south pasadena jewelry store robbery
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Christmas shopping can be stressful, especially if you don’t have (or aren’t willing to fork over) the money for the merchandise you really want…merchandise like very expensive time pieces. That was apparently the situation in a southern California jewelry store just before Christmas when a couple of browsers decided to use non-monetary means to speed the shopping process.

According to KTLA . . .

The failed crime unfolded  shortly before 11 a.m. at Vana Watch and Jewelry, at Mission Street and Fremont Avenue, the South Pasadena Police Department said in a written statement. The owner was working at the business, along with his nephew.

Two men entered the store and asked to look at Rolex watches, Sgt. Tony Abdalla said. The owner asked them to provide ID first.

Apparently the owner’s Spidey senses were already tingling.

One of the two men then demanded the workers turn over all the store’s Rolex watches, Abdalla said. One of the would-be robbers pulled a knife and attempted to stab the owner, he said.

“All of a sudden, this guy pulls a knife out of his pocket, and he lunges at me,” store owner Jean Boujekian told KTLA. “I blocked the knife. Luckily, I didn’t get any scratches.”

“Luckily, my nephew was really quick. He pulled out the gun,” Boujekian said.

Much confusion ensued, as you can see in the video above. And we certainly wouldn’t recommend an un-armed store owner chasing a couple of armed would-be hold-up men out into the parking lot. Still, all’s well that ends well.

Although he ended up unharmed, Boujekian said he wouldn’t advise others to fight back against a robber.

“In hindsight, I probably would have never tried to do that. I have three kids,” he said. “It could have gone really wrong. It wasn’t worth it.”

Another successful defensive gun use brought to you by your Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. Even in California.

Oh, and the two Rolex admirers are still on the loose (we hope the store owner snapped pics of those IDs). If you’ve seen either of them, give the South Pasadena PD a call at 626-403-7280. And have a safe and happy new year.

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  1. Damn! Store owner must’ve been listening to Eric Holder…

    That’d probably be better than doing the Biden thing and shooting a 12 ga through your own front door.

    • Biden’s “advice” was, if someone tries to break through your front door, you should go to your rear deck and fire both barrels of your shotgun into the air. I assume the reason is to use up your ammunition so that you can’t harm the intruders after they get inside.

  2. That nephew had some spidey senses too, or the owner had a signalling system–that gat was out before the knife came out of the BG’s pocket.

    • If you watch the video closely, the nephew never actually draws the gun. He scratches his junk a few times but never draws. Also watch as he adjusts the picture on the countertop to conceal the handgun before the knife is drawn. He reaches for the gun on the side of the cabinet after the knife was drawn. The gun may have place on the side of the cabinet before the video began.

  3. I often wonder about the cognitive abilities of the average thief. You are in a jewelry store, in the U.S., looking at thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of watches. Do you honestly believe that no one in the joint has a gun? Not only that, but do you think the folks working there have never discussed any contingency plans for an attempted robbery? Seriously kids, stay in school.

    • I always think the same about perps who go after pawn shops. I’ve never met a pawnbroker that wasn’t strapped at all times.

      • “I’ve never met a pawnbroker that wasn’t strapped at all times.”

        They actually exist in Florida, believe it or not. (Pawnshop veteran, here).

        The “logic”, *cough*, is that “They want to project an upscale image, not that of a ‘typical’ pawnshop”.

        I wish I was kidding, but I am not…

    • Many such stores are insured and bonded in such a way as to prohibit their employees from resisting a robbery. This is particularly true of the chain places. The ‘smaller’ and more family held a place is, the more likely it is that someone will take umbrage with your attempts to rob them and put you on the wrong end of a trajectory.

      • Perhaps true, but how much time will a potential victim have to decide whether a potential “simple” robbery will evolve into a homicide in an attempt to get rid of witnesses. While I would not have shot in this situation, one still must be prepared, regardless of lawyers or insurers unless you really like your beneficiaries.

        Over time, one might think that even the bottom-of-the-barrel crooks would get wise to all of the surveillance cameras posted literally everywhere but many just don’t seem to get it yet. Getting hard to even take a leak outside.

  4. If his “Spidey Sense” was working so great, the chair would have been between him and the “customers”. Better still, the owner would have been behind the counter, not in front of it.

    Handguns are great, no argument, but the worker with the handgun was not well positioned. And the other guy that came out of the back, he should have come out with a shotgun.

    You know, Joe Biden was so close to being correct with his shotgun advice. He was just off about 90 degrees and on the wrong floor.

    For this jewelry store owner, suggest the guy that came from the back should have had a shot gun. Instead of up in the air, lower the barrel 90 degrees, point it at the bad guys.

    Yes, just a couple of tweaks and the “Joe Biden School of Self Defense” begins to shape up nicely.

  5. When you confront armed robbers and they run away, is that considered “catch and release”? Does it count against the bag limit? How much do tags cost? Asking for a friend.

    • Cost and bag limit varies a lot by location. If you are not baiting them, then even if they run I think it is considered fair chase. In most cases, you have to leave proof of sex attached when you field dress.

    • If you lock the door and they can’t escape that’s considered trapping. Different rules apply. If you’re just after the pelts it’s ok.
      Try robbing some stores and they’ll wish the cops would show up.

      • “If you lock the door and they can’t escape that’s considered trapping. Different rules apply.”

        Let’s pop that illusion right here, right *now*.

        I know of *several* pawnshops here in Florida that use some variation of the ‘buzz-in, buzz-out’ for store security.

        Here are some, but not all of the variations –

        Buzz-in only – The *stupidest*, in my opinion. Leaving ‘after the fact’ is not impeded in any way. Rob the joint, kill every witness, waltz on out. Such a deal.

        Buzz-out only – Much better, but has ‘issues’ in my opinion. It’s kinda nice to be able to lock out a group of their ‘friends’ you see about to enter the business.

        Buzz in-and-out – Permission required to enter and leave. The most common version.

        ‘The Cage’ – My all-time hands-down *favorite* in store entrance security. Essentially a steel bar ‘holding cell’ before you enter the main shop, with buzz-in, buzz-out on *both* doors. Intimidating as all-fuck. As someone who has worked pawn shops, I *LOVE* it!

    • He dintdunutting!
      he was turning his life around, going to school Jan 1 to be a doctor for poor nations!

      he never hurt no one…he was just getting what he deserved from his whitty oppressors!

  6. The nephew was clearly already creeped out by these two hoodie wearing “Rolex browsers” because if you look at the guy behind the counter’s right hand, he has it on the piece even before the hood piece of trash pulls the knife. He’s also fiddling with the spot where they keep the handgun for a bit before that so he knew something was up.

    I live here in Los Angeles and most the jewelry shops that are small independents are all owned by Armenians. While I wouldn’t say they are all skilled with firearms, they do all own them so I wouldn’t think one of those jewelry shops would be an ideal target for two idiots with a folder. Then again that’s why they are idiots. Too bad they aren’t sitting in a morgue locker.

    • I didn’t watch the video(I seldom do) but by your description, the clerk had his hand on his piece even before the knife showed. This is what I never understand. Why in the world, when you are already leery of a robbery, enough to already have your hand on your piece, when the perp shows a weapon, why would anyone not draw and fire immediately?
      It reminds me of the children I’ve taught about hunting. No matter how careful the instruction, or how diligently the student practices, they almost always freeze up at their first chance at a shot. I call it reverse buck fever.
      This is why, if someone wants to carry, I always recommend to take some of your training time and go hunting instead. Even if only a gopher, killing something alive is not like shooting at a target, no matter how reactive it might be. Actually kill some things, and the freeze up doesn’t happen.
      It never happened to me, although I felt the hesitation on my first shot at a deer. I got it cause it only lasted a second, but that’s probably because I’d already killed much small game to pay for ammo. My Dad gave me a nickel for every gopher tail I could bring in, and more for bigger pests. So I guess one could say I was a ‘professional’ hunter at the tender old age of 12. I only made enough to keep me in .22RF, but hey, pay is pay, and that’s the definition of “professional”.

      • ” . . . why would anyone not draw and fire immediately?”
        Well, I’d say that, in this particular case, the owner was directly in the line of fire, and kept moving around between the DB’s and the nephew with the gun. There never was a good opportunity to safely fire and it they beat-feet it out of there so fast there wasn’t enough time to get in a better position. My question: Is it normal for the proprietor to stand out in front of the counter? Seems like staying back behind the counter would be more prudent. But I don’t know squat about running such a business.

      • The worker with the gun was in the wrong place but that’s because the store’s gun was in the wrong place, under the end of the counter with the owner in the line of fire. By the time the worker who pulled the gun moved to the left so he was not behind the owner, it was all chaotic with the owner constantly moving in the way of a clear shot.

        This could have easily gone the worst way for the good guys. They need a sit-down with the video and talk out how badly they did, not pat themselves on the back for getting lucky.

        Good that these guys decided to arm themselves, but they did not think it thru. Each worker should be armed on their person. Hidden guns are fine but the third worker came out empty handed, he should have showed up with a shotgun.

      • not everyone wants to kill someone?

        As evidenced here, not everyone in this situation HAS to kill someone.

        • Thanks, Hannibal, it’s rare when someone really makes some sense around here when Monday Morning Quarterbacking. Draw and fire and your life will be a living hell for a long time, even when you are deemed “justified”. Let them go and get the LE peeps earning their money.

          I carry all the time, everywhere, and still pray every day that I will not have to use the thing.

        • Gratefuly no one was hurt. Better not to shoot anyone if there is no need to. Once the intended thieves saw the firearm they bolted and ceased to be an imminent threat. The display of the firearm ended the threat thus no need nor legal justification to shoot. I would prefer this result personally and not be inconvenienced further by sitting for hours in a police station and/or being booked and arrested pending some prosecutor feeling the political pulse of the situation. It costs non refundable money to get out of jail even if you are not eventually charged. Besides, once the imminent threat of great bodily harm or death is over so is the legal ability to defend with deadly force. Here in Florida/East California-South New York even display or threat of deadly force would no longer be justified (beware of being accused of brandishing or worse assault with a deadly weapon). In most places deadly force is not legally justified in defense of property either.

      • “Why in the world, when you are already leery of a robbery, enough to already have your hand on your piece, when the perp shows a weapon, why would anyone not draw and fire immediately?”

        Coming from having spent time behind the counter of several pawn-n-gun businesses, if the family of the guy you just killed could tell a convincing story he was on his way to your shop to sell you that gun, you’re gonna have “Some ‘splaining to do, Lucy”.

        Public opinion could come down like a hammer on your ass, even if the DA likely declines to charge you…

  7. They profiled them the minute they walked through the door. Asking for ID was their clue they were on to them but the knucklehead still tried it.
    Lucky for them they weren’t ventilated. Unlucky for other store owners they might try again with a toy gun.

  8. I’m no criminal but damn this was a poorly planned robbery, at least try an have a game plan. Didn’t see a “lunge” but he definitely advanced, my book says (justified) had gunman killed him.

  9. “One of the would-be robbers pulled a knife and attempted to stab the owner…”

    Not really. That was half-hearted at best. Based on the video if he really wanted to stab the owner he would have.

    This was an “I have a knife give me what I want” attempt at strong arm/armed robbery. The perp didn’t want to use the knife. He figured fear would create compliance. When that failed the whole caper was over, the BG just didn’t quite realize that until he saw the gun.

    • “One of the would-be-robbers pulled a knife and attempted to stab the owner”…..doesn’t matter if the ‘perp’ wanted to use the knife or not…..once he drew that knife all three components….ability/opportunity/jeopardy are now present to justify a righeous self-defense response with deadly force …..too bad the defender with the gun was out of position to make a clean shot and a smart decision not to shoot as they ran out of the store…..stay safe out there.

      • I never said that it didn’t constitute a threat or that one shouldn’t shoot in such circumstances. You can never know what an armed assailant will do next and should always assume that the person is a threat until you know that they are not.

        I’m merely noting that the original report was a bit over the top.

  10. Well MY favorite jewelry store owner that I sell to occasionally has a massive underground vault filled with antique firearms(has at least 20 Henry and Winchester rifles)more recent vintage (German mostly)and tons of World War 1& 2 BS. The jewelry ain’t nothin’…these guy’s would be dead in seconds.

  11. I can’t wait until you racist nazi gunhumping mayo neanderthals are hauled off to the camps. #mayosdontdeserverights #yesallmayos

    • Man, you really hate the dems and their antifa buddies, don’t you. Welcome to the side of justice, brother.

    • Gotta love the crazy of your kind!

      in one sentence..say..I hate racism
      in the next…say…I hate all whites!

      the two can not be used by the same person and make sense???

      • Privilege position of power blah blah blah minorities can’t be racist blah blah blah evil racist white colonialism blah blah blah ignore objectivity and critical thought rinse and repeat

    • Mayo? What’s that about?

      Mayonnaise is bird poop far as I’m concerned.

      Cheeseburgers need ketchup.

      Hotdogs need mustard.

      Nothing needs mayo.

    • Be careful of racial and cultural overtones. Knives are cheaper that firearms, and no Hi Points don’t count, even robbers would rather use a knife. Some people cannot afford a firearm. Thus, some robbers use knives.
      Wait, or did I just prove that some people who are not Martians are robbers.
      Don’t disrespect them (the people not the Martians) because they cannot afford a firearm (yet).

  12. Pumpkin and Honey Bunny figured out that jewelry stores, liquor stores and such aren’t actually ideal targets for a robbery in 1994, and they were freakin’ dumb.

  13. I have an idea , just like the lady in Florida who saved her family with the AR 15 her husband owns, let’s take weapons away from her as well as the jewlery owner here so a__ holes like these can steal others hard earned money. Yeah that’s a great idea. But then again all their ideas lack common sense.

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