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Quite the aftermarket additions to this GLOCK 19. The Surefire WML and Zev Pro compensator offer various pros and cons…so the question is, do they make sense on a carry gun? Specifically, the compensator.

How many of you guys use a compensator on your carry guns? If you don’t, is it something you’ve considered?

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    • Since the light will stick out anyway, might as well make use of the extra OAL. I went with a longer barrel, this guy went with a comp.

      • True but the light’s stand-off effect is diminished if you have to make a contact shot. Pressing the compensator into the attacker may induce a malfunction.

    • LMAO. Didnt realize middle schoolers were posting responses.

      Any weapon light ( on a carry gun) I have is flush with muzzle or shorter.

      I did have a light on my house gun that extends past the muzzle.

      On the compensator, I would just go with a longer barrel. But that’s just me.

  1. A compensator on a 9mm is a but unnecessary. Especially on a carry gun. If you mod out your competition gun with a trigger, comp, ect. That’s one thing. But for a carry gun it’s a bit much.

    • Squeezing every bit of performance out of a gun is no less important with carry as competition… as long as it doesn’t affect reliability! 😉

    • Not only that, but if you have to use a firearm to defend your life, you may be unlucky enough to have an anti-gun prosecutor who will use every excuse to paint you as a dangerous psycho looking for a gun fight. A flashlight is something that can be reasonably explained away, but a compensator is something a DA can use against you. “What’s the matter, son, a stock gun not deadly enough? You were just looking for an excuse to shoot someone, weren’t you?”

      This is why a lot of trainers, lawyers, and other people with experience in the legal system advise you to keep things as stock as possible and to use factory loaded, rather than hand loaded ammo.

  2. My next pistol will be the STI DVC Omni, it has a very efficient comp that is a machined part of the barrel resulting in an overall length of 5″ length same as a full size 1911 but it carries 20 rounds of 9mm.

  3. Two posts in a row with nice SureFire lights that both, IMHO, are just a touch big for EDC.

    SureFire goofed on the Tactician model IMO. The pocket clip should be reversible and the lanyard/lanyard ring are unnecessary. If you’re going to keep the lanyard and use the pocket clip then the expanded part of the lanyard ring tends to dig into you while the lanyard takes up a bunch of space in your pocket and tends to pull everything else in your pocket out when you grab the light. A reversible clip would solve that problem too.

    Other than that the gun seems nice, if overly tricked out. I’d probably go with a smaller WML and nix the comp but hey, whatever works for them.

      • The V1 is a cool light. I just wish it was 15-250 instead of 5-250. It’s on my list of flashlight crack pipes to hit.

        • I just picked up an Olight Valkyrie. 1200 lumens. Holy crap, this thing could serve as a runway light for a 757.

        • Tom, isn’t that a WML? 1200 seems like it’s a bit overpowered for such a use.

          Then again I don’t know how well it’s reflector works at diffusing the light. Olight isn’t a company I have much experience with.

  4. This “EDC” is ridiculous.”

    Already-sizable gun loaded down with bulky attachments? Check!
    Pristine holster and mag carrier that look like you can still smell the new plastic on them? Check!
    Dumb alternative wallet that hardly anybody carries in real life? Check!

    • Hater comments: check.

      I carry that exact wallet and it has been a wonderful change… All I carried in my old-style wallets were cards and things roughly card-size. Now I carry my wallet in a front pocket to free up a rear pocket for my medkit.

      I also appendix-carry a G19 14+ hours a day with an X300 WML in a G34 Dark Star Gear holster as part of my job. I actually find the gun carries better with the light than without.

      Hey, if you don’t want or need this stuff, fine, but that doesn’t mean everyone has the same requirements as you.

  5. Y’all are fudds.

    I also carry a surefire WML and RMR on a 5″ gun, either appendix or hip.

    I work private Investigations and personal protection.

    And y’all thumbing your noses are bitchez.

    • I think the person that owns this EDC is just proudly sharing several new things to go with his new stock gun. He just needs to add a lot more range time to figure out what he needs and doesn’t need. All high quality gear. With time, I see him first adding mag extenders, trigger upgrade, frame work (at a minimum the trigger undercut cuz glock knuckle), then eventually slide work with an optic, trading out the WML for a smaller one, ditching the comp, new holster. The Ridgeline wallet will serve him well, but he’ll eventually get a shorter flashlight.

  6. My wife likes using compensators to stay on target better with her weaker strength, and her G43 with an Agency comp still fits fine in her carry holsters.

  7. Compensators have ports facing upwards. At the range I’ve seen burning powder leave upwards through the ports. The worst offender was the cheap imported bimetal ammo. I witness a ball of burning powder fly straight upwards a good 4 feet. Imagine tucking that pistol close to your side were the compensator ports are aimed at your face. It’s a No Go for me on a defense tool.

        • Yes and no. Some comps have been shown to reduce the soot build up on a WML by directing a large portion of the gasses away from the lens. This only applies when the weapon is being used a lot like in training situations where round counts are in the hundreds. It’s also generally more applicable to rifles using a WML that’s mounted pretty far forward to avoid the barrel casting a large shadow.

          Of course for a DGU or any actual gunfight with a pistol that’s ridiculous. Even if you did blow through for or five G19 mags it wouldn’t make much of a difference to the light output (Unless you were maybe using UltraMax ammo). The fact that some comps may help with this has no bearing on real-world gun use outside of running a shoothouse or other live-fire training that is being done repeatedly.

          So, yes, it’s technically true in some cases using certain comps but my comment was straight up snark.

  8. I’ve carried a roland special for about 2 solid years now. Some days it’s not much fun to carry, but really it’s not that bad.

    • Super Soldiers? I thought that was a concept the Nazis came up with. Along with their super race. And yet, we sub-humans kicked the living shit out of them. Including three of my drunk Irish uncles. Their descendents welcome the opportunity to do the same to your Super Soldiers. Please let us know date, place and time. We are at your convenience.

      • You forget, Antifa is exactly what they claim they are fighting against. No free speech. Change history if they dont like it. Attacking people because they dont like them for what ever reason. Now this assclown comes and says death camps. Where have I heard that before? Oh yeah this was in Nazi Germany. People who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.

  9. Ah, yes—yet another “Pocket Dump” that is in no way this person’t EVERY DAY CARRY.

    Am I supposed to believe he carries all that stuff every time he walks out the door? Of course he doesn’t.

    Bet this guy also wears Grunt Style and Ranger Up shirts but never served, too.

  10. Nope… What no RMR… What’s with the race gun CCW fade? Defensive fights (they are fights w a gun) are 3 feet – yards, 3 shots & 3 seconds… No time to find a red dot, laser pointer or need a reload. Time spent on training & ammo for practice will get the gun out and rounds on target as a muscle memory reaction…

    • What? No running run battles in the read world? No mag dumps and sub-2 second reloads in the real world?

      That why I carry a PPS40 (M1 not the hideous M2) the 5 round flush-fitting magazine or a hammerless J frame.

      Indeed 3 shots, 3 seconds, and 3 yards at most.

    • Says the guy who’s never been in a DGU. Sweeping generalizations spoken from authority like that are always spoken from ignorance.

  11. I can appreciate the performance increase at longer ranges but not the extra noise. I’ve never shot in a small room, but if I had to do it without earpro, I wouldn’t choose a gun with a compensator.

    • My Glock 34 with the same light and an RMR still weighs less than a full size 1911 and prints about the same.

  12. No criticism here, but other than the SOG knife, not one thing would I duplicate. I have a couple of options and limit what I carry to just essentials. LCP2 or P365 in Vedder pocket holster, Kershaw folder, 1 car fob, phone and wallet. Depending where and when, a spare mag, Leatherman Rebar and small LED metal flashlight. That’s enough stuff, and I never want anyone to know I have 2 weapons on me, I don’t want to make myself the first target, and I don’t intend to be a victim. Discretion is the better part of valor.

  13. In addition to carrying this, it’s also important to enter each room you go into with a forward roll.

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