Longmont, Colorado gun rights protest
courtesy Daily Camera and Cliff Grassmick
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“I get trying to keep unity, but the fact that the city council can’t come together and agree on the Constitution, that’s an issue. The Constitution is the backbone on which this country was built. So if they are in office and they can’t support and uphold the Constitution, they shouldn’t be here.” – Rally organizer Austin Harper in Rally for our Rights holds pro-Second Amendment rally in Longmont

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  1. “Children giving away that which they did not build”

    Politicians only serve themselves, whether that falls in line with the Constitution or not is of no consequence, and such individuals bear no responsibility for the destruction they wrought in pursuit of increasing their own power and wealth.

  2. Politicians aren’t there to support the Constitution, the Constitution is there to restrain the politicians.

  3. “If Elected Officials Can’t Support the Constitution, Why Are They There?”

    Because they told the people that elected them what they wanted to hear.

    And as Rick the Bear adroitly noted above : “‘Cause they give people “free” stuff, like bread and circuses.”…

  4. They don’t care about the constitution. And the voters that elected them don’t care about the constitution either. In their eyes you are an antiquated relic of old thinking that needs to move forward. And moving forward doesn’t encompass the conceptualization of topics such as “gun rights.”

    • The voters don’t care about the constitution because they probably were not taught the Constitution and were indoctrinated in left wing ideology.

      • That’s certainly true for most people born after 1990. Ignorant yoots will end up turning the USA into another Venezuela within a decade or two.

        • “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”(George Santayana 1863-1952)
          40 years ago, if you asked a 4th grader “When was the American Revolution and who fought in the war?” and “Who won?” or “Who fought in the Civil War?” and “Who won?” or “When was World War II? and Who were the bad guys?”or even “How many States are in the United States?” probably you would have gotten the right answer to any of the questions 90% of the time. Fast forward to today and ask a recent college graduate the same questions and you will most likely hear something like, “Duh, I don’t know… 52 I think, Alaska and Hawaii… Right?” The current upcoming generation knows little, if anything, about U.S. history or government. Don’t believe me? Find anyone under 30 and ask them the same questions and see what you get. We are in more trouble than you think, people. Hopefully, I will die before the Republic does. But it was nice while it lasted.

  5. “October Surprise”, FBI staged mass “shooting” ( Where no one actually gets hurt ) to take probably take place this week, to Try and use for gun control before mid-terms!


    “FBI appears to be involved is staging or covering up active shooter and terror hoax events every six weeks”! ( Wednesday marks six week anniversary of FBI staged, September 6th, Cincinnati bank “shooting” ).

    If “anything” happens, please call it out for the farce that it is!

    Apologizes for off-topic post but had to post somewhere!

      • That’s funny, every real person posting on these forums(not the troll bots and paid posters) is closely watched. They know more about you than you know about yourself.

        • I already know I’m on all the lists. I live in a border city, I’ve been kicked out of the border a few times, I have many NFA items, I dated a girl from a muslim family on the other side of the border (she herself was not muslim. she was rebellious and… “free spirited” to say the least), I’m on record as arguing in my state senate for gun rights, I’m outspoken on govt corruption, I’ve fought police in court a few times (and won), etc.
          I also like to pop in and out of encrypted networks from time to time… nothing bad, “honest”. I mostly just read terrorist training manuals in clear text, then go encrypted to read something dumb like local news, just for the lulz of knowing somebody somewhere is hard at work trying to decrypt to make sure I’m not doing anything bad.

      • mark1955 has made these warning posts fairly regularly on ttag.

        He’s never been right.

        Sorta like the guy downtown with the ‘end is near’ sign.

  6. Clicked on the link to the original article. Spineless “news” organization disabled comments. Surprise surprise…. the writer tries really hard to be objective, but the article is tainted with so many buzz words and key phrases it’s obvious that the writer is pro-“gun safety”.

    • The article makes it clear the Mayor has no …..guts; decided to not read the pro gun proclamation because some council members objected, and probably wants to keep his job.

      Of course the writer is pro gun control, they work for a newspaper in a left wing city. By definition.

      Later in the article the writer got in the gun grabbers talking points: “Longmont City Councilmember Polly Christensen was among the demonstrators out with Longmont Leads with Love. She said she came out on Saturday to offer rides home to anyone who felt uncomfortable around the pro-Second Amendment protestors, many of whom were carrying semi-automatic rifles and handguns. She said some of the people who come to the demonstrations on Saturday have been victims of gun violence. ”

      “I was worried because this is an open carry thing that someone would get out of line and do something dumb and hurt someone,” Christensen said…

      Afraid of guns, pro-Second Amendment carrying guns may all of a sudden decide to shoot some people.

      A Stupid writer writing about stupid people running a stupid city saying stupid things.

      • Well ain’t that just…. stupid? Even the Feebs KNOW and have PUBLISHED stories confirming that states with lots of CCW’s have LESS CRIME, and CCW’s are MORE LAW-ABIDING than regular folks. Seems like ALL the prols SHOULD be armed just to make them tractable. You know what comes next…

        • If everyone would “waste” their vote on real liberty candidates (not necessarily LP candidates), we might have some semblance if freedom.

          But no, they keep voting for Republicans. I’m sure they’ll start rolling back all the corruption and the rights-infringing laws if they just vote hard enough.

  7. I think they do know exactly what they are doing. They have an agenda , disarm us , have POTG fall in line like mindless bots , conform to their way of life , obey their way of thinking & acting. Maybe in another lifetime. They have their 🔨 and chisel out & are trying their best to destroy our constitution , our way of life , everything we believe in. It won’t work ,and I for one will never raise my hand to hail any one.

  8. Why are they there? Because somewhere between this Country’s founding and the very, very recent past, they took control of the language and became our ‘leaders.’ We are supposed to look to them for guidance because they know best what is to be done and that knowledge is confirmed by them winning elections.

    We, The People, need to take back control of this thing and remind the politicians that they are our representatives, they they do our bidding and we are the ones in charge.

    Ideally we wouldn’t need force to achieve this goal but history has shown us, and more than once, that once power is corrupted it is very difficult to remove and force may be required. We can still use the ballot box to make this change, but we shouldn’t ignore where the bullet boxes are kept.

    • Checkout the Athens Rebellion…. Crooked Government tried to “steal an electioin by tampering with the ballot boxes and closing polls before people had a chance to vote. WWII vets broke into armory and forced the progtards to give up. Staties came in and arrested the crooks…
      Same problems. bigger arena. Same actions may be required to get things back into “line”. Just sayin.

  9. They are there solely for money and power. With enough money you can get power, and with enough power you can get money. Did you really think that they considered themselves “public servants”? What planet have you been living on?

  10. Why are they there? .. Money, Power, fame and parties

  11. Seems to me that most Libertarian candidates are the best expression of “freedom” we have at this time… and yet most of us will continue to vote for the “lesser of two evils”. If everyone who said “Well, they don’t have a chance and you are wasting your vote” actually voted Lib, well, they might actually have a chance! At the very least, it would throw off the balance of power and shake things up. But what the hell do I know?

    • It’s not what you know, but WHO you know…. Soros has BILLION$$ of reasons that can be very convincing if you happen to be a person of LOW MORAL CHARACTER. I think that probably applies to about 65% of Americans today, even though THEY THINK they are reputable and of “reasonable to high” moral character. It’s always the “Outraged” moralistic folks who have the most skeletons in their closets. They also tend to be back-stabbers. Keep your eyes peeled and your powder dry.

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