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There’s a press release from the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms that is sounding the alarm for residents of Colorado. With Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, California and others already facing new firearms related legislation, Colorado seems to be the next on the list to start considering more restrictive firearms regulations. BTW, this is the same state that now has a “back door” 8-day waiting period thanks to their version of NICS being too slow to process all the background checks.

From the CCRKBA:

We can expect 14 to 20 anti-gun bills. The current Democrat package includes:

  • A ban on an undetermined number of semi-automatic firearms (No grandfather clause)
  • A ban on magazines of over ten rounds (No grandfather clause).
  • Making an individual with a violent misdemeanor a “prohibited person” re: gun ownership.
  • A ban on private sales by requiring universal background checks.
  • A waiting period on background checks that will kill gun shows.
  • Rollback of concealed carry on college campuses.
  • More strict enforcement of gun confiscation related to restraining orders
  • Wider use of mental health treatment information for gun control purposes

Published reports indicate that rabid, anti-gun, millionaire, New York City Mayor Bloomberg is sending a well funded team to Colorado to push gun control.

Remind me why Michael Bloomberg cares about Colorado? Shouldn’t he be worried about stopping the daily homicides in his own city before branching out? Or perhaps there’s still a 24 ounce drink cup he hasn’t banned yet?

As a note to those looking for a change of scenery, I’d just like to note that the Texas legislature isn’t considering a single gun control measure at this moment. Well, there’s something about requiring hotels to post their firearms policy, but I wouldn’t count that.

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    • Look, Virginia has a really annoying, but very conservative AG, who probably with be our next governor. Avoid the DC suburbs – REALLY creepy liberal area. Richmond is fine, Roanoke. Not sure what way the wind’s blowing in Norfolk/Hampton/Newport News/Chesapeake/Portsmouth at the present. Avoid VA Beach… the largest and fastest growing area in the state… there’s nothing like an identifiable “there”, and full of gun-hating snowbirds.

      Also, New Mexico. While the north is Democratic and the south Republican, anti-gun crap tends to move at a snail’s pace, since even the Democratic Spanish descendants believe in being armed. It’s the wild west, sort of, still…

      • There are more gun activists in the DC area than you might think. Many of us are prior service or current defense/intelligence contractors.

      • I haven’t heard of any new legislation in the Hampton Roads area. Guns are selling for a bit more but there are still a couple of well stocked stores.

      • Sorry, William, but the polls show that TMac (the likely Dem nominee) will win over the Cooch. I was a Democrat long enough to make sure McAuliffe didn’t win the primary four years ago, but the machine will put him in place this time, thanks both to NoVa, and also Cuccinelli’s hate-hate relationship with the media. Like it or not, we have to keep the General Assembly (R) for the next four years. McAuliffe would gut Virginia’s gun rights (and a lot of other rights) if given the chance.

  1. California and NJ are probably lost causes, but if everyone with a brain moves to Texas, nobody with a brain will be left in other states to vote against crap like this.

    • Exactly. If I leave CA, it’s not going to be because my resolve weakened. I’ll be here to support the fight, recruit new shooters, and if the call comes, volunteer myself as a test case for CCW in my county.

      Besides, for a long time CA has been the test environment for regulations, both beneficial and detrimental, that then propagate to the rest of the country. If the most engaged and vociferous 0.5% of gun owners leave California, the 2A rights in this state will crumble. As goes California, so goes the rest of the country.

      Unfortunately it seems like the northeastern states are having a d!cksize war to see who can be the new petri dish for citizen disarmament. No matter who “wins” that race, it’s the citizens who lose.

    • Chris please don’t count out CA yet! I can’t leave, least not yet….
      We are trying to fight this as best we can. CalGuns can only do so much. We are trying to organize the people. It is not an easy task when you don’t have money, time, and sponsors!

      • The only thing saving CA is it’s piss poor budget. I think we’re still about 10 billion in the red.

        They like to propose everything all they like but when it get’s to the appropriations committee, and they have to figure out how to pay for it, these things end quickly.

        They want to make ID cards to purchase ammo? Yeah right, they can’t even get CA drivers licenses out in time. Not to mention that Jerry B is already cutting the budget of the CA DOJ.

  2. Published reports indicate that rabid, anti-gun, millionaire, New York City Mayor Bloomberg is sending a well funded team to Colorado to push gun control.

    So where is the bitching about “rich people using their money to usurp the will of the people”? It seems that it went down the same memory hole that Barbara Boxer’s idea of putting National Guard troops in schools.

  3. Here in Illinois, we just fought back a serious attempt by the Chicago machine to ban almost all semiautomatic weapons, by running a grass roots campaign. We virtually shutdown the offices of almost every state representative or Senator. We are passionate about this issue, and we have grassroots support. We can win this fight, so lets go!

    • You are doing damned good so far. I’m cheering you on from 90 miles away in Milwaukee. I’d love to see a million man AR march through the heart of Chicago, even Al Bundy would sh.t bricks, Randy

  4. Sadly, Colorado is hosed in that the Governor is a Democrat and both houses of the state legislature are Democrat controlled. It’s a weird state in that it has been historically very conservative, but the size and growth of Denver and Boulder are starting to outweigh the rest of the state. It’s like the situation in Virginia where Arlington and Fairfax County up next to DC are shifting the politics of the entire state.

      • The rural dems have historically been cool to gun control. The above comment on the Denver/Boulder area is sadly true. The suburbs that used to be reliably republican have been overrun with refugees from blue states that tend to vote the same way here. It’s going to be a crap shoot, and it will require lots of hard work.
        When the republicans had the house last term, at least stupid stuff like this could be killed in committee. Not so easy this time around.

        • I wonder if Californians are the blame for Colorado? I just don’t get their mindset. They vote for extreme liberal jackasses year after year. These politicians destroy the state so badly citizens start to feel the only thing they can do is move to another state. You would think they would learn from their mistakes but they don’t! Instead they move and continue their liberal views and start to ruin the new state they moved to.

          We have that exact problem here in New Mexico. Over the last 20 years, thousands of California families have moved here. They tend to gravitate to a suburb of Albuquerque called Rio Rancho. We have had several issues with them over the years. These issues regularly make the news and include such things as them not agreeing with our long-standing traditions, traditions that have always been a part of our culture even before New Mexico joined the United States. Their liberal views don’t agree with some of these traditions so they protest, or do anything they can to try and stop them. Of course some of these issues are gun related. So far we have enjoyed very lax gun laws in this state. There has not been any talk of gun bans here so far. I doubt our Republican Governor would sign any type of gun ban bill anyway.

    • You got it, but in VA, there’s some uncertainty as to which way the rest of the state is going. I think it’s okay for the immediate future. If you avoid northern suburbs. Chesterfield County’s still very bedrock, but they don’t like the black folks moving in.

      • I grew up in Falls Church. My father kept a loaded revolver under his pillow. He also had several rifles and pistols. My father grew up in McLean. He hunted in Tyson’s Corner. As a child most of my neighbors had guns and many hunted. It was the classic suburban childhood seen in Leave it to Beaver or some such. I recall two gun incidents. One a depressed neighbor decided his loaded shot gun needed cleaning. We all understood what it meant to die while cleaning your gun. Second was a slightly off neighbor shot a neighborhood delinquent/bully in the butt for terrorizing his dogs. We all agreed with Fairfax Co PD that the little shit had it coming. I’ve been away from Virginia for a long time. I cant imagine how much it has changed. I love this song by Iris Dement,

  5. I bet Alaska isn’t exactly swamped with gun control bills either. If I were to flee Washington state, that’s probably where I’d go.

    • Alaska has a few gun bills.
      The legilslature keeps making noise about changing the firearms freedom bill from a resolution (2009 passed) to an actual act with force of law- so if its made here and stays here we can tell the BATFE(and really big fires) to FOAD.
      No actual bill introduced on that yet.

      Another state Senator keeps on yapping about getting rid of, ignoring or nullifying gun free zones up here. Again- talk only so far.

      There are a few voter initives that don’t have enough signatures to be put on the next ballot floating around that would require local and state LEO’s to not participate in mass gun confiscations. The Dept of Public safety can’t officially comment on it- but the general concensus (except for Anchorage- they’re a bastion of liberal thought) is that no one is really pro gun confiscation anyways.

      There’s another legislator who’s talking about introducing a bill prohibiting a firearm registration up here- but it would only affect state govt.

      Lots of people in Anchorage want to see all guns confiscated. And all gun owners vilified.

  6. CO Sheriff: “I Will Protect Constitutional Rights…With My Dying Breath”

    Sheriff Ronald B. Bruce has been the Sheriff of Hinsdale County in Colorado since his election in 2007. He contacted Freedom Outpost to let us know that he stands with Sheriff Scott Berry of Georgia and will not take his business to others who will discriminate against law abiding citizens in selling semi-automatic rifles, but stated unashamedly that with his dying breath he will protect current and existing Constitutional rights of those who elected him.

    Bruce has been the Sheriff of Hinsdale County for the past six years. Prior to that he served in the Arizona Department of Public Safety’s Highway Patrol. He retired as a State Trooper, having served 28 years.

    Sheriff Bruce wrote to me following the story on Sheriff Berry, “I’m on board with the Georgia Sheriff. If we learn of any of our suppliers that normally sold to civilians and are now discontinuing such sales, they too have lost our business.”

    That’s not all, Bruce had already taken initiative by closing an account his office had with online retailer Cheaper Than Dirt. He wrote, “We cancelled our account with Cheaper Than Dirt after they quickly almost doubled their price for .223/5.56 and .308/7.62mm ammunition. They also suspended all “assault” type firearms sales to re-evaluate their position on this…read, figure how much they could get away with in the escalation of their prices for semi-auto carbines.”

    Bruce was referencing the pull of the sell of all firearms following the Sandy Hook Shooting. Cheaper Than Dirt finally opened sales back up to handguns, including semi-automatics, and rifles, but are no longer offering the semi-automatic rifles such as the AR-15. Dick’s Sporting Goods, which are way over priced if you ask me, went all out of their way to hide a page which featured a Bushmaster AR-15 “out of respect for the victims and their families” and had even suspended sales of modern rifles. Out of respect for victims and families you hide a product on your website and stop selling certain ones for a period of time? That’s not respect, it’s trying to be politically correct.

    While Cheaper Than Dirt has brought back the sale of handguns and shotguns, even semi-automatics in both varieties, they have not brought back semi-automatic rifles such as the AR styles they carried before. They do carry accessories and ammunition for these weapons, but they are anything but “cheap.”

    Sheriff Bruce is a giving sheriff. He informed me that, “We are a very strong pro-2nd Amendment Sheriff’s Office. I and my staff are currently the only certified CHP instructors in the county and offer the classes free to any county resident.”

    Bruce told Freedom Outpost that approximately 50% of the legal adult citizens in his county have obtained their concealed carry permits.

    He then stated what I think should be every Sheriff’s motto,

    “I have assured numerous constituents who have contacted our office since BHO’s re-election, that with my dying breath, I would protect their current/existing Constitutional Rights.”

    When I contacted Sheriff Bruce back in order to confirm that I might be able to share his stand with my readers, here was his response, “Let ‘er rip Tim. I like to think I’m a man of conviction and don’t shirk my beliefs in the face of opposition.”

    In my book, it is men like Sheriff Berry and Sheriff Bruce who should be held in high honor in their communities. They are the last stand against an oppressive federal government. Thank you Sheriff Bruce for your commitment to the people of Hinsdale County. May God grant you strength to continue serving well and may He raise up more men of conviction to serve other counties in our country in the same manner.

      • Everything you need to know about the size of his jurisdiction can be seen in his claim that 50% of qualifying adults have CCW permits. That would be an unimaginably high percentage in any county with suburban or urban areas.

        Nonetheless, I greatly admire his principled stand. I hope other law enforcement officials take note of his position, and consider that it might be OK to support the entire bill of rights, not just the most convenient parts.

      • About Hinsdale County Government
        Vital Statistics

        County Seat Lake City
        Cities and Towns Lake City
        Elevation (Lake City) 8,671 feet above sea level
        Population (2010 Census) 843 (Source: DOLA-Demography 7/08)
        Size (50 miles x 22 miles) 1,123 Square Miles (719,278 acres)
        Public Lands Gunnison, Uncompahgre, Rio Grande and San
        Juan National Forests, BLM and CDOW

        USFS = 558,934 BLM = 124,066 CDOW = 2,493

        Public/Private Lands Ratio 95.3% Public/4.7%Private
        Wilderness 49% of Public Lands
        47% of Total County
        Miles of County Road Paved/Dirt 4 Paved/245 Dirt

        • Wow. There are extended families in the northeast US with more members than Hinsdale has residents.

    • Sadly, he’s in the minority, and Hinsdale county is a remote, thinly populated county. The sheriffs in the major counties around Denver will all too happily throw us under the bus. Most of them opposed CCW when it went through.

  7. Two questions:

    During the months leading up to the ’94 ban, were there so many states pushing indavidual bans of the same framework as the federal?

    Could these indavidual states making these bans be a sign of no confidence in a ban at a federal level? If so that is a good sign right? Well minus being bad for the citizens of thoes states.

    • Chuck Todd, whom I greatly respect as a political analyst because he has a track record of getting stuff right, has declared Feinstein’s AWB and similar proposals DOA at the Federal level.

      His opinion was that Obama could either go for magazine-capacity restrictions and mental health measures and score a win — or go for Federal AWB 2.0 and be guaranteed a loss.

      Which, BTW, is pretty how much I see it as well. The absolute most he’ll be able get through the GOP-controlled House will be magazine capacity limits, and even then my guess is that they’ll be just as inconvenient-yet-toothless as the previous AWB.

      Related: I wish I could have been there when someone explained to the President and the VP that basically none of the billion-plus magazines in circulation today have any form of serial number or date-of-manufacture stamped on them. That one inconvenient fact has caused the civilian-disarmament advocates no end of troubles…

  8. Wow, just wow. What the hell is wrong with this country and their reactive legislation? I’m seriously shocked at how all of this is progressing. This tide needs to stop.

  9. I don’t think it’s much of a risk with firearms refugees compared to previous waves of migration, but please please please don’t vote for the same sorts of idiots who made you leave one state once you reach a new, free state. I’m not far from Cary, NC which is jokingly referred to as “Containment Area for Relocated Yankees.”

  10. Hey everyone,

    First time writer but longtime follower of TTAG.
    I have to speak up that with everything going on I find myself more and more concerned with the direction of everything. I live in Providence, RI and we just had the City Council pass a proposal to ban all semi-automatic firearms. I have been trying my best since the announcement to message every member of the state senate and city council I can find regarding their ridiculous decision but I feel as though I might be alone. Rhode Island always seems to be far too liberal to allow for enough people to stand up against such a wrong act.
    We need EVERYONE who is in an area that is threatened by new legislation to draw the line in the sand and stand up to their local government in whatever way will most effectively get their attentions.
    A million AR march doesn’t sound like a bad idea until the gun grabbers send the military to pacify such a gathering though 🙁
    And if there are enough readers from RI I need you help in speaking out to tell the Providence and RI government they are wrong!
    As a side note I have an idea that if any of these semi-auto bans go into effect we petition the Federal government to remove all Federal funding from affected cities/states as they are infringing enough on the 2A to deem it being in violation of the Amendment. If you can fight fair, fight dirty and threatening government coffers sounds pretty damned effective at getting the point across.

    • What a great idea. If AR owners and gun supporters would unite we could have many divisions of citizens and soldiers like myself marching the streets in the larger cities.
      The military wouldn’t do a thing, and I doubt the president would even dare ask to send them in against a peaceful yet well armed parade of dedicated US citizens.
      Of all my fellow brothers I knew in combat and the ones I know now, most would never turn a gun on a US civilian on US soil, even under orders to, not in this circumstance.
      I think a show of force is exactly what we need.

      • @ Ralph : when Buddy ruled Providence with a corrupt fist we were so much better off…
        @ LARS : not my idea but yes I wholeheartedly believe that we do need a show of force (in a sense of course). Mass protects and marches in show of support for the 2A should be organized in every major city to make the point that gun owners are everywhere and make up the majority. Once they see our physical numbers they won’t dare enforce or propose any bans or ridiculous legislation.

  11. And if anyone knows of some good solid job leads for a legal admin (wife) and work doing pretty much anything else (me) in a state far more gun friendly please give me a heads up. We tried looking towards NH but there isn’t enough work.

    • A significant portion of our population growth is due to an influx from California. That might help explain things.

    • Just when I was thinking they pulled their head out of their ass and saw the light of liberty… They’re just trading one freedom for another (with a net loss).

    • No doubt in my mind. Hick has been been sending some not-so-subtle signals in that line recently. Just compare his coolness to gun control after Aurora to his sudden embrace of it now. Of course, in between his party captured control of both the Colorado house and senate. I’m sure that doesn’t hurt.

    • Hotrod: would love to move out to the big W but there doesn’t see to be enough affordable housing (RI has taxed us to death….)
      If jobs presented themselves to my wife and I we would probably move tomorrow.

    • “Dude.”
      “Dude! WTF!”
      That about sum it up? 🙂

      Once both houses & gov went D, well… I’m sad.
      That’s probably my fault; I keep voting for Libertarians, and “throwing away” my vote.
      Moved here in 2000 from Pennsyltuckey.
      Kids in school means we aren’t moving again.
      Time to do some research, and write some utterly pointless letters, I guess.

  12. Haven’t seen anything in terms of control talk in Pennsylvania yet. Closest thing is Corbet saying that we have enough laws and that new ones won’t help.

  13. I don’t think we’ll see many disarmament bills in Kentucky this year. Our Democrat Governor recently said it’s a national issue, not a state one. He might be for it, but knows pushing gun control would greatly weaken lots of Democrat Representatives from rural areas. The Ky Senate is Republican and the House is Democrat, but only by 5 or so seats. A gun control push would end many years of having Democrats control the House.

  14. Damn. I am a Colorado Native and i love this state but holy crap, but it looks like we must continue the good fight to try and keep our guns, if not, WY or TX will get my vote for the next big move.

  15. Leo338 is correct about Colorado. It used to be a red state but it has been colonized by west cost progressives that have left their over-taxed and over-regulated state. The end result is that they vote for the same type of political leaders in Colorado that have left California on the verge of bankruptcy.


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