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Another G19 which isn’t surprising given their popularity. A little bit of GLOCK lore you might not know: Gaston designed the first GLOCK when he was 52 years old. First gun he had ever designed and look where it took him. Just saying, you are never too old to learn something or try something new.

This dump includes an OBS challenge coin. For those wondering, if you want to join the Order of the Black Shamrock you an do so here.

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  1. Nothing on the pocket dump, specifically, but these are generally the last post of the day, and it used to be 8 my time, then 7, then 6, are we really going to 5 now? Is there that little to write about?

    • They used to post just after 2 PM Central Time. I’d get the daily email from Everyday Carry and 10 minutes later, the pocket dump was posted.

      Now I don’t normally look for it until the following day.

    • Same here, but 4 months ago, and it’s a gen 3. I’ve done frame mods and the slide has been milled for an optic, which I’m still saving up for.

  2. That’s a Surefire E2L not a EL2 (his mistake on the EDC site). Nice light but a bit long IMHO for an EDC.

    Also, Order of the Black Shamrock… reading their website it sounds like a bunch of LARPing. I assume they’re serious but I don’t think that too many people still subscribe heavily enough to the chivalric ideals for it to be a useful thing to join.

    Then again I feel the same way about Oathkeepers and a bunch of other organizations that really do have a lot of members that take things seriously.

    • Black Shamrock – just another bumper sticker or logo for lonely old men or socially outcast young men to plaster all over their vehicles. Likely one step away from the proud boys w/o overt racists overtones. I get the desire to connect with others and feel a part of something but this is all just too sad.

        • It is a racist fraternity of whining man children that feel some urge to beat each other over cereal names and wear out of style polo shirts while complaining that someone named chad and Stacey have it better than them. Sad.

    • I’m going to mangle a line from WC Fields. ‘I wouldn’t join a club that would have me for a member.’

      I did join the Legion and the VFW. But that was just cause they had cheap drinks. I left when I quit drinking.

      • I did some additional looking as my interest was stirred a little, some of the comments from the ar15 forum says a lot.

      • I was a member with American Legion, but stopped paying because I didn’t get anything out of it, unlike CRPA and GOC. The wife tells me I have memberships with too many groups with yearly fees.

        • “I did a bond tour during the Second World War… We were raising money, and we played Boston and Philadelphia and most of the big cities. And we got to Minneapolis. There wasn’t any big theater to play there, so we did our show in a railroad station. Then I told the audience that I knew a girl in Minneapolis. She was also known in St.Paul, she used to come over to visit me. She was known as “The Tail Of Two Cities.” I didn’t sell any more bonds, but eh… they didn’t allow me to appear anymore.”

        • “I ordered a cup of coffee in San Fransisco once.

          It was ten cents for the coffee, and five dollars for the sugar cube.

          Why is that?”


  3. I’m out of the loop, I guess, or maybe too old, but what’s order of the black shamrock? Sounds like some New Irish Republican Army movement or militia or what have you. No criticism here, I’m down I just want to know who all the new players are in the Great Game of the continual global power struggle.

  4. The phone number on the contact page of the BS (Black Shamrock site) goes to a knife company, Emerson Knives. This BS smells more and more like a marketing ploy for a business. I can imagine a bunch of people waiting for their mail for the BS logo and coin like Ralphie waiting for his Ovaltine secret decoder ring.

  5. I agree with previous commenters.

    These already gay pocket dumps are starting to turn into not-so-stealthy commercial marketing conventions.

    • They have always been shameless product placement promotions. It started out as a “hey, look what we found on this website” and morphed into a daily thing.

      I liked TTAC when Robert ran it as a blog without even a forum. That was the golden era. TTAG started out with a forum and was a cozy place at one time. It’s turned into something weird now.

      I’ve moved on from many communities already, might be time to do it again. The core of any group is the shared interests and lately that’s been twisted a bit. They don’t need kooks and trolls signing up poking people when it goes on locally.

  6. . I’m selling memberships to the Order of The Greasy Possum, you just send me $45 take an oath, any oath as it seems none of them matter, then you can buy my stuff. Oh I forgot about the rules. There ain’t no rules, because rules need laws and laws create lawbreakers. Order of The Greasy Possum runs on moral’s not rules

    • You can’t trust a Possum to stay out of the road, why would I trust one with my 45 bucks? 😉

      • I’m gonna send money to something that gets shit and blood on my tires? Sounds like a racket to me. ‘Want to stop me from jumping in front of your truck on the road…..’

    • I read all that wrong and thought you typed “order of the greasy p*ssy.” I was laughing so damned hard.

  7. Cool logo, similar to the Aryan Brotherhood. Be advised – I wouldn’t go to prison with a shamrock tat if you aren’t a member.

  8. My old man had a pin that kind of looked like that challenge coin. It said “BFI” (Bullets for Ireland) on it.

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