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Colion Noir (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

Dan took a picture of Mr. Colion Noir and me today. The image (not shown) proves that there are some people in this world who are genetically destined for public adulation (Colion Noir, Kirsten Joy Weiss) and some who aren’t (Dan Zimmerman and me). Colion’s stock continues to rise, as the garrulous gun guy prepares for the debut of his new panel-based talk show Noir. Before testing a carbon fiber Proof Researchย rifle barrel, Colion showed me the show’s “sizzle reel.” It reminded me of nothing so much as Top Gear‘s in-studio schmoozing, with plenty o’ pithy guest gun snark. In other words, it’s a hit! The program will run on the NRA’s website starting next month. Sometime after that, expect to see Mr. Noir on Fox. What does the Fox say? Colion’s not on their radar. Yet.

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  1. So glad he keeps getting more exposure and gaining popularity. I’ve been watching his videos for quite awhile now and seeing his career take off the way it has makes me happy in the same way you hear a once unpopular band you discovered now has songs on the radio. This guy is a great face for the 2nd amendment and I look forward to the day he takes LaPierre’s spot. In the mean time, I’m sure I’ll enjoy this new show he’s working on.

  2. There’s always radio, Robert. Speaking of which, the podcast has been pretty quiet recently. Maybe you guys could spool that up again?

  3. I gotta be a guest on his show. . . For the topic of pro-2A lawyers. Who are also Black. There are more than two of us.

  4. I like Colion, a lot, because he’s basically a regular guy, except better, who discusses the issues I’m interested in from angles which are themselves interesting. This is great that his message is well received and he’s being provided with a larger platform to reach an even larger audience.

  5. So, they are thinking sort of a “Top Gear” thing for guns??? Color me SERIOUSLY interested!

    I hope this guy goes far. Smart, educated, has an engaging edge, entertaining, and passionate about the Second Amendment, and addicted to ball caps. What’s not to love?

      • LOL. Sadly, no, but I think there is hope for him once he gets more experienced. He’s only just out of law school. Has some growing to do. Poor man hasn’t seen the Czech Light yet, though he is bordering on being worthy of it.

        Maybe a CZ 75D PCR in his future.

  6. He has a cz so-01 tactical he reviewed where he was in awe of the lack of recoil so I believe he’s aware of the CZ ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Some of his first vids were what helped me purchase my first firearm.


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