50 Cent: Smith & Wesson’s Sales Up 100%!

50 Cent’s got a new movie, Gun. The gun in question is a Smith & Wesson 500. If the trailer is any indication [click here to sample], not one of the people who deploy this mighty handgun do so with two hands. Which is just as well really. We wouldn’t want gang bangers to get the idea that accuracy depends on recoil control and using the gun’s sights. Point shooting’s good man. Point and shoot. Like a camera. BANG! Anyway, the 500 isn’t new and Smith & Wesson’s business is not up 100 percent. As TTAG reported, the gunmaker dropped $37.3 million in the last financial quarter. I bet Smith’s CEO would like stockholders to consider the company’s fortunes in the same way that Fiddy thinks about his future: “Just remember that I’m a work in progress. I’ll be better tomorrow than I was today.” From your lips to God’s ears, for both of them.


  1. avatar Ralph says:

    S&W sales were up by 50 cent.

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