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 11th CVI at Antietam Battlefield National Park (courtesy chiefusnr1226 @

The right to keep and bear arms is a civil and human right protected by the United States Constitution. In the same sense that slavery was wrong—no matter how many Americans supported it at the time—civilian disarmament is wrong no matter how many school children were slaughtered by a Bushmaster-wielding madman. There I’ve said it. Deal with it. As I know you, our Armed Intelligentsia have done and will continue to do. But this message hasn’t reached residents of the [now ironically named] Constitution State. A Quinnipiac University poll reveals that CT voters support civilian disarmament by a HUGE margin. Specifically . . .

By margins of 2-1 or more, Connecticut voters support most gun-control measures, with support for universal background checks at 93 – 6 percent, including 89 – 9 percent among voters in households where there are guns, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.

Voters support stricter statewide gun-control laws 66 – 30 percent, the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University poll finds. Support for specific measures includes:

68 – 28 percent back an expansion of the statewide ban on the sale of assault weapons. Gun owners are opposed 49 – 44 percent;

68 – 28 percent back a ban on the sale of ammunition magazines with more than 10 rounds. Gun owners are divided 49 – 48 percent;

72 – 27 percent back registration of all handguns, with annual renewal. Gun owners are divided with 48 percent in favor and 50 percent opposed;

63 – 31 percent, including 50 – 46 percent among gun owners, favor limiting handgun purchases to one per month;

85 – 14 percent, including 71 – 28 percent among gun owners, back a permit requirement to purchase and carry all guns;

86 – 11 percent, including 85 – 12 percent among gun owners, favor a gun offender registry for those convicted of gun crimes;

76 – 19 percent, including 65 – 32 percent among gun owners, back stricter gun storage requirements;

50 – 43 percent back mandatory liability insurance for gun owners, who oppose this measure 71 – 26 percent.

Nick has pointed out that gun owners are more politically active than non-gun owning voters. No doubt by the reverse margin (2 – 1) or more. We’ll see plenty of turnout at today’s pro-gun rally in Illinois (report to follow). New York’s gun owners are certainly up in arms, if you know what I mean. (If you don’t, report to follow on that, too.)

But it’s clear that Connecticut legislators are failing to factor the “enthusiasm gap” into their political calculus. Not to put too fine a point on it, Connecticut gun rights are going down.

And that means the ballistic bifurcation of America continues apace. As Dan points out, we’re looking at civil disobedience on a massive scale, not seen since prohibition (if you discount dope smoking). I reckon there will be bloodshed, and not the kind that CT pols claim they’re trying to prevent . . .

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    • And no demographics of those polled were given. It’s easy to make phone calls during the daytime just to get senior citizens and get the answers you’re looking for. Perhaps if they changed the “assault weapon” question to “modern sporting rifle”, they may have gotten a different response.

      Since when is a university, especially a university in New England, known for given “independent” polling? There’s always an agenda.

      • Let’s not forget this was conducted by a PRIVATE University who attracts the type of wealthy, idealistic, anti-gun people who would be the first to support this type of legislation. I can actually picture the ignorant, media indoctrinated rich kid checking the box that he owned a gun (falsely) and that he wanted them banned to try and cheat the polls. I know from personal experience that anti-gun people are being more shiesty than ever to get their way.

      • ‘Perhaps if they changed the “assault weapon” question to “modern sporting rifle”, they may have gotten a different response.’

        A response like “What the hell is a modern sporting rifle?”, perhaps. If they asked me that question, I would agree we need to ban the term “modern sporting rifle”, along with “assault weapon”. Keep the guns, but get rid of the stupid mouthful of words. It’s just a rifle, people. Having any label that differentiates an AR or AK from any other rifle doesn’t help our cause, because it reinforces the erroneous concept that these rifles are somehow special and different and therefore should be regulated differently.

  1. We’ll see. The NSSF folks will have their say too. I’m a metal mag guy, and most of mine are made in CT – that’s a fair number of jobs to kiss goodbye.

    What a lot of folks don’t realize is that there already is a registry of pretty much all firearms purchases in CT anyway, so that’s really no change. I’m actually a little more hopeful than I was a month ago – even Malloy’s wishlist was not as bad as I feared.

  2. Men fought and died to remove slavery from our country over 150 years ago. Modern men seem to be in a hurry to return slavery to this country. The next few years ought to be interesting.

    • I would be careful with the slavery analogy. It’s a little much.

      Plus, there’s the fact that slavery was originally constutionally mandated.

  3. The division in America is getting more pronounced, and it will be interesting to see how it unfolds over time. I can imagine a highly controlled 2nd Amendment environment in the Northeast and the West Coast and then an area of free states in between. With Illinois still fighting the good fight. And Detroit…oh well..
    If this is how it ends up and people have to choose where they are going to live just to practice a Right..well, those problems are just beginning. Besides wanting to have control over the individuals and expand their power, I see no other reason politicians side with gun control. Every argument they make they know is BS and acknowledge it. For example, Biden commenting on how “assault weapons” aren’t used in crimes much and the bill would have very little effect on gun violence. So, as always, it just goes to show that America has elected politicians who do not like America as she stands right now. But we all knew that.

    • Be careful when you paint the Northeast with a broad brush. Sure, in places like CT, MA, and RI, gun rights are going down hard. That said, VT is one of the few Constitutional Carry States, NH has extremely loose gun laws, and in ME, the governor recently went on the record that he would oppose any new firearm restrictions. So, things are not all bleak up here.

    • The division will lead to a civil was sooner or later if we do not get leaders who try to unify rather than divide the two major ideologies in this country. Its bound to happen, the Arabs warred with each other throughout history over the differences between shiia and sunni islam, until they had a common enemy(the crusaders). The man who lead them was Saladin a great leader of his time.
      The French and English went at it for hundreds of years until they had a common enemy in the Germans.

      The jews have been at war with just about everyone throughout their history.

      You cannot have two diametrically opposed societies living in such close proximity without either excellent governance or an eventual war where one side is beaten back or otherwise suppressed.

      • I just wish it would hurry up and get here before I’m too dang old to be useful. On the bright side, it should be easy to fight the gun grabbers since they’ll likely be unarmed, lol

      • Didn’t their messiah get the Nobel Peace Price? Wasn’t he supposed to be the one that tore down the divide in America and was going to unite the country? Instead he has done the exact opposite and they still praise Obama like he is a Deity.

  4. Its tempting to reject the polls results of of hand when you see the majority of people supporting the destruction of their own rights . Unforunately, most normal lay people in Democrat strongholds don’t give a f**k about the Constitution. Out of an estimated 90 million gun owners, not even ten percent can be bothered to join the NRA.

    These results are brought to you by an anti-gun school system , media empire, and cultural norm. By 2014, the RKBA is destined to vanish from the East Coast like a Stephen King horror novel .

    • Correct me if I’m wrong, ST, but doesn’t the east coast include Virginia, south Carolina, North Carolina and Florida? Hard to see the RKBA being done away with by 2014 in those states.

      • Trouble is even pro-gun states have anti gun areas. Here in NC which is mostly pro-gun, there are definitely anti-gun enclaves in Charlotte, Chapel Hill, Durham, Greensboro, Raleigh. Those enclaves typically view gunners as country bumpkins like they saw in Deliverance.

      • Well… give an example, an “East Coast liberal” inhabits the littoral states from Maryland to Maine.

        He/she would not live in nor constitute the liberal ruling class of the states bounding the Atlantic from Virginia to Florida, which I like to call the Southern Coast. Florida to Texas of course constitute the Gulf Coast.

        And yes, in the states of the Southern Coast & Gulf Coast, the right to bear arms stands a fighting chance. There are also far more patriots in the East Coast/New England states than I had initially supposed. I am still very impressed by the recent 2A rally at the New York State House in Albany. Even now Mario Cuomo is wagging his scolding finger in a quivering rage at those recalcitrant Empire Staters.

      • Fortunately, many blue states are blue because of large concentrations of blue voters in a small number of districts. This allows the Democrats to pile up huge margins that can elect senators and carry the state in Presidential elections. This is why the House remains Republican and will do so in 2014 if a certain element doesn’t choose to stay home in a snit. You might see this phenomenon in Virginia this November where we could get a New Jersey kleptocrat elected in the Old Dominion but keep a Republican majority in the House of Delegates.

    • Sorry, but a lot of gun owners see the NRA as the wasteful money pit and fear engine it is. They focus on federal level reps, but that is where it ends. The states are where the fight is. Not addressing the true meaning behind the second is an issue as well. When the overpaid board members start using their resources to help the cause, I will join. Until then, I will continue to write, call, and speak with my reps personally.

  5. You are actually correct Mr Farago. Look up the 1858 Lincoln-Douglas debates leading to the 1860 presidential nomination of Abraham Lincoln.

    Douglas took the position that America was a democracy, and people of its states had voted for chattel slavery. The vote of the people in democracy was the ultimate authority and thus, slavery was to be accepted.

    Lincoln said no, there was absolute, external, moral aspect to the world. Constraining the liberty of another human being, of whatever origin or demeanor, for the benefit of another was a wrong in and of itself. If thousands of people voted for slavery’s acceptance, they did not anoint the institution – they made themselves wrong along with it.

    It’s going to be a long and arduous job freeing the new slave-states. But once again, there are absolute, external, moral aspects to the situation.

  6. Well there it is and here we are, some of this stuff being passed is insurmountable and will stick. Even so it is not our job to make deals but to stand up for our rights.
    As I’ve said, overwhelming urbanization, collectivization and regulation of all modern societies is rapidly overcoming all else and various regs are on the way, driven by an self-styled, social engineering elite voted in by a largely urban mob who only know guns from criminal incidents or some shoot-em-up movies.
    Therefore, as I,ve said before, its time to bring forth a list of what we what in the way of safeguards from the coming onsault.

    I therefore propose a “Bill of Rights” in this regard…..

    Gun Owners Bill of Rights

    The first of which is, of course, the 2nd Amendment itself:
    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

    1/ No general registration of gun or ammo buyers or positive background checks. Negative background checks – in the sense that a potential buyer can be checked against a “prohibited” list – may be OK but should be done by a third party and no permanent record kept. Whatever list is maintained has to be carefully monitored for mistakes, typos and the usual junk such lists are ‘er to with easy-to-use appeal and corrective procedures.
    2/ No general registration of any legally purchased and kept non NFA firearms – all FFL records to be destroyed in due time and any government violation of this rule to be held to strict account.
    3/ Although the idea of placing the mentally disturbed on a “no sell” list has it’s merits it must be also be carefully controlled by judicial review to prevent any “medical professional” – who may themselves be “disturbed”- or believe anyone owning or wanting to own a gun is “disturbed” – to have such an arbitrary power, a violation of due process. This can also have the undesirable effect of deterring some people who could use help from seeking aid.
    4/ Any restriction on types of firearms can not fall below that of weapons commonly used as individual weapons by the military or police as specified by the Miller decision of 1939. They can draw the line at fully-automatic and burst features which can be controlled under strict regulation (as they are now) but under revised rules. If the police need over a hundred officers with “assault rifles” and 30 round mags to deal with 1 nut then why do I need less to deal with multiple criminals by myself?
    5/ No restrictions or records on “regular” ammo sales. These have proved themselves to be unworkable and useless and can only be used to compile a troublesome and misleading database of misinformation. A violation of the “Arbitrary and capricious” phrase in the Heller decision.
    6/ No more exceptions for retired police, political pals or whatever without some provision for persons with the same level of qualification and trust. This is plainly a violation of the Equal Protection clause of the 14th Amendment.
    7/ No possession, transfer or technical violation, such as overall sizes or barrel lengths, to be treated as a crime without some showing of criminal intent. The sad history of some hapless or unknowing innocent threatened or actually imprisoned for some unintended violation has just got to stop – period. No Constitutional citation here. just common sense and humanity.
    8/ No criminal prosecutions for travelers passing through “restricted” states or areas who are making an honest effort to comply with the 1986 Firearm Owners Protection Act even if in violation of some strict interpretation of the same.
    9/ Any “Reporting of Theft or Loss” laws must be carefully crafted so as not to entrap any innocent oversight or ever to include any casual loss of ammo, accessories or parts.
    10/ No more large area “Weapons Free” zones that – in any built up area – cover virtually everything.
    Although banning specific small zones passes Constitutional muster, any attempt to use this as some end run around legal gun carry is unacceptable and in violation of both the Heller and McDonald decisions.
    11/ The carry licenses issued by any one state should be honored by all others. Although a valid States Rights issue they can be “encouraged” to do so by federal law. Basically it’s a violation of the Constitution Article IV, Sec 2 – Privileges of Citizens – under which driver’s licenses, for example, are recognized through all the states.
    12/ Whatever restrictions are passed must always include the “grandfathering” of any existing items. Anything else is a violation of Due Process clause of the 14th Amendment and the deprived of property clause of the 5th Amendment.

    The bottom line though is in the courts, nothing gets the attention of various little local emperors running their little empires than paying out huge damages or actually facing jail-time for disobeying a court order – I think some of these critters are about to learn this lesson.

  7. Quinnipiac University is as far left and as far BS as they come. With a Sample size of 1099 these numbers are twisted to be whatever they wanted them to be.

    We have a rally on 11th with the support of the NRA. Hopefully we can get some of the BS over turned. I want to be as mad as hell, but given the source, the numbers are more likely to be fudged than anything else.

    Mis-information is a great play by the anti-gun crowd and I am sure it will be in every paper and every news segment this evening.

    We are effed in CT. The liberal imports from NY and MA have pretty much doomed the state.

    • Not only that, but turned Vermont into the “People’s Republic of Burlington” – how the gun rights have survived amazes me.

  8. “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animating contest of freedom, — go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen!”

    Sam Adams

  9. I wonder* if companies like Colt will pull up stakes and leave for more favorable climes.

    *I don’t actually wonder, they won’t.

    • They might, I remember Navy Arms just across the Hudson about 5 miles from NYC and Sarco in central Jersey, both cornacopias of surplus and collector firearms, moving to escape the BS and costs. Navy to WV and Sarco to PA.

  10. “Quinnipiac University surveyed 1,009 registered voters with a margin of error of +/- 3.1 percentage points.” Connecticut has a current population of roughly 3,590,347 people. That means roughly 0.028% of the population was polled.

    But let’s be fair and cut the population number in half exclude the under-age and just represent adults who could vote. That gives us 1009 out of 1,795,173 so that is still just 0.05% of the population of Connecticut WITH AN ERROR OF +/- 3.1 percentage points.

    And, as mentioned previously, no information whatsoever on demographics.

    Cherry picking at it’s finest.

    • I wish that were so, but I remember saying things like this about the 2012 presidential election polls, and those polls were pretty close to accurate.

    • Statistics is a hard science, and among other things, it allows you to calculate how many people need to be randomly polled to get result within a certain margin of error (read the article on “Sampling” on Wikipedia for details). Unless these guys have somehow deliberately picked those specific 1009 people instead of tossing the coin, the study is perfectly valid.

  11. “with support for universal background checks at 93 – 6 percent”

    That statement is absolutely ludicrous. You probably couldn’t get 93% of Connecticut residents to agree that the sun sets in the west or that water runs downhill. I’m calling bull$hit on this one, though I have no doubt that a majority of residents of the state will swallow whatever gun control schemes the oligarchs push through.

  12. I dug into the actual poll and the demographic skewing seems strange to me. Are 42% of Connecticutites independent?

    Also, note the thirty point split between R’s and D’s. I tend to think that is idicative of a marked lack of enthusiasm on the R side, but that might be wishful thinking on my part.

  13. “No matter how many children were slaughtered” Hoy…point taken, but from my view this could have been sugar coated a bit. Anti gunners take comments like that and turn us all into stark raving lunatics hell bent on shooting anyone who crosses our path.

  14. Shows New England idiots follow the wolf to the slaughter. Iam very suspicious of these pool sample any way probably all 1009 people came from a all fascist neighbor hood in New haven.

  15. Notice how slavery became immoral at around the same time it couldn’t compete with modern manufacturing techniques. Also remember that “Molon Labe” was coined by militaristic, elitist, slave-drivers.

    If Sparta could fight for freedom, why not the Confederacy? Same principle. I sincerely doubt there’s be magazine limits in the CSA.

    • Slavery became immoral at around the time the literary Enlightenment Movement started debating it along with forms of government. It took social form in the Abolitionist Movement, which was driven by Puritan-style religious adherents (Quakers, etc) in the American Colonies and in Britain. America passed ever-more-stringent limitations on slavery and then fought a civil war over it. The British went from profiting from the slave trade along with other European powers, to using its naval power to unilaterally strangle the slave trade and destroy its means of commerce.

      All of this happened before steam-driven tractors were any kind of practical reality, and manual labor was still vastly dominant in agriculture for decades more.

      As to the Spartans, Sparta was finally brought down by an army of Theban farmers (derisively called “Boeotian Pigs”) led by Epaminondas, who conducted a war to invade Lacedaemonia and free the Spartan Helots (staying in occupied territory for a year to make sure a city wall was constructed for the liberated people to be safe behind) purely for the stated reason that “Nature hath made no one a slave”.

      • To put myself more plainly, it ain’t all just “guns, germs, and steel”. Ideas, cultural beliefs, *matter*. They matter a whole lot more than current schools of thought generally give them credit for.

  16. In a certain demographic I’m certain I could get 3..4 to 1 for the return of slavery. The grabbers feel that just 1 over 50 percent & there go our guns, as you basically said, Robert. The question right now is how long homeland security will have the stomach for their losses. Look at the Murro bld, well…. In other news, Once upon a time there was a German banker that ran afoul of some group & they said they would kill him, he didn’t think they stood a chance. He went to work with a 4 car security detail. One day they crossed the path of a parked bicycle & as the front of his car crossed the line the bike backpack detonated. A 12″ X 12″ 1/4″ copper plate with explosives behind it spun his car & tore it apart so it looked like it hit a semi tractor. He bled to death. The bradys think the jack boot troups are invincible, I don’t think so in numerous ways, Randy

  17. 2A is going down in CT because it’s ruled by Democrats. Every other explanation is utter bullsh!t. The Donkeys are bound and determined to murder the Constitution. It’s part of their political DNA. They get to buy their way to power and control by being the Party of Free Sh!t, giving to certain people the money that they’ve stolen from the rest.

    The Democratic Party is a racket.

    • Precisely describes Colorado at the moment. Which is why our 2A rights are circling the drain here. . .

    • And now we have Obama playing politics with the safety of every American. If a few of us are murdered or raped due to his politics it doesn’t matter, as long as he has something to gain from it. We have had some bad Presidents but never one with a complete disregard citizens and willing to play politics with our lives.

      The sequestration is the latest example. Him and the MSM wanted us to believe the US would cease to exist and the sky would fall if we allowed a 2% cut to a 3.7 trillion dollar budget. Because republicans didn’t cave to his demands he now risk being exposed for the liar that he is. He can’t allow that to happen so now he is manufacturing crisis like releasing illegal immigrant criminals and blaming it on republicans. If only they worked with him the sequestration (which BTW he created over a year ago) this could have been avoided, and these people would still be in jail.

      This evil SOB is getting away with BS like this every day and the MSM not only doesn’t report on it, they help him cover it up. We keep looking forward to the 2014 elections but I think we are in for a big surprise. Obama is trying to destroy all opposition and he is succeeding so far. Democrat strategist have already verified this strategy, and they also admitted gun control is a top priority if he wins the house in 2014.

  18. I don’t consider a registry of those convicted of gun crimes so they cant buy more guns an “anti-gun thing”. In fact I thought the background checks already caught this stuff.
    As far as insurance, it is totally racist for reasons previously stated and won’t pass anyways.
    And storage requirements? How do you think they (the authority) will verify? Unannounced searches of your property/house. I believe that 32% would change their mind real quick if they knew the ATF/DHS would shop up at your front door without a warrant and demand to search your home and toss your kid’s bedroom.

    • In theory, but pay careful attention to the definition of “Gun Crime”.

      Like maybe failing to file the latest mandatory paperwork for your almost-banned “assault weapon”. Or excessive speeding while also carrying concealed. Or any other minor offense which can somehow be tangentially linked to your ownership of a gun.

      But if you’ve been convicted of any felony (gun or no) aren’t you already banned from purchasing? Isn’t that the purpose of NICS?

  19. “Posterity! You will never know how much it cost the present Generation to preserve your Freedom! I hope you will make good use of it. If you do not, I shall repent in Heaven, that I ever took half the Pains to preserve it.” – John Adams

  20. It is a fact of life that in some States there is public support for substantial gun control. And yet, they are still part of the United States, even if those of us living in “free” States sometimes forget that fact. I find it interesting that the Wikipedia article “Concealed carry in the United States” lists Connecticut as a may issue State but with a note that it is shall issue “in practice”. This sounds better than some other places, and it got me thinking about what the priorities of the pro gun-rights advocates should be in such States. The first couple of things that come to mind are:

    (a) A permit is better than a ban. If semi-auto black rifles send you into a tizzy, place them under the same permit system as handguns, but don’t ban them.

    (b) Make sure whatever permits are there, ownership, carry, etc, are shall issue and not discretionary. Permits should be reasonable in cost, and they should not have to be renewed more often than every 5 years. The permit system should not be so cumbersome as to discourage ownership (DC, NYC, Chicago are clearly like that).

    The above may sound sad, but I still take heart in the fact that some of the recent polls – not specifically in CT – showing high levels of support for the President’s gun control proposals also show that over seventy percent of the respondents were against a ban on handguns. This means the public does support the right to self-defense. I bet they are against “assault weapons” in part because most people have a sense of what a “handgun” is and what it can used for by an average citizen, whereas not nearly as many know that an “assault rifle” is just a rifle that looks a bit different.

    Some other interesting poll results from all over:
    — In Illinois – – “seventy-four percent of the people who responded say they would vote for someone who supports concealed carry.”
    — In Wisconsin – – “the survey showed 47 percent of respondents believe the current gun laws should be stricter. In comparison, 43 percent think the laws should stay the same while 8 percent think the regulation should be loosened.” Also there, “63 percent of people 55 years old or older saying the gun laws should be stricter, but only 34 percent of people 34 and younger wanting to strengthen the regulations.” Looks like gun rights aren’t dying out with the older generation in some places.

    And even in New York State, the politicos are starting to feel a bit of heat on the new law:

    All in all, one shouldn’t give up but keep pushing for better laws everywhere, even as some tightening takes place in some areas. Every State is important, even if they are never going to be the same.

    • A thoughtful and helpful article – prioritizing is the way to go. I had some thoughts on this myself and I posted a suggested “Bill of Rights” at the top of this series. You may find it useful.
      The important thing is to have a plan, hang together and use all methods necessary to advance the cause.

  21. Any people that allow their rights to be taken away deserve the slavery and misery that result. I hope CT subjects suffer, and suffer horribly.

    • Some of the above would qualify as a reasonably intelligent discussion but most of the rhetoric gave me a huge headache. Too many use only a broad brush to classify anyone who may differ with their opinions. Rather than spit and spew hatred for all who you “think” stand against your beliefs, try to remember you live in a country where we have the RIGHT to hold other opinions. The gun issue is not just black and white. Put your anger aside for a moment and try to walk in the shoes of one of the parents whose child was killed at Sandy Hook. It might not change your mind about the kind of guns you own, but at least your perspective might be more sympathetic and less paranoid.

  22. This whole issue is about someone telling me what I can own when it has nothing to do with them and it is not used to harm anyone and is used only in a lawful way. The arguments for gun control are valid but can not work simply because the violate the second amendment and are about 20o years too late. All the efforts they propose will not work unless all guns are removed from everyone. Who wants to do that. Go first…..

  23. I never believe the Quinnipiac polls. They are always intentionally skewed to the left. The thing to remember, however, a lot of the “gun owners” in this poll were the 80 year old fudds who think that gun technology should have stopped with the 1903 Springfield. Also, the poll probably counted “gun owners” as the people who said, “Yeah I think my grandpa’s old double barrel is in the attic somewhere.” I worked at a gun dealer in CT and in my three years there, seeing thousands of customers, I only met ONE who actually was actually anti-gun.

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