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A concealed weapons permit would become optional and the requirement that individuals “promptly” notify police officers that they are carrying a concealed weapon would be eliminated under legislation approved along partisan lines by Ohio’s GOP-controlled Legislature and sent to Republican Gov. Mike DeWine.

A governor’s spokesperson hinted that the measure, passed on Wednesday, would likely be signed into law.

“We are reviewing the bill, but I would note Governor DeWine has long supported the Second Amendment rights of law abiding citizens to keep and bear arms,” said spokesperson Dan Tierney.

— AP in Ohio bill ending conceal carry permit mandate heads to governor

A bill to repeal Alabama’s requirement for a permit to carry a concealed handgun moved a step closer to becoming law today.

The Senate passed the legislation after the Republican majority voted to end the debate after about an hour and a half of discussion. Democratic senators opposed the bill and said it would hurt public safety.

The vote to pass the bill today was 23-6.

The bill has passed the House, but will have to return because the Senate changed it today. The House has adjourned until Tuesday so the bill could not get final passage until next week.

— Mike Cason in Repeal of Alabama’s concealed carry permit requirement passes Senate

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    • I’d say, rather, that the states are bifurcating on gun control.

      Some states are becoming more free, while others – such as California – are becoming more restrictive.

        • While I would love to see the Sullivan Act issues rendered unconstitutional even getting as far as shall issue would be a huge step. For once our state going full in crazy nanny tyrant may be a good thing.

        • Making NYC obey the Constitution is definitely a good thing.

          I wonder about second-order effects of NYSRPA v. Bruen. Still trying to figure that out myself right now.

        • “I wonder about second-order effects of NYSRPA v. Bruen.”

          Considering the jerk-offs you folks have to deal with, I’d lay odds they are going to double-down on petty bullshit just to piss you all off… 🙁

        • Geoff if reddit is to be believed a lot of gun owners that got their 80% kits from the one company the ATF raided a while ago are being served warrants by the NY state police from Intel shared by the feds. No idea o the truth of that yet but given our leadership it would not surprise me.

      • “Fair enough. Their motives are opaque to me as well. Maybe it’s like another poster said and they’re hoping to slip it under the radar right before the weekend.”

        This times 1000. During the same 5-7 year time frame that many of these states passed Constitutional carry and other pro-gun laws we saw WA state go from one of the better states regarding gun laws to one of the worst. Oregon is not far behind.

        It’s not just guns. If you look at political views as a Venn diagram, the circles for the left and right have increasingly less overlap. On almost every issue, whatever the democrats support, the republicans support the opposite and vice versa. I think this will ultimately threaten the US as a single nation.

        • It’s also become a nasty rural-urban divide. We need to reconstruct urban gun culture; at least that way 2A can remain safe.

      • I meant to quote:

        “Some states are becoming more free, while others – such as California – are becoming more restrictive.”

      • Actually, states like CA, NYS, IL, MA, among others, have a difficult time trying to add to their already Draconian laws and regulations.

        In the other hand, it should be obvious that states like Iowa and others listed in the article ARE doing away with restrictions at a rate that has to be alarming to tyrant wannabes like Mini Mike Bloomberg and his ilk.

        Those highly-restrictive states are just going to have to be re-taken by the people who reside within- no amount of outside influence will matter if the residents themselves don’t want to work for it.

  1. Forget it, Florida. The ones you think you can trust, you shouldn’t. Including the governor.

      • They’re not mine to trade. DeSantis “I’ll sign the bill when it gets to my desk (but I know there’s no chance in hell of that happening and I won’t rock the boat either” is about as supportive of 2A as Trump was, and even Obama did more for us than Trump. Donnie talks a lotta shit about being the 2A guy but we did nothing but LOSE with him. Facts matter.

    • Faith, we ain’t forgettn’ nuthin’! We might not get what we want, but our memory works best in a voting booth. I sent DeSantis an email a day or two ago on the subject. (Thanks for the reminder FL GOA.)

      • Oh, and I’m sure Gov. DeSantia will reply personally to a person of your lofty stature. Lol just kidding you wasted your time because you’re a complete nobody!

        • Deal, I got the standard boiler plate response. Exactly as I expected. After all, that wasn’t my first rodeo. I’ve contacted an elected official before. He wouldn’t remember, but I have briefly met the man once. I mean, he only lives 30 minutes away from me. I came away with a favorable impression. Rare for me when interacting with a politician. As for me being a nobody? Won’t argue with you there. Have you been talking to my ex-wife? Anyway, my vote counts for as exactly as much as Governor DeSantis’ does.

        • Deal, sorry for the interruption. I had to run out to the farm. What really floored me about your comment was that you consider it a waste of time for a citizen to contact their elected representative concerning my God given right to arm myself. And, wasn’t one of the reasons we kicked the living shit out King George was that we thought we should be able to petition the government? You go to your local watering hole this afternoon and cry to your buddies about this over a beer. See how effective that is. Me? I think I’ll at least try to do something.

        • Deal as I watch Gun Stories on the Sportsman Channel a thought occurred to me. (It’s unusual.) I must be somebody! Damn the governor. Possum takes my calls! Can you say that?

  2. There’s also a battle going on in Indiana for Constitutional Carry. It’s been an interesting fight.

    Super short version is: The Republican majority in the Indiana House passed a CC bill. The Republican leadership in the Indiana Senate – most notably Judicial Committee Chair Liz Brown – gutted the bill by removing the original language and replacing it with a status quo proposal that effectively killed the bill. The original bill is now getting a second chance by pro-CC Republicans who have added the language back into an unrelated bill via the amendment process. The GOP hold huge majorities in both houses (71-29 House, 39-11 Senate).

    Indiana LEO organizations are mostly against it, with the state police superintendent claiming people who support the bill are not supporting law enforcement. Indiana’s governor (Eric Holcombe-R) has essentially licked his finger and held it up to the political winds, and is not seen as a fan of a CC proposal.

    • RINOs/Dems/progs hoping, in vain, for mass carnage in the streets of Constitutional Carry states. Somewhere…… Sometime……..Soon? Darn can’t find any. Racist

    • Liz Brown and Rodric Bray need to be primaried. Constitutional carry will be DOA unless and until they are replaced.

      And Holcomb’s RINO actions on constitutional carry and executive overreach on pandemic policy are the reason that I voted for the Libertarian candidate (Drinkwater) for Governor for the first time in my life, in 2020.

    • Also, LEO opposition is mostly moot, now several years after the Pinner decision by the Indiana Supreme Court. That LEO continue to oppose constitutional carry post-Pinner is a shibboleth with respect to the true nature of their support, or lack thereof, for the lawful exercise of constitutionally protected rights of Hoosiers.

  3. Indiana is right there with Florida, except we have a 2A RINO for governor. Holcomb has actively quashed passage of constitutional carry legislation, and the Indiana House is all too quick to play games to keep good bills from passing – while still maintaining their NRA A-ratings.

    • The caveat to all the RINO blockage of CC legislation is that we’re nearing the point where half the States will be honoring the Constitution as written (or certainly much closer to it), meaning anyone positioning themselves against CC – regardless of Party – will be essentially arguing against not only the Constitution (which they already do), but an increasingly greater part of the American people.

      • Well, one party is doing a pretty good job in convincing their base that “Too many rights and freedoms” is a ‘Dangerous and Bad Thing’, and they are starting to believe it… 🙁

  4. Anyone who grovels to their local bureaucrat for a permit to exercise a God given right is a huge part of the problem. If you truly believe in freedom, you’re going to confidently carry wherever you choose. Otherwise you’re just another cowardly FUDD.

    • Avoiding prison by getting a permit isn’t cowardly. Get the paper and then demand your governments do away with it. No shame in being there for your kids’ lives.

    • It’s my Right To Be Armed doesn’t work in court.
      Been there done that.
      Good thing Ks. went constitutional carry, one more time of being caught and I’d have been a felon. And once your a felon you cant have a gunm, well you can, but, then you’d be a criminal.

      • Good to see ya, Possum, some were worried an F-150 ‘splitched’ you dead… 🙂

        • pffft, I can smell the burning oil long before I can hear them rattling down the road.
          Ram Power, ram the piston right thru the block.

  5. Law Abiding Citizens pay the salaries of pantie waist self serving political jackasses who turn around and deny law abiding citizens who are merely requesting for the common sense freedom to wear a coat over a firearm or have a firearm in a purse, etc. That’s all while criminals carry weapons concealed no matter if some pompous politician and their high sheriff yes man likes it or not.

    Who gets caught in the middle between dumb politicians and dumb criminals? That would be citizens obeying Big Brother’s BS that says you are not allowed to conceal the means to defend you and yours.

    You jump through hoops like a silly circus animal and paid for your NCIC anal exam and that is enough wasted time and money spent to not include wearing a f-ing coat over a firearm or having one in your f-ing purse, etc.

  6. Here in Georgia the Governor has said he will sign it and the Senate has passed it, but it is stuck in the House where our corrupt Speaker will likely kill it. Called and emailed Ginny Ehrhart, who is my Rep. for all the good it will do.

    • I read yesterday that a couple of Rinos have held the bill and essentially killed it. It never ceases to amaze me that in what is supposed to be a democratic process, a single elected official in the Legislature can kill a bill he or she is opposed to, notwithstanding substantial probability of the bill passing without that veto.

  7. Florida will get Constitutional Carry when Disney approves.

    And the Hollywood deviants at Disney will never approve — without the permission of China.

    • Ralph, my now deceased father retired from FHP. He once told of a time when FHP had to respond to Disney World. A traffic crash I’m sure if FHP was involved. Disney security demand FHP surrender all their weapons upon entering Disney property. FHP told Disney security to grow a penis and go have intercourse with themselves. I’ll never go to Disney again. Even though I drive by often. But when my children were small we went a couple of times a year. Always when school was in. No lines. We home schooled John and Katherine, so no conflict. I never walked through a gate at a Disney park that I wasn’t carrying a loaded handgun, (usually an HK P7M8, or a Glock 36 with a set of Hienie Pro Slants installed and I think a couple of times I carried a Novak built lightweight Officer’s ACP I had at the time. Along with a spare magazine, Spyderco, Surefire, Leatherman, two spare batteries and whatever else. It was ridiculously easy. Even after 9-11. I actually had one guy at the gate that saw my badge case. He asked if I had a “gun”. I said, “No.” He believed me! I packed (and still do) all that in a Galco butt pack. Not black! Well, a Glock 19X rides in it now, but the rest of the load out is the same.

      • If I ever go to Disneyland I’m sticking a cat in my pants,
        Fck u Mickey Mouse,
        “MEEEOW – -, Let me at him.”
        No Minnie, I’m not happy to see you and that’s not a pickle in my pants.
        I’ll keep my pants zipped if you keep your crackers away from my goose.

      • “I never walked through a gate at a Disney park that I wasn’t carrying a loaded handgun,…”

        Visible metal detectors now. Security was ‘enhanced’ after the ‘Pulse’ nightclub slaughter. It seems the murderer and his wife visited the Disney World complex a few days before the shooting and the folks in the video security center noticed they seemed more interested in the layout, exits than in having a good time. That apparently rattled the Disney higher-ups pretty badly, and they upped security considerably since then. My source on that was a local LEO, this link mentions it vaguely, but doesn’t go into details –'s_alleged_role_and_acquittal

        According to who I heard that from, ‘King Rat’, has an internal S*W*A*T response team (of some sort) made up from retired special forces operators, folks who actually know how to shoot, if necessary…

        • Who the hell is ‘King Rat’, and why should we care? Sober up and try again, fatty 🖕🤡!

        • avatar Geoff "A day without an obsessed, obviously brain-damaged and mentally-ill demented troll (who deserves to live in New Jersey) PR

          “Who the hell is ‘King Rat’,…”

          M-i-c, k-e-y, M-o-u-s-e. Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse…

          Now go paint the ceiling with the contents of you pointed cranium with a shotgun, like a good little boy.

          (Very little, I’ll bet! 😉 )

        • The just write that, you half wit. You think you’re so clever, but you’re not. Man, you’re insufferable.

          Oh, and you first, you waste of sperm and egg 🖕🤡.

    • Blystone is the geezer who got caught giving another bloke a blowey in a rest stop on I-71. Look it up. Which would you rather have at the helm, a RINO or a poofter?

  8. We have no worries here in Ohio. Gov. DeWine is not your typical Neanderthal Republican. He will never sign such an asinine and lunatic bill. There are to many civic groups as well as the Police Chiefs who all oppose it.

  9. I see from that map the island of Alaska has floated from the coast of California down to Florida again. With all the conflict going on in the Ukraine it makes you wonder, Cuba now has SAC in their back yard..
    I’ve often wondered how Alaska floats around like that, I mean once it was off the coast of California you’d think the suckation between Hawaii and California would keep Alaska’s position fixed. ???
    Yep, the military is behind it .

    • Possum, it’s controlled by the migration of caribou, being followed by hunters with all their gear. There’s a bunch of both, and as they move north/south, the balance point shifts with them. Yet another example of humans screwing up the planet.

      Actually made worse by rock licker democrats. All them oil rigs that were up there, with their big pipes going down, kinda helped anchor it. Pull up the pipes to save the caribou, well then they move around more, which gets all them guns shifting around again. One big mess.

      Need my cup of coffee…


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