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    • +1

      I feel like writing the NRA and telling that I pretty much want 90% of my membership fees to fund Colion Noir videos. Not just because I enjoy them… but to many of my ADD/HD-type friends, who don’t bother to read articles or books, videos like his and AmidsttheNoise are powerful tools for starting pro-2A conversations, and debunking anti-gun myths.

      • Oh come now, La Piere serves as a perfect bullseye for the Democretins to aim at while we quietly chop them off at the neck.

        • Wayne lives rent-free in the heads of gun-grabbers everywhere. Right where I want him. NRA Lifer here who is quite happy with WLP. You can’t argue with results.

      • Colion is perfect where he is right now guys. He has 0 industry and community contacts at this point. He’s gonna need a couple years working his magic before he can move from a speaker to someone who can influence people personally. You have to do more then talk to be good at the job up top.

    • Seeing him as the president of the NRA would make me very happy. It’s also good to see a bit more visible diversity in the gun-rights world. I’m sure that there are lots of minorities who are pro-gun, but I get the feeling that the MSM isn’t giving them an adequate voice.

      I think what the NRA really needs to do is start a very visible media campaign showing that gun owners aren’t crazy white supremacists, but rather, ordinary people.

  1. Hear hear! As far as I’m concerned, if gun rights needs to be a color, let’s all be black.
    Or at least blued.
    And nothing would be more fun than to watch Colion debate somebody like Micheal Moore.

    • Even better, it is white democrats and media folk who are saying the black guy does not toe the line. There is nothing to get, they just believe that everyone should think the way they do. Its the same deal if a black or Hispanic is republican, look the dems saying that Cruz is not Hispanic.

      • Well, from context we get a clearer idea what their terms mean. So, you can’t be Hispanic unless you support the Democratic party. I guess that’s a more important criterion than your family history and cultural background, which seem to be more negotiable.

    • “I really don’t follow the logic that black skin means you must vote democrat.”

      It’s called racism. The left is the party telling minorities that they’re victims and can’t amount to anything due to institutional racism so they should just stop trying to succeed, should live off the government tit, obey the rules, vote Dem, get abortions, do drugs, think a certain way…. and here they are suggesting that, because Colion is black, he is only capable of thinking one way and, if his opinion is otherwise, then obviously he’s just a puppet for some rich white guy. Because black people can be told what to do by white people and that’s the only possible explanation for a conservative black dude. Awesome. It’s called racism.

      The Left is always the side screaming “racist,” because they’re projecting their self-hatred on others. Just like they’re projecting the fact that they can’t trust themselves around a firearm onto others. If I can’t control my emotions and sick thoughts, then certainly most other people can’t either. Certainly not conservatives! You say, “end illegal immigration” and they say “that’s racist why do you hate Mexicans?” and you say “I never said anything about Mexicans! You’re the one who equates illegal immigrant with Mexican. YOU’RE the racist one.” or you say “Obama doubled the food stamp program. He’s the food stamp president” and they say “OMG that’s racist” and you say “what are you talking about? YOU’RE the one who hears food stamps and thinks ‘black person’!”

      ^^^ half the time when they scream “racism!” it’s because they’ve made their own mental connection and then they’re ashamed by it, so they project it onto somebody else. Sorry, but the Tea Party and the NRA are not racist. Calling a black person who joins those organizations an Uncle Tom or a puppet or a ‘sellout to their race’ or whatever IS racist as f**k.

      Makes me sick.

  2. Colion is everything LaPierre is not; hip, articulate, interesting, young and relevant. He should be the official mouthpiece for the NRA.

    • He’s also a member of what’s been described as “gun culture 2.0,” which is very important to move the perception of the NRA and of gun guys (and gals) away from the Fud leadership which has historically only been interested in sportsmen

    • I understand your enthusiasm, but experience is absolutely required. Give him some time to mature and he will be ten times as powerful. Avoid making him the “Rock Star” of the gun groupies. Pride is the downfall of young men. I love this guy, but I personally would hope that he comes along at a moderate pace and builds character, depth and thereby, strength.

  3. I have 4-5 hours worth of writing to do at home now because of a 5 hour meeting at work to discuss how we needed said writing done. I don’t need to be watching Colion Noir…

    OTOH, “Chocolatey goodness” is an all time classic line. One more YouTube video won’t hurt anything….

  4. Announcer: Dear lord, this is brutal ladies and gentlemen! Where is the referee? How much punishment can one insular, elitist world-view sustain? Mr Noir isn’t even letting them pass out with dignity! The best they can hope for is to simply forget this match happened tomorrow. Someone stop the fight!!

  5. I like this guy. Started watching him about 8 months ago. He’s exactly what the NRA needs. And, like the previous video on women and guns….maybe the NRA is reading TTAG?

  6. +1000000

    who called him the token black guy anyway?

    The best part of the video is that he is smirking through most of it.

  7. I catch hell at work all of the time, esp from White liberals. Why? A well-educated, church going, Black conservative who likes guns and won’t tow the standard race baiting talking points,really throws their world off-kilter. Colion is good for representing the Brothers.

      • Hahaha!
        Yup. You’d fit right in here too. I sold my boss his new carry piece.
        He sees what I’m looking at on one of my monitors, and asks questions.
        Besides market research in commodities trading, he is now interested in all things with TTAG.
        Love it here

  8. That’s right Colion. You’re just a house **gga. Or maybe an Uncle Tom. Or maybe…. aww w helll, I’m sure the haters have a few more choice words for you. That’s the way things are in the good ole USA these days.

    Keep fighting the good fight.

    • Wow, I hadn’t thought of mr. Noir’s sexiness bringing the ladies in. Cool. I thought I was the only one. 🙂

  9. I’m an OFWG, and I say let Noir become the spokesman for the NRA. Maybe find others like women or young white guy, but Noir should be our current face. I assume LaPierre is good working with the government, if so, let him keep working with congressmen, but keep him off of the television and radio.

  10. You know what I don’t get?

    Minority groups who have been targeted by violence, by either a majority group or another minority group…shouldn’t they be all for legal self defense options?

  11. Speaking as an asian-american gun owner (i.e. non-token subservient minority) I would gladly vote for Colion Noir to be the face and voice of the NRA any day!

  12. The smirk! The smirk at the end is just fantastic!
    I hope he keeps doing what he’s doing, because he is REALLY good at it. In a few years, once he’s had some time to build connections, I think he’d be an excellent replacement for WLP.

  13. The gun grabbers think they have it all figured out. OFWGs are all republican gun loving gun nuts. Everyone else isn’t. Particularly, Soccer Moms, The “educated” youth, religious folk who aren’t Protestant, and urban Blacks and Hispanics. Hence the “token” tag on someone like Mr. Colion Noir. You see, Colion is saying things that takes the antis out of their comfort zone. He represents an anomaly to those who claimed they knew how any given group feels on a particular issue, as well he should. In a country of over 300 million diverse people, for ANYONE to claim they can pigeonhole a sector of the population to a given ideology is nothing other than self aggrandizement. “These folks all fall on this or that side, because my highly educated self says so.” Ergo the rest of the country should just accept what these talking heads say and line up accordingly. They got it wrong with him as well as many others. Hell, if I were to fall into their parameters of where they think I “belong”, I would be a Bible thumping, pro life, open border, anti gun zealot. I am a New York Rican who is actually atheist, pro choice, secure borders and pro gun. I guess that would make me in their words an “anomaly”. So be it.

    • And you just described me. ‘Cept for the ‘Rican part, of course. OFWG with similar beliefs. Sound like someone else I could share a beer with,

  14. OFWG here. I loathe so much “urban” culture. Where the absolute worst features of our society are glamorized.

    And then you got this dude. Speaking truth to power indeed. President of the NRA. Hell no. That’s shooting way too low. I’d vote for him for POTUS! In a heartbeat. Why could someone this worthy not have been our first black president?

    He just has to knock the “progressives” for a loop, ’cause he looks you in the eye an tells the truth. You know progressives can’t stand that. It is the narrative that is important, the truth must yield to that.

    Wouldn’t some naked honesty be a blessing from our elected officials?

    Buy you a beer anytime, Colion.

  15. god, this brother is the man, i have experienced this SO often personally, speak the truth Colion!

    “chocolatey goodness”

    loooool +10

  16. Mr. Noir has fled the ideological plantation and the Leftists don’t like it when that happens. See Justice Thomas’ interview from last week.

  17. Joke&Dagger, that’s an awesome statement about Wayne LaPierre living “rent-free” in the heads of the antigunner crowd! Whatever you may think of Mr LaPierre, I appreciate the hell out him standing in the gap for all these years.

    Colion Noir, you just keep hitting bullseyes, keep ’em coming.

  18. Just when I think that Colion can’t out-do his previous videos….I’m proved wrong. Man, I do so love being wrong.
    Really like’n the new “young guns”…way to go NRA!…made a Lifer outta this member.

  19. We are very lucky that Collins is with us. Because if he was with them — the gungrabbers — they’d clean our clocks.


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