The Truth About The Truth About Noir

My last review of the Noir show sets tongues wagging inside and outside the NRA. Hey, they asked for it. Literally. And I did nothing more than tell the truth about the Freestyle show. IMHO. To commemorate that review, Colion Noir has titled his third outing “The Truth About Noir.” LOL. No really, ALOL. “The truth about Noir?” the host asks rhetorically, “Is that this is what it’s all about.” And he shoots a gun! Just like I pictured it. Skyscrapers. And everything. So does Noir bring the noise? That depends on whether or not you think his crack about . . .

there being “enough guys blogging in their basements about guns” is referring to yours truly. In my defense, while I’m still in my pajamas at 11:00am on Memorial Day, Texas houses don’t have basements. But hey, at least I’m not “on the other side” where “you’ve got a bunch of Ivy League grads with more education and personality writing their dime-a-dozen hipster critiques about shit they don’t understand.”

“Come out here,” he says to his critics. “Feel the real truth about guns,” he urges, violating TTAG’s trademark. I think Noir (the person) proceeds to banish me to “my basement of unmitigated insecurities,” but he might be referring to anti-gunners. Anyway, then he’s off, rabbiting-on (again) about his favorite subject: defending the show.

Methinks Mr. Noir doth protest too much. Time to move on. Seriously. “Here at Noir I really want this show to be an exploration of ideas . . .” Queue the gun guru who’s talking about what he’s going to do on the show. Colion, baby, you HAVE your show. Stop talking about it and DO SOMETHING WITH IT.

That said, Noir has evolved. Colion’s gone from being the Jeremy Clarkson of guns to the Andy Rooney of guns to the Bill O’Reilly of guns. Just as O’Reilly’s guests are an excuse for O’Reilly to express O’Reilly’s opinion (which comes straight from God), Noir’s guests are an excuse for Noir to be Noir. Which is great – if you can’t get enough hipster monologues. Which is, clearly, Noir’s default mode.

Let me be clear: the O-Reilly-ification of Noir (the person) is not a bad thing. For one thing, O’Reilly’s show is a chart topper. For another, IF Noir makes good on his promise to have antis on his show (you’re welcome) AND features more shooting and less kvetchingNoir could really take off. Otherwise, this show will keep spinning its wheels until it runs out of gas. And that’s the truth about Noir.

Note: the usual no-flaming the website (and fellow commentators and anyone else, really) rule has been relaxed for this post. Go on. Get it out of yours system. Oh and I’ve challenged Colion to a duel. Dueling tree. Me in my PJs him in his $1000 Brioni (or whatever) suit. Watch this space.


  1. avatar FortWorthColtGuy says:

    I do not think this intra gun rights fighting is good for us. Personally, I think Robert’s review was to harsh and Noir’s show is not perfect. TTAG and Noir are two sides of the same coin aimed at niche members of the pro gun community. I am sure the early posts on this blog were not stellar, and nether is the first few episodes of Noir. We are all on the same team. Give Noir a chance to get his sea legs hosting a show.

    1. avatar Rob says:

      True that man. I actually like Mr. Colion Noir and his rants, because they make sense to me. At least most of them. And he seems like a perfectly intelligent folk, so I say just give him time and he’ll do just fine. He went from making youtube rants to having his own show, so that in iteslf is not bad at all.

      1. avatar Ben says:

        It’s like listening to a polar opposite of Piers Morgan. Instead of “Hi I’m British and I hate guns” we have “hi I’m black and I love guns”. The subject has been beaten to death over and over.

    2. avatar Kyle says:

      This is either the second, or third time, this month I’ve seen this website publicly respond to critics of itself… There will always be people who disagree…
      ***I come here to read about guns. Not to read about petty drama in the elite gun media industry… ***

    3. avatar gloomhound says:

      Do we really need this infighting? I’d say no.

      I thought that Mr Fargo was needlessly harsh/ borderline unfair in his review of that first show and it was uncalled for.

      Did Noir steal Fargo’s girl or something?

    4. avatar William Burke says:

      Superb post!

    5. avatar Bill Baker says:

      Infighting is bad, and for some irony: Hey, you’ve got your blog, get on with it, write something not whining about another host poked fun at you.

      1. avatar El Mac says:

        @Bill Baker, you know…I never once saw or heard Colion refer to TTAG or to Robbie Farago. Not once. And yet, here on TTAG, RF can’t help but try and slam Colion repeatedly. It makes Mr. Farago look completely pedantic. And I can not understand why he would want to do that to himself.

    6. avatar PeterK says:

      I immediately thought Gawker watching this episode. Not TTAG. I could be wrong of course, I do not think this is aimed at you, RF.

      Show is good. Not perfect. Think much of your critique is far, to be honest.

  2. avatar tdiinva says:

    The people asked for a cool Millennial “person of color” to speak up for Second Amendment rights and now that you have one you don’t like it.

  3. avatar Accur81 says:

    I’m a Noir fan, I was just critical of the show. Maybe I’m a little envious that I don’t get to talk about gun all day. However, I don’t watch the show with eager anticipation. I couldn’t make it through either episode. I think most of the commenters here want the show to improve and continue. That’s what I want. The show just needs a little more variety and range time.

    I can tell you from first-hand experience that it isn’t easy to be pro-gun.

    1. avatar Sixpack70 says:

      He needs to do some range time with his voiced over monologues shooting different guns. Maybe feature one gun per show, something he hasn’t shown in the past. I think that would be one good improvement. I haven’t seen the new episode yet so I will watch it later.

  4. avatar Danny Griffin says:

    Yeah, I’m not a fan of Noir’s show, either. But the real story here is that Farago wears pajamas! 😀

    1. avatar C says:

      i too, took him for a nude sleeper.

  5. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

    This supposed to be some kind of lame, Internet feud…?

    Come on, we have enough BS to deal with from anti folks…

    Trite, y’all, trite.

  6. avatar Rick says:

    The truth about Noir is that he is good in 3 minute increments, 25 minutes of the guy at once is torturous.

    1. avatar DJ9 says:

      I don’t know if that’s the exact word I’d use to describe him, but I agree that his show seems quite long given the amount of actual content. I think he could get the same message(s) across in one-half to one-third the time with little to no loss of punch.

      I’m probably not in his targeted demographic, but the younger folks that I interact with or observe that ARE his target audience, seem even less inclined to sit still and watch 20+ minute digital clips than I am, in my experience.

    2. avatar G-d says:

      More than one minute of him is more than enough.

  7. avatar Dave Gibson says:

    Every entertainment show has reviews. Why should Noir be any different? If Noir didn’t want criticism, he shouldn’t be in the public eye. Unfortunately, I’m seeing more and more “gun guys” who think they walk on water as soon as they become popular and cannot stand anyone that disagrees with them or doesn’t care for their style. It seems that if you get +100K subscribers on Youtube, you are somehow immune to criticism.

    1. avatar Independent George says:

      Substantively, I actually agree with Robert on the content of Noir. I also think he’s being kind of a jerk about it, and this post is no exception.

      Lines like this actually grate on my nerves far more than anything Colion Noir has said:

      And I did nothing more than tell the truth about the Freestyle show. IMHO.

    2. avatar Garrison Hall says:

      And that’s why I like Hickok45. The guy just likes guns, knows how to shoot, and likes to encourage others to do the same. He has celebrity without having to work for it or care much about it. Others work hard for it but never come close to his popularity. Must be a reason for that.

      1. avatar SpeleoFool says:

        Hickok’s videos are generally education-based (here’s one or more firearms–let’s do some shooting and talk about how they work). It’s a simple premise, and the delivery is lighthearted and fun.

        Noir feels disjointed because it is. The show is 25 minutes of mostly-unrelated segments glued together with talkshow format banter that reminds me why I stopped watching TV. It’s getting better, but I’m not sure it’s a show I’m going to be interested to watch, even after they get it dialed in.

        I do enjoy Colion Noir. His “sexy gun” reviews are fun, and his colorfully-phrased monologues generally make me smile. I think that material comes across well because it’s from the heart. The talk show format, however, is more of a pulpit & Noir (the show) comes across as less personal and more self-important.

  8. avatar Jonathan says:

    Robert, I am a media consumer of both Noir, and TTAG. However, nothing and no one is every perfect. The community appreciates both parties efforts in the fight!! Yet, it if “fair use” for Noir or anyone else for the purpose of commentary or criticism.

  9. avatar Accur81 says:

    Hey, I may watch the whole episode! The skimming of it looks promising so far. I would enjoy seeing this show take off.

  10. avatar tjlarson2k says:

    Noir is a new talk show co-host. It’s not an easy transition from his earlier youtube clips that are heavily scripted and edited. It’s reasonable to assume it will probably take him an entire season (at least) to develop some semblance of comfort in this new format. And it’s very possible his persona will change multiple times before he settles on something that doesn’t feel so scripted and trying to be clever with wordplay.

    In the meantime, he’s testing the waters and the NRA is also testing him. That’s why they aren’t going out of the gates with hardcore debates and interviews… because it’s very possible no one knows how that would even go. Sure, he’s a lawyer, so it’s safe to assume it may go swimmingly — or it may be extremely boring or awkward. We have yet to hear what unscripted-no-reading-from-a-teleprompter Noir sounds like (aside from interviews). And it’s different being the interviewer vs. the interviewee. And it’s guaranteed the anti(s) will not play along.

    Again, he needs to develop talk show host charisma and confidence, and you’re not going to get that if everything you say sounds like a longer version of his cleverly worded youtube clips — which doesn’t follow conventional and unscripted dialog and doesn’t really gel when you’re debating with someone else.

    TTAG’s review had a lot of good points and I think it touched on a lot of material people would like to see (Noir debating with antis), but that’s not a revelation by any means. Noir’s youtube clips are all about debating and calling out the other side on their shenanigans. So, it stands to reason that’s what people want. But hopefully with some form of resolution or at least dispelling the myths and flat out lies the antis use and nailing them with it on record.

    As far as the NRA and Noir calling out TTAG, maybe it shouldn’t be seen as a negative — after all, they seem to have listened and are tipping their hat and giving you what you wanted (or at least eluding to it). And again, Noir debating antis is something everyone has wanted to see since his youtube days.

    So maybe the over-sensitivity is on TTAG’s end.

  11. avatar Rambeast says:

    Personally, I think RF is still pissed about the “GOTCHA! I’m actually a 12 year old white, Jewish kid who had a negroplasty and gets paid in hats!”.

    Seriously Robert, give the show a time to run and find it’s pace. I find that over the last year, you have been doing the POTG a great disservice by being hypercritical of those that do not do or see things exactly as you. There is plenty of other material you could be putting out, but instead you decide to attack our own community.

  12. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

    RF – I hate seeing fellow African-Americans on the same side of an issue fighting publicly (see what I did there?), but as stated before, TTAG was, well, boring initially. Take that for what it is. Noir is boring, too, but help the brother out.

    Noir – don’t take it all personally. Shit happens. Move along, and get a better format going. Jimmy Fallon’s show was weak the first month and then voila, he took off. You will too. Invite shannon on. When she doesn’t show, have a cut out of her and have a dialogue. Invite some politicians (sen joe manchin will ‘ho himself to any tv camera). Have some cool economic types to discuss brass/copper prices. Invite some attorneys to discuss not just self defense but estate planning/wills/insurancefor SHTF scenarios. Discuss politics, cars, music, whatever. You can tie anything to guns if you give it a try.

    Hell – invite me on and we can discuss what is like to be a Black Lawyer into guns. And I can talk face to face with the shannon cut-out. 🙂

    1. avatar Sixpack70 says:

      Best idea ever! You, on Noir’s show talking about Shannon Watts.

      1. avatar Bob says:

        It might be hysterical to watch, but NO.
        Dirk would end up in jail for slander or stalking or something like that. And NOIR would be forced off the air immediately for allowing it to happen.

        Not a good idea!

  13. avatar Evan in Dallas says:

    Noir should take it as constructive criticism. If he just gets praise, he will never improve.

  14. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    I guess I’m probably not his audience.

    Here’s an idea for a TTAG comedy show…
    Robert, buy some Gucci camo pants.
    Nick, sorry buddy, you get the mini-skirt and push-up bra.
    Then, GUNS!

  15. avatar Mark Brown says:

    RF, you know what they say about opinions, right? Your posts regarding Mr. Noir come off as quite pretentious. Why someone would try to start an internet feud regarding somebody who is trying to reach out to the minority of the gun right demographic is beyond me. You, along with many others, have asked for this for years and years. Now that you have it, you criticize it? Just because you don’t like the format, doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Just as you may not like certain television stations or specific shows due to their collective political views, if you don’t like Mr. Noir’s show, you simply don’t have to watch it.

  16. avatar traye says:

    Jesus H. Why are gun site proprietors such whiney b’s? Seems like every site lately there is a post of “that person dissed me “

  17. avatar Jg says:

    I’m a fan of the noir show.

  18. avatar Shwiggie says:

    Rome wasn’t built in a day. This is new territory for all involved, so the rocky start is natural. Fair critiques are needed to build it up to where it can and should be, but that’s not what they’re getting here. You guys seem to be all about burning bridges lately. Telling the truth about guns is one thing, but it’s starting to come across as a projection of your own style of elitism. The “no-holds barred attitude” TTAG prides itself on may be its undoing.

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      If so, so be it.

  19. avatar Chris in KY says:

    So, this entire review is based on his first 3 minutes of video? AND, after all the flack he is getting from the Anti-gun, Anti-NRA, crowd about a show where he puts guns and style together, you think it is entirely focused on TTAG?

    Pretty Narcissistic, TTAG.

    How about commenting on the issues he brings up AFTER that 3 minutes, or did you just turn off the video?

    Such as the separation between a ‘average gun owner’ and the ‘gun world’ in general.
    The representation of guns in pop culture and the lack of media outcry.
    The idiocy of the Smartgun. (figured you would jump on this)
    The truth about Sprint.
    Noir wants anti-gunners to stop by and join in on the discussion, as well as shoot guns!

    Because of TTAG’s criticism of Noir, you have drove me to be a subscriber of Noir.

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:


  20. avatar CarlosT says:

    I don’t know if it was because all the blogs I read lowered my expectations to the point I thought I’d go all Oedipus and tear my eyes out, but I was pleasantly surprised when I enjoyed the first two episodes.

    It was what it said on the tin: a gun culture lifestyle show. Yeah, it could do with more actual guns on the show, but hopefully that will come.

  21. avatar Sheepdog6 says:

    Noir’s audience is 20 something millenials that don’t know what they don’t know about guns. His target audience wears hats because of their fashion and pays $300 for a single shirt, pants, shoes combo at stores not named Wal-Mart, Target, or Dicks Sporting Goods. They don’t get into discussions with their friends about the pros and cons of Red Dots vs. 1-4 power scopes.

    I’m an Air Force Special Tactics veteran, I wear a Barrett Firearms hat I bought for $10 at the NRA show, $20 Levi’s from Sams Club, $100 Merrill hiking shoes all day long, a Surefire light and a Kershaw folding knife. I carry a Glock brand Glock because it is reliable and accurate enough and two pieces of jewelry…my wedding ring and a Tissot watch my wife bought me.


    Mr. Noir would do well to understand this. Stop wasting time trying to convice people like me to like guns. I already do. Tell me your show isn’t for eveyone and that RF’s criticisms were fair as RF is not his intended audience. Then make busy with the education of younger lifestyle centric fence sitters and bring them over to our side!!! It’s your specialty…go do it.

    1. avatar jimmyjames says:

      X 2

    2. avatar Robert Farago says:

      Quick point: when you target a demographic – rather than say what you want to say and be who you are and hope the message gets through – you’re heading into dangerous territory. In other words, the product is what it is.

      For example, the Honda Element was built and marketed directly to young folks. Oldies took to it in droves. Which proves you can’t MAKE something cool. It has to BE cool.

      1. avatar Sheepdog6 says:

        Exactly. When I look for gun video’s there are tons of Yeager, MAC, Nutnfancy, and whatever guys out there that tailor video’s for me. XTM covers vs. rail ladders. FDE vs. Foliage. Two point sling vs. one point sling. The proper way to wear a tactical beard. Even Instructor Zero can get me faking an Italian accent and rolling all over the house while igniting tannerite…that really rankles the missus. But that is just who they are, and I like watching that.

        I’m not millenial late Gen-X cool. I can’t connect with them on a “guns are cool” level. CN has shown he can be cool, and can counteract the propaganda brainwashing that festers in most schools of higher learning. He can connect with them and offer them a cool alternative to “guns are bad cause guns” rhetoric the have heard repeatedly. But to do so he just has to be cool. Not try to convince everyone he is cool. If he doesn’t he may find half his audience consists of grandmothers.

  22. avatar S.CROCK says:

    I like Noirs videos (the 3 minute videos not the new long ones) and l love TTAG. I hate fighting among the pro freedom community. If we are divided, then we will be conquered.

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      Colion and I (and the rest of the guys) get on fine. There is no serious breach here. I’m urging him to improve not go away.

      1. avatar Bob says:

        And he is improving. This third show was the best one so far.

        I think he (and the NRA) wanted to ‘establish a rapport’ with their target audience before they started trying to convert them into gun lovers (or at least not gun haters). I think that approach is/was the right way to go.

        I’m not part of the target audience (I’m 59), but I’m starting to see things I want to see in the show. More meaty topics and discussions, less frivolous talk of things like boxes and fashion. He is really starting to show that guns are good, not evil, and guns are fun too. I hope the fact that I’m starting to like the show doesn’t mean that the millennials are going to start hating it.

  23. avatar Sturbo says:

    You offer criticism but it’s not constructive. This rant of yours is rather immature. You’re going to take something he said and take it personal? He declared war on you? Grow up. I found his NRA show to be wanting. Nothing in his show was an attack on other gun owners. This is a ridiculous rant and my respect for the TTAG has been dwindling more and more, and now this stupid shit.

  24. avatar Kevin says:

    Gee, this doesn’t play into the hands of the anti’s. Come on boys, put your dicks back in your pants.
    TTAG is quick to post pleas on Facebook not to give the anti’s something they can use against gun owners yet tosses them this softball to knock out of the park.

    And how about that article not long ago about how manufacturers need to learn how to react to unflattering criticism? Both you (RF/TTAG) and Noir need to heed that advise. ESPECIALLY TTAG since it came from YOU!

  25. avatar Calvin says:

    Go watch the first season of Top Gear. See if you don’t get a cramp from cringing. They had one thing going for them, though: nobody really knew about them until after they had their act together. Give Noir some time.

  26. avatar Joe Grine says:

    I’m a big Colion Noir fan, so I hope this does not devolve into some sort of pissing contest between CN and TTAG. Colion Noir should not be thin-skinned and should expect some criticism (right or wrong, if you put yourself out there, you will get criticism). By the same token, TTAG should remember that we are all on the same team and keep its criticism in the “constructive” category. If TTAG is going to pick any fights with the “industry,” it should be along the lines of the “Shooting Illustrated / R-51” piece Nick posted last week. Their puff-piece on the R-51 was borderline criminal, and they deserved to get called out for it.

  27. avatar Ally R says:

    He wasn’t talking about YOU. He’s talking about the gun control nut. YOU took it personally. Which means you’re not on our side.

    I’m far from a conspiracy theorist, but you … you now come across and the individual who says they own guns, but wants all sorts of gun control.

    Goodbye. We don’t need “Friends” like you.

  28. avatar Skyler says:

    This place is entertaining, but it is usually scooped by other sites for news, its reviews are amateurish, it tends to have a deep philosophical bias against having guns except in ways it prefers, and it can be needlessly impolite to others.

    Colion’s new show can use some polish and will likely grow and mature. Pointing that out is not bad, but there was no need to be so ridiculously personal and ugly about it.

    If I am asked to choose between this mildly entertaining site and Colin Noir, then see you later TTAG. Please don’t make me choose.

  29. avatar Harrycarry says:

    Well, I’m a fan. I can’t wait for what the show will may become.

  30. avatar Foster says:

    RF, publicly criticizing another voice fighting to get the word out doesn’t help our cause. I enjoy both TTAG and Noir. Two different outlets and media.

    No need to justify your actions, just let it go. But something about giving a man a shovel and letting him dig a hole comes to mind. Everyone has to learn in there own way.

  31. avatar Darkstar says:

    Can’t we all just get along?

  32. avatar Pulatso says:

    You know what sold a lot of rap records in the 90’s? Beef. And no, I don’t mean butchered cow. You call someone out in your forum, both sides get noticed. It can actually be good for business, provided you don’t actually go down the road of shootouts and drive bys (and considering Noir and RF seem to be well adjusted, lawfully minded gun owners, I have no fear of that happening). Pick a side and go with it. Or don’t.

  33. avatar Dan says:

    What’s up with the Daniel Defense commercial???

    1. avatar Bob says:

      Daniel Defense is one of the sponsors paying for the show. They deserve a commercial.

  34. avatar dwb says:

    I think that the saying in politics and the media is that apathy is the real enemy.

    I propose a kiss and make up episode where RF appears on the show for a shootout… in pajamas. What I want to know is what holster is good for home carry in pajamas.It’s a real problem people face, except of course for the florida guy who confronts burglars in his birthday suit.

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      Great idea! I’ll ping him now.

    2. avatar NYC2AZ says:

      You want to carry in your PJ’s, or basketball shorts, or anything else with a string and not a belt, get a Remora.

  35. avatar Amanathia says:

    Not cool with criticizing Noir, I <3 him! He's great!

  36. avatar Brentondadams says:

    I think I know someone else that ‘doth protest to much’

  37. avatar T says:

    Cut the crap Robert! This beefing between you Noir is lame! I’m a big fan of both Noir and TTAG. Both of you guys add a great amount to the gun community just an different ways.

    1. avatar Mike says:

      Agreed. I believe that that vast majority of us here feel like this.

  38. avatar Greg says:

    ““Feel the real truth about guns,” he urges, violating TTAG’s trademark.”

    Whiney little girl comments like this won’t find much favor with adults around here.

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      It’s a joke.

      1. avatar Bob says:

        OK, Robert. We couldn’t tell it was a subtle joke, because you mixed it in with several other rather harsh criticisms. To may of us, it looked like just another criticism.


  39. avatar Chris says:

    Different styles. I’m no genius, but I don’t think we need this infighting right now. Noir’s style appeals to a different audience, but we’re all on the same side. I don’t come here, or watch his videos, to enjoy a drama fest soap opera, which seems to be what I’m getting here and there, regarding this topic anyway, which really shouldn’t exist. You’ve had your jabs at one another. I can’t tell you (both) to stop, I can only tell you that I hope you will.

  40. avatar Mr. Bad Timing says:

    Hold the phone(s), and stop the press(es)… No basements in Texas? You’re telling me you can’t experience the pinnacle of … Room?

    Texas is off the list of future habitats…

    1. avatar Bob says:

      And where do you go when there is a tornado?

  41. avatar Dr. Michael S. Brown says:

    I’d say dial back the criticism a bit RF. But what I really want to know is the actual target audience of the Noir show. Does anyone really know? Has the NRA or Noir himself actually said?

  42. avatar pirateye says:

    just chill

  43. avatar Mike says:

    TTAG admitted in a previous thread on this subject that they tried video and were abject failures at it. Maybe a bit of envy for their betters? Fights and name calling between pro-gun groups is obviously counter-productive and intelligent folks would learn that discretion is many times the better part of valor. So if all you can do is criticize here is a suggestion SHUT UP!!!

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      Read the post again. Yes, there’s criticism but there’s also suggestions for improvement. Also, the whole thing comes form a place of love.

      1. avatar Mike says:

        Place of love…Puhleeze. That is about as true as ocean front property in Montana.

  44. avatar bontai Joe says:

    Many of us fully realize that we need to attract a diversified group of people to the firearms community, to get rid of the OFWG dominance perceived by the average American. Mr. Noir is trying to attract a young hip audience, and you seem to be complaining that he doesn’t sound like an OFWG? I like his stuff, and I’m very sure he will only get better as the show develops.

  45. avatar Foster says:

    Declares war? Too much. I’m starting to think its about creating buzz. Either way keep posting Noir. I love the show and having it here saves me time.

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      Agreed. Headline changed.

  46. avatar Jack says:

    Pajamas and cowboy boots–interesting.

  47. avatar MudPuppy says:

    Show #3 is much improved.

  48. avatar Larry says:

    I need the name of that store where I can get a quality shirt , pant, AND shoes for $300 !

  49. avatar WI Patriot says:

    Noir has now considered himself “holier than thou”, what a sad departure from such humble beginnings…

  50. avatar PPGMD says:

    Another meh episode.

    His opening monologue makes it clear, he sees gun as art pieces not as technical performance pieces. If you don’t agree you dwell in the basement (I am assuming he is talking about the stereotypical nerd in his mother’s basement attack).

    The fact is that not everyone views guns the same way. Though many gun owners agree with him, though to a different degree. Most gun owners are collectors, shooters and I mean real shooters that care about performance are very rare. They may not be urban hipsters, but they still care about more how a gun looks than anything else. And that attitude was great when he was going 5 minute Top Gear inspired gun porn pieces, that little Daniel Defense ad was a fantastic example of this.

    But where most would ignore those issues in the five minute videos on his Youtube channel, on an NRA funded video channel he is going to get him criticism. And just because we disagree doesn’t mean that we are basement dwelling idiots.

    Ok lets talk about the episode, once again with with Colion’s show. Amy contributes little, either because she admittedly doesn’t know much about guns or simply due to Colions presence. And his guest got little chance to speak, as Colion simply spent most of the time giving his opinion. When you have guests on a show I feel that the guest should be the one doing most of the speaking, not the host. If the guest is on the show for 5 minutes even if the host says nothing that still leaves the host another 20 some minutes to pontificate.

    1. avatar doesky2 says:

      I disagree. There has been some modest improvements in episode 2 & 3 and you can see they are reading the comments.

      The first obvious improvement was lengthening the segments so it wasnt so damn choppy.
      The second thing was letting the guest talk some decent amount of time versus the previous segments. Unfortunately I guess I missed who the hell the dude was and why I should be interested in him. Maybe I don’t know him because I’m not the right demo.
      Third they finally talked about who the hell the girl was and what her skills are (unfortunately not much). I don’t understand why they didn’t pick an attractive accomplished 3-gunner gal.

  51. avatar Mrt says:


    Let’s get back to the truth about guns. The trolling of MAIG, Everytown, MDA, etc, is already going above the SNR impacting the value of an outlet as TAGG. I would really prefer if we stayed on topic and not drift even further into TMZ’s style of entertainment.
    Granted it can be fun to read at times, just like TMZ has its place but maybe put up a new site: The Trust about Gun Control Gossip.


  52. avatar Mrt says:

    You guys do realize that the members that sign up for email alerts of new posts, do see the original title: “Colion Noir Declares War on TTAG. Ish.”

  53. avatar Paige says:

    My review on his show is that it’s getter better every time and still needs some work. About some of the commitments I have seen here about his show. Some of it is fair, a lot of it is crap. Calling his partner “eye candy” ok lets all just perpetuate the stereotype of gun owners as angry old misogynistic white guys

  54. avatar Tommy Knocker says:

    Ok as my mom used to say : “Just quit it now. If you boys can’t play nice then stay away from each other and shut up. I better not have to come out here again ! “

    1. avatar Mike says:

      I second that attitude.

      1. avatar ken says:

        And I’ll third it. I really think I found the source of RFs rage in my earlier post about the name of the show. I think he believes that he now owns the word “truth”. Still, the show’s name is a ripoff of ttag, but that’s no excuse for this kind of infantile behavior. Its time for farago to man up and stop these tirades.

  55. avatar Matt B. says:

    I’ve been a big TTAG and an avid reader for a long time. You guys put out some very interesting, relevant, and high quality work over here. That being said, I am also a fan of Colion Noir – he is intelligent, well spoken, and a fresh dynamic in the gun rights world. Now I agree that his first couple of episodes of Noir have been shaky at best and there is certainly warranted criticism. Awkward chemistry, forced lines, heck you don’t have to agree with everything the guy says, but the overtly hostile and antagonistic attitude toward Noir himself is extremely off putting and frankly irritating. As so many commenting above have already stated – we are all on the same team here – same interests, same ideals, same end goal. Posts like this are childish and unattractive, and low hanging fruit for the anti gun crowd. I mean come on…Whining about a “trademark infringement” for a phrase as common and usable as “the truth about (anything)” is petty and embarrassing. Noir responded to previous overt criticism with some clever and (maybe not so) subtle jabs and now another public overtly hostile post is the response? Not helping the cause. Believe it or not, when i log onto blogs, facebook etc. I don’t want to have to take up sides in some bull**** squabble between TTAG, Noir, BearingArms, or anyone else who is supposedly on the same side. I’d prefer to see quality content as opposed to inflated egos and online unit-measuring contests. Now I really want to reiterate that do enjoy this blog – quite a bit actually. I have been reading it daily for a long time. I am just sick of this petty pride and infighting. Now I know opinions are like ***holes – everyone has one. But this is a public forum and I felt compelled to share mine. Really TTAG – I know you guys are better than this, and I encourage you cut this crap out and take the high ground here.

    1. avatar ken says:

      Amen, brother. Does not RFs comment about the no flames rule on this page not just SCREAM out his bias?

  56. avatar Ralph says:

    This might be the greatest hair-pulling feud since Brandy vs. Monica! Any chance that RF and Noir can get together for a chorus of “The Girl is Mine?” In pajamas, of course. I’ll supply the eye bleach.

  57. avatar cubby123 says:

    Ya know thr commies had a saying …divide and conquer! This plus 2nd Amendment vs GOS does not help the cause and plays right into the ANTIs hands.Do do you think this is healthy?

    1. avatar Anon says:

      “Divide and conquer” goes back to Rome; way before any “commies”.

  58. I respectfully urge the Esteemed Owner of TTAG to stop this “campaign” of what really is coming off as mean-spirited remarks about Noir. I don’t think it is helpful to form up this kind of circular firing squad.

    Let’s support his efforts, not tear into him like this.

  59. avatar Fler says:

    I just watched episode 3 of Noir and it has greatly improved. He’s slowed down his delivery and the interaction between he and his co-host seems a lot more relaxed. She also seems to have transitioned from prop to personality.

    It no longer has the rushed feel of rapidly-changing segments coming at you, either. This was the first episode that I actually enjoyed.

    Ultimately, though, I still don’t see what good this show will do. The crowd that they’re trying to attract doesn’t go to, etc, and I don’t think they’ve worked out how they’re supposed to see it.

    1. avatar doesky2 says:


      During episode #1 I’m pretty sure the co-host was only concentrating on not flashing the camera a beaver shot.

  60. avatar Pashtun6 says:

    Noir is having teething pains. A lot could
    Be done to improve the show overall. From my point of view it seemed the host and cohost were both more relaxed with each other this time around.

    1. avatar M J Johnson says:

      Agreed, Pashtun6.

  61. avatar wayne says:

    I though Noir was ok in brief youtube clips as well. But I didn’t want to watch more than a couple at a time. I haven’t even watched the show.

    It just doesn’t appeal to me. Which is odd since I’m a part of the target demographic: young, urban, and not old or fat. There’s too many good articles to read and a variety of gun-related everything on youtube.

  62. avatar M J Johnson says:

    First of all, Farago, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. If you’re gonna throw down a critique on Noir, expect a critique back. Take it for what is is like a mature adult. I say the same thing to Noir. Both of you were acting like spoiled children.

    Having said that – and speaking as an entertainment professional for many, many years – I agree that the first two episodes of Noir were more “meh” than anything else. The third episode was better, mainly because Noir let Amy and their guest say more without stepping over them. Especially Amy, who has the potential to be very good as a co-host. And let’s face it, she’s easy on the eyes, which helps tremendously.

    I have yet to know, specifically, what is the objective of the show. I feel it’s still searching for its purpose.I have no problem with Dom Raso’s show, nor Natalie Foster’s show. Not so with Noir’s show. It’s up to him to state that purpose, clearly and precisely with on ambiguity whatsoever, so that everyone knows. Then work toward that goal.

    If I were his advisor for the show, I’d strongly suggest he be even more generous in sharing the spotlight with Amy. Their chemistry is outstanding, but she needs the spotlight more. Perhaps there should be a segment highlighting her opinions on a topic. Although Noir is geared toward the Millennial generation, I suggest they make it accessible to the older generations as well. A wider, more diverse audience, without sacrificing the unique style of both Noir the person and the show, means a longer life for the show.

    One of the last things (but not “the” last thing) I suggest is that Noir get training on how to be a good host for a TV show. There are rookie mistakes he’s making that need to be corrected asap that will help in the long run.

  63. avatar Fabian B. says:

    What is this, tall poppy syndrome? I am thoroughly disgusted with how Colion Noir is being put down for being a non-fudd here and elsewhere.

  64. avatar whatever says:

    Sorry Robert, but I loved his opening rant. It was a thing of beauty to this late Gen Xer.

  65. avatar former water walker says:

    I’m an OFWG who doesn’t care. I can’t handle more than a few minutes of Noir. Sorry. And I like black folks. I have 2 caramel colored sons & a pretty black wife. Noir seems better in short bursts.
    You do seem to be a might critical RF. Rest assured there is plenty of room for both of you in the 2A pantheon.

  66. avatar El Mac says:

    @RF, how sad and pathetic you are. Feel better now? Jealous of a young up and coming black man? Jealous that the NRA didn’t offer you a job?

    RF, grow the hell up.

  67. avatar Nelson says:

    Bob, we love ya, but really, yes indeed: let us DO move the F’ on.

    So Noir’s got a TV show…preaching to the choir. Big Whup!

    Anyone NOT interested in the NRA is not gonna watch anyway.

    Personally, I don’t see the point in intramural dickering over a show and format you don’t own.

    Really, Bob, I’d say YOU should start your own online panel show format you described, last time, in your first critique of his show; I’d say pursue your own show idea featuring a roundtable format (hopefully not some mid-age mothball smelly McLaughlin Hour! JK!) with the likes of KJ Weiss, provided you don’t go all mid-age creepy hittin’ on 20-something gunnie hottie…on air. LOL!!


    No, but really. I do believe there’s a market for a serious, honest, open, free-wheeling gunnie panel show.

    Call it: “TTAG Live On YouTube!” or something.

    It’d be like PRchico520’s Shooter’s Mindset (, but better.

    Have live or recorded, over food, drinks, cigar, and/or “danger this bitch up”-Jim Yeager style with live ammo, and all the gunnie goodies in the background: rifle rack, reloading station (no powder or primer! LOL), peg board (or more preferred post-modern trendy boutique look, if that’s your cup of tea) festooned with all cerakoted shiny bits.

    TTAG Guns & Whiskey…perhaps??

    Hell, isn’t that why you started TTAC and TTAG, in the first place? ‘Cause you got fed up with other critics and their ‘bought’ reviews and prissy bullshit??

    What does it cost to film in modern pro-sumer HD camera with good lighting these days, and a simple digital video editing station? $5000-10,000??

    Sitting around with friends and colleagues (and/or your ’employees’?? wait, is Nick an official paid employee??) and discussing shit online recorded, or live; just think: you do reviews write about them and put up smartphone filmed quickies, anyway.

    Just think: it’d be like TTAG review article…just filmed and uploaded onto YouTube.

    Go find yourself a no-bullshit pro-gun vendor who doesn’t give a shit about products being trashed to do supplemental sponsorship: even you’ve got to have a brand that you can’t find anything to truly rip shit about.

    Hold an Indie GoGo or Kickstarter TTAG unnamed video show crowd-sourced/funded projects page: raise the dough for equipment, sell goodies, T-shirt swag and shit. Market it, dang it!

    Otherwise Bob, but you’re beginning to verge on “get off the lawn!” – phase.

    Go for it, Bob! You already have the largest online gunblog in the world. WTF is stopping ya?

    What’s the worst that can happen? So, if your show ‘fails,’ at worst, you’ll be relegated to watching NOIR again, begrudgingly, ‘reluctantly,’ then bitching about it on TTAG, verging on well past the “get off my lawn, ya young’in!”-phase…er…extendedly??

    Or, an intervention…of sorts, is in order?? Maybe we’ll just take your ‘remote’ away. LOL.

    Get it off your chest Farago. Do the show YOU have in mind. We’ll watch.

    But please. No more RF vs CN bullshit. Personally, so sick and tired of watching people who agree 90% dicker incessantly over 10% bullshit: like OC vs CC, GOA vs NRA, Yeager vs. well…whomever LOL! etc, etc, etc.

    With Love 🙂

    1. avatar Anon says:

      I can picture the TTAG show; as soon as anyone has the temerity to have an opinion or say anything, Paul T McCain bursts in through the wall like the Kool Aid Man (having his physique) to tell you why you’re wrong and why your topic is verboten.

      Then, there’s a segment with Paul (as Jabba the Hut) and El Mac (as that weird little squirrely-looking thing that sat next to Jabba) and their mutual admiration society.

  68. avatar TheBear says:

    I am a fan of Colion Noir. I am not a fan of the show “Noir” and I am the target demographic.

    First off, that cheesy co-host has got to go. I don’t know who she is and I don’t give a shit about anything she says.

    She’s as superfluous as the get-home-to-the-family story in Godzilla.

    1. avatar Anon says:

      You’re just saying that because she’s covered up now, and not wearing that abbreviated skirt from episode 1! /kidding

  69. avatar ken says:

    “Feel the real truth about guns,” he urges, violating TTAG’s trademark. ??
    Violating YOUR trademarked phrase? Does this mean that you believe that no one is ever allowed to use the word “truth” in a gun connection ever again because now it belongs to YOU? I have to tell you that it’s not so, and perhaps you should have your lawyer check the copyright laws and explain them to you. Perhaps this misunderstanding of copyright explains why his show offends you so deeply.
    On the other hand I agree that this format does not suit noir, who was much better at YT rants. Leave it to the NRA, just one more thing they have crapped up, among many…

    1. avatar Matt in FL says:

      RF addressed this already. It was humor.

      1. avatar ken says:

        What about the note that the no flaming policy is off for this page, so feel free to flame noir all you want (just this once ofc)? Was THAT just a joke also?
        Get real.

        1. avatar Robert Farago says:

          I meant you can flame me or the site without fear of comment removal. Within the bounds of decency, of course.

        2. avatar ken says:

          Good to see you acting grown up about this. Bravo!
          Did you note the lack of any flames, even with the no flaming policy removed?

  70. avatar Glenn says:

    Stop the infighting between pro-gun groups, work together to bring us news and information, it’s only through teamwork we will retain our rights. Onemore thing, when you set rules about posting to your site it is not proper or ethical to suspend them just because you want to fuel a feud.

  71. avatar tfunk says:

    Holy shit, people, please turn on your “Tongue in Cheek” detectors!

    Anyway, regarding “NOIR”. I am a big fan of his YouTube videos. Several of them are extremely powerful, almost all of them are well thought out. And they don’t seem to be scripted, even though they are. And that’s one of the biggest criticisms I have of “NOIR”. It seems like they are trying to make it seem like a conversation going on, but it is very stilted, no flow. Top Gear (Euro) is almost totally scripted, but doesn’t seem that way. Yes, I know, they’ve been doing it a while. Also, is it just me or was the “cardboard box/can’t buy a gun how I want it” thing covered in both episode 1 and 2? Lastly, any time a show tells me “Now it’s time for ______. This is the segment where we…”. Just do the segment, I’ll figure out what it’s purpose is.

    All that being said, I definitely think the show has potential and I think with some changes and practice it will be quite good. Right now it is not as bad as the American version of Too Gear was. God that was unbearable.

    As for TTAG…honestly, the biggest thing to me is all of the comment moderation. The Truth About Guns (don’t sue!!! 😉 ) to me includes the fact that we have members that make inappropriate or ignorant…or both…comments at times. Yes, I understand the reasoning behind the “policy”. And it is absolutely your right to do so. But I vehemently disagree with it. Plus, I miss out on some funny shit.

    1. avatar ken says:

      All right. Another TopGearUK fan who recognizes how horrible the US one was. And with good advice for Farago too.
      Bravo and well said!

      1. avatar Anon says:

        I tried to watch the US version once, and couldn’t even make it through one episode.

        I’ve been watching the real Top Gear for years. I don’t know anything about cars, nor am I really into them, but I can watch 4 episodes of Top Gear in a row just because of the dialog between messrs Clarkson, Hammond, and May.

        1. avatar ken says:

          And IMO, its not about Clarkson, nor Cptn Slow, nor Hamster. Its about the interplay between them. They are just so entertaining together.
          The US version attempted to copy that by simply hiring three idiots to fight with each other. I guess they experienced how well that worked out, yet they will repeat the same error, ad neuseum, as hollywierd seems to always do.

  72. avatar PavePusher says:

    ‘Fess up, you’re using satire to troll, right?

  73. avatar BobR says:

    Robert, sorry but you come off as whiney and jealous of Noir. It would be better if you either backed off or, made some friendly constructive comments to him DIRECTLY as opposed to on here.


  74. avatar CoolBreeze72 says:

    This is stoopid. How is this productive (rhetorical)? Patch it up fast, gentlemen.

  75. avatar svxr8dr says:

    This is dumb. Somebody man up, step up and end this petty BS. Go shooting together. Hell, make an episode together. Then share a meal and possibly a beverage. Dont sweat the small $%^ and this is small.

  76. avatar William Burke says:

    Two observations (possibly three):

    1) The Silver Shirt Guy seems scary at first, like Dolph Lundgren on STP. But as he spoke, I warmed up to the guy. We’re all just people, something we tend to forget in such a complex society.

    2) The Daniel Defense Girl: WHOA! The closer the shot gets, the better she looks. Her features are wonderfully displayed. Most women look better from a distance, and it breaks down as you get closer. But with her, the closer the camera gets, the better she looks. I had to get a wet, cold towel!

    3) (See! There’s MORE!) The Asian guy’s socks! Should I adjust my screen resolution, or make it worse? 😀

    4) The chemistry is getting a LOT better, as I knew it would! I somehow knew it was coming. We need to give the hosts time to get to know one another, and for the producer and directors to do the same. Empathy takes time to develop!

    Great episode! I’ll watch it again, something I wouldn’t have done with the first two episode.

    This show has greatness ahead of it.

  77. avatar Lars says:

    Noir is just a hipster with a gun. He is the wrong face for the NRA. His shows reminds me of a mtv infomercial even though there is no such thing. If he continues as is and as I expect he will this show and Noir won’t last the summer. While he is somewhat intelligent he is a total douchebag IMO. While I want more people supporting guns and the sport of shooting I don’t want guns to be some trendsetting fad like gold necklaces, dog purses and starbucks coffee. I want a host that lives the gun life, drinks black coffee he or she made themselves, drives an American auto and has some gun skills and genuine knowledge of firearms. While he may bring in more young and black gun folks he will turn away many more and most won’t even tune in.

    1. avatar Anon says:

      ” I want a host that lives the gun life, drinks black coffee he or she made themselves, drives an American auto and has some gun skills and genuine knowledge of firearms. “

      Why would you care about what someone else drinks?

      What “American” auto? Hate to break it to you, friend, but Ford and Chevy aren’t American. They are made up of parts from 80 different countries. The most American car you can get would be a Honda or Toyota because of their plants in Ohio and Georgia.

      Also, how do you know that Colion Noir doesn’t have gun skills or genuine knowledge of firearms?

      1. avatar Danny Griffin says:

        “The most American car you can get would be a Honda or Toyota because of their plants in Ohio and Georgia.”

        I guess GM, Ford, and Chrysler don’t have multiple US plants. Educate yourself on content.

        1. avatar ken says:

          I think he was referring to the parts all being imported and then just assembed here. much the same as hondas and toyotas are.

        2. avatar Danny Griffin says:

          And if you click those links they address content. And he is wrong there, too.

        3. avatar Anon says:

          You missed this part, slick: “those (GM and Ford) are made up of parts from 80 countries”.

          The aformentioned Honda and Toyota cars use more American parts, in addition to being made in Ohio and Georgia.

          Educate yourself next time, and also learn how to speak to people like you have some sense.

        4. avatar Danny Griffin says:

          You missed this part, slick: “those (GM and Ford) are made up of parts from 80 countries”

          Nope, I didn’t miss it.

    2. avatar William Burke says:

      Where did you EVER get the idea that Noir is “the face of the NRA”? He’s A face, not THE face.

      Not especially an NRA fanatic, but the NRA has many faces. You are one, I suppose. But the NRA needs to change with the times, without compromising our rights.

      If you don’t want our rights compromised, you should embrace this change. It’s not about you. It’s about the future of our rights.

      So if you don’t like it, DON’T WATCH.

      1. avatar Anon says:

        Because some Fudds don’t want to see a black man and his modern, Hip Hop ways in their beloved NRA. Yes, I said it.

        1. avatar El Mac says:

          @Anon, you sound like you’ve been talking to yourself again….

        2. avatar Anon says:

          @El Mac

          Non sequitur much? I’m convinced that you’re actually Paul T McCain.

        3. avatar El Mac says:

          @Anon, once again, you have proven yourself to be……..silly. Giggles.

  78. avatar RenegadeDave says:

    I think boy of the digs at each other were silly. I don’t think that the digs at bloggers were directed at TTAG and RF necessarily. Both being too sensitive. Noir is getting better week on week. He is dropping the sophomoric locker room jokes and in my opinion approaching something more real. This was way better. I think it would be cool that if he has Chris Cheng on the show he challenges him to some sort of USPSA style stage. That could do a lot more to show a newbie exactly how a gun can be used for sport apart from hunting or clays. He has yet to find a way to interject humor other than his rapier wit. I think when he draws on his sense of humor more the show will get even better.

    1. avatar William Burke says:

      It IS getting better. Chemistry between two hosts usually takes time, and this is happening faster than I would have anticipated.

      And the scary-looking Dolph Lundgren dude turned out to be fine. Except for the silver shirt.

  79. avatar RenegadeDave says:

    Actually, that could be his “Star in a reasonably priced car” and have a leader board…

  80. avatar ensitue says:

    You see; Everything that happens on this planet is about Bobby Farago, heck everything in the cosmos has Bobby as it’s center and if you dispute this fact well Bobby has a big keyboard

    1. avatar El Mac says:

      @ensitue, it. would. appear. that. way. Spot on.

    2. avatar William Burke says:

      You know, that’s a keen observation. While I don’t agree wholeheartedly, I definitely see where you’re coming from.

  81. avatar Joe says:

    TTAG is definitely getting worse over time. The articles are getting weaker, too much opinion, and they are putting up posts that are just in poor taste. This was a good site for the last couple of years. Unfortunately I think I am done with it. Shame….

    1. avatar Anon says:

      I think so, too. Can you recommend an alternative? Also, the “community” here has gotten worse; a few repeat offenders who swoop in and make everything devolve into argument.

      1. avatar ken says:

        I think that is the plan. A few antis hang out here and push peoples buttons until they can get a fight started. Then they can just watch and gloat. The oldest trick in the book is “divide and conquer”, and it seems like it still works…

      2. avatar ken says:

        Now if Farago really wanted to do some good as a moderator, he would search out and bar those repeat offenders from posting, the way all moderators used to in the days of the text internet.
        But it’s easier to just say “I ban flaming”. I guess those good ole days are long gone…

      3. avatar El Mac says:

        @Anon, I think the alternative you seek is or perhaps

        1. avatar Anon says:

          Bwahahahaha! Because anyone who runs afoul of El McCain is a democrat. Got it.

    2. avatar William Burke says:

      I give my blessings. Goeth forth and findeth ye the “Joe-approved site”.

      Don’t take any wooden nickels, Mr. Tantrum.

  82. avatar Eng says:

    It takes all types, and whatever colion does or doesn’t do with his show is fine by me.

  83. avatar Dave says:

    Houses in Texas don’t have basements? Maybe your house doesn’t, but I’ve seen plenty with them.

  84. avatar Nehemiah says:

    Look, man… We get that you don’t like the show. But we don’t need this kind of fighting within our community. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

  85. avatar Dave in VA says:

    My one major complaint about TTAG is the flaming/commenting policy. RF sure loves to dish it out, but don’t leave any mean comments about him, his precious, or the article. Seems like his ego got bruised when Noir didn’t just sit there and take it. Personally, I don’t think the show is great, yet. I think it will hit its stride and only get better. RF, are you just angry TTAG (by TTAG I mean your huge ego) didn’t get tapped to be part of the new line-up of NRA shows?

    RF, If you really dislike the show; why continue to watch it? You said yourself the NRA needed to try and reach out past the OFWG, and now that they’re doing it you have nothing positive to say. Your obviously not the intended audience. It’s like all of your garbage. I come hear for what Nick Leghorn and Matt in FL produce. If it has your name it; 99% of the time I don’t make the jump.
    I keep hoping Nick Leghorn and Matt in FL jump off of the RF Ego Booster; that way I stop coming to TTAG altogether.

    1. avatar ken says:

      Well, farago is on the record as stating; “I’m motivated by OCD, low self-esteem, an inflated ego,…” etc.

    2. avatar Mike Reno says:

      Does The Truth About Cars ring a bell?

    3. avatar Russ says:

      Yup. Robert Farago still hasn’t figured out that he isn’t the target audience for Colion Noir, and that apparently, those who are the target audience like Colion Noir just fine.

  86. avatar Mike Reno says:

    Have you ever looked at a doorknob?

  87. avatar Maineuh says:

    For what it’s worth, I thought this latest episode was leaps and bounds ahead of the prior two. This one felt more cohesive and lively; less contrived and more real, for lack of a better term. Any new enterprise is bound to go through its growing pains. I think Noir will be just fine.

  88. avatar BDub says:

    Did I miss something? NOIR is a lifestyle show that caters/panders to its target audience (millenial gun enthusiasts). It is by definition not obligated to any of the things the site claim it fails to do. TTAG is by its own definition NOT that. So judging NOIR by TTAGs standards seems disingenuous.

  89. avatar BDub says:

    Did I miss something? NOIR is a lifestyle show that caters/panders to its target audience (millenial gun enthusiasts). It is by definition not obligated to any of the things the site claim it fails to do. TTAG is by its own definition NOT that. So judging NOIR by TTAGs standards seems disingenuous.

  90. avatar Nick G. says:

    I enjoy both. Stop nit picking.

  91. avatar Courtesy of the Red White and Blue says:

    I used to like this website a lot and really enjoyed the articles and it seems that once TTAG become more popular and all the BS back and forth with MDA, the writers felt like they could be as big as dick heads as they want (which I have nothing against) or bitch about other people. You don’t see gun control advocates berating one another for not being extreme enough, they tow their own damn line to their deaths, including all Democratic politicians for that matter. I’m all for some criticism, but Robert doing it in such a snarky way as to be pretentious is off putting. I’m sorry Robert but I loved your articles but now you a seem too much like a pretentious douche that they would make fun of on South Park, i.g. Alec Baldwin or Mel Gibson. Hold the snark and just give criticism like you would give to some one’s face, but don’t try and drown Noir’s show because you are butt hurt. Stay humble and try and bring everyone together. I’m a big fan of the videos on his youtube channel but not a big fan of the show, but I am not going to go out and bash the guy. I think he works hard on his show and its his first time doing a show like this, so help him improve it in a constructive way not completely trash it because you are butt hurt that he has a show and you don’t. Because Robert you just seem completely butt hurt.

    1. avatar El Mac says:

      @Courtesy of R,W and B, excellent post. I hope RF is listening….so much potential that is being squandered.


      1. +1, Maybe Leghorn & Zimmerman needs to get their own blogs so I can completely ignore RF.

  92. avatar PeterK says:

    I thought he was talking about gawker. I dunno. Can’t we all just get along? 😉

  93. avatar PeterK says:

    Sorry RF, but it’s not all about you, haha. I thought he was talking about gawker and such. I could be wrong, though.

    I actually like the show. It isn’t perfect. I think much of your critique is fair. Don’t agree with all of it though.

  94. avatar ccw says:

    Show is much ado about meh

  95. avatar SO Mad says:

    Man you have level 5 buthurt and level 4 jelly bro, why so mad.

    Here’s the Truth about TTAG.

    I got here from a post laughing about your buthurt over Noir. Think about that for a moment…

    …. yeah you mad.

  96. avatar Tom says:

    Noir is good entertainment, and there are guns, pretty women, and cool gear involved. No need to be a hater.

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