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Magpul is pointing out that Colorado Governor Hickenlooper is having his staff tote up the emails for and against the magazine ban, probably as a way of getting himself some political cover. If and when Magpul pulls up stakes, he’d then be able to say, “but most people who contacted me support this ban!” Or something along those lines. For those interested, may want to send him a short and polite note registering your opinion of the bill. You can do so right here. Just to be included in the tally, of course. This could be Colorado’s last chance to keep the magazine ban bill from being signed into law, not to mention the last chance to keep Magpul in Colorado.

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  1. I can’t send out an email due to overflow of requests for emails to the governor.

    “Unable to Process Request
    Concurrent requests limit exceeded.

    To protect all customers from excessive usage and Denial of Service attacks, we limit the number of long-running requests that are processed at the same time by an organization. Your request has been denied because this limit has been exceeded by your organization. Please try your request again later. “

  2. how do they know that our “organization” has exceeded it’s limit? I’m not part of an organization in this matter.

  3. I got through.


    I’m appalled to see a western state with a proud history of recognizing individual rights consider passing a bill like HB13-1224. This will do nothing to curb crime, save lives, or stop madmen.

    What it will do is drive a world-class company (Magpul) out of your state, costing Colorado a thousand-plus jobs. And it will infringe on the rights of law-abiding gun owners with no measurable positive effect on crime. It may even result in a net increase in “crime” if Colorado DAs choose to prosecute citizens for magazine-related offenses.

  4. It’s working now. I’m not from Colorado but I contacted them anyway. If Bloomburg can do it, so can I.

  5. That’s how democracy works! We email our vote to the governor and he counts them up!

    What a joke and pathetic leader.

  6. As I’m not a CO resident I doubt my opinion has any weight, but I sent him an email anyway:

    “I’m against any civil disarmament on any level, but if you see fit to use knee-jerk politics to calm down the California implants that are taking over your beautiful state, then so be it. Wisconsin will welcome any company that leaves due to the magazine ban in HB13-1224!”

    • Neither am I but I pointed out as a professional looking to relocate in the next year if he signs this I will not bring myself, my family, or our income and skills to the state.

      I also asked he consider both the short term litigation and long term economic costs to the state.

  7. I sent an email even though I’m out of state in hopes that they will behave like any other government agency and be brain-dead stupid and overlook that fact.

  8. I’m from WV, but I sent an email anyway.

    “This is silliness that will do nothing to stop crime. In WV, we have lax gun laws and very little crime…my county hasn’t seen a murder in years, despite near universal gun ownership and high rates of ownership of standard capacity magazines capable of holding more than 20 rounds. If you haven’t noticed, your state is currently being flooded with these standard capacity magazines in response to this proposed legislation, so the mags will be there in numbers never seen before, even if the bill passes. What it WILL do is drive away Magpul and all of the business that support it, along with the jobs of many hardworking Americans. It will also drive away tourism, such as my family. We were planning to come to Colorado, but if this passes, we will go to Wyoming instead. I have many friends who hunt in CO and I will be urging them to go elsewhere. I don’t trust politicians who don’t trust constituents, and I won’t give my tourist revenue to those who support the failed policies of the past. Veto HB13-1224, if you value the freedom of the people of Colorado and your job as governor.”

    • “lax gun laws ” Gawd I hate that expression. I wouldn’t say WV has lax gun laws, I would say it has less onerous gun laws, or fewer unreasonable gun laws. “Lax gun laws” is an invention of gun grabbers and it implies a certain level of ineptitude or that there is something lacking that more evolved peoples demand in society.

  9. hows that CO senate recall petition going? maybe hes waiting to see how many signatures it gets.

  10. I’m tempted to make a crack about spineless politicians, but after Sen. John Morse basically told his constituents he didn’t care what they thought on national TV, this is an improvement. Sad. At least this stunt means he’s feeling some heat.

  11. I’m a resident and have been emailing him as well as snail-mailing him at least weekly for the last month. I was able to get through this time, so they must have resolved the server problem. I’m not optimistic, but I don’t see any reason to give up.

    Now the issue is whether to expend efforts on some recall campaigns (already happening with a couple of state senators) or wait for the general. I can guarantee you that Bloomberg will dump as much money as he can here and in other states to help the grabbers, so be prepared. Your state may be next.

  12. You can only send your message and pray at this point. Odds aren’t in CO’s favor but there’s always hope.

  13. I don’t trust any of these maggot parasite politicians. Didn’t Stalin say that it is those that count the votes that determine the outcome of an election? Chickenlooper could receive 100% e-mails against a magazine ban and still declare otherwise.

  14. My message:

    “I am saddened that Colorado has chosen to go down the path of my state, California, and restrict the rights of law-abiding citizens to defend themselves while doing nothing to thwart the criminals who prey upon the innocent. As you may know, California’s magazine and other restrictions have done nothing to cut down on the number of deaths from criminals who, by definition, refuse to obey the law. Please do not sign any legislation which further restrict s the rights of law abiding citizens to keep and bear arms for their own defense. Thank you for your time.”

  15. I’m not sure about CO, but some states consider the email of
    elected representatives as public. I wonder if anyone will request
    an FOIA to do their own tally. Not that I think an anti-gun
    political hack would lie about numbers or anything

  16. Yeah whatever. Governor Chickenpooper is in too deep. He instigated the call for gun control, took the help from Bloomberg, blew off the loss of jobs and revenue from Magpul since he doesn’t consider it a threat to his re-election, and has publicly proclaimed on numerous occasions that he will sign the legislation. The only “numbers” that will count are those during the election.

  17. It is unfortunate that when we vote for people to represent us, we concern ourselves with the problems at hand within our state and country, hoping we picked the best to SERVE us, not thinking that we will be faced with fighting to preserve our rights as american citizens. yet here we all are, defending ourselves from domestic enemies. Not only do these bills threaten a free people, but they also take the food out of their childrens mouths and taxes from our state as a whole. the only win in this situation will be the lesson learned that we will vote out all that threaten us as a people and never elect the likes again.

  18. My family owns three lots of land in that state, and we were planning on retiring in the area. However, we can guarantee we will not go there if this state continues down its Communistic pathway. He got an e-mail from us stating our stance, so let’s see where the chips fall.

  19. I mentioned how they would miss out on a lot of out of state hunting license fees. Out of state elk hunters are a big part of their income. Hunters can just go next door to Utah where guns are welcomed.

  20. My email sent OK,

    Thank you for taking the time to share your opinion on legislation with Governor Hickenlooper. The Governor values your opinions and concerns, and enjoys hearing from people across Colorado. Please know that your views are always welcome in this administration.
    Due to the high volume of emails we receive about legislation, we are unable to respond to each one, but please know that your input means a great deal to Governor Hickenlooper.
    Again, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on legislation with Governor Hickenlooper.

  21. TTAG, thank you for the notification regarding the updates on this issue. I used the links to send a message to the Governor. Being a Colorado resident, I am wishing the best for Magpul. However, I am not optimistic. The State of Colorado should have supported a job and revenue producer like Magul instead of threatening and disrupting their business.

  22. My money is on the fact that regardless of the outcome, he’ll sign the ban and then come out and say “Most people were for the ban”, even if most were actually against. No way in hell he’ll do the right thing.

    • Why should Magpul leave? With the rate of unemployment what it is, why should any business be leaving Colorado and taking up to 600 jobs with them?

      • Because they have to turn a profit in order to stay in business and continue to employ those people.

        Magpul has made it clear that this legislation makes it too difficult to turn a profit. They don’t turn a profit, they go out of business. They go out of business, those 600 lose their jobs anyways.

  23. Can someone sneak onto the state capital and hang the state & US flag upside down on the flag poles? Even better yet, hang a Nazi Swastika above both and take some pictures and post them all over the internet as the governors new state flag!

  24. I sent an email informing the Governor that I, a college-educated California resident, would no longer look to Colorado as a place to move to if the magazine bill law becomes law.

    I would actually love to bring that beautiful state my business, and the employees I would hire. But if that bill becomes law, I won’t.

    It’s as simple as that.

  25. Sent one myself:

    I’m a proud American and a Democrat at that. With all the landmark progress your state has been making in the aspect of personal freedom, I find that the upcoming gun bills are a huge step backwards.

    Legally purchased weapons are realistically seldom used in crime. Even with the ban, it will be easy for criminals to get these items, while impossible for the general public.

    I realize this is a hot issue these days, but your state has been such a shining example supporting our freedoms as Americans, I’d hate to see such a contridiction.

    Please remember, that by nature criminals are just that. There are plenty of these so called “assault weapons” and “high capacity magazines” around already, this will ONLY create a black market and bigger profits for the people you’re trying to stop.

    The only people this can hurt are law abiding citizens. Who will now be put at a disadvantage, and have their rights infringed upon. All in the name of panic.

    This is exactly the kind of thinking, or lack thereof, that led to the patriot act.

    My uncle is a retired sheriff who lives outside Boulder, this opinion is not just my own but influenced by his own thoughts and experiences.

    Thank You,

  26. The open records act stuff at the bottom sounds fascinating to me. After this is over could we submit a request for a copy of all of the emails regarding 1224, and count them ourselves?

  27. Here is mine:


    As crazy as it sounds, I am glad you are supporting this bill. After MagPul leaves the state, thus beginning the eventual exodus of other gun-related manufacturers, you and the Democrats will have economic blood on your hands. You can try to CYA all you want with the voters, but at the end of the day, nothing speaks louder than cold hard cash. And eventually, when the NRA and other gun organizations pull off a successful boycott of your state for any event, be it convention, skiing, tourism, or just general economic purposes, I will smile knowing you have killed any chance you ever had of higher office. My family is aware that Colorado is off of our list of places to visit.

    It is clear neither you nor anyone who voted for this bill have any clue about weapons, firepower, magazine swap-outs or the carnage that can still occur. Perhaps you should watch this video:

    This video demonstrates precisely why a magazine ban is silly. If anyone had bothered to try to understand the issue first and work cooperatively to solve the “problem” rather than rush out to see who could implement a ban first, then perhaps you and your cohorts would have crafted more sensible legislation. Besides, Governor Cuomo beat you to it first, and well, President Hickenlooper doesn’t have that ring to it. I know, you don’t care because I am not a voter in your state. True, I give money to political parties, and there are a lot more like me out there.

  28. I just sent an email. I don’t live in CO but I am there usually 3 times per year for gun related sport and activities. They pass the bill, I’ll find a new place to hang out and relax on vacation.

  29. And that’s another email, from Indiana. I hope you all manage to hold on to campus carry over there as well.

  30. Someone should set up a website to receive copies of the emails so that when the Governor lies about how many pro gun emails he received, he can be proven as a liar.

  31. I got mine in. Informed them that I was against the bill but that Colorado’s loss will hopefully be Texas’ gain if they relocate to our state. I tol dhim that I hope Kolorado wouldn’t find itself in the same position Kalifornia is now in…

  32. TO: All Coloradans
    RE: Contacting the Governor

    You can send him your comment by going to….


    [Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry — Thomas Jefferson]

  33. Hunting boycott will really hit CO in the wallet. Non-resident license fees, all the money spent in the state…hundreds of millions. Be sure to include “I’ll go hunt somewhere else” in your note.

  34. I sent them this:

    Please pass this in C.O.. Please run off your businesses so that they can then move to TEXAS! We Texans welcome all businesses that leave their heavily regulated states to enjoy a more business friendly atmosphere especially those involved in the fire arms sector.

  35. I sent email last night.
    In it, I said, “If this passes, I expect you to lead by example, and ensure that your protective detail does not have these “high-capacity” magazines. After all, it they’re too dangerous for the citizens of Colorado, they’re too dangerous for police.”

  36. Sent mine:
    I am not a resident of your Colorado, but as an avid skier, I have been a guest of your state on several occasions for various vacations – the latest being last month in Steamboat. I am also a supporter of Magpul and their products. I believe that if a bill that limits magazine capacity passes, Magpul has a moral obligation to leave your state for a locale more respectful of the people’s rights. In addition, my wife, my father, and I will refrain from traveling to your state for any future ski vacations. I urge you to please veto this and any other anti-gun legislation.”

    • why “help” with a limit? Taking it to 30 may make it harder to challenge on constitutional grounds.

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