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A Beretta Cougar, a Baby Kreeper, and a Kershaw folding knife make up this pocket dump. There’s also a flashlight, a tactical pen, and lip balm. The Baby Kreeper is a small multi-tool meant to open bottles and also comes with a bit driver and a mini pry-bar tip.

Have you ever wondered what your daily carry looks like to an outsider? To a non-gun person? This isn’t about arguing over caliber or brands it’s about what the contents of your pockets will look like to an outside should you ever be forced to defend your life.

So let’s hear it…or see it. From the outside looking in, what would someone see? Be honest. Oh, and “Who cares, screw them” is not a realistic answer.


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    • Before you commit to picking up the fountain pen and beginning your new career as a writer, commit yourself to leaving out the feminine *sighs*.

      Grown men don’t do that.


  1. It depends on the person and their experience in life.

    When I was a freshman in college a lot of people thought I was nuts for carrying a knife. The same thing was true for wearing a watch.

    That is until they constantly had to borrow my knife and I pointed out that their combined use of my knife dwarfed my own use of it. Sophomore year half those people had acquired a knife. By senior year nearly all of them carried a knife. And a wore a watch. Both things they swore up and down I was crazy for doing when they first met me.

    Suddenly they realized that being late all the time and trying to chew through tape on a box were both stupid.

    Both were things they’d never had to deal with before because if they needed a knife they went to mom and dad’s kitchen and they were rarely late to anything because not ever having held a job they rarely had any place that they needed to be on time for which they were either not taken there by parents or were there anyway because they wanted to be.

    • Honestly my gun is optional in the EDC, basically the worst case scenario. But the micro streamlight and SOG folding knife are right up there with phone/wallet/keys.

  2. I dunno, but I say we all be super judgmental and hurl insults and wild speculations and accusations of all kinds. Oh and be sure to be super rude, condescending and arrogant.

  3. Don’t dress like a Ninja. Last time I wore my old 5.11 clothing was during/after Hurricane Michael for 48 hrs. Carried my usual pocket dump. Eagle discreet carry bag close at hand with a little extra gear if needed. In the meantime, handgun, reload, knife, light, communication. Wallet. Add/substitute multi tool for knife. Cover most everything except for the Walter Mitty types. Never know when they might run across a KGB/ISIS asasnation team. 😆

    • Maybe but I luv my 5.11 jeans.

      The extra side pocket is the same size as an iphone so I dont have to sit on it and try to dig it out when I drive. The CCW of my choice sits right nice and they dont fall down. If people wanna go, “mall ninja” behind my back, they are welcome to it. It dont bother me none.

  4. “From the outside looking in, what would someone see? ” Actually a good question, as in Jury maybe? My neighbor recently spotted my Kershaw folder clip peeking out from behind my belt and commented on it. He looked me up and down and said, “Nice conceal. I know you carry, but I can’t see a thing except for that knife clip which I have never noticed before.” He probably would not have noticed the clip then, except I was bent over looking in his car window and it was right at his eye level.
    I think most people would be surprised at what is in my pockets as I play it very low profile with LC9s pro front pocket carry, extra mag in rear pocket, kershaw folder inside front waist band and a Swiss Army knife in the other rear pocket. I want to be prepared but not presenting a threat nor looking like a crazy prepper type if it ever comes to a police/jury issue.
    That’s just me.

    • LC9s is my fav pocket gun. Perfect in a pocket holster or on an ankle. Some of us have to carry CONCEALED at work and it does the job. With a spare mag you have 15 rounds on hand. Not a day goes by that I don’t use my pocket knife. And I’m frugal so it’s a Kershaw. Those benchmades are nice tho…

      • I have an LC9s Pro, which I like pretty well for ankle or other deep concealed carry. I have to admit, though, it seems to be far better reviewed and liked than my own experiences with it. To me it is a pretty “okay” pistol – the trigger is lauded by everyone, but feels too long to me (both pull and reset) with a kind of weird break. It’s also very snappy, more so than other small 9mm carry guns I own. It carries nicely and is a high quality, well made gun, so I wouldn’t trade it away, but have a hard time shooting it well – the web of my thumb and forefinger doesn’t like it much at all.

        I have long been curious why my experience with the LC9s seems to differ so much from everyone else’s…

    • Yup. I liked that too.

      I am a minimalist. I try to carry as little as I can and still not have to maybe, borrow something. Now my truck? That’s a different story.
      I think I carry almost as much stuff as Jon Wayne Taylor.
      “I have tools to fix tools”. Tim the Toolman Taylor.

      • Yep. My 4runner is full of stuff I might need. I live in the bay area and I even have a snow shovel in there.

    • Is it Wintergreen? Can I have a stick? Man, people are always wanting to share your gum. You have to keep that stuff concealed.

  5. “Why so many skulls? Are you one of those gun nuts that thinks about death and killing a lot?

    Why don’t you have a seat while you tell us your social media passwords…”

    And while we’re talking pants – Carhart. Comfortable, long-wearing, and the fabric is a little thicker so it helps hide the shape of things like mags.

  6. half of these pocket dumps have pristine new stuff like they just got it. my actual edc stuff is pretty worn.

  7. I have a gentleman’s folding knife that gets ohhs and ahhs from women when I used it to cut tags and open packages. Most people I know come to me when they need a sharp knife for such things. Likewise a flashlight. You start carrying a flashlight and life becomes easier when looking for something or walking in a dark area. My wife knows she can always use my ink pen, because I always have a nice one on me. The fact it is metal bodied and could be hammered through someone’s skull is incidental. I carry a money clip so if I lose it I don’t lose all my cards and ID as well, or vice versa. The scariest thing is my carry pistol, which technically isn’t a pocket pistol, but could be in cargo pants pocket.

  8. “‘Who cares, screw them’ is not a realistic answer.” That’s your personal opinion. I don’t care about your personal opinion. Screw you.

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