Cody Wilson arrested sexual assault Defense Distributed
courtesy Taiwan News
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The Taiwan News reports that Cody Wilson, who’s been charged with sexual assault in connection with an encounter with a 16-year-old girl has been arrested in Taipei.

Police arrested American 3D-printed gun advocate Cody Wilson in Taipei City’s Wanhua District Friday evening, just a day after it became known he was wanted in Texas for paying a 16-year-old girl for sex, the Apple Daily reported.

His arrest and expected transfer, first to the Criminal Investigation Bureau and later to the National Immigration Agency, brings to a quick close a case which had police hurrying to check out his movements since his arrival in Taiwan on September 6.

Wilson, 30, first checked in at the luxurious Mandarin Oriental Hotel on the capital‘s Dunhua North Road after a flight from the U.S. However, he left the following day by taxi for an unknown destination, reports said.

The US has no extradition treaty with Taiwan.

As the American Institute in Taiwan reportedly moved to cancel his passport, Wilson will no longer have a legal travel document, making his deportation to the U.S. possible, reports said.

A real estate agent reportedly alerted local police after Wilson signed a lease on a Taipei apartment.

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        • I’ve stayed there before. It’s nice. Not “luxury” by Taipei standards, and nowhere near “luxury” anywhere in Japan, or in Beijing, Tianjin, or Shanghai. It’s better than you would get in Vegas for $300-400 a night, but not a whole lot better.
          It is sure as hell not where I’d go if I didn’t want to be arrested. 1/5 of the people there were likely Americans. That was asinine. Get up in the mountains near the temples. Nice, hardworking people there that mind their own business and get shit done.
          Cody really sucks at crime.

        • Stayed there 20 years ago. The Ritz was better. I’ve seen quite a bit of Taiwan at ground level.
          Wouldn’t be the first country I’d try to hide in

        • “Cody really sucks at crime”.
          Well as the police have stated TTAG and elsewhere stupid criminals are very easy to catch.

        • Of course, the other option is that he went to a tourist hotel and checked in under his own name is because he wasn’t hiding.
          I really hope that’s the answer.

        • The last time I was in Taipei my local team wanted to take me out to an American restaurant, so I was thinking of Steak House’s. Nope, Denny’s, then Snake Blood Alley where you do the snake blood shots, passed on that, raw bodily fluids in an alley just doesn’t seem like a good idea to me, and Denny’s is never a good idea, unless you’re really drunk, and there is no Waffle House.

          On a hooker tangent, flying from Cincinnati through LAX to Taipei with no layovers, I get to the hotel, can’t remember what it was, but next to the IBM office, and at 3:30 in morning local time, when I’m completely oblivious to time, day, planet, I get a call from the lobby and all I hear is “Massage” I say “What?”, “Massage” “What?”. This goes on for a few cycles then I hang up. Then the phone rings in the next room then the next. The hookers were cold calling from the lobby. I’d never seen that before, nor since, but maybe that was why Cody likes Taipei, extra convenience, their hookers are real go-getters.

        • RogueVal,
          Reminds me of a massage I got in the mainland. Up to a point, it was a great massage. Little woman got on a stool with a bamboo pole to press into my neck and upper back. Really, I’m laying there like “holy crap this is one of the best massages I’ver ever had.”
          Then, I turn over, she yanks the sheet back, grabs my wang with a vice grip, and proceeds to slap it around like she’s trying to murder a damn rattlesnake, asking “massagy?” I yelled, “Jesus Christ No! Has that ever worked?”
          Ahh…the Orient…

      • You really missed the ENTIRE point. The Liberator Pistol is a proof of concept & a political statement, it isn’t meant for EDC.
        If he just wanted to make money, even on the 2A crowd, he could have done much better.

        • Well, his political statement has absolutely terrified millions of ignorant smurffs and they will likely elect a democrat Congress in November. The whole business is one big FUBAR at this point.

        • No, Bob, the dems aren’t going to get congress in November. They are going to get a big wake up call which they will ignore. To our benefit.

        • JWM, I don’t know enough about the rest of the country, but that is certainly what is happening in Texas. A Republican just won a special election in San Antonio, in a solidly Hispanic district that has had a Democrat in office for the last 139 years. Robert William O’Rouke (or “Beto” as he wants to be called for this election) thought he was going to win against Senator Ted Cruz. All the polls this summer had him within 2 points. He was the Democrat golden boy. Now, those same polls have him losing by 9-14 percent. Turns out the Hispanic population he was counting on don’t like abortion, want to be tough on crime, want to keep their guns, and are pretty happy with what the Republicans have done for their jobs and education.
          The Dems are getting crushed here, again. I have no reason to believe the rest of the country is any different.

        • JW. As most here know I live in the bay area, CA. I made numerous observations here on ttag leading up to the 16 presidential elections. I saw almost no support for hillary here. Even in Berkeley. It was well into the campaign before I saw my first hillary bumper sticker and that was a ‘For Prison’ sticker.

          When barry was in office the economy here was on the ropes. Now you come here and you have to put an honest effort into staying unemployed. I’ve been retired since Nov. and I still get job offers.

          It boils down to the economy. True, the left has gone insane and that helps us. But it really comes down to the economy and it is jumping. People don’t want to upset that after the near depression years of barry’s time.

        • jwtaylor It’s robert francis o’rouke. Agreed, he’s going to get thumped. This is the same hype they did for wendy davis 4 years ago and abbott beat her by 15% Same candidates too, raise money in liberal CA and NY and have a huge online fanfare (mainly CA and other liberals) and fawning media coverage

        • Calling that plastic abortion a pistol, and then naming it after the Liberator of WW II OSS fame is a real stretch as well as an insult. You’d have to have several loose screws in your head to drop the striker on this so called weapon. You need to understand that firearms are primarily a pressure vessel with a one way release valve called a projectile. There needs to be pressure from the expanding gases to force the bullet down the bore at a lethal velocity, and the chamber has to hold that pressure for a significant period, otherwise the pressure will find the weakest point and escape. This is true of all firearms, no matter what the design or capability. Anyone who invests in this so called technology is a fool. The only damage this thing can do is a one time affair at best, and without metal reinforcement of the chamber and bore you are going to be fragged with the shards of what used to be a very bad idea in firearms design.

          The original Liberator pistol was steel, and could be reloaded and fired many times. It was a weapon you could depend on to work and in doing so hopefully obtain a more suitable weapon. This was how the OSS armed the French Resistance. Using it’s name is an ignorant misuse, and as far as we know, the only people who ever got hurt by one were on the muzzle end of the barrel. That was war and it served a purpose. This plastic thing does not qualify.

      • He never made much money from Defense Distributed. He was spending everything they did make on legal battles against parts of ITAR, primarily, via the 1st & 2nd Amendments. There aren’t a lot of people in the industry who truly put their own money where their 2nd Amendment mouths are, and Cody was one of them. He is (or was) also a nice guy — generous and welcoming personally and easy to hang out with. I’m very sad to learn of this news and I certainly hope that it ends up turning out differently from how it looks at this point.

        • Yeah, I like Cody. I met him many years ago when he came to my office looking for funding. Nothing but nice.
          I certainly never saw this coming.
          My advice to any man looking for a woman, unless you have a picture of her graduating basic training, or with her kids at their at least middle school graduation, or her arrrest record, stay away. Stay far away

        • Meanwhile, those of us who understand a bit of human behavior could see that he was merely a self-centered, self-aggrandizing privileged kid, looking for his 15 minutes of fame – no matter the real cost to the 2A, or it’s actual supporters.

          He was always in this for the money and the attention. Nothing factually good has been accomplished by his joke of a “company” or the legal cans of worms he has deliberately opened. If the allegations are true, it’s completely expected.

          “Every battle is won before it is ever fought.” – Sun Tzu

          Always establish facts on the ground. (Or allow them time to organically develop.)

          Long before the uninformed had ever heard of this attention-seeking-dolt Cody Wilson, makers were printing 3D guns. More importantly – they were being spread to people who would actually, well, build them.

          Tesla, AirBnB, Lyft, Uber. All doing blatantly illegal things in every state. Difference is, they were smart enough to establish a massive base before publicly thumbing their nose at the king.

          Frankly, I care not a whit if it is a set-up. He deserves whatever he gets for all the negative attention (and very real legislation) targeted at the maker community directly. 100%, attributable to him and his childish antics.

          Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  1. I thought Cody Wilson was smarter than to voluntarily dip, make that dunk, himself in shite…in the aftermath of these ‘sex with a minor’ allegations.

    • If you’re going to make assumptions, then why don’t you call her a human trafficking victim? After all, you don’t know who got the money or who may have compelled whom into the sex trade.

    • As far ad I know that’s how the whole sugar daddy stuff works.

      I don’t know the details but it sounds like legally and more socially acceptable prostitution.

      Case in point, craigslist shit down their personals section where sexual deviants could connect because it was also being used by escorts. However these sugardaddy sites are allowed to stay up.

      • So far I haven’t heard anyone bring up the fact that the sugardaddy website is an 18+ only site! By all rights SHE broke the law by advertising on it and he has a clear case to assume she was older than 17 (which from what I understand is the legal age in TX). Granted he shouldn’t have run but he should have been able to get the charges dropped, if he hadn’t ran.

  2. 3D printed guns suck anyway. With the quality jigs on the market, I can do a receiver with no numbers that’s 100 times better quality than any 3D gun. I only appreciate the principle that he fought for in terms of the law. In terms of the product…👎

      • The gun world did not dry up and blow away when John Browning died. Wilson is one man with just one gun to his credit. Or a process for making a gun. And that process is now public knowledge.

        You can’t stop the signal.

      • The gun did matter. It was a proof of concept that made the principle debatable within a given context. Without a the gun the discussion would be strictly academic and for recreational purposes only.

        • The abilities of the gun didn’t have to be exceptional. It was the idea that did so much ideological damage to the left’s pursuit of ushering in the disarmament based utopia.

      • There’s a Chinese company that is coming out with a DMLS printer capable of using Titanium, that only costs $400k, which is like half what the previous generation cost. Still seems kinda pricey to me, but if I win the lottery, that would be cool,

  3. Time to face the music. We’ll see how this plays out. Either way his “crowdfunding” days are over. And it’s my guess they will be looking to permanently take his gun “rights” away forever. Even though he committed no crime with a gun. That felony conviction is exactly what they are looking for.

    • If the allegations as so far reported are true, then he’s lucky they aren’t taking away his penis rights. In some parts of the world, that activity could make him a prohibited possessor, imposed by the government or just the community.

    • No we won’t…. Didn’t you read the article? “His arrest and expected transfer… brings to a quick close a case..” …. The news says he’s a dirty child raping pedophile. We don’t need to know anything else. There doesn’t need to be a fair and impartial trial. There are no mitigating circumstances…. He’s arrested, case closed, 3D printed guns are evil, and if you don’t support a bill banning all “ghost guns”, then you support child rape. /sarc/

    • “Either way his “crowdfunding” days are over.”

      I kinda doubt that. Did you see the number of people in TTAG screaming “He was setup!”?

      Those folks will gladly crowdfund his defense…

  4. Well that whole “outlaw” persona kinda’ backfired…I’m pretty meh about the whole thing. Happy nothing came from my encounters with young ladies way back when(no paid whores though).

  5. strange…they can so quickly and efficiently capture an international fugitive, who may have knowingly or unknowingly engaged in consensual sex for money with someone who was underage.

    But somehow we can’t seem to apprehend crime bosses, drug lords and murders? Some of whom aren’t even international fugitives.

    I guess when the justice machine is running under the right motivation as fuel, shit can get done.

    • The difference is that crime bosses/drug lords have enough money and influence to give the local authorities plenty of money to look the other way. Why would law enforcement chase down someone who’s paying for their bonuses?

      Also this was beyond just someone having an affair with an underage girl. We’re talking about the one guy who has held the #1 spot on ((their)) shitlist for quite awhile. You can bet there was a lot of money that was motivating local authorities and that one real estate agent to turn over Cody.

      Notice a trend yet? I do: money.

    • “engaged in consensual sex for money with someone who was underage”

      The little girl is underage. The little girl cannot consent. Laws the law.

      Doesn’t matter if she “wanted it” she can’t consent. (How do we know she wasn’t a victim of sex trafficking, this wasn’t a honey pot, the little girl just crazy or any other number of things?)

      You want your 13, 14, 15 or 16 year old daughter to have sex with a 30 year old? Heck, would you feel comfortable if your 18 year old daughter was banging a 30+ year old?

      Or you having statutory rape fantasies?

      (He should have verified the little girls age. The law is the law. And since he’s already on everyone’s radar why signup for a website to meet females, especially the young ones, who are looking for a sugar daddy?)

      • Calling a 16 year old who volunteered to have sex with him a “little girl” is like calling a teenage gang banger who shoots someone a “little boy”. Morally distasteful or not, using terms that evoke images of some doe-eyed little kid for situations like this is disingenuous at best.

        • Laws the law.

          And yeah, some little punk kid is still a little punk kid.

          The law is clear, little punk kids can still be tried as an adult for crimes they committed or were accessories to.

          Doesn’t matter if little kids or adults like yourself think it’s okay for an underage kid to volunteer to have sex with a man twice her age or any guy above the age of consent. Law says she can’t consent because of her age. (He should have carded her and verified her age. Better yet, since he’s already got a huge target on his back don’t hook up with females were there is any doubt of their age. Even if it is entrapment like some folks on here think it might be. He’s got 21 AGs gunning for him, why is he doing anything remotely questionable? Heck, they’ll throw the book at him for jaywalking. In addition to all the other anti gunners who would love to assassinate his character. Why give any of those folks the rope to hang you with?)

          Our legal system ain’t perfect. One thing to charge/convict a kid as an adult for a crime, quite another to say the child should be treated like an adult and okay to have sex with older men.

          Under 18 is still a kid. Heck, under 21-25 as far as I’m concerned is still just a kid. I didn’t mean little kid in the sense of a doe eyed innocent victim.

          Yeah, they both messed up. Neither party is without blame. But in the eyes of the law he was the adult and she was underage. She could have been very aware of what she was doing and that would make her a little punk kid. No one forced him to hook up with young females looking for a sugar daddy.

          As far as I’m concerned, I’d rather hook up with someone around my own age. Not someone barely legal and certainly not someone underage.

          But if it helps you to call the 13 year old something other then a little girl/boy to justify your thoughts, by all means go ahead /s… but let the police know beforehand so you can be charged as an adult and then the 13 year old boy/girl won’t be raped by an old creepy dude who says he/she “wanted it”

        • I made no value judgments about the law or the situation, so kindly don’t go screeching sbout what I’m “okay” with. I’m just pointing out that a term like “little girl” comes with connotations that don’t necessarily apply to someone like the girl in this situation. If we’re going to complain when the anti-gunners scream about teenage gang-banger deaths like it’s little timmy down the street accidentally offing someone, we should probably be careful of using a similar bias ourselves in this case.

        • Again Zippy… she committed FRAUD. Wilson is the victim here. In the real world women lie about their ages all the time and there’s an entire multi-billion dollar industry in existence to help them do so. If you claim you can correctly identify the age of any woman between 16 and 30 when she’s got her full warpaint on, I call bullshit.

          Don’t even get me started on the fact that if the sexes were reversed, the 16yo punk would be the one charged with rape and you know it. But sure, keep carrying water for screeching harpies and dried out feminazis. I’m sure they’ll let you have your balls back eventually.

        • Cz Rider-

          True enough.

          Like I said, I didn’t mean little kid in the sense of a doe eyed innocent victim. And yeah, I hate it just like you when anti gunners or others treat gang bangers and others with rap sheets longer then my arm as poor innocent Johnny’s never did a bad thing, was a sweet kid and just turning his life around…

        • pwrserge-

          What? Now you blame the makeup industry for Wilson being raped?

          Who else are you going to blame and what other crap are you going to blame for Wilson having sex with a minor and paying for it?

          Sorry to burst your bubble but if it was a 16 year old boy, it’d still be statutory rape against Wilson. We’d be having the…same…exact… conversation…

          Never claimed anywhere I could claim to know a females age with war paint on. If she looks too young, you card her. Plus ask a few questions, start a conversation and you’ll have a pretty good ball park estimate of her age. Plus, I don’t hangout at places or visit websites where underage girls or barely legal girls go to.
          I also don’t pay for sex and am not interested in underage or barely legal girls. If there’s any doubt, card her.
          I’d like to know at least a little about the lady before we have sex. Which is a great to chance to find out her emotional, maturity and age level.

        • No one is saying she’s 16, people are assuming 16, but on day one, people were assuming 17 until they found out the age of consent in Texas.

          So she is AT MOST 16, which means she could be 9, or 12. So what age would be OK? 15, 14?

      • He DID verify her age fucktard. The little whore committed rape by deception and federal wire fraud. At that point, if she’s old enough to commit fraud and rape, I don’t really care much about her age.

        • Wow. Language mister.

          Pwrserge, did we hit a nerve or something? You poor, poor innocent snowflake. We need to create safe space for you?

          Wait?! What?! Now she committed rape? Really?! How? It seems Mr. Cody was looking for sex and even paid her for it. How’d she rape him?

          Wow, you’re now making the argument that an underage girl raped a 30+ year old man. Just wow.

          Yeah, she lied about her age. I mean no one ever does that. So that totally absolves him /s. Except she’s underage and a minor, so it’s still on him. (He should card her not go simply off the terms of use requiring everyone be 18+, plus the terms of use aren’t exactly a legally binding contract but I digress.)

          Anyways, we have no facts of what happened besides their ages and they apparently had sex and he paid. Maybe he knew she was a minor or maybe not. But fact is she’s underage and can’t consent therefore it’s statutory rape.

          Wire fraud? How so? Wire fraud is basically tricking folks to hand money over to them electronically. Lying about ones age isn’t wire fraud. Plus he paid in cash, in person for services rendered also not wire fraud.

          Prostitution is illegal, so lying about ones age still wouldn’t quite fall under fraud or deception. Plus, it’s too be expected a prostitute will lie about their age.

          Fine she tricked him. How does that suddenly absolve him of sex with a minor and paying for sex? Do we even know he didn’t know her age? Did he card her or did he just wrongly believe no one lies?

          Yes, if she broke some law against fraud and deception she should be charged. If she’s not a victim of sex trafficking or something else similar then she should be charged for soliciting sex in exchange for money.

          Pwrserge you seem to have some issues here. Are you seeing someone? There’s no shame in getting help. I think you should talk to a professional and get some help.

        • Go fuck yourself Zippy. Wilson consented to have sex with a 18yo woman that didn’t exist. That’s rape by deception. But please, keep carrying water for 300lb dried out feminazi harpies. The whamenses can never do anything wrong and fuck all the men whose lives they destroy.

        • Yeah, what he said. I agreed to have sex with a sugar baby over 18, so nothing else matters. I thought she was 99, or something, yeah, older woman, war paint and stuff, she looked way younger than 99, so that was great. Just because in the text she said she was 14, then I sent her photo’s of my junk, the website said she was 99.

      • “And you, Zippy, need to find out exactly which landwhale has your balls stashed in her purse”


        What city do you live in? If you need help finding a psychologist I’m sure we can find one in your area.

        What exactly are you even trying to get across? I’ve basically said it’s not okay for an adult to have sex with a minor. And according to the law it is illegal. If she did trick him or break any laws she should be held accountable if she wasn’t coerced into it.

        But it’s still on him to make sure she is legal, that’s the law. Sorry if you don’t like it. Is that right or wrong, hard to say as those under 18 have a pretty hard time knowing the consequences of their actions.

        Calm down dude.

        • Yeah… and if somebody randomly changes the 25mph speed limit signs around a school zone to 55, you should totally be arrested for reckless driving, have your license suspended and your car seized…

          In a free society you can only be held for crimes you committed on your own volition.

        • Pwrserge makes good points here.

          Lies, fraud, deception matters. How much it matters? Time will tell for Cody (If indeed she lied to him).

        • Sometimes serge gives the impression he’s being paid to make gun rights supporters look really bad(unstable, angry, etc) online….if he’s doing it for free he has legitimate mental issues. And should get help.

      • “Go fuck yourself Zippy. Wilson consented to have sex with a 18yo woman that didn’t exist. That’s rape by deception. But please, keep carrying water for 300lb dried out feminazi harpies. The whamenses can never do anything wrong and fuck all the men whose lives they destroy.”

        Anger issues? Did I insult your wife and kids, step on your dog or watched your TV?

        I mean why so much hostility towards me? Did something happen to you in the past?

        Rape by deception of age? Which law is that exactly? When has it been heard in any court of law? Please, enlighten the rest of us. I’ve never once heard about any laws or trials regarding rape by lying about ones age; when the other party consented and paid based for sex on the previously established age that later was found to be false. (Do we even know for sure if Wilson knew or did not know?)

        If there is such a law, all us men would love to know.

        • Rape by deception is statute in many states. Basically, when you defraud somebody into consent, the consent is null and void. It’s no different than getting somebody drunk off their ass and then having sex with them.

          As for why I have feminazis… There are several reasons.

          I’ve seen a guy have to pay child support for kids that aren’t his.
          I’ve seen a 22yo get charged with rape for getting drunk at a party and then having sex with another similarly drunk co-ed who was trying to jump him all night and then had buyer’s remorse in the morning.

          This sort of shit happens every day and nobody cares because of the whining of numerous whamenses and the soyboy enablers.

          The standards for sexual assault in this country are grossly unconstitutional and almost always favor the woman. So yes, I’m more than a bit bitter about the issue. Especially when I see bullshit like the Kavanaugh accusations destroy men in prominent positions with zero evidence decades after the fact. In this country, men are 2nd class citizens and you damn well know it.

        • Well “Rape by Deception” laws, actually called Fraud in Factum, more commonly called “Yes Means Yes” laws would not be applicable, A) because Texas has no such law, and B) doesn’t fit the statute in any of the other 49 states, as in every case, there is an exception if one of the parties is unable to consent, 16 or younger in Texas is unable to consent.

          Alabama is the closest to allowing it, as it allows minors to be charged, but only if both parties are minors, as defined by the rape statutes.

          So, why don’t you just admit that you just don’t care about the age of consent, or consent in general, as all of your arguments are unbound by law, logic, or morals, see any post for examples.

        • Again you feminazi harpy… go fuck yourself. I don’t give a shit about the opinions of a misandrist bigot.

        • You are a lunatic, I mean that in the medical sense, seriously, you do not appear well. I’m concerned that your family might want to check you into a facility, or at least have an examination.

      • RogueVal-

        Do’h you’re right. Been a while since I posted.

        Didn’t realize he was a troll until all the swearing and illogical blah blah blah started happening.

        Now wouldn’t it be hilarious if this underage girl ended up being pwrserge daughter (actually might just be funnier seeing his response to this sentence.)

        • Wweeelll, not funny exactly, weird schadenfreude I guess. He’s so busy with the false narrative justifying adults having sex with minors that I kind of doubt there was ever a biological possibility, it’s all in the theoretical sense seemingly. All women are this, all men are that, just shows a lack of exposure to good people.

        • I don’t know what the jurors will think, but it matters to me if she lied to him. Did he still break the law? Sure. But the circumstances matter. Certainly to me. And they may matter to those jurors too.

          Lies and fraud take away from fairness. They take something away from it. If he knew she was 16, then it’s hard to have much sympathy.

        • Yeah. Because losing your rights because of third party fraud is totally ok. Fuck you Val. Fraud makes the entire case null and void.

        • @serge….losing your rights to 3rd party fraud….I agree, we are in the process of individuals losing our rights to 3rd party fraud by the vaccine industry. Same logic all day long. Why can’t you admit your double standard when it comes to vaccines? You bring douchbaggery to a whole new level when you use logical fallacies instead of actual science in your posts.

      • She clearly did consent, I would say the law is a poorly written opinion of what another sentient person can and can’t do. A good case for nullification.

  6. The worst thing a person can do is to snub the government’s nose or rub the government’s nose in its own excrement by refusing to knuckle under to government mandates and commands. Cody did that, just by making his 3D gun plans available to all.
    The government will not hesitate to use any “dirty tactics” to bring anyone down. Look what they did to Julian Assange…
    It is relatively easy for government hackers to download questionable material to just about any computer that is not protected by a firewall.
    If Cody did use poor judgment and did procure an under age girl knowingly that is one thing, BUT if the government procured an under age girl as “bait” and “entrapment” that is a whole other story.
    It would not surprise me if the latter was the true situation.

    • How hard would it be to stage the whole event without his even being involved? Was there ever actually a girl? The people he’s up against can do this pretty easily. They’ve got video? I guess that settles it because video can’t be faked. I find that easier to believe than the suggestion that he could be so stupid. He had to know there was a red dot on his forehead.

      • Anyone who thinks that video can’t be faked is kidding themselves. I refer you to the movie “Forrest Gump”. Tom Hanks in the movie is clearly seen with both John F. Kennedy who died well over a couple of decades before the movie even came out, and Richard Nixon and that movie came out what 25 years ago? the technology to put someone with someone else (like for example a 16 year old girl) has only improved since then.

        • Deep video…. you can recreate public officials now entirely from scratch, voice, the whole 9 yards. An actor can be synced to the model with lifelike idle animations. A CG expert might be able to pick out artifacts in the model but laymen, not a chance.

          Once in a while a MSM news anchor will look CG, not sure if its the overbaked lighting and makeup, or if they are actually CG.

          – A furry artist who sits infront of photoshop, Zbrush, and Maya most of the day.

  7. The biggest problem men have is not keeping their peckers in their pants. The thirst is real. This Dumbass basically destroyed his life because he had to get a piece.

    • Yeah. How dare he become a victim of wire fraud? Blaming Wilson in this situation is no different than blaming any other rape victim. But hey, I’m sure no whamen have ever lied about their age ever. It’s not like there’s an entire industry set up to help them do so… oh… wait.

  8. I don’t know him. Because of what I do know of him from interviews and writings, I just find it hard to believe that he could do this, if only because it is so stupid. No thirty year old man gets a pass with a 16 year old in my book. But it is just so hard to believe that any computer literate political activist could voluntarily allow themselves to be trapped with the oldest bait in the world. The victim and accuser in this case cannot even be identified. How convenient. Not to mention one could hear the wheels of justice screeching around the world to catch him. I think we need to take a step back and watch this carefully. None of it passes the sniff test

  9. Take care how you go do your peckin’
    When your gal has no ID for checkin’.
    Don’t go surf the ‘net,
    For some p&ssy to get,
    Or your life may succumb to a wreckin’.

      • It’s not sexist when it’s true. Congratulations whamen. You’ve taken you little feminazi jihad far enough that most men would rather not deal with your bullshit.

        • Yes, it is sexist because you’re taking a trait of some feminazi women and saying it applies to all women so all women are bad even when many are good people.

        • The point is that at this juncture, telling the difference isn’t worth the risk. It’s cheaper for me to rent a hooker than to pay a divorce lawyer and hand over half my shit. A grown man needs a ho like a fish needs a bicycle.

        • You’re kinda a hateful twit, aren’t you? Hateful fake internet alpha male who has to pay for sex, and actually claims it as a virtue, sure, you definitely seem like a real tough guy. You’re mad at women because you are a loser? Because they detest you? Hate to tell you, you could be gay, and the butchiest mo in the world, they’re going to detest you too, you’re detestable, it’s your thing. Fine, everybody needs a schtick, yours is being the biggest loser, biggest dickhead, wherever you may roam, then complaining “oooh they don’t like me because of society and stuff”, pure loser mentality.

          You’re a loser by choice, women hate you because you ooze loser from your every pore, the stench surrounds you. You know all those men around you that have girlfriends, or friends, with women, men, whatever, even the fat and ugly ones, yeah those, that’s because they aren’t the biggest sucking asshat in the room.

          Some people may treat you like a normal person, but you know that’s only because they pity you. Because, you know, you’re pitiful. You think bragging about you having to pay hookers makes you look cool? You have to pay people to be in your presence, and the hookers pity you too.

          Jesus, the fact that you actually may not be alone in your beliefs, is embarrassing for men everywhere, you demean us by your very existence. The single saving grace is you will never have a chance to procreate, we need no risk of finding out the answer to nature vs nurture with you, the gene pool will improve a tiny bit when you are gone.

        • Whatever you say soyboy vermin. Some of us still have our balls. Oh… and FYI every man pays for sex. I prefer cash up front to room and board. But hey if you want to trust some possibly crazy feminazi with your shit. Feel free. It’s not my alimony payment.

        • Morally irrelevant. She deceived him into believing she wasn’t. Sorry ladies, you don’t get to lie about something and then play the victim when somebody acts based on your lies.

        • I agree with pwrserge. Lies matter.

          But it may not have been a lie. He may have known she was 16 all along. We’ll see.

          But if she lied to him and said she was 18, then that is something that I believe “should” be considered in a case like this. Adding lies and fraud takes something from fairness. If he banged a 16 year old knowingly, fair enough. But if he was lied to, that should be considered.

        • It will be considered, in sentencing. Makes him zero percent less liable, but it may impact the sentencing recommendation, at least for the sexual assault of a minor charge, the child porn charges, the contributing charges, all stemming from texting naked photos back and forth are a bit more problematic.

          Sentencing guidelines in Texas make the former a 2-10 year sentence, if she was 14 or under, it’s 5 to 20, and no early parole, the fact that she may have lied probably puts it towards the bottom, if it was forcible, the top, but that doesn’t seem likely. The other charges probably wouldn’t add more than a few years to that, and would probably be served concurrently anyway, so he’ll probably actually serve close to two, but as little as one in actual jail, plus time served, as he has already fled internationally once, and I’m sure that will also play into it and he’ll be remanded.

          His defense will be that it wasn’t him, or he’ll plead out. Stipulating that he did it, but was tricked, is admitting guilt.

        • His defense will be that it wasn’t him, or he’ll plead out. Stipulating that he did it, but was tricked, is admitting guilt.

          Per the law. But that doesn’t make the law fair. Nothing fair about it. If she lied to him, he will have to pay for her lies.

        • You keep saying that, but I keep showing you both state, federal, and SCOTUS rulings that prove that you’re wrong, find a single instance that there is a successful defense of statutory rape by an adult of more than 3 years by “fraud”, one, just a single one.

          So, I’ll just go ahead and agree with every single criminal case of statutory rape in Texas, and America, and you can continue to say, “Nuh uh, because I wants it to be”

        • I actually found one in Indiana, whose Romeo and Juliet law allows for a 3 year age gap. A jury convicted 17-year-old Anthony Lechner of statutory rape for having sex with a 12-year-old girl whom he said he believed was over 14. Under Indiana law, sex between a 17-year-old and a person not more than three years younger was not a crime. The victim herself, her sister, and several of her friends all told Lechner that the girl was 14. At trial, the court refused Lechner’s request for a jury instruction that, if he reasonably believed the victim was over 14, he should be acquitted. After the jury convicted him, Lechner appealed and the Indiana appeals court reversed his conviction because the trial court should have given the jury the “reasonable mistake of fact” instruction that Lechner requested. When polled, the jury said they would have convicted regardless, but that’s the value of an appeal and jeopardy, he was actually fortunate that the judge disallowed the argument.

          Completely irrelevant for Wilson, but there was an example of one in America. Going to be really hard to argue Romeo and Juliette in a state without that as a statute about an underage prostitute at least 14 years his junior.

          And then there are the Child Porn violations.

        • Yes Val, let’s send all rape victims to prison when their rapist is under the age of consent. Great plan. /sarc

          You don’t have a single moral leg to stand on so just like any other feminazi bigot you resort to meaningless legal technicalities. Simple fact is that Wilson was set up by a rapist and now you’re turning the rapist into a “victim” because “muh’ whamenses can never du nuttin wrong”. Fuck you Val, you disgust me.

          Strict liability is fundamentally unconstitutional and you fucking know it.

        • Serge, you’re sickeningly full of shit. On one hand it wouldn’t surprise many if Cody Wilson was deliberately set up. On the other hand, you cry foul in spades about her misrepresenting herself while you ignorantly defend an industry that make billions while permanently injuring and killing tens of thousands through blatant fraud and misrepresentation….where the fuck is your selective moral compass? Blatant POS hypocrite.

  10. Wow, that’s the fastest international apprehension & extradition from a non-extradition country in history, I’ll bet. Hundreds of authorities, spanning the globe, collaborated to nab the guy in under 48 hours.

    We know all sorts of sordid details about the allegations and his supposed money laundering, all the while –to my knowledge– he has given no public or private statements to anyone about the matter at all, refuting or confirming them. Factually, it’s as though he went radio-dark and disappeared the instant these allegations came to light, though you wouldn’t know it for the huge amounts of (frankly inappropriate) evidence & information being released to taint the jury pool.

    How many people here saw the scandalous name of that website and immediately lost all respect for the man, “he reaped what he sowed,” “dumbass should’ve known better,” “he’s using donations to buy whores,” et cetera. We have seen nothing but prosecutor’s evidence & assertions at this point, which are very unusually voluminous. Seriously; why the hell is it the business of the general public what the website name was or the circumstances of the rendezvous?

    Normally you just get charges, a description of the individual, and where they likely ran to. This guy has a veritable dossier (!) released with all sorts of scandalous details clearly intended to stoke public animosity. Even if it all completely true as alleged, the circumstances behind the girl’s approaching police, Wilson’s tip-off, the shocking allegations released publicly, and the rapid coordination of international police forces to disseminate apprehend him, are highly unusual and smack of a sprung trap. Doesn’t mean he didn’t willingly step in the trap, of course, but it means he had a target on his back for daring to challenge the government’s authority on a legal basis.

    • What rapid police response? He traveled under his own name and checked into a tourist hotel under his own name. We’re not dealing with a major crime lord here.

      Wilson most likely fell into the same trap that lots of folks fall into. He won a couple of rounds and was elevated to a position of stardom. He started believing his own press and believed he was above the crowd.

      We’ve seen this repeated thru out history. And it’s much more plausible than any conspiracy theory.

    • Uhh… he traveled to a hotel where Americans and other tourists often visit, one that requires you to give them a copy of your passport, and under his own name.

      No massive police hunt required. Hell, they could have busted him just off what’s on TTAG.

      • Yeah, I don’t get this part of the narrative. Taiwan is a US ally, the US doesn’t create treaties with Taiwan specifically because of the global Chinese political reality. Taiwan is a close US ally, and has, and will continue to, function like a western ally, including cooperation on legal matters. It’s not some tin-pot dictatorship like Cuba or Venezuela, or whatever Russia is, where people run and hide from the big bad police.

        As soon as a valid request was made, there is an official polity in Taipei to process the extradition request, it’s not a common occurrence, but with Taiwan’s political reality with all of their allies, its just SOP. If Wilson thought it was going to be different it just shows more lack of judgment.

        • The fact there was no formal treaty is effectively *meaningless*.

          It is very much in Taiwan’s interest to keep good relations with the USA, since they fear mainland China.

          That right there is why Taiwan was more than happy to honor the request for extradition…

    • Media Matters , a George Soros backed ( Center for American Progress ) , H. and B. Clinton initiated organization , founded by David Brock , recently had material smuggled out of their Trump inauguration day meeting in Florida , that basically admits they have inside NSA gathered information that they have used , are using and will make available for use , by Google , Face Book and Twitter , to silence conservative talk .
      These folks are the deep state .
      They have the ability to frame , fabricate and dictate the stories to further their agenda of one world government .
      American 1st amendment voice rights and 2nd amendment gun rights will not be allowed in the new world order and anything that gives power and voice to the people of this world must be stopped .
      Cody got in over his head and is being silenced .
      If this child molestation charge and the resultant threats that come with it do not stop Cody , they will try something else .
      Eventually these deep state operatives will resort to the latest popular caliber to accomplish their agenda .
      Cody already has a 6.5 Creedmoor with his initials carved into the brass .

      • What do you think “deep state” means?
        I’m really curious. As an example, I’ve worked at the highest levels of state and federal government for a couple of decades. I’ve run massive, multi billion dollar government programs.
        I certainly had my own philosophy and my own agenda. The folks I worked with did too.
        Am I a member of the “deep state”?

        • “Am I a member of the “deep state”?”

          Jon, as I understand it, the “Deep State” are not rooted in the highest levels of government, but the lowest and middle levels.

          Career ‘Civil Service’ workers. They make their impact by gumming up the policies of the party they don’t like, and ‘lubricating’ the ones they do.

          With all kinds of ways, like slow-walking paperwork or ruling arbitrarily on policies. The ‘Tea Party’ IRS problems were an example of that. Demanding all kinds of bullshit ‘proof’ to get their tax-exempt status, and then simply not granting it. Still happening to this very day, by the way.

          It’s nearly impossible to fire these GS people. They stick around, no matter who sits in the White House…

        • Geoff, that’s why I ask the definition. There’s clearly 2 ideas of what the “deep state” is. One is mid-level bureaucrats, like you suggest, the other are folks with the “ability to frame , fabricate and dictate the stories to further their agenda of one world government.” That’s not low-level.

          I don’t think people know what that particular phrase actually means, or at least, it seems like there are widely varying popular definitions.

        • JW, that was the meme direction, most folks that throw out those sorts of labels generally have little idea of what, or why, they are repeating it. Like calling everyone a Nazi, or Commie, or Socialist, some of the people who call THEMSELVES those things don’t even know what it means.

        • ‘ The Deep State ‘ is a concept and an ideology that grows from the belief that humanity would be better served without nation states where one set of rules apply for all .
          You do not have to have a card or special papers , you can be of any faith , ethnicity , race , economic or social class , sexuality and gender play no part , you do not have to be employed by a government , there is no cabal and no single secret society you owe allegiance to . You do not have to even know you are a member , your persuasion and choices you make are your key for admittance .
          ‘ The Deep State ‘ is anyone who knowingly or unknowingly undermines humanities natural rights , those rights enumerated in Americas ‘ Bill of Rights ‘ guaranteed in writ by The US Constitution and having come from Natures Law and it’s Judeo Christian origins .
          It is my opinion that ‘ The Deep State ‘ is just another name for the original foe of mankind , the entity that endeavors to get humanity to trade it’s freedom for safety .

        • mark s,
          Thanks. Under your definition, hundreds of millions, if not billions, of people are the “deep state”.

  11. I have NO DOUBT this was a set up by the powers that be , in the deep state , to get him to play their way . Now if he will just conform and stop all this freedom shit , they’ll go E A S Y on him .
    Stay true to your principles , Cody .
    You are playing with the big boys now .

    • Probably a set up I agree. However set up or not why would you engage in anything romantic or sexual with a teen (17 age of consent in TX) when you are a 30 year old man? You are begging for problems to find you! That’s weird and perverted even if legal (let’s say the girl would have been 17), it could be a set up I have absolutely ZERO sympathy for this kind of deranged individual, doesn’t mater if he supports the 2A!

    • “I have NO DOUBT this was a set up by the powers that be , in the deep state , to get him to play their way .”

      And that right there is *why* he will have no problems getting folks to crowdfund his defense.

      And that’s good, because his defense is gonna be *expensive*…

  12. Amazing the lengths the US regime will go to, to catch non criminals it dislikes polititcally. The state is in the business of collecting bodies it doesn’t like. Yet, arch criminals like Hillary get off free

    • You know how to not get caught in the “setup”? Don’t go to looking for young women to stick your dingus in. Stupid people, stupid places, stupid things, live it, love it.

    • To catch NON CRIMINALS??? What are you talking about fool? The age of consent in TX is 17, the girl was under 17 and he should have known better. He is a weirdo, a perv, and committed a crime which makes him a criminal.

  13. For those who says the law is the law.

    When they pass a law requiring the turn in or surrender of your firearms.

    You already have shown what you well do.

    The law is the law.

    • No, there’s a pretty big difference here.
      The law that a child cannot legally consent to sex with an adult is a reasonable and just law.
      The infringement of the right to keep and bear arms is not.

        • Agreed.

          If SugarDaddy Wilson was lied to, then that should be considered. For the sake of fairness and justice.

          Everyone should put themselves in similar shoes (not sugardaddy shoes though). And I already have.

          When I met my future wife at age 26, she was very small framed, thin, petite, and absolutely could have passed for 17. She told me she was 26. Should I go to prison for 20 years because I was lied to? Definitely not. That’s not justice.

          Good thing she turned out to be honest, or it would be me paying the price for her lies!

        • Yeah, that little trollop was asking for it, and I gave it to her good. Uh, wait she was 12, but she totally was eyeballing me.

          This guy on the internet, that doesn’t sound like a rapey rape man, totally said it was fine, as long as she was into it.

        • Yeah, that little trollop was asking for it, and I gave it to her good. Uh, wait she was 12, but she totally was eyeballing me.

          This guy on the internet, that doesn’t sound like a rapey rape man, totally said it was fine, as long as she was into it.

          Affirmative defense is what he said. And of course it is based on what is reasonable.

          If an 8 year old says they are 18, that isn’t reasonable. It is obvious to everyone, everyone, they cannot be 18.

          And the jury will decide what is reasonable.

  14. I’m still waiting Libertarians. For that GoFundMe link that you need to post to support this “John” in his defense since you support legalized prostitution. Please put YOUR MONEY where your mouth is!!!

    Or have you been lying about that support all along???

  15. Good. This kind of filth does not deserve freedom. He is going to get some “love” in jail, except it won’t be 16 year old girl bwahahaha

    • Oh look… sub-human commie vermin who are bragging about sending a rape victim to get raped again. How “progressive” of you.

      • Sub human self proclaimed “American Patriot” and guardian of the Constitution bitter because a pervert who supports the 2A got busted. You aren’t special, a pervert and psycho with a gun is still a pervert and psycho and belongs in Bubba’s arms in jail. I don’t mind Cletus doing his cousin or sister in the trailer park, but when a grown up man goes after a 16 year old you have problems. Now if you’re so desperate you feel the need to support ANYONE who loves the 2A I feel bad for you.

        • He didn’t “go after” a 16yo… he “went after” a 18yo woman that was a figment of the 16yo rapist’s imagination. Defrauding somebody into consent is still rape.

        • Serge, I think he is gonna have a good shot at beating this rap, for the reasons you listed.

          It’s gonna be *expensive*, but it is do-able…

        • WOW… It’s taken even less time for some of you to convict him than it did for the cops to arrest him. I didn’t even know a jury had been selected. Is he even back in the states yet?

  16. Ironically, all he has to do to be immune to these accusations is claim to be a Muslim. Then he’s free to sodomize all the kids he wants! Granted, he wouldn’t do that, but it would be an easy out.

  17. All the weirdos are showing up in the comment section. I am discovering some folks on TTAG think we should not have law enforcement agencies nor laws, and it is apparently not that big of a deal to try to stick your ding dong in a 16 year old no matter your age. That’s brillant! As long as the topic somewhere in the discussion is the 2A (I agree it was probably a set up), some of you all would defend incredible acts and people. Yes there are people in favor of the 2A who do stupid things or who are simply trash other than the fact they support the 2A.

    • I don’t think (at least I hope) no one is defending a grown man knowingly having sex with a 16 year old.

      What potentially makes the situation infuriating is if the girl lied about her age throughout their encounter.

      If at any point she admitted she was 16 and he still went through with it, fuck that guy.

      If she maintained that she was of age, especially if she was directly asked at any time, I have more sympathy for the guy. The law, however, will not be so sympathetic.

      • Yeah, check out all the Incel spewing, well one at least. S/him seems to be jealous in some weird way, or at least thinks its a great idea, or a guilty mind I guess.

        If they think so lowly of all women, maybe it’s not “all” women it’s just those that have met these particular men.

      • I actually had to look up some of his comments, like THOT or whamen, what in the world does that mean, yeah, it’s a weird Incel thing.

        I didn’t know that this kind of thing in the gun community actually has a term, gunbummies, so hey I learned something. I feel like I need a shower, but knowledge I guess.

        Joe Rogan has a nice little rant on this whole weird incel business and all of their strange code words, also, a decent bit of advice, don’t be an asshole, maybe it’s just you.

        • Yeah… you have no idea what you’re talking about. But please, let’s ignore the obvious issues with this case and the law in general. According to your legal theory, a 30 year old woman who gets raped at knifepoint by a 16yo ganbanger should be treated like a child molester. Betcha wouldn’t be quite as ready to throw Wilson to the wolves if he was a she and got trolled by a 16yo man looking to bang a soccer mom…

          But hey, if feminazi vermin didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all.

          FYI, Incels want to be treated like equals and not have their lives destroyed just for being socially awkward. MGTOWs however are just done with your misandrist bullshit. Have fun with the rapefugees that cretins like you let in.

      • Ugh, I take it back, I don’t agree with this guy. That’s not what I think, that’s not what happened, I just screwed up, sorry.

        But I’m not a weird rapey rape man, so no, this guy is not on my team.

        Stop helping me, go away.

    • Not all of us man, just those that either have to justify their own behavior or are simply blind. I don’t care wether it was a trap or not, he shouldn’t have fallen for it. I said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m a big believe in personal responsibility. Don’t use shady websites and meet mysterious young women in strange places. Shit, card a bitch if you have to. It’s your job to keep your ass out of the slammer. Just like it’s your job to make your own money, or pay for school, or take care of your own body. Period.

  18. Hey I am surfing the web on sugar daddies it’s a set up I didindonuffin! I thought it was a website where daddies can buy the best sugar for their coffee at a ridiculous price. I also don’t understand what the big deal is engaging teens when you are in your 30s. Come on now relax, it’s 2018, we pro 2A Americans should join the filthiest people from the left in their effort to standardize the most deviant behaviors! If you want to do your dog, or a 16 year old girl, it’s between you and the dog, or you and the girl who is obviously mature and stable enough to make this kind of decision.

  19. There aren’t a lot of details on this. If he knowingly had sex with a 16 year old, yeah, he deserves whatever he gets.

    I have way more sympathy if she lied about her age which she did at least at the time she signed up for the adult dating site.

    Unfortunately, in the eyes of the law, it probably doesn’t matter if she lied. There’s some slight variation in laws from state to state, but in most states, statutory rape is a strict liability crime. Even if a girl presented a fake drivers license and fake birth certificate in order to misrepresent her age, the guy still goes to jail and ends up on the registry for life.

    This isn’t a unique situation. I read a story once about a 19 year old guy who hooked up through an adult website, the girl lied about her age (14) and the judge threw the book at the guy.

    It’s a really fucked up part of the justice system.

    • Fortunately, there’s federal precedent on point. You’re always allowed an affirmative defense. Little rapist lied about her age to defraud a man on the internet. That’s at least a half dozen major felonies for the little whore.

      • I cannot let this go unchallenged.

        First, there is the small problem that State Laws are not generally available to appeal to the federal court unless there is specifically a United States Constitutional argument. Fortunately, the SCOTUS has ruled in the last 9 month and 23 days that this is, in fact, constitutional, Esquivel v Sessions. The State, in this case, California was wholly within its constitutional authority to define statutory rape as a felony, but the SCOTUS specifically limited the Federal government, Department of Homeland Security, from treating it as an Aggravated Felony, as that was not the law in California and as such not a deportable offense for Esquivel. Further, the SCOTUS specifically validated the strict liability of statutory rape laws as defined by the MPC, and further that statutory rape would also fall within the Negligence test of the MPC.

        i.e. A person should be aware of a substantial and unjustifiable risk that the element exists or will result, such that the failure to perceive it involves a gross deviation from the standard of conduct that a reasonable person would observe.

        So Texas state law is perfectly valid, you can argue anything as your defense, but since 2005, no, as in zero, defenses have been successful in arguing that the minor deceiving the adult as a justification. The only actual available argument is that it did not happen, and attempting to show reasonable doubt that the event occurred. If you stipulate that it occurred, and you were tricked, you are guilty, period, trickery, dishonesty, mental incapacitation, fraud etc are not defenses that are valid.

        • Go fuck yourself Val. Nobody gives a shit about your justifications for why a man who was tricked into committing a crime should be punished the same as a predatory child molester. Any judge who doesn’t allow an affirmative defense in this case needs to be stood up against a wall and shot.

  20. I’m totally against what Cody purportedly did. However, this could be a complete setup from start to finish. I hope he isn’t found in a jail cell dead from committing “suicide”(actually murdered and made to look like suicide) or getting killed by another inmate who was abused by a child molester to make him go away since the .gov doesn’t like him. So far the only thing that’s been brought forward as evidence of wrongdoing is the word of the girl. Everything else could possibly have been faked. If he did this then he brought the consequences on his own head.

  21. Occam’s razor, people. This involves too many separate people in too many separate departments in various levels of Federal and State governments to be a setup.

    Cody got himself jammed up because he slept with an underage girl (knowingly or not is irrelevant) and then fled the country to get away from the authorities he distrusts. Yes, his fame/infamy probably increased the likelihood he’d be caught.

    It’s a whole lot more likely than the fever dream scenarios some of you are coming up with.

  22. Wow… the feminazi apologists, soyboys and commie trolls are out in force today…

    God forbid we should allow little things like due process of law or equal protection under the law.

    Nope… Wilson is a white cisgender male. He’s guilty and no possible defense is allowed. Forget the fact that he made reasonable efforts to not wind up in this mess. Forget the fact that he was the victim of a predatory rapist who was trolling the website in question looking for vulnerable men to extort. Nope… It’s all Wilson’s fault because he was either born with the wrong genitalia and suffers from the original sin of being a white cisgender proto-rapist or he doesn’t fit some BS standard of “traditional values” that has never actually existed anywhere in the world.

    Then there come the non-arguments…

    “So you’re saying that it’s ok for a grown man to have sex with children?” – Strawman
    “Hurhur, I think rape is wrong, but I’m going to mock the fact that a man is being sent to get raped.”
    “Well the law is the law and I don’t care because X, despite the fact that gun control is the law and I oppose that.”

    Yeah… wonderful people we have hanging out here. Ignore the actual deliberate crimes committed because they want to virtue signal their moral outrage.

    • I Believe that the very concept of strict liability is wrong, as is one size fits all justice.

      Some sex crime laws really do nothing to improve public safety and have destroyed the lives of young men, basically for not being suspicious enough to run a deep background check on every sex partner. Hell, in some places if you’re caught peeing in public (who here hasn’t been that drunk) you can end up on the registry for life. It’s insane.

      Sex laws should only be applied to keep true predators away from the public. But, we don’t live in the land of should. These sorts of cases are an easy win for ladder climbing DAs and any attept to make laws more sane in this area will be dismissed as being too lax on predators.

      The world is a shitty place much of the time.

      • … and that sort of bullshit is why MRAs and MGTOWs exist. Good job ladies… you created two entire subcultures who just decided your bullshit is not worth the trouble.

        • There are still decent women out there who don’t chomp at the feminist bit. The powers that be win by creating a divide bweteen women and men. MGTOW plays right into this.

    What do we KNOW, and what have we BEEN TOLD?
    We know:
    Cody Wilson defends the 2nd
    He made “3D printed guns” a household word
    He has made enemies in high places

    We’ve been told:
    He hired a hooker off the ‘net
    Said hooker was underage and lied about it
    Said hooker immediately ratted him out (not a great business model for said hooker)
    Cody Wilson fled the country

    Since almost everything in the news is a lie (if you don’t believe it, you haven’t been on the scene of any news events), how about we wait until the State PROVES the charges?
    MAYBE he hooked up with a girl he meet on the ‘net
    MAYBE he paid her for sex
    MAYBE she’s underage
    MAYBE the underage girl talking to the police is the little sister of the one he had sex with. We will not get to see photos of her (since she’s underage) to compare with the ones from the hotel.
    This whole thing smells to high heaven.

  24. bit silly him “high-tailing” it to Taiwan;
    Vietnam would’v been a better bet…..they would’v “cocked-a-snook” @ the ‘Kwa and wouldn’t have been so easily intimidated….

  25. $500!!!! Doesn’t this guy know sluts give it away for free. Damn, he lives in austin. The average cost per bang in that town is like $12.

  26. Cody will likely walk away ( based on the sentencing guidelines and a plea deal) with a few years in jail. He will lose his gun rights, he will be a felon, a sex offender and he will be a persona non grata in most of the public’s mind. In 2018 in the Era of # Me Too if you are accused of a sex crime against a ‘child’ you are done. May God have mercy on his soul because the U.S. Government won’t. This is not about truth or justice. This is about destroying a man who dared stand up against the federal government and most of you are ready to lynch him. Read 3 felonies a day, if the feds wanted fish for a felony with any of you they would find one and take you down just like Cody. Cody just made it easy by being stupid and making immoral choices.

  27. Is it just me or does it seems child porn, child sex, or sexual assault (Julian Assange anyone?) charges are popping up to help get rid of people who do public, embarrassing things to governments?
    it just seems awful convenient that these ‘scoundrels” go down in flames tis way, over and over? I’ll put away my tinfoil hat now and you can go back to regular programming.

  28. Am I the only one thinking the accusation is a frame up? Can’t suppress him and what he’s trying to do by one way in the courts, tie him up in defending himself against false charges in a different court. You can see a variation of this going on in DC for the past few weeks.


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