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From Colt . . .

Colt’s Manufacturing Company LLC (Colt) has recently discovered a potential safety issue with certain modern sporting rifles (“MSRs”). Colt is voluntarily initiating a recall to protect the safety of its customers because, under certain conditions, it is possible that some of these MSRs may discharge a second round when the trigger is released when there is a live round in the chamber.

Colt is committed to the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction. In keeping with that commitment, during routine quality testing, Colt discovered that hammers that do not meet Colt’s specifications were installed in certain MSRs that were manufactured beginning on March 5, 2021. The issue will be corrected by replacing the hammers in affected MSRs.

The recall only covers a portion of MSRs manufactured beginning on March 5, 2021, and includes the following models: AR15A4, CR6700A4, CR6920, CR6920-EPR, CR6920MPS-B, CR6921, CR6921-EPR, CR6933, CR6933-EPR, CR6960, LE6920-EPR, LE6920MPS-B, LE6920-OEM1, LE6920-OEM2, LE6920-R, LE6933-EPR, SP633784, LE6920SOCOM.

The following chart lists all the serial numbers for those models that may potentially be subject to the recall:

Model Marking Serial Numbers
AR-15 A4 CAR022851 – CAR023250
CARBINE CR036354 – CR099599
CARBINE CR713001 – CR722100
M4 CARBINE CR716801 – CR721500
M4A1 CARBINE CR021580 – CR022024


To prevent the possibility of death or serious personal injury, Colt advises anyone who has purchased a Colt MSR since March 5, 2021 to stop using it immediately and visit or call Customer Service at 1-800-971-3216 to see if your specific MSR is affected. Please note: Not all MSRs within the serial number range in the above chart are subject to this recall and this website offers easy, step-by-step instructions to determine if a particular MSR is affected.

Customer service agents will assist anyone who needs additional help. Our expert craftsmen are ready to upgrade all affected MSRs at our West Hartford, CT headquarters.

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  1. I would just put a Geissele or Large trigger in it, maybe, whether or not there was a recall. Just replace the trigger with your favorite upgraded one and get on with life.

  2. Unintentional Binary Trigger

    Things like this is the reason why its best to only load a single round at a time into a newly built AR for atleast the first few. Then only two at a time for a few more. This might seem common sense but not everyone will think about this.

  3. I’m not sure if people are still buying Colts these days but the bright side is buy a cold defect and get a free binary trigger🤣

  4. Sounds like the hammer is slipping past the disconnector. Alec Baldwin must be head of QC.

    All kidding aside…If an engaged AR safety permits excess trigger travel…fix it.

  5. If these Colt’s fire more than one round with one trigger pull I’d say that’s a selling point and not a defect.

  6. “Colt is voluntarily initiating a recall to protect the safety of its customers”

    And, you know, that whole liability thing…


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