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CT Sheepdog writes:

Sadly, the murder of Lori Gellatly and her mother is likely to become a bigger rallying cry for antis in Connecticut than the Koller arrest. Both Senators Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy have been pressing to make a domestic restraining order immediate grounds for gun surrender by the target of the order. A wife killer is a much better “poster boy” for the antis than a roided up cokehead who flaunted the registration requirements. [autoplay video after the jump]

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  1. Here’s a thought in the form of a question. Does the person requesting the restraining order have to prove that she/he/it has a relationship with the person it’s being taken out against?

    See where I’m going with this? Disarming a target of mayhem or murder would make the task a LOT easier, right?

    • Somebody did a post recently talking about the specifics in the recent midwestern law that required restraining order targets to divest themselves of firearms.

      In that state, the mere accusation doesn’t negate the person’s gun rights. There’s a hearing with lawyers, and then the judge can issue the order, if there’s evidence of danger.

      If due process of law determines there is a real danger, they should take the aggressor’s guns away, and give them to the target for extra safety!

      • So, given a gun-grabber judge, every single case would result the same. Because there is still no trial, no independent judgement by your peers, your “privilege” is just removed. IOW, that is NOT, by any stretch of the imagination, “due process of law”.

      • This is a MN law on it’s way to Gov Dayton’s desk (or maybe already signed). It’s another one of those laws that could have been a lot worse, and in it’s original form it was pretty much confiscation upon even a temporary OFP. They were able to get it to the somewhat more reasonable version that it is now where it requires judicial review, aka some sort of due process. It’s a tough situation because clearly you don’t want someone killing their spouse, but honestly if someone is such a danger that you are afraid they are going to shoot their spouse, shouldn’t they be removed form society so they don’t stab them or choke them or whatever?

        • “Remove them from society” based on SOMEONE’S ACCUSATION? YAWOHL!!!

    • Here’s a better question:

      How many women are killed by something other than a gun by someone on a restraining order? I imagine, a bunch. If someone is dangerous enough that they can’t be near someone, then maybe they should have a GPS monitor attached to their leg or something to actually keep them away (or alert the popo when they get near someone). The accuser would also need a GPS monitor attached to them to establish their respective locations. And to make sure they’re serious. Also, burden of proof would need to be a lot more than an accusation.

      It should upset people that antis think that people being murdered by guns is bad, but beaten or stabbed is cool or whatever.

  2. I don’t get all apoplectic about autoplay video, normally. But when you’re listening to music on the computer while you work, and you stop the video once, the sucker REALLY OUGHT to STAY turned off, and not come back a couple minutes later.

    I did get a bit apoplectic about THAT.

    CORRECTION: came back on TWICE. GRRRRR.

    • If you’re using Chrome for your browser, get a plugin called FlashControl. Of all I tried, it’s by far the best. And Stop HTML5 Video Autoplay will take care of the HTML5 stuff that you’re starting to see in a lot of ads, as well.

  3. Not sure I get what makes this guy a poster boy for anything.Looks like Newman. Don’t get the need for the school lockdown either. Didn’t hurt his kids and he had the opportunity. Seems just like any other run of the mill murder/attempted suicide if there is such a thing. What am I missing?

  4. Okay, the estranged husband was determined to kill his estranged wife and anyone else who got in the way (like his mother-in-law) and was also determined to kill himself. Let me guess, gun grabbers are convinced that the estranged wife would still be alive if someone had just taken away the estranged husband’s guns? So, the man could not have driven over his wife with a car? Or walked up behind her with a large steak knife or pipe and killed her as she was walking to a grocery store or her office? Got it.

    • Before going to court in the first place, she should have armed herself. Is that too easy, or what?

    • Guns are easier. The same reason you might carry a gun for defense makes it easier for offense.

      A lot of people who can use a gun would never be ‘man enough’ to physically murder someone.

      • “A lot of people who can use a gun would never be ‘man enough’ to physically murder someone.”

        Objection: conjecture. Prove it.

  5. Restraining orders need to go away.

    They are ineffective, and often actually cause the violence that they are trying to prevent as they can enrage the person receiving them. For that reason quite a few security experts actually recommend their clients not to get them.

    • Not that I do not believe you but I would really like to see an article or something written as something I can read and use as evidence next time this topic comes up.

      Got a link good sir?

      • If I recall correctly, Gavin De Becker wrote about the danger created by restraining orders and the false sense of security they create in his book The Gift of Fear.

  6. Restraining orders are like gun free zones. Ineffective bullshit that will never deter a criminal intending on committing a crime against you.

  7. Gellaty is not the poster boy for CT’s gungrabbers. Every gun owner in CT is their poster boy. If you think not, then you don’t know Malloy. He’s just a common street thug with a nicer suit.

  8. Here’s a thought for countering the impending whine-fest – Instead of disarming the object of a restraining order, arm the victim. Because… safety!

  9. Here in MA sharp instruments (stabbing cutting) is as common a method of homicide against women as firearms. So will they be confiscating all knives and pointy sticks as well?

  10. FYI, The mother is not dead but in serious condition. Also, the shooter had been reported by the wife to be bi-polar and off his meds. The cops had a recent history of responding to their house for domestic disputes. I guess when you are bi-polar and not taking your meds a restraining order carries a lot of weight.

    • Yup, mentally ill, ignoring treatment plan, history with police, why not in custody for his own good if not for those around him? Well, when your a threat to yourselves and others that’s a great reason to leave you out in public unsupervised so we can have a future bloody shirt to wave to take away move citizens rights! With them begging us to take them! War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength…

    • That’s totally irrelevant. Fact have no bearing where making the case is concerned. What matters is that you do *something* regardless of whether it has a connection with reality.

  11. Good article, CT. It’s tough to keep up with the goings on without someone in the state posting occasional updates. Much appreciated. One quick side observation, though, might you have meant “flout” the registration requirements rather than “flaunt”, as in the article?

  12. Jonathan – I was typing that email on an ipad and did not proof-read it as my son’s baseball game was starting and he was lead off batter. I must have flubbed the typing and iOS made a “correction” for me. Sadly, while it gave me a correctly spelled word, it was not the word I intended. Maybe next time Dan can insert a (sic) when he finds such a faux pas.

    As for this story, it was actually played out over quite an extended period including a full blown manhunt. The killer was found in a parking lot with a pipe connecting his truck’s exhaust pipe with his window. Suicide by CO if you will to make this a murder-suicide.

    But here is my question: If the guy wanted to off himself, why did he not just put another hole in his head with the murder weapon? Quick and “clean”. Instead the dude tries to gas himself and fails – by design?

    You can read a contemporaneous thread on this situation at Connecticut’s top gun forum:,30551.0.html

  13. When seconds count the police are only 15 minutes away….

    Given the slow police response time reported here,
    I’m not so sure this story will make the most persuasive case for civilian disarmament.

    “State police said they received a call Wednesday at 5:30 a.m. from a Sioux Drive resident who said her estranged husband was trying to break into her home. Scott Gellatly then forced his way into the house and shot the two women at around 5:45 a.m., state police said.”

    In addition, is this item from the comments section of this article.
    Which if true, makes this the hardly uncommon story of a spouse killing their unfaithful partner.

    Rank 86

    If you’re going to cite his FB page that there was a “domestic dispute”, how about laying it out there completely? He caught her having sex with a married friend during the family’s 4th of July picnic. He also overheard their discussing that they should do it more often (having done it in the past). It came out later in counseling that she’d been cheating on him before they even got married with others. Seems she was trash. What a common tragic story.”

  14. It’s nice that the police refer to the man as a “subject”.

    He’s certainly a piece of sh*t, but he’s not a subject. We threw the king out over 200 years ago but they still seem to think we are their subjects, and they are our masters.


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