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Are gun dealers really that stupid/greedy? Does the the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (and Really Big Fires) really think gun dealers are that stupid/greedy? The last example is a real doozy. At the end of the video, comely ATF Attorney Erika (no last name) tells a tale of a gun dealer selling a felon a firearm who changes his answer re: his feloniousness, claiming “all charges were dropped.” She then reveals that the episode occurred before the The National Instant Criminal Background Check System was created. And then hectors dealers for not using common sense for detecting felons. What should they do, look for prison tats? Maybe this series will get better. We’ll be watching.

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  1. This is simply a presentation that seeks to position atf as authoritative regulators who are really nice people!

    A propaganda piece and just one of many that is paid for by your tax dollars, to manipulate you and your neighbors. A human face and persona to wallpaper over the evil that they represent and do to others. Evil not done by mistake but on purpose. Unfortunately, this problem is now government wide and enthusiastically supported and protected by the media.

  2. To expose the deceit of the ATF simply access JPFO, Inc. at
    JPFO, Inc. has the credentials to expose ATF abuses via “The Gang.” It’s
    high time these damnable LBJ/KGB bloated federal bureaucracies, including
    the ATF, be completely abolished, GCA ’68 repealed, and the crimes of Lyndon
    B. Johnson (LBJ), the Earl Warren Supreme Court, and their past ilk be exposed,
    condemned, and brought to public scrutiny!

  3. Hahahaha, she’s a gov’t lawyer, and she said to use “common sense” !!!!! Hilarious!! Then this gov’t clown says you should expect to need ID to get a Blockbuster card !!! Hahaha, but what about voting ?!?!?!?? Nah, Uncle Sugar says just line right up and vote away baby!!
    This details part of the problem with the USA…’s overrun with idiot lawyers, many of whom have zero experience with the laws they pass…guns, in this case. If they start college at 18-20, by the time they graduate and then go into practice (govt or not), they have 30-40 years to further jack up the laws even more.

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