Defensive Gun Use of the Day: What’s Behind Door Number 1 Edition

With all the reports of daytime break-ins, it sounds like staying home unexpectedly in some suburban neighborhoods is more dangerous than a stroll through South Chicago, well, any time. has the story: “Chris Griffin said his wife, who had stayed home sick from work, heard a noise around 11 a.m. and then saw two men outside her house. When she heard them start kicking in the back door, she hid in the bedroom closet with a cellphone and a pistol.” That’s when one of the yoots decided to see if there was anything worth grabbing in the closet . . .

The men ransacked the house, and when they opened the closet door, she fired at them, Griffin said. One man was struck, authorities said.

They ran toward a neighbor’s house looking for help.

“I heard somebody out at the road. He was hollering, ‘Help me,’ waving his arms, jumping up and down trying to stop traffic,” Crumpler said. “There was another guy in the background. I heard him hollering, ‘Help me. I’ve been shot in the chest. I’m dying.'”

The wounded man then started toward Crumpler’s house.

“He started in this direction. I stepped inside and got my revolver,” he said. “I told him to hold it.”

The man then ran into the woods, Crumpler said.

Michael Bynum (above) was arrested while is pal Christopher Joseph will be joining him once the hole in his torso closes up. As we’ve said before, home carry.


  1. avatar MothaLova says:

    Home’s the only place I CAN carry in Jersey, but this is why I do it – and why I train my wife in using the shotgun and pistols.

    1. avatar TeutonicTenifer says:

      Same here, though I did get to pack my G19 in a SuperTuck on a recent trip to PA. It was nice to be free, if only for a few hours.

  2. avatar Leo338 says:

    If obama had a son……

    1. avatar chrismclain says:

      I’ve learned not to drink anything when I read this site, saves time cleaning the keyboard.

    2. avatar shawn says:

      So, you saying all black people look alike. Nice job fitting into the stereotype of gun owners being racist.

      1. avatar mediocrates says:

        sorry, but I don’t see that in Leo338’s comment at all. Try not to make up stuff to realize your own perspective of the world.

      2. I think he’s making a reference to a comment Obama made about Trayvon Martin. You might want to withhold your judgement.

        1. avatar Pat says:

          I suddenly gots me a hankering for….Skittles.

      3. avatar chrismclain says:

        I think your missing the joke here, it is not a racist comment.

        1. avatar Buuurr says:

          It can’t be racist… it is a quote from a black man after all.

        2. avatar chrismclain says:

          RIght right I forgot!

      4. avatar MothaLova says:

        Both – and no sense of humor to boot.

        I’d pay a small fee ($1 a month?) to post here so the trolls would disappear.

      5. avatar chrismclain says:

        But the trolls might pay $2 a month.

      6. avatar MothaLova says:

        Trolls are always cheap. They wouldn’t pay. Charging a fee works over at (although they charge much more than necessary).

      7. avatar Aharon says:


        He is pointing out Obama’s hidden racism and bias. You are the one seeing racism.

      8. avatar Leo338 says:

        Yes shawn, I am a minority but I am racist haha. Figures a radical progressive like you would say something this stupid. I know you’ve been taught to feel guilty for what your ancestors did but don’t project that guilt onto everyone else.

        I have never read racist remark from anyone on this site. These are good people that post here, a far cry from comments progressives make on sites such as huffingtonpost or nytimes.

        1. avatar Aharon says:


        2. avatar shawn says:

          Foot in mouth…got me.

        3. avatar sdog says:

          a ways back a guy who posted as “ordinenovo” (or something like that) said some pretty abhorrent things that we got in some exchanges over but generally, normally, speaking folks are just fine in that department, IMHO.

      9. avatar Shenandoah says:

        No more than these suspects fit the stereotype of blacks being more apt to commit crime.

    3. avatar Aharon says:


    4. avatar MArty the lett says:

      you hit it right on…

  3. avatar DaveL says:

    The wounded man then started toward Crumpler’s house.
    “He started in this direction. I stepped inside and got my revolver,” he said. “I told him to hold it.”

    Tell me I’m not the only one who was expecting the next line to read “The man crumpled onto Crumpler’s lawn” or some variation thereof…

    1. avatar Mark says:

      Like the story about a guy named Justice shooting an intoxicated stranger named Zoe Ripple for stumbling uninvited into his bedroom in the middle of the night?

      1. avatar Russ Bixby says:

        It’s hard to imagine being trigger-pullingly frightened by a drunk Zoe.

        Oh, I’m certain that at the time it was different, but Zoe just doesn’t conjure up a dangerous image.

        What’s in a name?

    2. avatar mp504 says:

      I want all you people that have been shot to stop bleeding on my lawn. It is very disconcerting to have blood on my grass. It means I have to water more in order to wash it off.

  4. avatar Tim McNabb says:

    When I am home, I am tooled up. Does me no good upstairs int he safe.

  5. avatar Tom says:

    Bynum eh, must be related to Andrew

  6. avatar bontai Joe says:

    I was expecting him to say “Hold it! Get off my lawn!”

  7. avatar Ed Rogers says:

    A criminal is a criminal, no matter the color. Here in Utah, it’s predominantly Caucasians who you see on the wanted posters…

    1. avatar TR says:

      Actually, it’s predominantly caucasians who you see…anywhere. And I definitely agree with your first sentence, too.

    2. avatar Rich says:

      I don’t give a damn what color somebody is as long as they behave themselves.

      The flip side of that is that I don’t give a damn what color somebody is if they don’t behave themselves.

  8. avatar Aharon says:

    “The wounded man then started toward Crumpler’s house.“He started in this direction. I stepped inside and got my revolver,” he said. “I told him to hold it.” The man then ran into the woods, Crumpler said.”

    — That was like really funny. Imagine going from one gun owning house to the second. Those two thuggies really had a bad day.

  9. avatar Pulatso says:

    Seek cover, sure, but why do people hide in closets? If you don’t want to confront your burgular, run out the opposite door. If you want to confront your burgular, do it as soon as they’re in the house or sooner! If they start firing back when you’re in the closet, you’re boned! But, I know panic can make for some bad decsions.

    1. avatar Mark N. says:

      Like Biden said, “Just shoot through the door.” No really, flee or fight, but don’t waffle by hiding, cause it might get you killed. When you hide you are trapped.

      1. avatar Sixpack70 says:

        I’ve wondered this in the past few DGUs involving people at home. The woman in Georgia and now this woman climbed into a closet or hid somewhere. If anyone come into my house I will wait for them in one bedroom behind the bed which has a perfect view of the top of my stairs. This way they can come through the fatal funnel with nearly no options. It also makes it very difficult to shoot me. I will also have my AK and not one of the handguns if time permits. I’ve told my wife (Ukrainian so I hope she knows how to use an AK) to grab the AK and wait upstairs for the idiots to climb the stairs and then let them have it.

    2. avatar Ralph says:

      Never mind why people hide in closets — the real question is how. Mine are totally filled, mostly with junk.

      1. avatar Aharon says:

        Are you saying that you stick your junk in the closet?

        1. avatar Ralph says:

          Not my junk, moron. My junk. 🙂

        2. avatar Aharon says:


          You’ve never called me a moron before. That was great!

        3. avatar Buuurr says:

          A lot of guys stick their junk in the closet. Maybe Ralph just wanted to see what all the hubbub was about.

  10. avatar ensitue says:

    It doesn’t matter what someone says on a gun rights board; it will always be racist to Crypto-Commies

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      If you ask me, they aren’t all that crypto.

  11. avatar ensitue says:

    Trolls don’t have credit cards

  12. avatar LLARMS says:

    Be nice, usually trolls have some sort of deficiency within their personal lives and the internet is all they have. They know they would be laughed at and mocked in real life, so the web is a perfect haven.

    Maybe I should start an Adopt-A-Troll drive and maybe we can convert them to normal contributing members of society?

  13. avatar NWBob says:

    Only a “hole in his torso?” I was hoping for a happier ending like “he bled out and died.” I guess I’m just an incurable romantic at heart. 🙂 What caliber did she hit him with?

  14. avatar ensitue says:

    The Japanese have 2 terms for Trolls which translate into the following abbreviations NHK and NEET which describe pathology anti-social, unemployed shut ins, young men with NO social skills “who spend much time with tissue in hand”
    Of course in Canada they all think they are Jim Cary

    1. avatar Buuurr says:

      “Of course in Canada they all think they are Jim Cary”

      I used to live in Canada. I did not think I was Jim Carry. You, Sir, are wrong!

  15. avatar Texicans says:

    Stepping on the wrong lawn after attempting to burglarize a neighbor gets you shot in TX…. coming or going. Just ask Joe… Go Joe!

  16. avatar T-DOG says:

    ‘I Just Put Three Rounds in His A**’: Dramatic 911 Call Captures Oklahoma Man Shooting Home Intruder After Police Couldn’t Arrive Fast Enough

    link to just the 911 call:

    From what I understand his wife was upstairs with another gun just in case he couldn’t stop him downstairs.

  17. avatar jerry says:

    Still here Shawn? Really

  18. avatar Zach says:

    There are quite a few typos in these most recent articles. Might want to consider revision.

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