Virus Outbreak Illinois Protest
A protester shouts during a rally calling for the state to reopen the economy outside the Thompson Center in downtown Chicago, Saturday, May 16, 2020. (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)
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So much for those resilient checks and balances I lauded to my Colorado neighbor.

Back then, in the bygone era, he wrote to me: “No wonder Republicans are laughing at us. The billionaire politicians have complete control (besides the military at this point), no oversight, and most of their constituents are armed, some heavily, and ready to defend them. Roll over and die? What the hell? Time to even things up. To save this country. Hopefully, guns will always be a deterrent, but they may be our last hope to save this country. Time to gun up, liberals!”

If you prefer, think of “gun up” as get real, get tough, get registered, get mobilized, get implacable and vote Trump out. Or you may just want to go down to the range.

– Roger Cohen in The Masked Versus the Unmasked

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    • Nothing duh about it. Lefties don’t hate guns if they’re in the “correct” hands. Their “better world” has their opponents disarmed and helpless before the almighty state, while they walk around with sidearms and carrying clipboards and arresting anyone who disagrees.

      If lefties start toting AR-15’s, fine. An armed Antifa will soon wind up at room temp.

      Every leftie dreams of one day being a member of the the power elite. With guns.

      • I wonder who’s those “right hands” are? I know for sure it isn’t going to be a white federal cop like myself.

        • Yes it is….. Do you think we are going to *actually* hand power to brown people? Look at the rift in the Democrat party right now. Biden, Schumer, me, Pelosi, vs The Squad This Cohen guy (“…vote Trump out.”) strikes me as a crony “white power” Democrat….. He’s on my side. He’ll also be the one with his finger on the red button when I rule this place…. AND THEN YOU’LL RESPECT ME!!!… *you guys are mean*… *sniffle*…..

          Eric Swalwell 2020

        • You are right. Federal cops should not exist. The cops we do have should no be armed.

        • And if, while you’re fucking, a cop gets in trouble and needs assistance, you should put off your own gratification until you have defended the unarmed LEO.

        • The people have the right to bear the same weaponry as the military: a point that I agree with and a point that is defended by the constitution and many, if not most, on this platform. But to counter threats that arise in society, a police force (state or local; if the government wants to police us, they ought to have the balls to use the military) should be armed to deal with violence. Stopping violence with violence is the only way, but how can one stop a threat with inadequate or unequal force? Disarming the police force is the wet-dream of a lot of Righties and Lefties alike, but it can’t be a reality until our society isn’t in shambles, and, if thats going to be a reality in itself, we’ve got a long way till it will be one…

        • Well Chris Mallory luckily we have the second amendment which applies to everyone, even the police. So your fantasy dreams of disarming people aren’t really possible. After you disarm police your goal would be to disarm the civilian population after “another mass shooting”. Amazing Gun grabber logic you have.

      • “If lefties start toting AR-15’s, fine. An armed Antifa will soon wind up at room temp.”

        Help me to understand why armed antifa will soon wind up at room temperature.

        Are you suggesting that they will be killed merely for arming themselves?

        Milford Act much?

        • You keep forgetting that the white liberals support the Mulford Act now. They like blacks disarmed and only select white people with guns.

    • This guy doesn’t get it. It’s partially the rich billionaires that the right guns up against. The rich NWO types like Bill Gates that want to microchip your kid. If this author would talk more instead of gawk at right wing people he would likely find a lot of common ground.

      • Unfortunately most liberals are for this sort of thing. They are all for the “greater good” and not the rights of the individual. Unfortunately both parties are going this way, look at the reaction to the Coronovirus.

      • Ben,

        As far as I can tell, pretty much ALL billionaires are Leftists.

        I find it almost comical how so many billionaires advocate generous charity — including forcing the lower 90% of the socioeconomic scale to “participate” (through compulsory taxation).

        Sure, it is easy to give generously when you are sitting on a giant mountain of cash. Charitable giving to a billionaire might mean that they will not be able to buy that $200 million dollar “vacation” estate and will just have to get by with the 12 estates that they already have. I want to know how many billionaires will still advocate for compulsory “charity” when it means they have to give up their their entire fortune and live on $3000 per month in a 900 square foot apartment, drive a six year-old used car, be forced to eat whatever is on sale at the grocery store, and only have a $2000 cash cushion on hand.

        • “As far as I can tell, pretty much ALL billionaires are Leftists.”

          You can’t really believe that, can you? Either you are hilariously and tragically uninformed, or you are intentionally lying.

          You do know Trump claims to be a billionaire, but there are questions about his
          financial honesty so maybe he’s not a billionaire after all.

          Let’s just start with the billionaires in trumps cabinet, these are the people who’s actions control your life:

          Betsy DeVos, 61
          Secretary of Education
          Net worth: $2 billion

          Wilbur Ross, 81
          Secretary of Commerce
          Net worth: $600 million

          Steven Mnuchin, 56
          Secretary of the Treasury
          Net worth: $400 million

          And here’s a short list of conservative billionaires, along with your multi million dollar donations to the conservative candidates.

          Billionaire hedge-fund manager Paul Singer gave $6.4 million to Republicans, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

          Former Breitbart News investor Robert Mercer and his wife Diana have given $6,544,024 to conservatives.

          CEO of Arkansas-based chicken producer Mountaire Corp, Ronald Cameron, and his wife Nina donated nearly $6.6 million to Republicans.

          Jeffrey and Janine Yass donated $7.3 million to conservatives.

          Home Depot cofounder Bernard Marcus and his wife, Billi Wilma, gave nearly $8 million to Republicans.

          Charles Schwab, the founder of the eponymous brokerage firm, and his wife Helen gave $8,531,440 to Republicans.

          Investor Timothy Mellon gave $10 million, mostly to Republicans.

          Blackstone Group CEO Stephen Schwarzman and his wife Christine gave $12,882,200 to Republicans.

          Hedge-fund manager Kenneth Griffin donated $19,225,125 to Republicans.

          Uline CEO Richard Uihlein and his wife Elizabeth donated almost $40 million to Republicans.

          Gamblers Sheldon and Miriam Adelson gave $123,244,400 to Republicans.

          • Yep, and

            Paul Skjodt and philanthropist Cynthia Simon-Skjodt gave $6.8 million to Democrats

            Investor Joshua Bekenstein and philanthropist Anita Bekenstein gave $7.7 million to Democrats.

            Facebook cofounder Dustin Moskovitz and his wife, former Wall Street Journal reporter Cari Tuna, donated $7.7 million to Democrats.

            LinkedIn cofounder Reid Hoffman donated $9,315,826, mostly to Democrats.

            George Marcus and his wife Judith gave $9,610,125, mostly to Democrats.

            Heiress Deborah Simon donated $9.7 million to Democrats.

            California-based psychiatrist Karla Jurvetson donated $12 million to Democrats.

            Chicago-based newspaper publisher Fred Eychaner gave $12,665,400 to Democrats.

            George Soros donated over $20 million to Democrats.

            James and Marilyn Simons gave $22 million to Democrats.

            Hedge-fund manager S. Donald Sussman donated over $27 million to Democrats in 2018.

            Tom Steyer and his wife Kathryn Taylor gave $73,819,973 to Democrats.

            Michael Bloomberg donated over $95 million, nearly all of it to Democrats.

        • Look at that! Miner was able to cone up with a handful of rich people who gave to the Republicans!!
          Still waiting for proof of all the Nazi flags and nooses at the Michigan Freedom rallies.. which are both symbols of leftist ideology, which would Make their presence at a freedom rally kinda ironic, since they represent the same ideology Miner is heavily invested in.

        • Liberal billionaires like Paul Allen are primarily responsible for passing gun control laws in Washington State. Same for the anti-gun Liberal pot head billionaires in Colorado. There are plenty of socialist Progressive billionaire hypocrites who like their personal private armed security.

        • MinerNiner, I don’t think you understand the difference between millions and billions.

    • Simply put, The Left in America doesn’t—in any way—support traditional ideas of liberty and freedom. In their world “saving the country” is shorthand for the kinds of hard-edged fascist/socialism we seeing play out daily on our streets.

  1. “If you prefer, think of “gun up” as get real, get tough, get registered, get mobilized, get implacable and vote Trump out.”

    “Get registered”?

    H’mm. Now, how do I say this… ?

    Pfpppt. I’m not gonna, I’ll just kick back and read what others here will say… 🙂

    • Geoff,

      “…get registered…”

      Maybe owning a gun would make some leftists think twice about registering that gun with the government. Then, maybe they would think twice about allowing the state to microchip their children, and think twice about the other digital tattoos being proposed. Think twice about becoming a contact tracer, think twice about making themselves dependent upon their governments.

      Hmmmm…..that’s a lot of thinking.

      Then, again, gun ownership/training/practice stimulates the brain.

  2. So, the libtards think it’s time to “gun up”? Does that mean their endless push for gun confiscation just went out the window? The libtards want to “gun up”. That’s fine with me, they’ll just end up shooting themselves, they don’t have a clear understand which end the danger bean comes out of the gun. They should also follow their own notion of what an allowable firearm is. I have no problem with the “left” arming themselves with single shot muzzle loading muskets while the rest of us run around with out AR’s, AK’s, pistols, shotguns and milsurp semi-autos and bolt actions.

    I just love watching the left eat itself.

    • “Does that mean their endless push for gun confiscation just went out the window?”

      Actually, I’m hoping they will do what they say they will do, snap like a rubber band and waste their entire families.

      (I’m not a very nice person, if you haven’t picked up on that yet… 🙂 )

      • Geoff,

        You made me laugh. I guess that means I am not a very nice person, either.


        • “nice as i gotta be.”
          so, they call freedom seeds danger beans? makes sense.

          “what do you run on, rocket morton?”
          “i run on beans. i run on laser beans.”

          don van vliet

        • Laser beans?

          Those are the stink-farts that peel paint, right? 😉

  3. Lovely article by a writer who is not an American nor has he ever done anything which has put his life at risk.

  4. Ha. Just like owning a set of clubs doesn’t make you a golfer. Owning a gun, doesn’t make you a shooter.

    This is especially true of handguns. Most new shooters can’t hit the broad side of a barn with zero distractions and zero stress.

    • When I first started shooting, someone on this blog suggested that I could always hit the broadside of the barn if I went inside the barn to shoot.

      He was correct.

    • That mental picture kinda’ reminds me of the end of “Rainbow Six”. The book, not the game. It’s a fun read and worth it.

  5. Pushing for an armed conflict…
    The difference between the right being armed, and the left being armed, is that the left has a proven track record for a propensity for violence…
    If you want to get a firearm, by all means, but don’t do it because somebody issues a call to arms…

    • WI Patriot,

      Yes. Absolutely. Yet, most of those who do purchase guns, even with the intent to have an armed ‘left’, will quickly realize the need for safety and training and responsible behavior. They will learn the difference between a responsible gun owner and a criminal. They will move toward the center.

      That is my optimistic view.
      Of course, a few will be jerks. We have some of those, also.

      • Sitting on the fence is nowhere to be…. were DEFINITELY don’t need anymore INDECISIVE EDUCATED IDIOTS who fence sit….. that “middle” crap gets nobody NOWHERE!

        • Sitting on the fence makes you an easy target. Get off the X. Make up your mind which side your on.

        • Even those who choose not to decide…still have made a choice. Temples of the Syrinx.

  6. Borrowing from a previous poster; yeah sure, gun up and when you figure out which end that bullet thingy comes out of come see us!

    • Libs. Make doubly sure when you buy your first gun that it has one of those barrel shroud thingys that go up. All of us right-wing radicals have them on our AR14’s.

  7. In the article’s comment section, the most highly recommended comment (with almost 5,000 recommendations) is from an allaged Marine who advocates throwing anyone who openly carries a rifle in prison, confiscating their firearms, and creating a gun “no-buy” list for such people.

    • Maybe it was that “Vietnam vetran” airconditioner repair Marine Native American dude who was yelling at the Covington kids…. Lota’ airconditioner repair men, clerks, warehouse wieners, band people, etc in the Marine Corps who are available to say crap like that. I’m sure a lot of them are “combat vetrans” with “multiple deployments” too, so they “know what they are talking about”, just like Mayor Pete.

      • It’s just another form of using their identity in order to beat you over the head. They can do that because the Party of Equality and doesn’t believe all identities are equal.

    • Yo, Doug! I’m here. come throw me in prison! What a lying moron. You meant to say, send another hero, just like him, to go put him in prison while I stay locked in my basement. Because everyone knows that I am just so WISE, so wonderful, that all should obey me, ‘cuz crazy.

  8. “…..think of “gun up” as get real, get tough, get registered, get mobilized, get implacable and vote Trump out.”

    The nations’ cemeteries are already full of democrat voters – what else can they do?

  9. What’s the point?

    When the only people you vote for are the ones doing everything possible to take the guns away, what is the point in ‘gunning up’?

    If you want to “gun up” then why vote for people that will take you guns?


    The ONLY thing that makes sense here is that these people are not actually interested in gunning up. They are playing the Bloomberg/O’Rourke game creating an avenue for government to take the guns. The new liberal gun buyer will easily give them up. These are people that Bloomberg can easily persuade. We are witnessing a draining of guns and ammo from the system. It’s exactly what O’Rourke said he would do.

    • Prndll,

      “The new liberal gun buyer will easily give them up. ”

      Not sure. If they give up their guns they will be back where they started. Besides, they may be reluctant to give up those trips to the range and the skills they will have developed.

  10. Cone Head says “The billionaire politicians have complete control (besides the military at this point), no oversight”. Sounds about right, and their mostly Liberals.


    We cross-checked the Open Secrets list of the top 100 individuals donating to outside spending groups in the current election against the Forbes list of the world’s billionaires and found that, as of June 19, there were 22 individuals on the Open Secrets list who were billionaires. Of those 22 billionaires, 13 — or more than half — gave predominantly to liberal groups or groups affiliated with the Democratic Party. The other nine gave predominantly to conservative groups.

    Collectively, the 25 ultra high net worth individuals and couples on the list totaled a whopping $573,892,284 in political donations in 2018, data from The Center for Responsive Politics shows.
    Demoturds outspent the Republicans by more than $85 million (~15% more).

    • One of the biggest lies the left tells is that they are the poor downtrodden group. Yet their party is led by white men that are billionaires.

      Everything the left says is built on lies.

      • Doesn’t trump claimed to be a billionaire, and isn’t he the head of the republican party?

    • You forgot about one of the left’s favorite billionaire boogeymen, the Kochs. Oh wait, they didn’t support Trump. They love and utilize cheap illegal immigrant labor. They hate the idea of border security. What about the most influential and wealthy companies around today, the tech giants? Very left wing. The article is just using baseless, typical scare tactics. It’s very easy to use envy in order to divide people.

      • Kochs, plural of Koch, there were two of them. Their opinions may eventually come back in favor, if an uneducated foreigner wishes to work for less than an uneducated American will work for, welcome him and put him to work. Make the illegal immigrant labor into *legal* immigrant labor, problem solved.

  11. Typical SJW drivel. Gun up? Not if their bosses in the media and the political establishment have anythng to say about it. Please don’t forget the deep state, you can bet that while Strock, Comey, etal are gone, there are plenty more in the alphabet agencies willing and able to betray the US to advance their political cause.

    • Exactly…. this is funny…..”gun up”….. what a POS!
      Whoever this COHEN moron is, he needs to sit down and STFU before he really pisses someone off! 😉

      • They all piss me off. The dems, deep states, rhinos, pretty much all media.

  12. Please do “Gun Up.” You have the God given right to do so, you should use it.

  13. People forget that the NAZI party of 1930’s Germany got their Racial Purity Laws, their Gun Laws, and the SS from the 1870’s – 1930’s Democrat controlled South. Swap “JEW” for the “N” word of the JIM CROW laws, and see how much they match.

    Also, when Senator DODD Sr. wrote the 1964 Gun Control Law, it took almost 20 years of various FREEDOM of INFORMATION requests to get a copy of the translation of the NAZI Gun Laws that he had requested from his personal copy of those laws. The 1964 Dodd Gun Law and the translation provide by the Army translator are almost a word for word match.

    Why is ANTIFA not compaired to the NAZI Brown Shirts???

    • “Why is ANTIFA not compared to the NAZI Brown Shirts???”

      Because the media chose sides, so they aren’t allowed to criticize Antifa. It isn’t about the news, it’s about the agenda.

  14. This is why we need to re-elect Trump to POTUS in November no matter what and give him a Right wing controlled Congress he can work with. If armed violence between the Left and Right comes to the streets of the U.S. the outcome hinges on WHO STARTS IT. Whoever starts the violence surrenders any claim to legitimacy and will lose ‘bigly”.

    A second term for Trump with a not-Democrat controlled Congress [and throw-in a demanding American public for good measure] is the best way to turn the table on the Left and save the American Constitutional Republic. This is NOT about Trump (he is a means to an end). It is about saving our butts and restoring our control of the Government we, the People, established and consent to.

    • We need a third and fourth term for Trump, as well. I am afraid he will not go along with that (I wouldn’t do one term, for any amount of money!), but I’d like a chance to beg.

      • Two terms as POTUS is the limit as defined by the 22nd Amendment. So we’d have to repeal it. Terms limits for Congress, I believe, would require an additional Amendment. If we re-elect Trump for Term#2 and give him a not-Democrat controlled Congress it might be possible to have a Constitutional Convention and get Term Limits placed on Congress. I don’t think there’s a chance to repeal the 22nd Amendment.

  15. “Ready to defend them?”

    Don’t we spend all day posting memes about how we’re going to take our quad nods and Mk18s and go raid Epstein’s island to shoot pedo billionaires?

    • You do that? Sounds like liberal bullshit to me, half your terms I don’t even recognize, I suspect you are full of shit.

  16. Golly Cohen you’d “think” as a presumed Jew you’d understand the irony of your diatribe. I do…from my residence in Chiraq I met a multitude of leftard Tribe folks & black folks who trusted fully in .gov to protect and employ them. Your master’s will never allow you off the master’s plantation…

    • Don’t worry. This guy seems like the kind of poser who will get a 12-ga pump gun and 10-22, both with black plastic funiture and pistol grips, and think they are super dangerous military grade assault weapons because they look scary. He’s completely clueless and will fall right back in line when the flock starts to bleat. Or, he’ll run with it and be the liberal FUDD “gun expert” in his social circle. How many time have you seen people like this guy start their anti gun articles with: “As a responsible gun owner and parent…….”

      • Lol….. exactly….
        These “people” are ridiculous….. their scare tactics are funny as hell!

        • The Master Range Officer for the most recent firearms course I attended (multi-day tactical shotgun) was former military who was the “first in stack” of crash teams that cleared suspected buildings in Iraqi neighborhoods. His job was to breach the entrance and clear for the rest of his team to rush in. He said if he could only have one single long gun, his choice would always be a 12-ga due to its versatility and lethality.

          Don’t underestimate the .22LR, either.

        • Not the first choice for serious work, but both are still deadly in the right sercumstances.

        • I’m trying to estimate how many new(er) to gun people I’ve seen fire a pump or any shotgun. I know I’ve seen a whole lot of short stroking, a bunch of missed targets, and some wicked bruises when people don’t place the stock properly.

          I’ve also seen some 12 year olds that hunt squirrels with break action single shots that could probably effectively engage a whole platoon of Antifa equipped with Mossberg 940 JM and FN Herstal SLP shotguns.

  17. Impossible for leftists to “gun up” as the mentally deficient are prohibited from possessing firearms per federal law.

      • Yup. I would have laughed, but I come from a family of left-wingers, some openly socialist.

        They don’t hold back when criticizing me, but, I find I sleep better when do not engage and, instead, show them the respect they deny me.

        I am not being nice…I know it gets to them.

        • I have found that sometimes the best response to a left wing rant is to not respond at all. They hate being ignored, like some posters in this forum

  18. Slanderous, libelous, treasonous leftists having guns? I thought the insane were not to have guns.

  19. Mutual assured destruction.

    All non crazy adults should be armed. The more armed people the less crime. The more armed people the less ignorance of guns. The more armed people the less single issue voters [gun owners] being screwed.

    Buy more guns Democrats. Arm up black America. Carry a gun women.

    The more guns in the hands of good people the more civilized a society, the more respectful. People won’t start shit knowing every damn person has a handgun on their person and an AR-15 in their homes.

    Anyone saying Americans shouldn’t arm up are against the 2nd Amendment and are advocating supremacy for their tribe.

    For example, Cops say they support the 2nd Amendment while they arrest people for gun charges and kick in doors to serve red flags. Cops want gun control because they don’t want the public armed to the same level they are. The cops want their tribe to be safe from those not part of their tribe.

    • Commies aren’t people and most certainly not Americans. Therefore, they most certainly don’t have rights.

    • “All non crazy adults should be armed.”

      That opens up the obvious question…who, then, decides what “crazy” is, and how it should be applied? For example, if all of us here at TTAG take a vote to decide if you, Miner, Vlad, and maybe a few others are “crazy”, does that mean we get to take your guns away from you and leave you to the wolves? You okay with that?

      Nobody (other than the currently incarcerated or probationed) should be denied their right to own/carry.

      • That’s actually pretty easy! Whether a particular person is too bent to possess firearms is a question best decided by that person. 2A does not mention any possibility of exclusion due to mental capacity, and I’d bet the average IQ in 1776 was below 100 by quite a bit. If you are afraid of your capacity to be responsible with a firearm, don’t own one. That is even Constitutional!!

        • Lol, the definition of a score of 100 is the current “average” of those within the testing pool. So if everyone were dumber back then, the entire scale would be adjusted lower to compensate, yes? 🙂

      • “take a vote to decide if you, Miner, Vlad, and maybe a few others are “crazy”

        Yes, typical authoritarian speak.

        ‘Crazy‘ isn’t determined by a vote of average citizens, mental illness is a medical term and is diagnosed by trained and experienced medical personnel.

        Of course, I don’t expect many conservatives to accept the scientific method as a valid way to find truth.

        • Nice try, Miner, but you were much too obvious in the way you cherry-picked a few words from my entire comment and presented them completely out of context, 180 degrees opposite from the point I was making. I (facetiously) asked Chief if he would be okay if we all voted to deem you two as “crazy”, when nobody should be doing that. Not even to someone like you.

          But then, the only reason you’re here is to try to call attention to yourself, so this is where I turn off the spotlight and leave you on the stage by yourself, in the dark, with nobody else in the room.

          • I may not be able to define insanity…But I know it when I see it. I believe Miner might be Cinderella, because the shoe fits.

    • Most Cops aren’t anti gun they’re pro law. . It takes a responsible law abiding person to carry a gun,
      unfortunately these anti Constitutional lefties just want to use a gun to force their beliefs on others.
      They are not adult enough to carry, the idiots will be shooting themselves, kids, dogs, anything that moves before it’s over.

  20. You can’t even things up just by gun ownership however you should know the 2nd amendment just like the others are for EVERYONE.
    Feel free to use it or feel free not to. You have that choice. If you like that choice then make sure you vote properly.

  21. You guys know he doesn’t really expect these dems to gun up, right? The entire article is nothing but fear porn for the left. That’s why he mentions voting at the end. THAT was the point of the article.

  22. I think this scenario goes like this:
    A bunch of lefty friends are sitting around on the couch watching youtube videos of other people playing COD. The most-high one of the bunch says “Yeah – we should gun up to fight the fascists and the gun-nut right wingers”. The least high one says “yeah we should, fuck those fascists. I know how to shoot guns. – hey, hand me the bowl”. That’s the end of the great leftist uprising.

    • Hahaha I think I know those guys. Bunch of unemployable losers living in mom’s basement

  23. I’ll concern myself with libtards gunning-up when they also develop an aversion to soy lattes. Until, then, they are just a bunch of pretentious pajama-boys who hide under the bed at the sound of a thunderclap.

  24. Anyone remember the definition of a domestic terrorist under Zerobama? It was white males with military experience, gun owner, and held conservative political views with a distrust of the government. The left will come for your guns, and then they’ll come for you.

  25. Wait, don’t you know guns kill people all by themselves, that’s what gun grabber hypocrites have been applying for years.
    Guns probably kill the dumbest first so go ahead gun up little children.

  26. I’ve never understood how the left views guns.

    To them police are a bunch of racist murder thugs and the military are a bunch of psycho baby killers.

    But, the people should be disarmed and only the government (police & military) who they hate should be trusted with guns.

    • They are try to undermine society, always have always will. This is the only consistent thing in their positions.

  27. Consider me skeptical about this. There was much hooplah at the beginning of Trump’s term that liberals were arming themselves in fear for all the “white supreeeeeeeeeemacy” doing nasty stuff to minorities in lieu of Trump’s victory. Well, that was a very SHORT spur of liberal gun buying, if there was any. Besides a few stories here and there, not much happened. I would wager that there were far more liberals buying guns in the last few months because of the beer bug and fear of increased local crime more than Trump.

    But in either case, there’s going to be a wake up call in terms of thinking. Most people who get a gun and enjoy it start to learn that hey, freedom comes with responsibilities. Guns, and the gun community, are a very good red-pilling tool. They show the lies of the modern left, the lies of the media, and the importance of responsibility and safety. It certainly did for me. It’s very hard to be pro-gun and pro-left in today’s environment — there’s just too much conflict and cognitive dissonance you need in order to be far left and a pro-2A supporter. Classical liberal maybe, but far left? Forget it.

    I suspect that once the left start realizing that getting pro-gun means getting red-pilled, they’ll actively go back to shaming gun owners, even their own leftist gun owners. Ideology means more to them than actively being armed and responsible.

  28. Gun up?
    Do there people actually have any idea what it takes to shoot someone under the best circumstances ?
    Hint, it’s not like the movies. Maybe they should listen to each other for once.

  29. The comments section on the NYT article reminds me of a song I’ve been hearing on the radio:
    “F*ck you, and you, and you,
    I hate your friends and they hate me too. “

  30. How does a Liberal “gun up” when you can only get one gun a month? Wait at least 10 days to pass a background check. The line to get into the gun store is around the block. And you’re limited to only 50 rounds for every 6 months? I heard that part was going to be law in California.

    “Karen” is an accurate name for these people.

  31. Mao in 1927: Political power grows from the barrel of a gun. In other words. not the first time that a lefty has advocated the use of guns. The difference is, like Mao, the lefties do not want you to have YOUR gun.

    • Chinese peasants were disarmed before they starved them to death. Ukraine same thing. Venezuela is doin ? It now, if people were armed in VZ they wouldn’t be living like that while the elites gain weight and party.

  32. The left prefers to legislate and regulate then sit back and watch rough men with guns do their dirty work. Does anyone think they would dare take up arms and force equally or superior armed people to submit?

    • Owning and carrying a firearm requires being a responsible adult.
      Most dems spend all their time blaming everything on someone else
      playing the race card, protesting everything the president says or does
      Leaves them out. Who wants a bunch of over emotional immature people who
      act like spoiled little kids who didn’t get their way carrying a gun.

  33. Gun buy-backs don’t work, but maybe rights buy-backs would. Liberals could sell their 2A rights to the government for some quick cash and limit the number of guns that could be in civilian hands.

    I’d love to see them squirm while they start debating what their rights are worth.

  34. Billionaire politicians? I’m worried about the liberal politicians with their hands in the pockets of the LIBERAL billionaires (George Soros, Jeff Bezos, Tom Steyr, Michael Bloomberg, et al!

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