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So one of the advantages of the new gun over the old gun (AK-47) is that you can hit what you aim at. Now that’s what I call progress!

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  1. Izhmash has gone bankrupt!? Shame. Both my wife and I have side by side shotguns they built and the darned things fire both barrels precisely to point of aim! Most brands won’t do that.

  2. Robert, I suggest you do more research before you blabber off so you won’t sound so stupid next time. Take my advice. Izmash is NOT bankrupt anymore. They reformed under a new parent company. Izmash is modernizing their factory. Even before they modernized their factory they always made quality rifles in my experience with owning many of them. The Americans were the ones that supplied the Taliban with weapons, not the Russians. The same weapons the Americans supplied to the Afghans back in the 80’s are being used against them today.

    • The Americans (& Saudi’s) supplied the Mujaheddin with weapons from any nation willing to sell them. China, Czechoslovakia, Russia, Egypt, Pakistan, etc. Russia as a nation didn’t sell weapons but easily persuaded (bribed) military officials did.

  3. I would have been happy with a Normal AK with itty bitty spots of rail on the handguard. It’s good stuff. Quality control is all you need if you want some good accuracy.

    Also an Ak-107…. balanced action…. yessss! :3

  4. The AK-12, like any firearm is only as accurate as the user. My guess is that outside of SPETNAZ and Airborne units the AK-12 will be in practice no better than the original design.

  5. Looks like a great gun. Seems to have little recoil. Looks deadly accurate on full auto. Do we know the caliber?


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