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No one takes a back seat to Connecticut Senator Chris murphy in anti-gun animus. And after yesterday’s horror in Las Vegas, he let it be know that failure to enact restrictions on Americans’ right to keep and bear arms is no longer an option. “It is positively infuriating that my colleagues in Congress are so afraid of the gun industry that they pretend there aren’t public policy responses to this epidemic,” reports. “(T)he thoughts and prayers of politicians are cruelly hollow if they are paired with continued legislative indifference. It’s time for Congress to get off its ass and do something,”

And being seen as “doing something” is number one on his to-do list. As someone who no doubt keeps a folder full of gun control bill drafts in a drawer in his office, ready to go at a moment’s notice, he isn’t letting any grass grow under his legislative feet.

As reports,

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) is introducing legislation to expand gun background checks in the wake of a mass shooting in Las Vegas that killed at least 59 people and left more than 520 wounded or injured.

“I’ll be introducing a new background checks bill shortly,” Murphy told reporters on Monday.

Wait. Background checks? As multiple media outlets have reported, Stephen Paddock opened fire on the concert crowd with multiple long guns including AR-15-style rifles, some likely illegally converted to enable full-auto fire.

At least 23 firearms, including a handgun, were found in Mr. Paddock’s hotel suite, according to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Sheriff Joseph Lombardo of the Police Department said Mr. Paddock used multiple rifles during the attack.

A federal law enforcement official earlier said two rifles were outfitted with scopes and set up on tripods in front of two big windows. Another official said that among the weapons were AR-15-style assault rifles. Both officials spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to divulge details of the investigation.

The problem with Senator Murphy’s background check bill is that Paddock apparently didn’t buy any of his guns illegally.

Two Nevada gun shops confirmed Monday that they sold firearms to Mandalay Bay shooter Stephen Paddock in the last year and said he passed all required background checks.

It was unknown if the weapons Paddock bought from the gun shops, New Frontier Armory in North Las Vegas and Guns and Guitars in Mesquite, were used in the casino massacre.

Police said they found 19 firearms, along with explosives and thousands of bullets, at Paddock’s home in Mesquite. Another 23 guns were found in his hotel room, officials said.

Now it’s been revealed that Paddock used at least one rifle equipped with a bumpfire stock to enable faster, full-auto-style fire. Will devices like that be next on his hit list?

“The fact is 80 other people died from guns yesterday and stronger background checks laws would have saved many of them,” he said.

With the death toll at Mandalay Bay was 59, you have to assume Murphy included other “normal” crime-related firearms deaths from around the country in that number. And since he hasn’t (yet) said he’ll give another federal Assault Weapons Ban the old UConn college try, he’s apparently made the judgment that a background check bill is the lowest-hanging anti-gun fruit with the greatest chance of success.

It’s an almost sure bet that Murphy’s (proposed) law won’t be the only such bill to be introduced in Congress in the days and weeks ahead. As Nick opined yesterday, we’re almost certain to see a plethora of new gun control efforts at both the federal and state levels. So another post Newtown-style gun control push seems to be in our immediate future. Stay tuned.


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  1. My vote is for pre-crime. We need to be locking up innocent people who have done no wrong BEFORE they commit heinous crimes damnit.

    • they already do that, without trials even. its called a gun violence restraining order. someone accuses you of being a danger to yourself or others, it goes before a judge without you being told about it, the police show up at your doors to confiscate your guns, you argue with them and Boom you go to jail for resisting arrest or something similar. All it takes is one pissed of co-worker, a bad breakup with a girlfriend (or a messy divorce), or an argument with your boss. the way most of the laws are worded ( i am not a lawyer and i do not play one on tv), from what i have seen, an unknown government official you have never met can accuse you and the burden is upon you to defend yourself after the fact.

  2. Murphy acknowledged that it’s not yet clear if stronger background checks would have prevented Sunday’s shooting, but argued that it could have saved dozens of others who are shot, on average, each day in the United States.

    I’ll take How To Politicize An Atrocity for $200, Alex.

    OMG! This evil thing happened! We’d better enact more restrictions on law-abiding people, even though those restrictions wouldn’t have done squat to prevent what happened. But never mind that. Look at this shiny object over here…

    • Even if you take the high number “dozens” to mean 36 each day you are still looking at, on average, 24 of those being suicides – background checks would not change that. Of the other 12 at least 8, possibly 10 would be criminal drug or turf wars or random robberies, highly unlikely they got their guns at a gun shop and did a background check. That leaves a maximum of 4 shootings that were done with NICS approved firearms and it is almost certain those people would also have passed the NICS with no issues when they pruchased the firearm.

      UBC us U-BS.

    • Look at this baby! You’d better do what we want, or this baby will cry. Don’t make the baby cry! Why do you want to make babies cry?

  3. “…some likely illegally converted to enable full-auto fire.”

    The media is reporting that the ARs had bump stocks which are legal. It will probably be a few more days before the story becomes more clear. It certainly is not the time to introduce new legislation before we really know what happened.

  4. Oh look, another Dimmtard politicritter is dancing the political-grandstand mambo.
    Dance little puppet, dance, and try to make those evil black guns even more “illegaler.”


  5. Sound and fury signifying nothing.

    Short of becoming a police state, there is literally nothing that can be done about crazy people doing crazy stuff.

    And becoming a police state wouldn’t work well either.

    • The TTAG crew really are professionals at finding the most ridiculous pictures of the political opposition.

  6. There will be bills introduced that will make Bumpfire stocks be NFA regulated, that’s a certainty now. I also see mandatory 7 day waiting periods for all gun sales being introduced and an “Assault Rifle” tax because they can’t ban them, but they can tax them like they tried with NFA weapons in the 30s. Think people will buy as many AR’s if there’s a 50% tax on top of a state sales tax?

    • You ARE aware that merely introducing a piece of legislation is not the same as it passing, aren’t you?

      • Of course they don’t. Take a name like “TruthTellers” and replace it with something that is the exact polar opposite. They actually do anything but tell the truth, or even know the truth at all, for that matter. They know nothing and understand nothing. That’s why they have to signal their deluded thinking on monikers like that — they’re trying to fool themselves, and then fool you into thinking their way.

        We know better, though. That’s why they can only respond with bile and veiled wishes for and threats of harm towards us and our loved ones. Cowards, primitives, and imbeciles, every last one.

  7. I have not seen the bill yet but I have advocated background checks on all gun purchases which would simply expand the Brady Bill to do what it was supposed to do from its very inception. Second Hand gun sales without paperwork enable nut cases and criminals to obtain any and all types of weapons they want to rob or commit mass murder. Yes it looks like the current mass killing was done with legally obtained weapons but if the nut case had been denied a purchase of a new weapon he would have simply bought a used one without any paperwork which goes on all the time in the world of criminals. Second Hand gun sales make State Laws absolutely meaningless because States with lax laws simply funnel guns into other States with strict laws. Its about time we change this and the sooner the better.

    • Background checks never apply illegal sales to criminals.

      You really do not have any idea what you’re taking about. Perhaps asking us honest questions and engaging in an actual conversation would clear some of that up.

      Can you explain to us why the strict gun control passed in the UK and Australia caused homicides and violent crime to v rise, and how that doesn’t demonstrate gun control to be a failure on a fundamental level, meaning there is nothing to get right about it, it’s a bad idea from the start?

      Should I ask you why you support more deaths by adhering to the mantra of “more gun control! ” Why are you against saving lives?

    • Please tell us your ideas, Cisco, on how you plan to make sure people won’t sell their property to other people? Mandatory quarterly inventories of their homes? Radio beacons installed on all firearms?

    • Second Hand gun sales make State Laws absolutely meaningless because States with lax laws simply funnel guns into other States with strict laws.

      I’m guessing that you haven’t attempted a private, interstate firearm transfer.

    • You have not yet seen the bill, but you’re already for it. I wonder why that sounds familiar… Anyway, the problem with your theory — as with literally all of your theories — is that background checks don’t work. It’s feel-good security theater and that’s all it will ever be, no matter how strictly enforced or restructured to be “stronger”.. whatever that’s supposed to mean. Second-hand sales have never been shown to be a significant source of crime guns, and had you actually ever done any research at all on this or any other subject under the sun for that matter, you’d already know this just as well as the rest of us. Who all know better than you. Again. Still. More. Perhaps to your chagrin, most mass killings have been committed with legally-acquired weapons — nigh-universally purchased through FFLs with the attendant NICS paper trail, to boot. Oh, and if they were denied a purchase, he could have gotten one off the street regardless of however laws are on the books nor how strictly they’re enforced. State gun control laws are already absolutely meaningless to start with, second-hand sales or not. Especially given the fact that at least half of all traces in ANY given state originate from WITHIN THAT STATE and take an average of 11.2 years to turn up at a crime scene, anyway. This is per the ATF’s own e-trace data, too, which you’ve obviously never studied at all, let alone with the necessary closeness that would even allow you to make such judgements in the first place. Not that your demonstrable and willful pig ignorance has ever stopped you before. It’s about time we change, all right, but only in the exact opposite direction that YOU want to go. The sooner THAT happens, the better.

  8. Saying that the legislators are afraid of the firearms industry and the NRA is their big lie. It is the voters that the legislators fear, but it wouldn’t look good for Mr. Murphy to say that.

  9. This shit is so predictable by the Dems. They literally run the same play after every mass shooting event.

  10. Bulldoze CT on to barges and sink them out in the Atlantic.

    CT is a piss ant little state that likes to dictate, and they can ALL STFU and go sit at the kiddie table.

    F them all.

  11. Great photo of Senator Chris Murphy with his mouth in the default position. This probably applies to most other politicians, too.

  12. Maybe I missed it, but what does a “new” background check bill entail? What specifically does it do that the old background nics checks do not?

    • “Maybe I missed it, but what does a “new” background check bill entail? What specifically does it do that the old background nics checks do not?”

      I’ll tell you *exactly* what it accomplishes.

      Mandatory background checks is mandatory gun registration.

      If they outlaw guns, they will know *exactly* who’s door to knock when they outlaw or outright confiscate your guns…

  13. I’ve got it. Add a check box to a form 4473 that says “Are you or have you ever been a Democrat?”
    If yes, then sale denied.

  14. Murphy, along with a lot of other liberal Dems (at least 20) are being mentioned as possible presidential candidates for the next presidential go-around. So, what a great opportunity this is for him, right? Never let a good crisis go to waste! I’m beginning to believe that people like him go to bed at night praying for mass shootings so they can jump in front of the cameras to tell voters how tough they are on guns. Unfortunately, I have to share the same state with this guy, and a few others like him. Murphy and his tribe of Democrats, are the reason I became another armed Connecticut citizen. Keep up the good work, Chris, maybe you can convince a few more people in this sorry-ass state to become a concealed carry permittee, and a newly-minted Republican as well.

  15. With a mouth like his, he’s obviously looking for someone to “blow”! to get his bill passed. What a Fracking Moron! Someone kindly “fill it” with something!

  16. Someone did something awful!

    Time to tighten the thumbscrews on every single person who didn’t do it.

  17. I agree that we should do something. But it needs to be something that would make a real difference.

    I propose a minimum IQ level for those in Congress.

  18. Such a whack job libtard you are. Yeah, “do something”, so you can feel good and put your virtue on display for everyone who is so much less so. Idiot. And that big fat mouth of yours, especially the one in this picture on this page, its evident you have lots of experience opening wide. hahahaha Why don’t you check with your old haggered libtarded cohort Feinstein and ask her how all your “ban” garbage is likely to pass. Its not happening. As for bumpstock banning fool, let me educate you a little. First, go ahead and ban them, fine. Easy enough to 3D print them all day. Moreover, they are not even necessary to obtain the same effect for anyone with an index finger and a belt loop. From hip shooting position, properly place the rifle, index finger in belt loop securely and on trigger, and ideally with a forward grip on the rifle (though not necessary by any means), push the rifle forward. Bang, bang, bang… “auto” fire, just like a bump stock. You going to ban index fingers and belt loops idiot? You’re comical. No law or ban you can conjure up in your sick control mind would have prevented the awful carnage we have just witnessed. But in your infinite wisdom in your own mind, you want to scream “ban, ban, ban…”. Thus discounting and completely overlooking real solutions that might truly help and make a difference. Makes you look good, but only to other idiots equally as, if not more, ignorant than yourself. You dumbocrats have no logic whatever. You say banning abortions will drive women to the back alley so it should be legal to kill infants (in some cases, even late-term infants), yet when it comes to firearms regulation, again, its “ban, ban, ban…”! You, are just loud mouth dummy who has no clue what he is talking about. Like all those in the same corner as you. Fools. Idiots. Dolts. Mental midgets. Imbeciles. Go away, please, and shut that big mouth, or use it only for what I know you use it best for. 🙂

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