chicago ccw concealed carry shoots robbers
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When your town has the volume and reputation for gun crime that Chicago has worked so hard to earn, people tend to take a closer look at what happens there. And no one examines Chicago violent crime like They do impressive work slicing and dicing the Windy City’s crime stats.

chicago gun crime hey jackass

From looking at their numbers for 2018, we learn that the number of Chicago’s homicides declined again to 588 in 2018 from its 2016 peak.


And of those, “only” 495 people succumbed to gunshot wounds last year.


The good news is that Chicago’s experience reflects that of cities across the nation, where…

…the murder rate fell by almost 6 percent between 2017 and 2018 in the 30 largest U.S. cities. Violent crime overall dropped by about 2.7 percent in cities where data was available, while the overall crime rate declined 1.8 percent.

One law abiding Chicagoan who fortunately wasn’t part of HeyJackass’s homicide statistic was an unidentified concealed carrier who was in the city’s Logan Square neighborhood on New Year’s Eve when two armed hold-up men got out of a car.

At 9:40 p.m., a 29-year-old man was standing on a sidewalk in the 2900 block of West Cortland Street when two armed males got out of a silver Nissan, according to Chicago police. They announced a robbery, resulting in the 29-year-old shooting both of them.

Another successful defensive gun use brought to you, despite the city of Chicago’s best efforts, by the Heller and McDonald decisions and your Second Amendment rights.

So Chicago rang out 2018 with a bang. Again. And this time, for once, it was a good guy with a legally carried gun who was doing the shooting.

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  1. They announced a robbery, resulting in the 29-year-old shooting both of them.

    Gotta love it…..Carry on.

  2. So, next question: Who’s covering all of the 29 year-old’s present and future legal fees?

    • Despite what your average anti-cop TTAGer thinks the CPD has always had a look the other way approach to a legitimate DGU. I remember a case in the pre-Heller/McDonald days when a guy in his 70s shot and killed someone who tried to mug him. No FOID, illegal pistol and not only did the cops let him go at the scene they gave him his gun back

      • It doesn’t necessarily give me a warm comfy feeling to think that the Chicago PD or any other PD arbitrarily enforces or fails to enforce the law subject to a whim.

        • It’s not arbitrary enforcement when the investigating officers determine it was a legitimate use of force. They were making sure that some suit would not go after an innocent man. Those line officers know how the city operates.

        • What should give you a warm and comfy feeling is when our criminal justice system SERVES JUSTICE. Leaving a man alone who broke heinous, unjust laws IS administering justice.

        • I don’t disagree that many laws are unjust and I’m glad that someone who did nothing wrong in my eyes was not put through the ringer of the legal system. That said, if the police can disregard the law and let that man go, they can disregard the law and arrest someone else for something they didn’t do and force that person to go through all the time/effort/cost of trying to defend themselves in court. If I were able to make the world conform to my views I would: A) Get rid of a whole boat load of unjust laws and B) Expect law enforcement to enforce the just laws as dispassionately as humanly possible.

          As things stand now, it is just arbitrary and dependent upon the mood of some cop. This guy got let off but some other guy, in very similar circumstances, may not. They idea of having a uniform system of laws and enforcement is so that individual officials don’t get to run around shouting, “I am the law,” and capriciously imposing their will on their fellow citizens. Unfortunately, we live in a society where that happens all too often – police, DAs and bureaucrats decide who is and is not permitted to do far too many things regardless of the actual letter of the law. If you are wealthy enough, or powerful enough or connected enough, or, the stars align just right, you can commit a crime and not be punished but if you are on the other end of the spectrum, you can commit no crime and have the powers-that-be destroy your life.

        • Try looking trough the Illinois and Chicago self defense laws sometime. We are closer to “stand your ground” than most people realize.

          Of course you are not allowed to shoot a call girl when she doesn’t put out like Texas, so there is that.

      • Just for the record, I can hardly be described as a cop-hating poster…

        And again, for the record, the legal action perpetrated on regular people forced to defend selves and property comes from the city, county or state official bottom-feeder, not the line cops.

      • The problem is not with the police in Chicago, but with state’s attorney Kim Foxx who appears to favor the criminals over the victims.

        • anything is ok for crime-esha’s homies. wait until her brother crim-e/kwam-e starts up. in filth-adelphia, there’s the top da who fired law-and-order assistant da’s, and the city-councilor who got, or tried to get, protective plexiglass outlawed in some convenience stores – offensive/humiliating to some people you know.

      • Holy sht, the cops let the guy go, ain’t that good enuff? Sounds to me like them cops got it right. On that I think police officers would let a lot of stuff slide but they’ve got CYA every encounter. ” I will let it go this time.” Then the let it go guy runs down to the police station and turns in the cop. I’m no cop lover, but this divide between law enforcement and citizens is not good.

      • I can’t help but be a little skeptical of the improving murder rate statistics in Chicago.
        Hope it’s true for the sake of those that live there but I think there’s a good possibility the higher up’s are doing the paperwork to cook the books.
        Tell me it ain’t so mayor Rahm.

      • That happened at the same time as Goetz. Goetz fled the scene and the cops had to track him down. The old guy in Chicago was still standing there when the cops arrived and he gave them a full statement.

  3. I suspect the decline is similar to the predator-prey dynamic. A lot of gangbangers have bit the dust over the past few years. It will take some time for the population to return to normal levels.

  4. What’s really funny is no one has yet died this year in Chicago or Bodymore but London is a two in the first six hours!

  5. This is obviously “fake news” because Everytown, Mom’s Demand Action and The Brady Center tell me events like this never happen.

  6. this the perfect data point to use to prove your constant billowing of “all mass shootings are gang related” bullshit slogan. but i forget, integrity isn’t TTAG’s strong point.

  7. I’ve never read that “all mass shootings are gang related.” Here are anywhere else. Are you are a troll, or just a moron?

  8. Love the heyjackass site…however, according to the screen print they published the total of 2018 statistics on 2 February 2018…darn that M2K Bug in the software…

  9. I’m not impressed. If you look at the numbers, 2018 was only a “good year” when compared to 2016 and 2017. When compared to any other years, 2018 was yet another disaster in the history of Chitcago.

    • The drop may only indicate they are killing the killers off at some rate. Nothing else has changed and the cops are more demoralized than ever.

  10. I’ve mentioned before the obvious sea change in reporting on DGU in the corrupt local media. Generally positive. BTW on NewYears Eve 4 or 500 black youts went on a rampage beating people & robbing at will(obviously coordinated). No guns mentioned but needed…

  11. Could this be a problem: a convicted felon was arrested in Chicago for the 12th time with a handgun. The guy should be able to get into the Guinness book of records.

  12. Neatly 3000 people were shot. That right there is a pretty dang impressive statistic. That’s an average of more than 8 per day.

    • Most cop shows exaggerate the number of shooting victims except for Chicago PD that is. The body count has an air of authenticity to it

  13. Any data correlating a drop on any flavor of violent crime after the Windy City finally began issuing CWP’s?

  14. Where is the outcry for the ‘health epidemic’ in Chicago? It’s nowhere to be found. Why? Because fuck the poors. Now if you talk about a few wealthy kids getting killed in florida at a high school…WHOA STOP THE PRESSES…MOAR GUN LAWS FOR THE SAFETIES!!!!!

    Hypocritical tools with an agenda.

  15. Does anyone know the name of the gentleman who shot these assailants? Someone in an earlier comment asked about legal fees – I guarantee you the families of these robbers will likely sue this guy – – to cover their medical expenses and God knows what else. Just hold on home owners policy may cover his legal defense costs but that is an open question with many policies. I am a lawyer and would like to offer this guy my services pro bono if that should happen but I want to speak with him first. Does anyone know how to get a hold of him?

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