democracy, the people meet and exercise the government in person: in a republic, they assemble and administer it by their representatives and agents (a representative democracy – we do this by our election process to have those “representatives and agents” act on our behalf). A democracy, consequently, must be confined to a small spot. A republic may be extended over a large region (our country, the United States)

      Ok, so we have a ‘journalists’ author railing against constitutional carry in Ohio that doesn’t know we are not a democracy and doesn’t even know how many words are in the second amendment.

      • Darn it, beat me to it! I read the attached article…
        ..”Gun ownership is an obsession of Ohioans. Many cling to this constitutional right; few of them apologize for standing behind the Second Amendment, 26 well-chosen words unseen in the governing principles of fellow democracies…”

        The author of the article says this like it’s a bad thing….lol

      • “In a democracy, the people meet and exercise the government in person: in a republic, they assemble and administer it by their representatives and agents

        That is not the defining difference between a democracy and a republic. Hamilton’s opponents in that debate weren’t advocating direct democracy (an obvious physical impossibility in an expanding 1700mi wilderness with millions of people and no jets, cars, or even trains or steamboats). The debate was whether the [already established] representative government would be democratic or not, and they chose the latter (for good reason).

        Franklin challenged the people to keep it, and the only reason for dumbocracy today is that (eventually, much later) they failed to do so.

        • I didn’t say it was defining. I was being brief in a nut shell and that’s about it. Sure you can start attaching semantics and expansion s and other things, but that’s really about it at the very basics.

        • .40 cal,
          As you said, today’s world is full of countries describing themselves as democratic. 0% of them have direct democracy at the national level. I freely concede that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (for example) is either lying or incorrect. Are you claiming every one of those democracies (and their democratic parties, etc.), all of whom disagree with you, is lying or incorrect?

          The opponents of Hamilton and his Federalists identified as democratic, subsequently formed what became today’s Democratic Party, and passionately argued for their vision of democracy – which did not, for any of them, mean direct democracy at the Federal level.

          This is nothing like true “semantic” debates – like hairsplitting over 1840s vs 2022 definitions of “socialism”. Democracy never (at the national / Federal level) meant what you’re saying it means, to anyone, through the whole history of the United States.

          Some ancient Greek poleis as well as some colonial villages used your definition, but ironically also had fairly non-democratic electorates by any 2022 standard.

        • Umm…

          you do know there is a difference between “democratic” in a form of government and ‘democracy’ as a form of government – right?

        • .40 cal,
          Do you know that “democracy” was the word you used, and none of the world’s democracies bear any resemblance to your definition?

          Do you know that you presented your definitions, then attempted to “prove” your point about them by quoting a guy who did not believe in representative (or any) democracy debating a group who did not advocate direct democracy?

      • .40 cal…I was wondering what Debbie and a couple of others here meant when they were ‘waiting for administration or something like that for their comments and now I know. my first comment here was just fish gutted for the same point you are making here! I don’t know why, maybe too lengthy or too much caustic invective, but not any more of the usual ‘Pirate mouth’ expletives used here than anybody else uses? (If it happens again I’ll miss some of you on this site.)

        But you’re right about the Democracy and Republic nomenclature to describe our country’s system. Essentially and briefly; Saying ‘Democracy’ when we are specifically NOT as such because Democracy by definition simply means voting somehow in your government orgainization for something or someone to perform a function under the reality or illusion that people have any forthright say in the matter. When ‘voting’ can be performed on a sliding scale in my types of G’s from virtual dictatorships to Oligharcys to Royalist Kingdoms, etc. And that is how they and even total dictatorships get away with calling themselves ‘Democracies’. And even sometimes call themselves Republics by intentional mis-interpretationn. While being a true Republic means that total control of everything is authorized ONLY by a majority consensus of the people.
        ‘…Unseen in govenment principles of Fellow Democracies…’ Which of course is true, BECAUSE we essentially, basically, and fundamentally are NOT a Democracy. We are a Republic! And certainly NOT a ‘Fellow Democracy. Because most other Democracies Don’t have our guaranteed and proteced Constitutional rights.

        It’s said like that so they can mind trick acceptance of attendent statements like “what’s wrong with a little gun control for Public Safety and out of control police state 4th/A violating surveillance like we have in other ‘Fellow’ Democracies like Australia, Canada, UK, and so on, After all, they ARE Fellow Democracies?”

        But you’re right. Almost nobody understands the not so subtle differences anymore.

    • Yeah, and “…unseen in other democracies…” is true. It’s because we are NOT, and never have been, a pure or quasi-Democracy, that would be easily manipulated and controlled by any two-bit Tyrant, Oligharcy, Monarchy, or Royalist Kingdom who comes along? We are a Mother fucking Pure REPUBLIC whose government is formed by Elected Officials, And whose laws are formed by elected Representatives of the Citizens. Almost nobody understands the difference these days.

      The use of the word Democracy as an overall description of governments including ours is Wrong. EVen government labels like the ‘Soviet Socialist Republic…’ is an oxymoron, designed Intentionally to belie and mitigate–for marketing purposes–the fact that it’s a fucking tyrannical no-rights except what the Ste allows–Socialist Dictatorship.

      Again, the slow insidious creep of social brainwashing with the attendent goal of interpolating and redacting all genuine history is obvious when rose-colored glasses are removed that even the definitions of terms are used, or obfuscated and eventually removed in the overall schema of Totalitarian agendas.

      Think about it. They don’t want to use the word ‘Republic’ because it strictly and clearly MEANS that our government is ONLY Controlled by the Consent of the Majority of the People.
      ‘Democracy’ was never used by the Founders to describe our Goverment. It only means that there is a system of government organization that deploys voting to choose persons involved.

      Russia calls itself a democracy but Putin ultimately decides who gets elected (himself for as far back as it mattered). Hong Kong had a ‘Democratic’ system of government until they didn’t? This was when China dictatorially decreed that they will ‘decide’ what kind of ‘authority’ it would have and who would run it.

      The Marxists trying to take over here are purposely avoiding the word ‘Republic’ and replacing it with ‘Democracy’ as yet just another form of creeping mind-control to get us off the fact that in America, by original design, ‘We the People’ determine our own existentialism and NOT the ‘State’. Constant use of ‘Democracy’ places us under a ‘generic’ umbrella term that literally includes Tyrannical Dictatorial ‘Democracies’, thereby getting us Neurolinguistically used to being benignly associated in a sneaky way!

      Like, “Oh, what’s wrong with Australia’s or Canada’s or the UK’s gun control measures? After all, they’re a ‘Democracy JUST LIKE US?”

      So lets all counter-intel this bullshit at their own level and quit saying we are a Democracy’ and saying out loud Republic. RE-FUCKING-PUBLIC! And make sure your families and friends get it, as well.

      • The word “not” is very inconveniently placed between “shall” and “be infringed.” Maybe that’s his beef.

  3. Reading the linked article, the only conclusion I can come to is that there is no way for the author to reach me or for me to reach him. We cannot ever arrive at consensus. We cannot functionally live peacefully in the same society as he will be continually advocating for infringement on my rights.

  4. “To put a face to such concerns, critics of the law — I’m one of them — need only recount the tale of the off-duty police officer killed on New Year’s Eve in a West Side carjacking.

    Incredible.. He uses the example of a murder committed by a woman who was ILLEGALLY in possession of a handgun as an argument why a law abiding citizen should not be allowed to carry.

  5. There is a great deal of confusion out there that comes from the use (or mis-use) of the word ‘shootings’.

    A shooting means a gun was fired. Nothing more. It doesn’t mean anyone died. It doesn’t even mean the person that pulled the trigger did anything wrong. When we hear that there has been a shooting, people instantly think it’s bad people doing bad things. That is false.

    It is becoming more and more common that when there is a shooting it’s because the good guy with a gun successfully protected themselves.

    Words and phrases

  6. I feel like a good deal of the reason so many people get bogged down in nonsense like “it’ll be the wild west!” and thinking white supremacists are hiding behind every tree just waiting to misgender somebody or a cold that might kill .02% of fat asses over 80 are the most pressing issues humanity has ever faced is rooted in our countrys relative wealth and comfort.

    For this reason I sincerely hope Putin nukes us. If only to give these degenerates something real to worry about. Let’s get a “great reset” of priorities going. Food, water, shelter, avoiding pillaging mutants let out with no bail. Maybe actually having to survive will fill this need they have to manufacture asinine causes to give their pitiful lives meaning.

    • I’ve been wondering, as Putin’s isolation intensifies, what if he detonated a nuke on his own territory – just as a warning…..
      What would we do? Probably crap our diapers.

      What if he detonated an extremely high altitude EMP? Took out all the satellite constellations? It’s not unthinkable.

      • I pray for a meteor shower.
        Best thing for the world would be no more satellites, that’s what I think anyway.
        The space race? Glad we got to the moon first, money well spent.

        • I like your thinking possum. Considering I build satellites I pray for meteor showers too!

      • Tim,

        My personal opinion: if Putin “loses it” and decides to seriously punish the U.S., he is far more likely to detonate a high altitude electromagnet pulse than detonate nuclear warheads over U.S. cities.

        There are two very practical reasons for that. First of all, nuking the cities utterly and totally destroys the infrastructure, buildings, and people. Thus there is virtually nothing of immediate value to swoop-in and control/own. (Remember, dictators love lording control over countless millions of people and extracting significant taxes from them to make themselves fabulously wealthy.) The second reason is that the resulting nuclear fall-out will make the surrounding areas–and potentially almost all of the Continental U.S.–uninhabitable for decades. Thus there is virtually nothing of lasting value to swoop-in and control/own.

        On the other hand, a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse only damages electrical and electronic systems–and leaves the rest of our infrastructure, buildings, and people in tact. That means there are valuable buildings, infrastructure, and people to swoop-in and control/own for both the short and long term.

        • Interesting, but I’d suggest that’s the least likely move.

          First, why would someone who “loses it” make a strategic, long-term-thinking chess move?

          Second, Russia’s power-projection capability is struggling to take cities on the Black Sea, even though they base one of their fleets there. If they succeed, it will be at the cost of those capabilities for the mid-term. The “Red Dawn” scenario of Russia “controlling / owning” US territory is not even a remote possibility.

          Since we have no way of knowing what’s in the package, any nuclear (or potentially nuclear) attack on the US would incur an overwhelming nuclear response, and would therefore have to be an overwhelming strike aimed at destroying / preventing ours.

        • ‘Red Dawn’ is here, Ukraine-style.

          The Red army is about to discover how costly it will be to hold territory when the people that live there want to kill them.

          I sure hope they are comfy in their military bases, because they will be a target if they stick their noses out… 🙂

  7. Crimson,

    Exactly so!! Many, such as the author of the above essay snippet, have no love, and likely no knowledge of the USA Constitution. They only love their own ignorance and propaganda.

    I know a man in his early thirties, born and bred in the USA, college-educated, who could not describe the three branches of our Federal government. But he is certain that people like me, conservative, patriotic, and stridently Constitutional, are undermining the country.

    He will resist education because he does not want to be branded as a racist, homophobic, red-neck Russian collaborator. Talking with him is never a conversation because, while I try to understand him, he does not even try to understand my point of view. I can see he is only listening enough to form his rebuttals.

  8. They’ve trotted out that old “Wild West” chestnut for every carry bill over the past forty years. The fact that it has never once been proven true* doesn’t seem to have slowed them down at all.

    *Well, except for the fact that the old violent Wild West trope is a myth and the frontier West was a pretty law-abiding place most of the time.

    • “*Well, except for the fact that the old violent Wild West trope is a myth and the frontier West was a pretty law-abiding place most of the time.”
      You, obviously, have not watched enough cowboy movies.

  9. Having been in Law Enforcement for many years and having been a Detective/ criminal investigator I can tell you that Gun Control is BS, many, many times I was at crime scenes standing over the body of a victim, who could have been saved or not raped, not robbed, not murdered had they been armed. Only the political side of Police agencies are for gun control. Those who deal with the victims know better and are pro Constitution and Pro gun. Criminals are Criminals for a reason, they don’t follow the law, they will be armed not matter what the law, someone who is risking 20 to life in prison or in some cases the death penalty doesn’t care that firearms are “illegal” in certain states or areas, they do fear an armed person though. When interviewing criminals you often get the response from them that they wouldn’t try to mug you because “You look like a cop” and might shoot them. Gun Control only helps criminals and tyrants.

  10. I, too, am from Texas and would like to leave a quick comment/observation related to Constitutional Carry and the parallel “observations/judgments made in advance of passing right to carry in this state years back in the face of a democrat governor who vetoed the first attempt. We elected someone else to the governor’s job and the bill was passed into law. The rise in shootings and violent crime are directly correlated to the left’s attempt to neuter police and prosecutors. Add to that the very obvious impact that allowing hundreds of thousands to cross the border and distribute them across the land are very likely significant contributing factors. The numbers have never supported the loud and often repeated fear based claims the left make. In fact the opposite is often found to be true when reviews the governments own data for themselves. The left, or more accurately the money trusts hired agents, a/k/a politicians state and federal alike, have no interest in public safety whatsoever. Their collective interests are to completely disarm the American citizen. Let’s be very clear on this, as it isn’t any more complicated than that.

  11. Every time anything opens availability for the law abiding to have better access to own, purchase or carry firearms legally, the anti-gun crowd claims it will turn whatever state, municipality, or other location, into the “Wild West”. As yet, this has not happened. Whether it was allowing permit holders to carry while at college, carry in what were beforehand restricted areas, own the oh so scary AR or AK type rifles, have magazines that hold more than whatever arbitrary number of rounds, or just be allowed to actually carry the sidearm they already jumped through the hoops and passed the background check to purchase.
    Of course, they like to ignore the fact that NYC was more dangerous than Dodge city in the 1870’s and 1880’s.
    Just as it was here and in almost every state that has gone to permit less carry, law enforcement, at the command/political level, has complained abot how this will endanger officers, lead to more crime, etc. with the only real result was a reduction in revenue for the agency issuing the permits.

  12. We passed constitutional carry in Iowa to solve the gravel road dust problem here. Worked like a charm. Now we just have to worry about washing the blood off the car when we hit a puddle.

  13. The author of the subject article claims that the new Ohio law “loosened the restrictions on gun ownership.” And then he cites a crime committed by someone who was illegally in possession of a gun.

    Did the Ohio law change anything regarding possession or ownership of a firearm? I missed it, if it did.

    • Exactly that. More shootings just might be because citizens just might be protecting themselves.
      The media will never break down the stats to prove it though. They will continue to scream more shootings.

  14. Liberals: police are racist sexist white supremacists who need to be defunded and abolished.

    These people have no principle but power. They need to be completely disbarred from any sort of political authority.

  15. The linked article illustrates the author’s hysterical ramblings:

    … critics of the law…need only recount the tale of the off-duty police officer killed on New Year’s Eve in a West Side carjacking. Charged in his death was an 18-year-old woman who should not have had a handgun in her possession.” — Justice B. Hill

    The law which Ohio just passed DOES NOT APPLY TO 18-YEAR-OLDS!.

    Of course we can always apply a simple reality check. Does Mr. Hill really, honestly, truly think that an 18-year-old who intends to murder someone will change his/her mind because of firearm licensing laws? Of course not. Thus, Mr. Hill’s ramblings are nothing more than pure hysteria, completely devoid of facts, reasoning, and logic (just like this platform which incessantly delays tasteful and erudite comments for “moderation”).

  16. Even a retarded Moron would realize that when a person, especially the far right, have no training in either gun safety or knowledge of deadly force laws of his state that this is a disaster in the making.

    Yes many lives will be lost unnecessarily because when a person does not know the law he will often shoot someone illegally that is a certainty. Not to mention shooting someone accidentally while carrying a deadly weapon. I could give many, many examples of both of the above where lives where lost that should not have been.

    You would not trust an airline pilot who had no training or a doctor that had no training and only an idiot would trust an untrained person to carry a deadly weapon. No civilized nations permits this. None.

    But the Far Right are for unlicensed carry because they are too cheap and stingy to pay a fee for training and to lazy and indolent to attend a class. Most even have trouble comprehending what they read about a subject, or what they about a subject. At least in a class they can ask questions about the subject at hand. And of course they are so paranoid they think a training class will put them in a little black governmental spy book.

    If I had to attempt to train anyone I think training an original prehistoric Neanderthal would be an easier task to accomplish. I base this on the fact that the Neanderthals were actually the most successful human species that evolved as they lived in harmony with their environment for 130,000 years while the Homo Sapiens Sapiens destroyed the planet and his species in less than 50,000 years. Confirmed recently by Scientists that have now stated we have already passed the point of no return for our species.

    • dacian, the Dunderhead, You see you start out with a premise that “far right’ people have no training with firearms. DEAD WRONG! The average gun owners do have training and go to the range periodically to sharpen their skills.

      If your premise that people don’t know the law, who come more law abiding gun owners are not charged with a crime when they use their firearm in self defense? Sees you are, like most of your Lefty compadres make WAGS (wild ass guesses) which are unfounded and lack any facts backing up your premise.

      No one in their right mind would go to you for gun training. You don’t even know the firing sequence of a cartridge. Do yourself a favor and shit up before you make a bigger fool of yourself.

  17. You woulda thought that the boiling roiling rivers of blood flowing gutter-to-gutter in the previous 22 States who have enacted a form of permitless carry would have discouraged the Ohio Governor from signing…

    Still waiting in Montana…we’re not seeing rivers or even seasonal trickles flowing.

    Was at Costco this morning saw a guy with holstered M&P Shield in his right rear pocket (OWB dropped holster attached at belt – holster tucked into pants pocket). Meh, doing his thing. I was carrying concealed at the time…visited with a friend and his wife who both conceal carry…POTG were well represented considering that Costco is a GÜNZ FREI ZONE.

  18. It’s what sneaky Gun Control zealots do. They cook the books to make it appear as if everyone in law enforcement is outraged when it’s only a small percent who get their panties in a wad.

    Frankly the aforementioned small percent has no business being in law enforcement. Anyone who has reservations about citizens wearing a coat over a firearm or having one in a purse reasons along the lines of a rapist, kidnapper, pervert, pedophile, tyrant and other filth who savor the thought of an unarmed victim.

  19. “…trampled the concerns of local cops and county sheriffs.”

    I needed only 5 minutes to show this to be a bald-faced lie.

    “Hardin County Sheriff Keith Everhart, the immediate past president of the Buckeye State Sheriffs’ Association, supports the legislation.

    “’The sheriffs’ association has been at the table ever since Day One of this bill, and we as an association — after a lot of discussion — have supported it,’ Everhart said Wednesday.”

    Darke County Sheriff Mark Whittaker:

    “It remains to be seen what impact the law will have on crime. I would like to believe that the criminals will think twice about committing crimes in Darke County, given the possibility that more people may be armed to protect themselves. I will not be sympathetic to criminals who receive the wrong end of the gun when a law abiding citizen is protecting themselves.”

    Mr. Hill’s article had no provision for reader comments, as is often the case with purveyors of such drivel.

      • ” You can comment on the newspaper’s FB page ”

        Only if you have a Facebook account to log in to, which leaves me and anyone with an ounce of common sense locked out.

        • You cannot change the culture if you refuse to engage the culture.

          Just sayin…

          Some here will see that link and take advantage of the opportunity to balance the discussion.

        • “anyone with an ounce of common sense…”

          Maybe instead of throwing insults, you should THANK those who take the risk and make the effort to engage and change the minds of those who have been brainwashed.

        • @TFred “You cannot change the culture if you refuse to engage the culture.”
          Tens of thousands of people and organizations have had their social media accounts censored and or deleted for contradicting the narrative of the platforms in question. They don’t want you engaged unless you toe their line.

        • “Tens of thousands of people and organizations have had their social media accounts censored and or deleted…”

          Yep. But people are still engaging them every day. To surrender is exactly what they want you to do. Make them delete you. Don’t ever do their job for them.

  20. Gun Control Orgs and The Media are Apoplectic Over Ohio’s New Constitutional Carry Law

    Ohio, GET OVER IT!!!


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