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We were fans of Colion Noir’s original video format. Just him, usually sitting in a chair, looking into the camera and telling it. Now that the NRA has its fingers in the pie, though, we have him floating in white seamless space with all manner of kewl graffix. Meh. If not the old style, we’d like to see him just walking down the street, doing what he does so well. And we’ve already passed our critique on to the NRA, so we’re not just bitchin’ about sumpthin’ without contributing a solution. Fortunately, all the new production values haven’t detracted from the message. Here’s the latest Vid Noir.

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  1. Instead of WLP or Keene making fools of themselves on TV, so that MSNBC can show reruns of it, or spending money on who knows what. Why not pay for advertising time during the mainstream nightly news (all of them) and run this whole video! All 2:56 of it, not just part!

  2. I really enjoyed this video. He makes good points and is a great spokesman. But until these are airing on tv during baseball games, March Madness, the evening news, etc, they wont change a thing. They are delivering the message to the people who already believe it. Time to move on to those who need to hear it.

    • Facebook share it. Old school media devotes hours of content to what is “trending the net”. Actively spreading the news is much better than passively receiving it.

  3. I still don’t like the disclaimer they put at the beginning of his videos. Besides that it is an excellent message.

  4. The root cause is not violence, but the heart.

    Jer 17:9 “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?”

    The question is how do we change the heart?

  5. Why are you so focused on the irrelevant? Stop being hipsters. The content of that video gave me the chills. He is one of the few who will bring up the ghetto in SUPPORT of 2a rights. This will be tough for liberal hypocrites to swallow.

    • Wish it were so but Colion is not getting with the program. He is “acting white” and jis ust an Uncle Tom. Independent black voices get shouted down by the elites because what goes on in the ghetto is what they want to go on. And by and large the people of the ghetto accept it, otherwise they would be voting differently. They have sold their votes for a welfare check and until they figure out that the Massa in City Hall cares less about them than the Massa in the old South they will continue to vote the Massa back into office.

  6. I liked it much better without the big NRA logo in the corner. Sharing his videos was great, now people seeing the logo are automaticly not going to listen to this “gun nut.”

  7. Its the same tactic the Democrats used to win the Whitehouse in the last election: give the sheeple something simple to focus on, relevant or not.

  8. Jeff Cooper said it a long time ago: “[I]f you take all the guns off the street you still will have a crime problem, whereas if you take the criminals off the street you cannot have a gun problem.”

    • He’s from Texas and wears a lot of different caps. Since he’s also highly intelligent, he cannot be a Red Sox fan.

  9. The reason I was excited to see Mr. Colion Noir hired by the NRA wasn’t so much that the NRA could do a better job of getting his message out, but so that he could maybe do a better job of grounding and reinvigorating the NRA. I feel in that pairing, the NRA has a lot more to benefit from Mr Colion Noir than vice versa. The man has always been spot on and eloquent. He’s always been on Youtube, so his message has gotten out. The NRA may expand his “readership” some, but from people for whom his message is unnecessary.

    If all that’s going to happen from this pairing is additional video editing, I think the move was a failure for the NRA.

    The NRA is losing a PR war. Primarily because they don’t resort to lying as much and because they’re inconsistent in regards to “the sporting clause” type of argument. I’m not going to gripe on them for having some integrity, but will gripe on them for presenting an organization that “seems” a bit on-sided in regards to membership. If they’re going to present a broader base, they need to do so not with just different people, but also with their style and vernacular intact.

    I will say that it’s possible they’ve done their marketing research and have determined this style of video is more compelling to the target market. So, while we may not like it (I also don’t like the new style that much), it may be doing exactly what we’d like it to do.

    • they need to do so not with just different people, but also with their style and vernacular intact.

      So they should have him speaking Jive?

      • He clearly doesn’t speak Jive, though if he had I would have encouraged him to continue in that regard. I will say that his style was more “contemporary urban educated male”, which is a large contrast to Mr. LaPierre’s speech and mannerisms. I think both have a useful point, in addition to the two new people they’re bringing on. I just would rather their styles not get homogenized in editing, which is sort of what I felt with the few few productions.

    • Kobe speaks much like Colion, only a bit more middle-atlantic-states. Are you saying only Kobe’s going to sign up after seeing this video? How did Obama get 98% of the minority vote? I’ll hazard a guess: It’s possible they were attracted to his platform, despite the lack of Ebonically pure shizzle.

      • They weren’t attracted to his platform. He was on the ‘D’ line, and that alone guaranteed him 95%+ of the black vote.

        • To be blunt, Brian: Perhaps he received 98% of the black vote because, despite speaking standard english, they trust him because he too is black. If true, that still makes Colion a great asset, even if not for the right reason, the thoughts he speaks, which should be the asset. You decide.

      • His accent has very little to do with what I’m saying. It has to do with his phrasing and metering, his choice of words, the analogies he uses, the editing of his videos, etc. His style. That’s what he’s bringing to the table. People are inclined to stereotype messages as much as people. When the NRA uses the same openings and editing for their content, people being to tune out to what’s in the message. I realize there’s a desire to stamp your branding into the marking you’re currently doing, but in this case when you’re attempting to appeal to a broad range of people, targeted marketing and branding is contrary to the goal. I think the NRA would be better to look at his styling and merge them together.

  10. Hopefully Noir will actual tackle the high rate of gun murders committed by black males issue, but probably not, most don’t even acknowledge the fact that almost 3/4 of all gun murders are committed by black males, and even more surprising is most ignore the fact that almost the same percentage of gun murder victims are black males. It’s an epidemic and has everything to do with the gun control issue.

  11. Whoever made the decision to frame Colion Noir in front a white, washed-
    out back drop should be fired. Is this the NRA’s attempt at being edgy? With all off the directed visual noise going on in the background, it reduces a person to little more than a movable prop on some digital effect geeks computer screen. Superimpose Colion here, superimpose him there.
    The big reason his videos are popular is, he’s grounded in the real world.
    It was about the content of his mind, not the backdrop of his room. For Pete’s sake, film him in front of something real, not floating around in a digital background that looks like it was rendered by a first year media arts student. By all the standards that matter, that production was totally lame.
    I’m serious, someone should lose their job over this minimizing of Colion Noir to a prop. We need to connect people on a human level, not some MOR hip-hop music video level. Maybe there’s a more important question to ask? Who is the target audience of this video? Your basic liberal CNN viewer?

  12. “Now that the NRA has its fingers in the pie, though, we have him floating in white seamless space with all manner of kewl graffix. Meh.”

    Sorry, i completely disagree with you. Colion Noir did very well in his original videos in that the production value seemed of much higher quality than most gun rights advocates producing their own content. He projected a clean environment and personality. That was awesome.

    However, this new “NRA-influenced” (as you call it, i would call it “market focused” influenced) presentation is another form of that clarity and crispness that Mr. Noir used in his original videos. The “”kewl graffix” help to connect with the younger generation and uses techniques that they are already used to consuming through other forms of media. Its a good move, just so long as they don’t allow it to get in the way of a crisp clean message.

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