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I’m not so sure about arming Syrian “rebels.” You may recall that both sides of the conflict were united in their opposition to Israel’s air strike against Hezbollah fighters inside the country. Israel is our only true friend in that part of the world. And while the enemy of our friend is our enemy, some our legislators don’t see it that way. “A top Senate Democrat nudged the Obama administration to provide weapons to the Syrian opposition,” reports, “introducing a bill Monday that would explicitly allow the U.S. to provide arms, military training and non-lethal aid to the rebels.” That would be Senator Robert Menendez. Of New Jersey. A state that refuses to allow its citizens to exercise their civil, human and Constitutionally-protected right to keep and bear arms. I wonder how the Senator feels about U.S. citizens who rebel against the Garden State’s Democrat regime.

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  1. While I feel for these people in their struggle I feel that providing arms to them will come back to bite us in the ass. These guys ain’t exactly pro democracy or pro American and they may very well topple their present regime just to replace it with a hard line anti western leadership. We have much to lose and nothing much to gain by supporting them.

    Any support we send to that part of the world should go to the Isrealis.

    • You need an enemy in order to run a proper empire. It’s just like we’ve always done. Support despotic regime to topple non-compliant current leader. Turn a blind eye to new despotic regime’s crimes as long as they play ball with the empire’s plan. New despotic regime bites the hand that feeds them and becomes non-compliant leader. Rinse. Wash. Repeat…

    • i’m more willing to get involved when the belligerents are fighting over whether or not there will be a despot. These blokes are just fighting to determine which of them gets to be the despot.

    • While Assad’s no angel, most Syrians certainly prefer him to the al-Queda controlled “rebels”. You DO remember al-Queda, don’t you? The ones we’re arming against Assad.

      Yesterday, al-Queda BAD! Today al-Queda GOOD! We have NEVER been at war with Eurasia!!!

  2. That worked out so well before for us in Afghanistan. You would of thought we would learn the first time around. Betcha the “freedom fighters” come back to bite us on the @$$ as history has proven.

    Hey jwm, seems we both got that bite thing at the same time……

    • And don’t forget Lybia. They’ve a novel idea of how to repay a debt…

      No, the Bengazi debacle wasn’t a popular protest, but the locals – especially the constabulary – sure were slow to lend a hand.

      No good deed goes unpunished over there.

      • It seems no matter who is in the US drivers seat, they all think they can do it better than the last guy and end up getting US soldiers shot with US supplied weapons….again.

        • If the U.S. were an automobile, Ralph Nader would campaign to take it off the road.

          Too much power, too difficult to control, too complicated.

          Such a pity that even good countries are so hard to drive.

  3. The issue of whom is backing whom is backing whom in the middle east, and all of central Asia for that matter is mindbogglingly convoluted. Any person who seriously thinks that arming the syrian opposition won’t come back to bite the U.S in the ass has very short term memory. Hell, I wasn’t even alive when they trained the Mujahideen to fight the Soviets, and we all (hopefully) know how that ended up.

    Regardless of any shiny new toys the U.S may give them, the U.S still supports Israel, and that’s all they’ll see. The U.N should have been in Syria at the very first sign of any internal conflict that violated international law (in theory), they waited too long, and now it is all such a clusterf**** no one knows what to do. The world shouldn’t feel like in needs the U.S to be the first to step in, but unfortunately, that’s the way some folks see it.

  4. New Yorkers, as a people, are collectively depressed.

    Why, you might ask?

    The light at the end of the tunnel is New Jersey.

  5. You’d think that 60 years of arming people who end up fighting us later, and multiple failed wars would be sufficient evidence of how horrible that strategy is. Such a waste.

  6. Arms for Syrians? That makes as much sense as welfare for terrorists. Oh, wait. That’s official policy in Massachusetts.

  7. Great idea, Democrats! Arming soldiers in war-torn regions that despise the United States has never backfired on us before!

  8. This is consistent. The Anti-Constitution Party has worked to pass a lot of gun laws, which always seem to benefit only criminals. See Chicago, D.C., New York, etc. They worked hard to keep freed slaves in the Reconstruction South from being armed, but somehow the KKK (the Anti-Constitution Party’s terrorist wing) always seemed to have guns. And rope.

    This Administration supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and for practical purposes Al Qaeda in Libya, and got us Benghazi. So it would be consistent for them to support Al Qaeda in Syria, and we can guess now what the resulting disaster will be.

    But, yes, they reliably favor bad guys and worse guys at the expense of the good guys. Very perverse.

    And now Israel stands to lose the most from AQ’s increasing dominance in the region, which will most likely be the case when Assad gets tossed.

    • Maybe Gingrich and Friends should’ve let Slick Willy decapitate that monster back in the nineties (before and after the Cole) instead of dismissing his worries about AQ as an attempt to distract everyone from an overweight intern.

      Or mayhap Shrubya shouldn’t have tossed aside the 1500 page report titled “Osama bin Laden Determined to Attack Within U.S.A.” because it wasn’t a picture book.

      Iraq is full of AQ, now. They weren’t – Saddam had roundly rejected their overtures and ran a secular state. Iraq doesn’t like us, and the enemy of their enemy…

      We made this. Oops.

      • Al Qaeda was in Florida and Minnesota before 9/11, and just about every Middle Eastern country. Czech intel credibly stated that Mohammed Atta had met with Iraqis in Prague before 9/11.

        The Clinton administration had filed criminal complaints against the Iraqi government for complicity in the bombings of American embassies in Africa, and if memory serves, also believed there was Iraqi involvement in the first WTC bombing.

        As for Gingrich & Co., they couldn’t have stopped Clinton from getting bin Laden if they wanted to.

        Your point is valid about the mess. But there’s something extra special about arming your obvious enemies.

        • The 911 “hijackers”, a handful of who lived ON BASE APARTMENTS at Pensacola Naval Air Station, and studied at the Defense Language School (run by the NSA and CIA) in Monterey, California?

          Both those things are in the public record. A couple weeks before 911, the actor, James Woods, was on a flight from Europe back to the States, and reported to the authorities that Mohammed Atta (the guy whose passport was found intact and unsinged on top of a pile of rubble on 911?) was acting strangely, and was reassured, “he’s one of OURS”? Hook, line, sinker. How can you guys BUY this line of crap?

      • Wow, I see you are up on your Democratic Party talking points.

        Clinton’s failure to deal with bin Laden predated his perjury problems. He failed because of his law enforcement approach to terrorism. He didn’t take up the Sudanese offer to hand over bin Laden because the Justice Department didn’t think they had sufficient evidence to get a conviction. There was an opportunity to Tomahawk him but Richard Clark ran his mouth.

        Unlike you, I had access to the PBD slides “warning” the President about Bin Laden’s desire to strike the United States. These slides were sourced to press reports. I am not even sure now whether the content was even classified. 9-11 was planned and training started during the Clinton Presidency. Bush got stuck with it. I attribute the main cause of the intelligence failure to the pro-Muslim tone set by the National Intelligence Officer for The Middle East and North Africa, Paul Pillar. In the summer of 2001 Pillar had the audacity to write in an opinion piece in the NYT that the US had nothing to fear from radical Islam because it was a “force for Democracy.” You can see echos of that opinion in Obama’s support for the Muslim Brotherhood. John Brennan is a Pillar protege.

        You need to get off this “shrub” kick. Public records show that Bush had 10 IQ points on both Gore and Kerry. You Democrats have been claiming that your guy has been smart while our guy is stupid since Eisenhower ran against “egghead” Stevenson. The only thing the stupid general did was run the most complex coalition and military operation in history while the poorly read Governor Stevenson was merely a figurehead and stooge for the Chicago Machine. You want to know who was a smart and well read Democrat? The self educated Harry Truman. He read both the Greek and Roman classics in the original.

        The most intelligent if not most honest President in your lifetime was Republican Richard Nixon. He IQ tested 180 when he went in to the Navy. Kennedy? A whopping 119.

        The only people who think Democrats are smart are rubes like you. I can tell you for a fact that they are laughing at you because you are so gullible.

        • Quite the rant, there.

          I’m an independent, and try to see only the smart democrats as smart. I also try to see only the dumb republicans as dumb.

          Bush Sr. I respect, and for that matter Jeb. I’d vote for him, methinks.

          Neil and GW, not so much.

          W’s I.Q. test was certainly valid before all the coke; a moron cannot learn to pilot a fighter jet.

          However, I probably am just misunderestimating him, as after all the French really don’t have a word for entrepreneur, Sweeden has no army and the Constitution is “just a God damned pieceof paper.”

          “I promise you I will listen to what has been said here, even though I wasn’t here.”

        • Just another “independent” in flyover country who speaks in Progressive talking points. We bi-coastals of either political persuasion continue to laugh the rube.

    • Don’t ignore that these “freedom fighters” in Syria are al-Queda, our “friend” when and where it suits the agenda.

      And our “friend”, Israel. Such great pals, they deliberately sank the U.S.S. Liberty, which flew the Stars and Stripes, killing many American sailors.

      Oh, right. They “thought it was an Egyptian cattle ship.” Even though it carried no cattle and flew a U.S. flag. With LBJ on the horn, shouting, “I WANT THAT GODDAMNED SHIP ON THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA!!”

      Spare me, okay?

      • William, they didn’t sink the Liberty. They shot it up but it made it to port. It’s bad enough that you spout “theory’s” all the time, but at least try to get 1 or 2 facts right.

        • They did their damnest to sink it, and killed scores of Americans. Is THAT EFFING FACTUAL ENOUGH FOR YA?

        • So with LBJ giving the orders and the Isreali’s carrying them out they couldn’t sink one ship? Basically a cargo ship. Or did the attack stop when the Isreali’s figured out it wasn’t an enemy vessel?

          You’re going Full William Burke again. Time for a lie down and some meds.

  9. Welp, if there’s ever another rebellion here in the States, I just hope Putin is nice enough to send some AK’s and RPG’s for us.

  10. Not o my do both sides hate Israel, both sides are fundamentalist which means they acknowledge the Medinian verses. Also recall that the rebels are infiltrated and led by Al Qaida and it is the rebels who murdered and/or displaced the Christians in Homs.

    Our toucby feely, peace before armed citizenry Democrats in the City of the Dead have all to e over to the dark side and the dark side is ruled by the demon, Allah.

    • Hmmm… “The Demon, Allah.” That’s a bit harsh.

      Here’s a shocker: I see things differently.

      Now that most gubmints are secular, there’s not so much thumb-screwing, branding, whipping, hanging, drowning, imprisonment, rape, confiscation of assets, burning at the stake and wholesale extermination of “heretics” (viz. infidels) as there used to be, but as a practicing Heathen of Jewish and Native American descent, I do not particularly trust Christians not to come after me and mine at some point, “for the good of our souls.”

      By the way, best not use the word Crusade in reference to our actions against Al Queda, the Taliban et cetera. As the folks who had their ancestors killed and sometimes eaten (look it up) by Crusaders, “they” don’t particularly like that word.

      What one has to realize, Mr. Christian Soldier, is that it’s not an us vs. Islam thing; it’s civilization vs. barbarism. Or Berberism…

      Case in point: Turkey is majority Muslim. It’s also secular, and was the heart of the Byzantine empire. They’ve had female leaders and everything. Why? Because they happen to have been civilized for five times as long as the U.S. has existed.

      Our enemies “over there” are two steps removed from the warring tribes of pre-WWI Arabia.

      They are, with their religion, like the French Catholics slaughtering the Huguenots, Albigensians and what have you. Or the Irish chucking bombs at one another. Or the Serbs killing Muslims for fun and profit. Or half of Africa eating itself. Or the old saw that it’s alright to kill unconverted injuns. Or the Deutschvölker during the Thirty Years’ War.

      They haven’t outgrown fundamentalism – just like “some posters” on this forum.

      What was that about warlike religions and demon-gods, again…?

      • I see you are whipping out the talking points and showing your ignorance again. Neither the troubles in Northern Ireland or the Serb driven Balkan conflicts had anything to do with religion. They were both about nationalism. While religion played a minor role in national identity theology did not.

        Religion has not played a significant role in European conflicts since the Thirty Years War. Even then, nationalism overoad religion by mid conflict. The Crimean War was closest thing to a religiously driven war in modern history. Even then it was hard to distinguish Russian identity from Orthodoxy. You know, the Third Rome and all that?

        The much maligned by the politically correct Crusades were nothing more than Christendom’s counter attack again Islamic encroachment. You do realize that the near East and North Africa where originally Christian lands that were conquered by Muslim Imperialism?

        • Yes and no; unforced conversion of the locals left the Holy Land in “infidel” hands, and the Pope no likey.

          While my reply might have been slightly overdone, that to which I replied merited a strong reply.

          Further, the last legal European execution of a “witch” occurred in the nineteenth century, and in the trial of an industrialist (Leo Frank) in this country during the twentieth his being Jewish was admitted as evidence.

          When someone says “demon, Allah” my first impulse is to respond with overwhelming force. That nonsense as no place anywhere.

        • Russ, Russ, Russ,

          Stop embarrassing yourself. It is indisputable the Islam conquered the Holy Land and North Africa before there were any conversions. Islam remains what it was in the 7th Century, an imperialistic, totalitarian doctrine while every other faith has moved on. I understand why a Proressive like you identifies with Islam. Unforunately Islam does not identify with you. They will murder Progressives with equal relish to other infadels and pagans, probably more so. Not only are Democrats laughing at you, Muslims are too.

        • I do not “identify” with Islam, sir. However, it is an Abrahamic faith and pointless blathering about how every Muslim is an evil demon worshipper is counterproductive.

          Fundamentalist anythings are bad news, not just Muslims. For a convenient proof, look at half of Africa.

          The only axiom by which I live is my firm belief that anyone claiming to Know the One Truth probably doesn’t.

          Or shall we lock up all the Shriners…?

        • Yes Russell, but that was white people killing other whites. That should not bother a lefty like u

        • Russ, Russ, Russ,

          When are you going to stop digging a hole for yourself? We bombed the hell out of the Serbs, broke apart their country and I have yet to see a Serb attack on the United States. Please e plain?

  11. The problem with Syria is that its gotten to the point where the Syrians won’t be able to end the conflict themselves without it getting far more bloody. The people on both sides (Sunni Muslims vs. everyone else) are convinced that if the other side wins, they will be slaughtered. Think Iraq’s sectarian reprisals, but without the US to temper the worst of it. More weapons will only make the blood run faster. Ultimately, its going to need to come down to a political solution (like all wars do). The best we can do is get the Russians to pressure the Assad regime to leave so that the UN can step in with a peace keeping force. This sort of thing is what blue helmets are for. And then a new government can be formed. Assad needs to leave, but right now his regime is the only thing protecting some in Syria from the fundamentalists.

  12. The Federal government is all for rebellion and revolution in other countries, when it suits their needs. But that could never happen here, right? I mean, the government is US!!

  13. The proposition of historically ignorant upfuckery of this magnitude could only be spawned in New “double standard” Jersey. Let Syria go to hell in a hand basket for all I care. This is their fight to finish, not ours to get involved with.

  14. To be clear ,I am an atheist
    My question is ,when the left is concerned about the religious right why are they not concerned about “Allah Akbar “?

      • Actually it is not “god great” or “god is great”. The closer translation is “Allah is Greater”. With all your anti-West sentiment at work, I’ll let you consider “greater than what, or whom”.

        The one point you miss is that none of the instances of “Christian violence” you site, can be reconciled with the New Testament; not one bit. And as others have already detailed, the Crusades were an answer to 500 years of Muslim abuses and if you think prostelyzation at the point of a sword verses an existence as dhimmi is a reasonable and enlightened option, I fear for you and the rest of us as you vote for folks like the current character in the big house as you collectively defend Islam to our detriment.

        Frankly, I don’t care what you think of Islam or that warped ideo-academic claptrap that passes for historical accounting of this most vile “religion”. I do however have great concern for our War Fighters forced to cordon proper defensive and offensive doctrine at their own peril to safeguard those who want them dead.

        And Allah is either a demon or the delusional machinations of a manevolent mind. The writings which introduce us to him arrive 6 centuries after the last Apostolic writing which closes God’s word. There is absolutely nothing reconcilable between the two accountings of either the character and nature or the doctrines of both God, and Allah; one requires a believe to give his own life to share the Gospel, the other to take lives. And no; just because dome who have claimed Christ have killed in his name does not suggest doctrinal confusion, but like you, that the offender simply hasn’t read the Bible. Conversely, because not all Muslims don’t strap on bombs, does nothing to mitigate the murderous nature of Islam. Study up on their doctrine of Abrogation and then you will see.

        • Good show j, I am sure Bixby is checking his dvd collection of democracy now for his response

  15. wow…and i thought i was tough coming from Detroit….King Kong ain’t got sh#t on those guys…damn

  16. Bonus: with “true friends” like Israel, who needs enemies?

    Seriously RF, don’t make this blog about foreign policy, especially towards a state as nasty as Israel.

  17. The enemy of our (very fair weather) friend is not our enemy. It is time to put America first and end the welfare we send to every other nation. If your allegiance is to some other nation, fine, go there and leave America to Americans. Not one more drop of American blood or one more dime of tax money for any other nation.

  18. Speaking of actions that led to future bites in the arse…

    Here’s a question to ponder. If the US of A had not entered WW I, would there have been a WW II? Would Hitler have been anything more than an obscure Corporal (?) in the German army? Would the bloody stalemate have eventually led to a negotiated peace treaty that wouldn’t have hammered Germany with post-war reparations? Would the lack of hostilities in Europe affected Japan’s actions in Asia?

    Are our actions in other parts of the world now skewing things in a way that may lead to another major conflict? Crystal balls anyone?

  19. Israel is our only true friend in that part of the world.

    Wut? Oh yeah, thats right, this site is ran by jews. Hey RF, if they’re our best friend, why did they deliberately attack us (USS Liberty)? If they’re our friends, why are they always being deported for espionage? If they’re our friends why are they selling military secrets to China (Patriot missiles)? If they’re our best friend, why do they demand multicultralism in European nations and America while deporting foreigners en-masse from Israel? Jesus christ I wish Hitler did a better job getting rid of you vermin.

    • And if Hitler had done a better job of ridding us of “sub-humans”, matt, we wouldn’t have to put up with your nonsense. You are of Polish/ Slavic mix after all, according to your own comments. The mind boggling part to me is how someone that would not pass as a white man by the standards of the groups he admires so much is still so supportive of these hate filled racist groups. Insanity is my only explanation for it.

  20. Maybe I’m just a butthole, but I really don’t give a crap about those people. We need to stay out of it unless they start messing with us or Israel.

  21. Imagine China launching airstrikes against targets of its choosing in some American civil war. Would you like it? Would you view it as a violation of your sovereignty? Israel is just another country and not a moral yardstick.

    • Squiggly lines, I agree that Isreal is not a moral yardstick. But you have to admit that if there is a country anywhere in this world that has a right to be jumpy and a little pre emptive its Isreal.

  22. Last week Assad forces slaughtered 1,500 civilians in the coastal towns of Bayada and Banias. The pictures and videos are all over the internet. It is the most well-documented massacre in history. The perpetrators brag about it on videos before and after the massacre. But we didn’t do anything about it. Human lives are important in Boston but little more than a footnote if they are on the other side of the world.

    In Banias, the corpses of women and children were literally piled by the dozen. Babies were burned alive, their lower torsos blackened beyond recognition but their eyes still gazed out at the world with an innocent, but vacant look like a doll would. Children were cut to pieces – many of them were decapitated. Others were found in a crumpled heap at the foot of the closet were they hid, hoping to escape with their lives. The bullet holes that mark the walls capture the moment in time when these terrified children were mercilessly gunned down.

    Assad is unashamedly waging war against children, something many terrorist groups would shy away from (if only because it is bad PR), and yet we want to focus on hypothetical Islamist-boogeymen? An army is actually committing ethnic cleansing and we’re “afraid” of Islamists amongst the rebels for what they may or may not do post-Assad? Assad’s soldiers slaughter children at point-blank and command their prisoners to say “Assad is God” before executing them on video. Assad’s forces are evil incarnate and yet the subtle implication of the authors of this blog is that “we don’t mind genocide when the victims are Muslim.”

    WTF is the point of owning and training with firearms if not for the preservation of innocent life? As gun owners, our fundamental morals of wanting to protect our loved ones should, in men and women with clean hearts not clouded with hate, translate into sympathy when we see unarmed innocents mercilessly slaughtered – even if it’s on the other side of the globe.

    Check your heart.

  23. I have an idea, why not send these rebels all of the guns the government has acquired in gun buy back programs? It would be better than a “brick of peace” that Seattle is propossing.


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