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Road Runner holster (courtesy

There’s something distinctly DEVO about this image. Or maybe it’s Trio-esque. Anyway, DeSantis’ presser proclaims “The Road Runner™ is a casual running, concealment holster that can be worn under or over your garments. It’s what we refer to as a ‘hide in plain sight,’ and DeSantis invented the concept.” Yup and Fiat Chairman Gianni Agnelli  invented the concept of wearing your watch outside your sleeve. Not that you’d catch me doing that either. But then I’m no Roads scholar. “Like all DeSantis products, The Road Runner™ is made from very durable materials for a lifetime of use. [ED: no Naugas were harmed in the making of this product.] It is meant to fit most autos and revolvers. Retail price is $39.99.” Make the jump for an even sexier product shot. Or not . . .

DeSantis Road Runner holster (courtesy

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    • I’m totally buying one of these. Why am I replacing my existing fanny pack? You guessed it: not gay enough.

  1. Because a fanny pack apparently doesn’t look ridiculous enough in 2014 to these people…

    • I still have me DeSanitis fanny pack from the 80’s…..It’s really too bad they are out of style. It holds my G21, 3 Xtra mags, a box of ammo, muffs and a bottle of pink chablis…discretely…did I say it’s HUGE?
      I just did….

      This thing is grotesque!…….someone put a baby in it….

  2. Nor a Rhodes Scholar, either. As in Cecil John Rhodes, father of the modern roundtable.

  3. I think a gun in a bag, pendulously swinging against my abdomen as I run would not be awesome. I have a hill people gear snubby bag that is perfect.

  4. The outrageous fugly of this thing perfectly illustrates the folly of the anti’s “out of sight, out of mind” nonsense regarding open carry.

    You know damn well what’s in that kangaroo pouch so why bother?

    • People of the gun would know whats in the bag but the other 80% of the population would just assume it’s poor fashion sense. Most people in this country are remarkably oblivious to what is around them, guns included.

      • It’s sad just how right you are. Hell, some American cities have even started putting pads on street lights because idiots can’t be bothered to look up from their phones while they walk. Situational awareness is a dying concept.

        • My friends and I once had a race down the street as kids, maybe early teens, with the reward being a comic book, and a friend of mine ran face-first into a stop sign. He’s now 32, DoD employee, and still lives at home.

  5. I carried in a DeSantis Gunny Sack for 20+ years. These days when you see a black ballistic nylon bag of any sort you just about know there’s a gun in it. I’ve been “made” plenty of times by other officers when I was carrying in the Gunny Sack and the question was almost always a quiet “Who do you work for?”. I think I had to do ID once and that was at the state fair. If the idea of CCW is just “you can’t see the gun” I guess this is an okay if somewhat nerdy looking solution. If the idea is “I don’t want anybody to know that I’m carrying” there are lots better ways.

    • I agree. I’m not ashamed of my interest in firearms. Anyone who knows me personally knows I’m carrying. However, even in the Gunshine State, I’d rather just not get into random conversations about my firearm. I’d personally avoid any sort of “carry concealed in plain sight” method.

      • Okay, I’ll be the nerd. Have carried in the DeSantis fanny pack since they came out in ’89. I wear it in any situation short of business attire. Went through Ayoob’s LFI 1 with it(on the far left side of the line). On my fifth one now. Never been made except once by a Deputy Sheriff at Disney Gate Security, but of course, there was no gun in it, so everything was cool.
        Most people just think I’m a fashion idiot and I don’t care. I could write volumes on this thing’s versatility, comfort, and safety.
        My only gripes are the Velcro wears out after about 5 years and the you can’t “Stealth draw” with that RIPPING sound. DeSantis needs a zipper option!
        This new Roadrunner thing? Looks dumb to me, but if some jogger likes it, that’s the free market.
        BTW, a guy called me a sissy once, so I hit him with my purse.

    • As a new owner, I think “Sneaky Pete” holsters are similar. I can’t imagine anyone really not knowing I’m carrying, but its out of sight and therefore legal. If I went where it was not, I’d put my LCP back in my pocket and ditch the holster.

  6. @RF, aaahhhh…………….my weekly dose/quota of “make the jump” has arrived….sweet.

  7. Does it come in pink? ‘Cause any guy that would wear one of those things would want it in pink.

  8. OK, this thing just looks stupid. However, I will share that I modified a run of the mill. Eddie Bauer fanny pack with Velcro in one of the zippered compartments to hold a Safariland wallet profile holster, and it works great for when I’m hiking or biking. Zips open for an instant and clean draw, and it doesn’t look like anything out of the ordinary. Just one more tool when I find my usual concealed carry methods to be less convenient. There’s no one “right” way.

  9. Apparently a lot of the commenters have not seen what runners wear/carry while running lately. This isn’t bad.

    • Yep…This is the honest truth. The only running these OFWG’s do is to the buffet when the crab legs make way from the kitchen.

      Long distance trail runners often run with a water bottle strapped to one hand, a food pack strapped to the other, and often times a modified pack that sits on the small of the back…not quite a fanny pack.

      Heck…when I am in full gear I could carry a water bottle strap in one hand and a LCP in a pocket holster or a big can of mace in the other hand and nobody in the world would bat an eye. Hidden in plain sight.

    • I prefer to refer to it as the manly pack, or manly package if you want to use the full name.

  10. Gotta wonder what that would look like on a fat guy.

    Oops. Sorry for putting that visual in your head.

  11. “But then I’m no Roads scholar.”
    Thanks for clearing that up. We were all wondering about that.

  12. While the antis may not know what it is, LEOs and smart criminals will. While in most jurisdictions, “concealed is concealed”, an overzealous police officer may give you a hard time if they know what’s up with this thing.

    It’s similar to how criminals look for certain brand names on bags. For example, a LowePro bag screams “expensive camera inside”, and a Targus bag usually means there’s a laptop and some gadgets therein.

    • I use one of these for hiking, that way a hip holster doesn’t interfere with my backpack’s waist belt. It is quite comfortable, even in the heat.

  13. Wuuuut? That thing is huge. If I can scrape $ together I’m getting CCL in Illinois. Pocket carry a .380 or get sneaky pete for a compact 9 or .40. With the gigantic smart phones people carry I know I wouldn’t get a 2nd look. Hide in plain sight indeed

    • I dunno. My SneakyPete makes my LCP look surprisingly big. I kinda wonder how big one for a .40 would look. Still, $40? I could risk that!

  14. I can see this –or at least this idea–as a fashion accessory for women–the unsnatchable purse. In canvas, or some nice Coach leather….Reach ins and purse snatchings are quite common, and something like this might virtually eliminate the crime. For men…not so much. Or not much at all, take your pick.

  15. Looks like a mini-parachute you wear bass-ackwards with a gun instead of a canopy. So… No.

  16. I prefere cross draw and SOB carry, but I’m a lefty, who cares, as long as I can get to the piece quickly and safely! If I carried that way with my Ruger SR1911 I would have bruises all over my chest from jogging. Always remember run away if you can vs stand and fight, live another day!

  17. Too big. Too black. How am I supposed to run around with that thing flopping all over the place. -end inuendo- it should be a running pack or backpacking style color (red, silver, green, brown, anything but black), positioned on the chest so it doesn’t 1) hit me in the jewels or butt while running and 2) actually can look cool if… they make it small enough to fit a pistol or subcompact sized weapon. I’m not a fan of running with a concealed subgun, but maybe there is a market for it.

  18. Also, it would need to be worn so that the straps cross behind the back. This would keep it from flopping up and down, and its belt strap would add the third stability point, keeping it relatively tight to the body. I would buy this, but a rigged up fly fishing chest pack does the same thing for a runner. It will be comfortable if they make those changes, Ive worn the fly fishing rig on 6 mile trail runs and longer hikes.

    I tried to edit my previous comment, but it doesn’t look like it worked. Apologies if this shows up twice.

    • Needs wheels and an extensible handle. Also a hitch point so I can hook it to my belt. And pic rails so I can attach my Operator cupholder(s).

  19. My Fannie pack has saved me and my families life twice. I can draw from it way faster than the rest if you who carry other ways. If you think it’s gay or not cool enough I could care less. It has worked for me and will continue to do so.

  20. I might use it when riding my dual sport on the trails or in the muck. Gotta be better then the damn NRA body band thingamabob.

  21. Perfect if you live in NYC or Chicago or any other area where you keep your wallet in your front pocket at all times,then when the mugger holds you up for it you say”sure” ,then you blast him! Oh I’m sorry bleeding heart liberals too strong ? Too direct and too the point ?

  22. So is this what High Speed, Low Drag Operators are wearing this season?

  23. If it has some mag pouches it would be great for concealed carry of your 30 round mags while you open-carry your AKM.

  24. Wow, what a truly awful product. Horrible. The cameraman vest is less conspicuous and more fashionable than this.

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