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Don’t look now, but another good guy with a gun was in the right place at the right time to stop an active shooter last night. A woman who, by some reports, had been in an earlier confrontation outside a Tulsa shopping center, opened fire on a group of people there Friday evening.

From the Tulsa World:

Tulsa Police responded about 6:30 p.m. Friday to the 5300 block of North Peoria Avenue for a reported shooting. A woman was found dead at the scene, according to a news release. She has not been identified as of Friday night.

A man with a concealed carry permit reportedly told arriving officers that he shot the woman after she started shooting at customers outside the shopping center.

The incident was apparently caught on surveillance video. As for the concealed carrier . . .

“I don’t know that there is going to be an arrest made in this particular case at this point. We are still going to go down and we are going to talk to him and figure out what his version is. Once we get the video and we are able to look at that video, I think it’s going to give us a really good idea of what happened here,” [Detective Jason] White said.

Just remember…that whole “good guy with a gun” thing is just a dangerous American fantasy. Isn’t it?

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  1. Well, in this case it seems that it certainly was dangerous… for the lady shooting at a crowd of people.

    • I’m inclined to summarily revoke that woman’s “lady” status for actions unbecoming a ‘lady’.

      The gentleman who resolved the situation earns a ‘sir’ for his… 🙂

      • And……….DON’T TALK TO THE POLICE.
        Especially if you’re male and the shootee is female.
        Get a lawyer.

        Don’t say ANYTHING to police. Not one word.

        • Me : “I will be happy to make a statement after I speak to a lawyer”…

        • You should:

          Identify suspects.
          Identify victims.
          Give up your gun.
          Identify the suspect’s weapons.

          Everything else should be consulted through a lawyer. 100% evasion is stupid. 100% cooperation is stupid.
          Whatever you do DON’T tell the story of what happened until you wash it through a lawyer first!!

        • ‘Silence’ is not evasion. If the police can’t figure out whose gun is whose, they can resolve that grand mystery through your attorney.
          Anything you say that is not 100% absolute, perfect truth will be framed by the D.A. as a LIE. Communicate through your attorney.

        • California Richard:

          Terrible advice. You say NOTHING. Cooperate and wait for legal representation.

        • Thank you for confirming my advise.

          “I called 911. Those shot people over there are victims. I’m not hurt. That guy there is the bad guy. I didn’t see any other bad guys. That’s the bad guy’s gun. Here’s mine.”

          Done. Say nothing else. Talk to lawyer.

          “Cooperation” and “100% absolute truth” all wrapped in to one. It’s a basic “public safety” declaration that the cops legally can and have to ask you and isn’t covered under Mirranda.

        • You advised describing a weapon. Which can be used against you. You also advised explaining half the situation, which can be used against you. What part of “anything you say can and will be sued against you” do you not understand?

        • And please, make sure that it is a “firearms attorney,” you don’t want someone not versed in criminal law, and firearms law. Having your corporate attorney, or probate attorney, is little better than nothing. You only need to give police information immediately if the “suspect,” is no longer present, and such information will aid in apprehension. All other communication should be through an attorney.

  2. Just remember…that whole “good guy with a gun” thing is just a dangerous American fantasy. Isn’t it?


      • Did you know there is a difference between gang shootings and mass shootings? Drive-bys are not considered mass shootings and shootings done by a person that knows/related to the victims is also not a mass shooting.

        Mass shootings are considered non gang related, where the victims are random and 4 people have to be shot (not killed).

        There would be a lot more mass shootings in America if defined differently. A lot more…

        • Did you know that lame stream media and leftists change the definition all the time to suit their purposes. Sometimes it’s 3 or more, sometimes 4 or more. sometimes it is only fatalities. Sometimes it includes wounded. Sometimes it is people who know each other. There was a white guy in Australia not too long ago who killed his family with a pump shotgun. It got counted by the media and leftists.

        • “Drive-bys are not considered mass shootings and shootings done by a person that knows/related to the victims is also not a mass shooting.”

          Wrong. The ‘mad mommies’ do exactly that…

        • Interesting. By your definition a kid shooting up his school regardless of the outcome would not be considered a mass shooting because they know people at the school. Same for a person that shoots up where they worked or more likely formerly worked. Very interesting. I am guessing there are very very few mass shootings in the US. I knew before I read your post there weren’t many but now even fewer.

    • The ‘spin’ they will use is called “a deafening silence”…

    • Amid the COVID-19 stuff, this won’t even be page 20.

      We’ll see how many people get their wake up calls once police and other first responders get sick and spread so thin the urban violence increases. No nationwide lockdown yet, so it’s bound to happen, and the lockdown will be just as late as the rest of the responses have been. Then the reality of an armed society will never be more clear to the entire world this year. When the military and police start enforcing nazi like rules too.

  3. Glad he was there to end the carnage. And of course, ain’t no cops for any crime prevention. Hopefully this guy survives the aftermath, much less all this other craziness in the world. I bet all those that still need guns and ammo are really stressing out now.

  4. yet another story apparently a week old with no actual information about the incident what so ever . If you don’t even have the 5 W’s why write half a story ? American reporting at its dimmest

    • Clearly this story does lack a few details but it seems to still be under investigation.

      I’m not sure where your seeing a week. This looks to me like it was yesterday.

      If this is what it appears to be then I applaud the man. Job well done. There is no telling how many people she would have killed.

  5. Guy said she was shooting at a crowd, police say theh need to see the surveillance video. Did none of this crowd allegedly being shot at corroborate his story to the police?

    • The area where the shooting occurred is in a sketchy part of Tulsa. Since this occurred in Tulsa maybe it will show up on an upcoming The First 48.

      • Or LivePD.

        If you live in Tulsa, you know that Turley is not Tulsa, it’s Turley. To the outside world, however…it’s Tulsa.

        • Chief, Hunt, if you pulled the trigger, just how fast would you like the investigators to reach a conclusion? Especially if the only witnesses were the suspect’s friends/family. Seen it.

  6. Sad situation. Here locally we just had an ex marine son fatally shoot his mother in the neck, accidentally.

    No arrests but investigation continues.

    • I knew a guy that killed a 5 yo girl with his car. That accident investigation was done years ago. I watched an elderly lady get killed by an hvac truck. A guy driving one of our company trucks killed a father of 3 by accident.

      Accidental deaths happen every day. Or is just the very few with firearms that twist your panties in a bunch?

    • A Chinese virus murdered an elderly Italian woman the other day. The news called me racist and China blamed the U.S. Army. The world is a screwed up place. Thank God I have a gun.

  7. You have to watch out for violent people right now more than you may think.

    There was a terrorist attempting to blow up a hospital because it would be full of COVID patients. He thought it was the perfect time to launch his long planned out attacks. The FBI tried to set him up, they eventually shot him dead.

  8. I hope they publish the video, then we can all praise the man with the CCP, and thank him for saving a lot of lives.

  9. Bearing Arms has the story. Good guy was taken into custody and later released with no charges expected.

  10. Good on the good guy with a gun! Just had a shooting today in my formerly tranquil town…

  11. WTF, I kinda live up from Tulsa it’s a crazy place, if the town could get rid of the injuns and race car drivers, yup. In other news Stark Ks.a man shot a man twice with a rifle when that man tried to break into his place with a machete. The man that shot the man( reminds me of a Red Fox piccolo player joke) the man who shot the man was questioned without being handcuffed and the sheriff’s went home alone. Is the populace freaking out? I don’t know but I’ve retired the 54-1 in an IWB for my 1911 crossdraw rig

    • ^^ And this, friends, is what happens when a possum gets into your garbage can and finds the leftover Nyquil you didn’t completely drain from the bottle.

    • Of course they did. Everyone who gets shot is a victim in their eyes, even if it was to stop him (or her) from mass murder.
      I saw a headline about this case: “Concealed carrier shoots and kills armed woman in front of shopping center”.

  12. Oklahoma is constitutional carry. Less than one year old now. No permit required. You don’t need a permission slip to defend your life and the lives of innocent people.

  13. He “doesn’t know” if there will be any charges????
    FK NO, THERE BETTER NOT BE “CHARGES”…. Already trying to set him up as some vigilante… bs…..

  14. Let me see, local news will cover it because it was a ‘good guy with a gun’. National news will avoid it if its inner city crime, but the Lame Stream News Media would cover it if it was just an unstable person shooting people in the store (then blame the NRA).

  15. You don’t need a permit in my state. There’s a lot of emphasis on the permit in this story.

    • The very idea of common folk carrying a deadly weapon without blessing from the almighty government is repulsive to the left that controls the media. It must not be mentioned.

  16. As directed by my Lawyer, in any case involving me an a Firearm I should identify myself and give up my weapon when asked to do so then hand the officer his card that states that I am not to be asked or be required to answer any additional questions without him being present. Thank you

  17. The prosecuting attorneys have to keep their bean count up. So don’t forget to cover your axx with an attorney.

  18. Someone in the lamestream media is going to soon try to spin this a “she was a new gun owner, who couldn’t handle the stress of the quarantine and snapped”, and we need to stop all gun sales. And oh yeah, EVERYONE needs to give up their guns because all you deplorables are just a second away from snapping, too. Think of the children.

    • Everything now days is based on “Feelings”, It’s due time we start fucking people’s feelings, our feelings have been getting stomped on from the foundation of this planet ! How about growing a sack and getting past this leftist mentality, we are screwed if we don’t. Thank you for the post sir….

      • I am a Single Female with a concealed carry. I started shooting at 6 yrs old. I went through the CC class. I recommend anyone that wants to carry go to the class. You may know how to shoot, But the information I left the class with, is as important as carrying the gun.

    • My first thoughts exactly! What’s a person gotta do to get some DAMN LYSOL and HAND SANITIZER! Bang Bang!

  19. I have had a licence for 3 years. Thank God I have not had to do this. However I also have Texas Law Shield. This provides me with legal help, If I have to use my weapon. They say first call them and get help headed your way. Second just as some have said. Do not make any statement to police. Tell them you have someone on the way to defend you. This is if you are arrested. They will bail you out. It is said that you need this protection. Espically in a siuation like this. But at least you can help people. I agree with the saying. ” Better to be judged by 12 than buried by 6″

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