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Threeper from Montana says this Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 in .40 S&W is his choice for daily carry. I’ve found the M2.0s to be reliable, accurate guns which isn’t surprising given the popularity of the M&P line.

Also part of his pocket dump is a tube of organic, vegan limp balm and a few quarters. He also has a space ink pen and a Rite in the Rain notebook.

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  1. M&P .40 2.0 Compact, compact is a important designation. I have a first gen compact and a 2.0 . The 2.0 is vastly superior in every way, except that it’s slightly larger.

    • I agree, and this was why I got it. It offers everything the Glock fanboys add to their Glocks. By far exceeded marketing expectations and the price is great too. Plus, it looks sexy af stock.

  2. “I’ve found the M2.0s to be reliable, accurate guns”

    Nothing against S&W and the MP, this statement works for many Glock, Sig, FNH, Walther, Kahr, HK, Ruger…

    • I remember that advertisement!

      “Mr. Stiff”, wasn’t it?

      EDIT – Found it!

      “Mr. Stiff may sound appealing and clever for an erectile stimulant, but we fear that when all is said and done, men may end up disappointed with their experience. We are hesitant to trust a product that does not explicitly reveal its ingredients. With many products not subjected to government regulatory standards, some companies may produce sub-par items.”

      • And if “Mr. Stiff” really did its job, what would that do to your ladyfreind’s ‘tender bits’?

        • Burn like hell, probably, or make it dry up or something. Nothing like a sandpaper vagoo.

          Also, the new fad is apparently vaping your viagra. I heard that on Bob and Tom today.

      • I saw in the news a few years back that those over the counter pecker pills could actually be dangerous for you. Unregulated ingredients and all that.

  3. I’ seem to have grown strongerer in my old age as the morning wood is much easier to push down I’ve no need for the Limp Balm anymore. …. I’m just not into plastic guns, nothing wrong with them ,Gock seems to be setting a new standard.

  4. Thanks for the feature again. I love my new m2.0. My go to holster supplier doesn’t have the mold yet, so I made due with a local guy but I am honestly not impressed. The holster will work for now, as Alpha concealment plans on getting a mold of the new 3.6″ this month… or so I was told.

    And the lip balm comes in handy when the weather is cold enough to make my skin bleed just from dryness. It’s a pretty crazy temperature change from summer to fall and I work outside a lot. I got it from a local coffee shop called “Montana coffee traders” and they are pretty hippie-ish, so doesn’t surprise me it’s vegan… Like their breakfast menu… which I will never try… But I honestly bought it cuz it had a Black label to match my monochrome infatuation.

    Coming next will be a “PocKit” from Yellow Birtch Outfitters to hold my RITR notebook, pen, light and full size multitool (Gerber MP600). Cuz the Gerber dime is really more of a pocket weight than a multitool and the organizer allows me to carry all those items in my back right pocket instead of two separate spots like I am now.I still like having the Gerber dime though. Comes in handy for the times you need some small pliers or something else small. I’ve used it to fix my glasses a couple times too.


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